Top 11 Best Sports Bras in India 2023 – Review & Buying Guide

Sports bras are indispensable for women when going to the gym or jogging. Working out in your regular bra is not advisable as it does not provide sufficient support due to its construction style. These factors affect breast health and give rise to heavy breasts, soreness, and even lasting damage. Women who work out or indulge in any high impact sports activity should have proper support around their breasts.

Are you thinking of joining a gym or start jogging? Or are you someone who recently got interested in yoga, horse riding, or pilates? No matter the case, we know that you are looking for a sports bra. And we also know that you are extremely tired of searching that sports bra from a variety of options available in the Indian Market. But don’t worry as we are here to help you and end your quest once and for all.

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Sports bras are the defence against breast juggling during your exercise. From major sports brands such as Nike and Puma to companies’ native to India such as Amante and Enamor, a range of sports bras are available in the market. We list the best sports bras in India chosen based on their functionality, comfort, and customer reviews.

In the below-given list, we have come up with our top ten picks of high impact sports bras available for purchase in India. Additionally, if you are a first-time buyer of sports bras as a teenage girl or woman, we are there to make your skepticism go away as well. Our enhanced buying guide with many aspects will help you choose your first sports bra. Without further ado, let us start our discussion of these products one by one –

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List of Best Sports Bra in India with Price

Sports bras are made of comfortable, stretchable, and breathable fabric to keep you dry and sweat-free during intensive training. They come in different styles and designs to meet all your workout-related needs. If you wish to check out some trendy, comfortable, yet highly supporting range of innerwear, browse through our list of the best sports bras available in India below!

S. No.Best Sports Bra BrandsPrice Range
1.Puma Sports BraCHECK ON AMAZON
2.Van Heusen Sports BraCHECK ON AMAZON
3.Lovable Sports BraCHECK ON AMAZON
4.Jockey Sports BraCHECK ON AMAZON
5.Enamor Sports BraCHECK ON AMAZON
6.Derma wear Sports BraCHECK ON AMAZON
7.Triumph International Sports BraCHECK ON AMAZON
8.Adidas Sports BraCHECK ON AMAZON
9.Amante Sports BraCHECK ON AMAZON
10.Pipal Sports BraCHECK ON AMAZON
11.Mysha Sports BraCHECK ON AMAZON

List of Best Sports Bras Brands in India with Price

Based on the style, material, purpose, and functionality, we’ve prepared a list of the 10 best sports bras in India. So, let’s help you find your perfect fit sports bra from quality brands like Puma, Nike, Adidas, and more.

  • Puma Sports Bra
  • Van Heusen Sports Bra
  • Lovable Sports Bra
  • Jockey Sports Bra
  • Enamor Sports Bra
  • Derma wear Sports Bra
  • Triumph International Sports Bra
  • Adidas Sports Bra
  • Amante Sports Bra
  • Pipal Sports Bra
  • Mysha Sports Bra

1. Puma Sports Bra

Puma Sports Bra

Buy PUMA Womens Sports Bra online at lowest prices in India. Explore from the latest collections of ladies training bra, sports padded bra & much more.

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2. Van Heusen Sports Bra

Van Heusen Sports Bra

Van Heusen Sports Bra – Shop online Van Heusen Sports bra for women. Free Shipping, 30 days return. Van Heusen Sports Bra.

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3. Lovable Sports Bra

Lovable Sports Bra

Shop online the full range of women Sports Bras from Lovable India. Find your perfect and stylish undergarment from our vast collections.

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4. Jockey Sports Bra

Jockey Sports Bra

A good sports bra is not just about just holding the breast in its place it is also about the fabric, fit, and comfort. Jockey offers you a wide range of Sports bra in india.

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5. Enamor Sports Bra

Enamor Sports Bra

Sports Bra – Buy a fabulous collection of Sports Bras for your Workout. Find an exclusive collection of gym wear, sports bra and active wear for ladies.

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6. Derma wear Sports Bra

Derma wear Sports Bra

Dermawear Beginner’s Sports Bra is apt for girls who are looking for everyday activewear bra to keep them comfortable throughout their workout routines.

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7. Triumph International Sports Bra

Triumph International Sports Bra

Online shopping for triumph sports bra in India ✯ Buy triumph sports bra ✯ Free Shipping ✯ Cash on Delivery ✯ Easy returns and exchanges.

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8. Adidas Sports Bra

Adidas Sports Bra

The all-purpose adidas sports bra. Our stretchy compression knit sports bras are designed to give you a compression fit without ever feeling too tight.

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Amante Sports Bra

Amante Sports Bra

Buy High Impact Amante Sports Bra Online at Best Price. Perfect for the Sports Activities that Involve a Lot of Bouncing ✯ Shipping Across India.

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10. Pipal Sports Bra

Pipal Sports Bra

Buy Pipal Women Cotton Non Padded Non-Wired Air Sports Bra (Pack of 3) from Sports Bras Online.

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11. Mysha Sports Bra

Mysha Sports Bra

Buy Mysha Air Sports Bra for Women Sports Non Padded Bra(Beige) online in India at best price.

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What are the Different Types of Best Sports Bras In India?

Sports bras are designed in such a manner to offer extra support handle moisture well and minimize breast movement. They are thoughtfully designed for women physical activities thus they are differing from regular bras. A good quality sports bra prevents your breasts from moving in all directions while playing sports. Generally, they are divided into three types- Compression, Encapsulation and Encapsulation-Compression. Let’s it discuss separately.

1 Compression Sports Bras

Compression sports bras or smooshing bras are considered one of the best options for sportswomen. They hold women’s breasts in place by compressing and stop uneven bounces during physical activities. Using A, B or C cups with this type of bra is cheery on the cake. This type of bra is generally wire-free and is made of high-quality material. Some bra companies manufacturers sports bras especially for large busts.

2 Encapsulation Sports Bras

This type of bra comes with an underwire and makes your breast stable. These are best suited for those women who are into intense workouts. As. they prevent bounce and reduce strain.

3 Encapsulation compression sports bra

A mix of the first two categories that keep you’re each breast in their cups. They are suitable for athletes of all sizes. These bras offer support and structure through their underwires.

How To Choose The Best Sports Bras In India

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced level fitness enthusiast, wearing the perfectly fitted sports bra is imperative. It also maintains the shape of your breasts, prevents them from sagging, and helps you avoid bounce while training. Choose a suitable product from our list of the best sports bras and hit the gym in style!

Workout Type

If you are involved in high-intensity workouts, go for a high-impact sports bra as it offers adequate support to carry out intense activities. For low-intensity and light workouts, opt for low-impact sports bras.

Comfort And Fit

A sports bra made from soft and breathable fabric that keeps you dry and comfortable all day long.


The wider the straps, the better the support you get from your bra. Hence, it is essential to choose a bra that has sturdy straps.

Easy To Wear

The neck type of the sports bra determines how easy it will be to wear or remove. A sports bra with front zip closures, back hooks, or racerback neck is easy to wear.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Sports Bras In India

Is it bad to wear a sports bra 24×7?

Wearing any bra all day long is not recommended as it can lead to a higher risk of developing fungal infections or rashes.

Is it unhealthy to sleep with a sports bra on?

No. There is nothing wrong in sleeping with a bra on. However, it may cause irritation, discomfort, and itching.


Whether you have a low-impact or a high-impact fitness routine, we have covered sports bras to go with any and all your fitness needs. We have focused on best sports bras in india that are both high functioning and stylish. So, hope you enjoyed reading the article.

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