Auto Guardian Review 2024: Multi-Function Auto Flashlight Tool

Are you someone who plans for the unknown? Have you ever worried about what you would do if your car broke down? Imagine waiting on the side of the road at night while you wait for help to arrive. Do you know what to do if you get into an accident? Let us introduce you to Auto Guardian.

Auto Guardian Reviews

It’s a high-quality flashlight with many uses, such as alerting oncoming traffic of your situation. It never needs batteries, can charge your phone, and has many emergency tools that could potentially save your life. Auto Guardian is your last line of defense during an auto emergency, big or small.

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Auto Guardian is becoming a must-have item for all motorists. Auto Guardian is a water-resistant flashlight with multiple tools to get you out of dangerous situations. In addition, the hand crank quickly recharges, so you will never have to worry about replacing a battery. It is the perfect tool to leave in your glovebox or under your seat!

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What is Auto Guardian?

Getting into a car accident is one of the most frightening ideas for anyone who has to travel by automobile. In 2022, a report found that about 77% of all people have been in at least one accident. Another report showed that 1 out of every 3 drivers get into accidents every year, which is about 69 million vehicles. Consumers who get into these accidents need to be prepared for any occasion, but keeping a whole tool set in a car is risky. That’s why many consumers are turning to a product called Auto Guardian.

Auto Guardian

Auto Guardian looks like a flashlight, but it acts as a 5-in-1 tool with other accessories as well. This tool is compact but strong, making it the perfect addition to any car to make small repairs a little less stressful. While it can be useful to carry an entire toolbox, most people won’t run into all of the problems that they’re prepared for, making it a waste of extra weight and effort. Using this multi-tool allows users to handle many of the basic issues they face when they run into while on the road.

Everyone is bound to face troubles at a certain point, but getting into a car accident changes the urgency of the situation. If the driver is lucky, they can easily exit their vehicle and get to a safer spot on the side of the road. However, if they become trapped, this tool helps them get out and away from danger. Consumers even use it as a way to get the attention of other vehicles during this emergency so they can get further help if needed.

Planning for an unknown and unpredictable circumstance is the best way to ensure as positive of an outcome as possible. Waiting by the side of the road can seem like hours when a tire blows out or a car breaks down, especially at night. Having the available flashlight allows users to let anyone know that they are in need of help, which is the last line of defense for someone during an emergency.

Anyone who drives needs to prepare for the worst, and the Auto Guardian acts as their saving grace.

The 5 Tools and Functions of the Auto Guardian

To truly understand what the Auto Guardian can do for consumers, users need to know what five tools are included in the device. Each Auto Guardian features:

  1. Red LED lights with flashing capabilities.
  2. A seatbelt cutter.
  3. A bright flashlight.
  4. A cell phone charger.
  5. A window hammer.

All of these different features are 100% waterproof, ensuring that users won’t have to worry about any damage if the tool becomes wet in the rain. Take a look below to learn why these five options were crucial components of the Auto Guardian.

Red LED Lights with Flashing Capabilities

One of the biggest reasons that consumers stay stuck on the side of the road for so long is because of the lack of communication with other drivers. Even though most people just put on their hazard lights, it is impossible to activate this car feature if the battery has drained of all its power. Using red LEDs to signal the need for help to other cars is the easiest way to attract attention, but it won’t cause issues in the normal flow of traffic.

A Seatbelt Cutter

When someone is in an accident, the first action they should take (after assessing themselves for injuries) is to get out of the car as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the security features in a car might lock up a seatbelt as a response to the dangerous stop that the vehicle has come to. Consumers who want to get out of their vehicle can use the seatbelt cutter to free themselves, allowing them to seek out help without the immediate threat of whatever might happen to their car.

Auto Guardian Features

Even if the user doesn’t anticipate needing their seatbelt cut anytime soon, they can also use this part of Auto Guardian to open taped boxes.

A Bright Flashlight

In addition to the emergency red LED lights, consumers also get access to an incredibly powerful flashlight. Though consumers might not need this kind of support in broad daylight, getting a closer look under the hood or under the vehicle where this brightness doesn’t reach can help them solve the issue quickly.

Though other flashlights require heavy and expensive batteries, that isn’t the case with the Auto Guardian. This device generates its own power, and it is completely protected against any contact with water.

A Cell Phone Charger

Getting help is the main goal in the middle of an accident or when a car breaks down. Unfortunately, there are plenty of times when someone leaves their house for hours on end without access to a charger, and that’s always when they seem to need it most. Having access to a cell phone in an emergency is often the only way that consumers can be connected with emergency services, a friend for a ride, or even the police.

To charge any phone, users just plug it into the charger to give them the extra power they need to make a phone call.

A Window Hammer

Car accidents involving immersion in water account for over 10,000 auto accidents every year, and about 400 people involved in those accidents end up drowning without any possibility of getting out, leading to the cause of 10% of all drowning accidents. Having a window hammer allows users to safely break through any glass window in their vehicle to swim out to safety. Though this extreme scenario is one that many people never hope to face, having this type of preparedness can set the user’s mind at ease wherever they might go.

The window hammer is strong enough to break through safety glass, windshields, and double-glazed windows.

Auto Guardian Main Benefits

Alert Oncoming Traffic

Turn on the red flashing LEDs if your car breaks down at night—Alert ongoing traffic with a bright warning to avoid making the problem worse.

A Quick Escape

Hopefully, you will never need to use a seatbelt cutter, but isn’t it nice knowing it’s there? “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” – Benjamin Franklin.

Light Up The Night

The powerful flashlight cuts through the dark and is always ready to go! Never again worry about needing to replace batteries. It’s also fully waterproof!

Charge Your Phone When The Battery Dies

If your car battery dies, your cellphone becomes your most essential tool. What happens if that also runs out of battery? No problem! Plug your phone into the cellphone charger and make that important call.

Break Free

A fear shared by many is becoming stuck in water without the ability to open your car door. Or, in an auto accident, auto doors can become difficult to open. Use the sturdy window hammer to escape in worst-case scenarios.

Auto Guardian Main Features

  • Charges in one minute: Crank the handle for one minute and enjoy one hour of lighting. The high-yield battery also stores the charge, so it’s ready when you need it!
  • Seatbelt Cutter: Auto Guardian features a robust seatbelt cutter tool in case an emergency evacuation is needed. When your seatbelt latch is damaged, you’ll be able to set yourself free. You can also use it to open packages!
  • Window Hammer: Auto Guardian will break safety glass, windshields, and even double-glazed windows in your home. An important feature you will realize is essential when the time comes that you need it.
  • Flashing LEDs: Do you know what to do when your car breaks down at night? Simply turn on the flashing LEDs and place it behind your car to alert oncoming traffic. It’s also magnetic and will stick to the surface of your vehicle.
  • Waterproof: Never again worry about using a dynamo flashlight in the rain. Unlike most rechargeable flashlights, Auto Guardian works whatever the weather conditions.

Auto Guardian Customer Reviews

I never thought of having a seatbelt cutter or window punch until I drove along the west coast. This tool comes with me on every road trip and is my go-to flashlight. – Jordan Miller.

My friend didn’t believe me when I said it could charge her phone. It doesn’t charge insanely fast, but it works, and it is a comfort knowing it’s there. – Amanda M.

I purchased it as a gift for a friend, and he loves it and all the features. He commented specifically on the grip and how he wished other flashlights had used this style. – James E.

I hope never to use the seatbelt cutter or hammer, but it gives me comfort knowing it’s there. It always seems to be charged, and the crank is very easy to use when needed. Highly recommend. – Justin E.

Purchasing Auto Guardian: Where to Buy Auto Guardian?

Consumers who want to see what Auto Guardian can do for their needs can visit the official website to get one of these devices. Though the cost is usually $34.99, the website is currently offering a promotion to lower the cost.

This discount becomes even greater as consumers order more of the Auto Guardian at once, which is especially helpful for people who want to have one in every vehicle they drive.

Choose from:

Though consumers will have to cover their own shipping fee when they order one Auto Guardian, all other packages come with the incentive of free shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Guardian

What is the Auto Guardian’s purpose?

Every tool in the Auto Guardian device is meant to help consumers get access to help if they experience an auto accident or other issues. The device cannot repair a vehicle, but it draws attention to the vehicle so that the individual can get the help they need.

What five tools are included in the Auto Guardian device?

Auto Guardian includes a bright flashlight, red flashing LED lights, a car charger, a seatbelt cutter, and a window hammer.

How does Auto Guardian generate power?

The technology of Auto Guardian allows users to self-charge the device, using the handle crank.

Do consumers need to buy batteries to run Auto Guardian?

Not at all. This device can self-charge, and it is capable of supplying the power needed for a cell phone to charge.

How long does Auto Guardian take to charge?

If the user needs to charge, they just need to crank the handle for a minute. With one minute of hand-cranking, users should be able to get an hour of light from the flashlight. However, it doesn’t have to be used immediately – this power stores on the device until it is used.

How much is the current discount?

Depending on the package chosen by the user, new customers can get up to 50% off of the first purchase they make.

What if the user devices that Auto Guardian don’t suit their needs?

All orders are covered by a money-back guarantee, giving the user a full refund if they aren’t satisfied.

Final Word

Auto Guardian provides users with a way out of a dangerous or hopeless situation whenever they drive their car. With the ability to flag down help or charge a phone to call for themselves, this device is a must-have for anyone who travels by car.

Auto Guardian device features five different tools that consumers can use to their advantage, even if they need help with repairs at home.

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