Audien Atom Review 2024: Does Audien Hearing Aids Works?

Audien Atom Pro Review: Most people don’t require hearing aids, but for those with hearing loss, they can greatly improve daily life by enhancing hearing and boosting emotions, mood, thoughts, and feelings. The high cost of hearing aids, however, can be a barrier for many. A single aid from a provider can range from $500 to $6,000, even though it only costs around $300 to manufacture.

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This markup is due to the pricing strategies of manufacturers and clinics, and insurance often doesn’t cover the cost. Fortunately, there are more affordable options, such as Audien Hearing, offering a range of hearing aids starting at just $89, with their top-end Audien Atom Pro Review model priced at $249 for a pair.

Audient Atom is a patented wireless hearing aid that doesn’t require a prescription or a hearing test and is available for under a hundred dollars. The hearing aids have been purchased by over 300,000 satisfied consumers and offer a 20-hour battery life before recharging.

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What is Audien’s Atom Device?

Audien Atom is the world’s smallest, most affordable hearing device on the market. But don’t be fooled by its compact size and discreet design. Atom isn’t just small and comfortable — it provides all the key technology and features you need to improve your hearing… And it even allows you to “turn down” any pesky ringing sounds you may hear!

Atom is a prescription-free, patent-pending device that’s more affordable than any other hearing device you’ll find.

Atom uses cutting-edge technology and removes unnecessary “bells and whistles” that make other hearing devices bulky, uncomfortable, and expensive.

By paring down unnecessary features, Atom became the most compact, comfortable version of a hearing device.

And by also eliminating doctor fees, office visit costs, sales reps, and middlemen, Atom emerged as the most affordable option for improving your hearing!

If you LIKE having a few more bells and whistles, the Atom Pro is for you. It offers the smallest size available, enhanced feedback cancellation, and an even longer battery life. Plus it comes with a portable charging case instead of the standard wireless charging dock.

Audien Atom vs. Audien Atom Pro

To ensure that consumers get the model that works for their budget and needs, users will have two Audiem models offered to them – Atom and Atom Pro.

Atom is the flagship set of hearing aids from the creator, offering wireless charging with 20 hours of battery life on a full charge. It is 22% smaller than EV1 and offers a patented Comfort + Design that is meant to be comfortable for any user. It features the exclusive Atom Sound Technology, which is only available from Audien.

Audien Atom vs. Audien Atom Pro

Atom Pro is strikingly similar to Atom because it offers wireless charging, a 20-hour battery life, the Atom Sound Technology, and the same comfortable design. The Atom Pro also has the advantage of being smaller than the original. As an upgrade, consumers will receive a portable charging case after purchasing Atom Pro. Consumers will also experience enhanced feedback cancellation to ensure the clearest quality in any environment.

How Does Audien Atom Work?

Many people know that basic hearing aids use a microphone, amplifier, and speaker, which work together to boost your ability to hear speech while also reducing background noise.

Atom took the key principles of hearing aid design and pared it down to the basics while enhancing the best parts. And since they cut out the middlemen and their bloated fees, Audien can bring Atom to you for the lowest possible price.

That makes it an incredible option for anyone in the “limbo zone” — if you’ve noticed your hearing start to fade, almost as if you have earplugs permanently stuck in your ear, Atom can instantly restore your hearing to the crisp, clear levels you used to take for granted.

Audien Atom Features: Atom Engineered Means A Lifetime Of Better Hearing

The Audien Atom offers a range of features to distinguish it from other budget hearing aids.

Here are some of the perks, features, and benefits of the Audien Atom lineup:

Hold a Charge All Day: The Audien Atom hearing aids last 20 hours on a single charge, giving you the power to hear all day without worrying about running out of battery life. When you need to recharge, just place the hearing aids back into their carrying case – just like you would charge wireless earbuds. The Audien Atom has 20 hours of battery life, while the Audien Atom Pro has 24 hours.

Fast Charging Via USB-C: The Audien Atom offers fast-charging via USB-C. Just place your hearing aids in the carrying case, then use USB-C to connect them to your computer or an adapter (like your smartphone charger). Alternatively, the Audien Atom Pro comes with a wireless carrying case with four days’ worth of extra charging, allowing you to continuously recharge your hearing aids without needing a source of electricity. However you charge your Audien Atom hearing aids, you enjoy fast charging all day long.

Portable Charging Case: The Audien Atom Pro comes with a portable charging case, allowing you to easily take your hearing aids with you on the go and charge them at the same time. Whenever your hearing aids aren’t in use, you can place them in the case to charge them, ensuring they’re always at 100% whenever you need them.

Portable Carrying Case: The ordinary Audien Atom, meanwhile, has a portable carrying case. That portable carrying case also charges your hearing aids. However, you need to plug one end into a USB outlet (via the included USB-C cable) to quickly charge it.

Enhanced Feedback Cancellation: The Audien Atom Pro comes with enhanced feedback cancellation, automatically detecting any cancelling any feedback input your hearing aids receive.

Atom Sound Technology: All Audien Atom hearing aids come with Atom’s own sound technology, allowing you to clearly hear conversations while filtering out unwanted background noise.

Small & Comfortable Design: All Audien Atom hearing aids are also designed to be small and comfortable. They fit into your ear without weighing down or sticking out. The Audien Atom Pro hearing aids are the smallest and most comfortable, although both Audien Atom versions are small and comfortable. As the manufacturer explains, the hearing aids “disappear into the ear canal like magic” and you “will forget that you are wearing them” because of the seamless fit and lightweight design.

Discreet Design: You can wear the Audien Atom hearing aids just like you would wear an ordinary pair of wireless earbuds. The earbuds feature a discreet design. Unlike some hearing aids with an over-the-ear design that sticks out, the Audien Atom hearing aids have a more discreet design.

No Doctor’s Visit or Hearing Test Required: Conventional hearing aids require you to visit a doctor. With the Audien Atom, that’s not the case. The hearing aids are safe and comfortable for adults to wear, and you don’t need a doctor’s visit or prescription before buying the hearing aids.

Use in Seconds: You don’t need any technical skills or experience to use the Audien Atom hearing aids. Instead, just tune in the perfect volume by twisting the dial on the device, insert the Audien Atom hearing aid, then get ready to hear again.

Superior Sound Quality: Audien Hearing has designed its hearing aids with superior sound quality. You can enjoy high-quality noise playback along with intelligent background noise filtering.

6 Silicone Earbud Sizes for Optimal Fit: Your Audien Atom purchase comes with 6 sizes of silicone earbuds for each ear (12 sizes total). You can mix and match different silicone earbud sizes to find your optimal fit.

Affordable Price Tag: Conventional hearing aids cost $100 to manufacture – yet are priced at $3,000 to $5,000. The Audien Atom hearing aids are priced at a much more affordable rate. You can buy the Audien Atom for $99.99 and the Audien Atom Pro for $149.99, with further discounts available when buying multiple units.

Backed by 310,000 Happy Customers: The Audien Atom hearing aids are backed by 310,000+ happy customers and $43 million in sales to date.

Fully Charge in 4 to 6 Hours: You can fully charge the Audien Atom hearing aids from 0 to 100 in 4 to 6 hours.

Patented Design: Audien Atom hearing aids feature a unique, patented design.

Risk-Free 45-Day Trial: You have 45 days to try the Audien Atom hearing aids to see if they’re for you.

Audien Atom Benefits

The Audien Atom hearing aid is backed by the following benefits:

  1. Superior sound quality
  2. Wireless charging
  3. 20 hours battery life
  4. No hearing test or doctor’s visit required
  5. Priced under $100, compared to $3,000 to $5,000 for conventional hearing aids
  6. Discreet, easy-to-use design

Overall, Audien Hearing has designed the Audien Atom as the ultimate hearing aids at an affordable price tag.

How To Use Audien Atom?

To use Atom, all you have to do is:

  • Step 1: Charge your Atom device (it lasts 20 hours on a single charge).
  • Step 2: Choose the largest ear dome that fits comfortably in your ear.
  • Step 3: Turn on Atom, insert it into your ear, and start hearing more clearly!

Hundreds of thousands of Atom users are hearing their grandchildren’s voices again, reducing annoying feedback from poorly-fitted hearing aids, tuning out the “ringing” in their ears, and having aggravation-free conversations… for the first time in years!

Who Can Use Atom?

Atom was designed for anyone who struggles with inconsistent hearing, difficulty hearing, or a “ringing” sound in their ears.

Atom is one of the most effective, affordable, discreet ways to hear more of what you WANT to hear, and tune out what you DON’T WANT to hear.

And with two different models to choose from, Atom is sure to fit your ear, no matter how unique it is!

Who Can Use Audien Atom

Those who will benefit from using Atom include:

  • People who have difficulty obtaining prescription hearing aids
  • People who find hearing aids uncomfortable
  • Those who object to the outrageous expense of traditional hearing aids
  • Children with hearing difficulties
  • People who want a straightforward, easy-to-use hearing device
  • Professionals whose jobs expose them to loud noise
  • People who suffer from “ringing” in their ears
  • People who hear too much “feedback” with traditional hearing aids
  • Anyone who wants crisp, clear hearing!
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Which Model is Right For Me: Atom or Atom Pro?

Both Atom and Atom Pro offer users an outstanding improvement in hearing. Here’s a side-by-side comparison so you can decide which device is right for you:

❌ Portable Charging Case
4 Days of Charge
✅ Portable Charging Case
4 Days of Charge
✅ Wireless Charging✅ Wireless Charging
✅ 20-Hour Battery Life✅ 20-Hour Battery Life
✅ 22% Smaller✅ 22% Smaller
✅ Atom Sound Technology✅ Atom Sound Technology
❌ Enhanced Feedback Cancellation✅ Enhanced Feedback Cancellation
✅ 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee✅ 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee
✅ 1-Year Warranty✅ 1-Year Warranty
✅ Lifetime Support✅ Lifetime Support

Pros and cons of Audien Atom hearing aids

Pros of Audien Atom
  • Inexpensive and available to buy online
  • Rechargeable batteries for both models
  • Available for mild to moderate hearing loss
  • Doesn’t require a hearing test to purchase
Cons of Audien Atom
  • Limited one-year warranty
  • Doesn’t include high tech features such as telecoil, tinnitus management, Bluetooth capability, or noise reduction
  • No smartphone app, which most other hearing aid brands offer
  • Not designed for severe or profound hearing loss
  • No free trial period (offers 45-day money-back guarantee)

Audien Atom Customer Reviews

Ms-D: My mom had professional hearing devices and the feedback was horrible. She stopped wearing them and then I found them. It has helped her so much. She now listens to the tv on a much lower setting. She can enjoy conversations without asking you to repeat yourself. The devices are small. You can barely see them. The battery life is fantastic. You can even adjust the volume with a small tool that comes in the box. The devices charge quickly. I highly recommend this hearing aide.

Larry H.: Could not believe my ears after using Audien ATOM the pro version was by far more clearer! I have a fan going next to me [but] it took out most of the fan noise & made the TV a lot louder ! I would rate the Pro (A++++) . Keep up the great work you are doing on improvements!

Rich: I have purchased three sets so far, wear them at my shop welding, grinding and so far they are still working. Originally I bought a hearing aid for $4,200 which did not work and was better than the sets I purchased here.

Henry G: I was shocked by the atom pro. I had one of those over ear hearing aids which cost me about $3,400 in total, but I didn’t like the look much. I didn’t know how they would fit, but I am happy to say that they are what I was looking for. I no longer feel like I stand out in the crowd but I still get to hear what is going on.

Albert A: No itching, the sound is clear and crisp, so comfortable that I forget they are in my ears…

What We Like About Audien Hearing Aids

The company, Audien Hearing, offers four cheap hearing aids with wireless charging options for people with hearing loss. These devices are discreet and provide all-day comfort while reducing background noise and amplifying speech.

Audien provides two rechargeable hearing amplifiers, EV1 and EV3, for people with normal hearing who want to amplify sound. The brand also has two FDA-approved hearing aid models, Atom and Atom Pro, that can help people with tinnitus. The package includes earbuds of different sizes so buyers can choose the most comfortable fit.

According to the official Audien website, users should tune their hearing aid before usage to reduce the risk of feedback or whistling.

Things to Keep In Mind About Audien Hearing Aids

We like that all Audien products come with different-sized earbuds, and anyone can use them no matter their ear size. However, some people may still find the bud sizes uncomfortable or ill-fitting.

In addition, Audien hearing aids customer service and devices have mixed customer reviews. Some customers have praised the quality and battery life of the devices, especially the Audien Atom Pro. However, other customers have complained about poor customer service, while some experienced discomfort after using the devices for prolonged periods.

Audien Atom Pricing

Audien Atom hearing aids are priced at $99.99 for the Audien Atom and $149.99 for the Audien Atom Pro. You can also save money by ordering multiple hearing aids at once.

Here’s how pricing works when ordering the Audien Atom online today:

What’s Included with the Audien Atom?

Your Audien Atom purchase includes all of the following:

  • 1 x carrying case
  • 2 x hearing amplifiers
  • 12 x silicone earbuds
  • 1 x 3-point brush
  • 8 x wax guards
  • 1 x charging deck
Whats Included with the Audien Atom

The Audien Atom Pro features the same list of accessories. However, instead of having a separate carrying case and charging deck, you have both combined into a single, convenient unit.

How to Purchase Audien Hearing Aids

Audien hearing aids are only available for purchase on their website and are not available at retailers. The purchase process is fairly simple.

After selecting your desired product(s), you go to the top right corner of the page to click on the bag icon to view your cart. Once you’ve reviewed your selections of hearing devices and accessories, you can proceed to the checkout page.

Complete the checkout page with your contact information and shipping address, then continue to the shipping and payment pages. During our mystery shopping process, we found that Audien only offers express delivery which is free to you. The shipping time isn’t specified here, but the website’s product pages state three to five days.

The final step is adding your credit card information to the payment form. They accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards. Then, you’re ready to place your order by clicking the Pay Now button.

You can check your order status on Audien’s website by entering your email address on the Track Order page found in the menu at the top of the website. It takes an hour for the order to show up in their tracking system. If you check your order and it doesn’t show tracking information, they invite you to contact the support team.

FAQs About Audien Atom

How is Atom so affordable?

Audien Atom cuts out the middleman and sells hearing products directly from the factory to the customer, removing expensive hearing centers, audiologists, brick-and-mortar overhead costs, and sales reps. This allows them to offer an extremely powerful device at the most competitive price we’ve ever seen for such a device.

Do I need a hearing test?

It’s never a bad idea to get a hearing test, but you don’t need one to try Atom. Just order online, and receive your Atom hearing device at your doorstep in 3-5 days. You can wear them right out of the box!

Will these work for me?

Our hearing devices work for the majority of people who try them. But if they don’t work for you, we have a 45-day money-back guarantee. There’s no risk to trying Atom — we want everyone who can benefit from clear hearing to get that chance without a worry!

Will Audien Atom fit my ears?

Audien Atom’s comfortable design is as small as possible, while keeping the best sound quality. It includes multiple ear domes to fit your specific ear.

Are these as good as $5,000 prescription hearing aids?

Audien Atom does not have all the bells and whistles that prescription hearing aids do, but it provides all the features you NEED to improve your hearing! Plus it costs 95% LESS than prescription hearing aids. If you try Atom and don’t like it, you can always return it and get prescription devices!

Is Atom on the same performance level as an expensive prescription hearing aid?

A. While this product doesn’t have the same technology and tools that pricy hearing aids offer, they still have important features that can exponentially improve the user’s hearing. With over 300,000 people who have already tried Atom, many people have supported their sense of hearing with it. However, if it doesn’t work, users can go to their doctor for prescription hearing aids instead.

Is Atom covered by insurance?

No. It is not a medical device. Luckily, the creators of the Audien Atom will accept FSA and HAS cards.

How long will users have to wait for Atom to recharge?

Atom will take about 4-6 hours to recharge. If the user charges them while sleeping, they’d be ready to wear before morning.

How does the charger work?

This charger has a wall transformer and has to plug into a 120-volt outlet. Users can plug a USB cable into the transformer or a computer port.

How long does it take for an order to be delivered?

Since orders leave the warehouse in 24-48 hours, they are delivered within 3-5 business days.

How can consumers track their orders?

Once their order is shipped, users will be sent an email with their tracking number to keep an eye on the order as it is shipped.

Bottom Line: Audien Atom is revolutionizing hearing loss as we know it!

The Audien Atom is a hearing aid priced under $100. Available without a prescription, doctor’s visit, or hearing test, the Audien Atom hearing aids offer similar quality and effectiveness to conventional hearing aids at a fraction of the price.

Just adjust the sound level, insert the Audien Atom hearing aids into your ear, then enjoy high-quality sound anywhere you go with a discreet design.

To learn more about the Audien Atom hearing aids or to buy the hearing aids online today, visit the official website at

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