Better Breathing Sport Reviews 2024: Does It Works OR SCAM?

Are you dealing with a breathing problem? Do you want to improve your breathing health and enhance your sports performance? We understand that as an athlete or sportsman, you may have high-level stress and anxiety to perform excellently.

But no worries now, Better Breathing Sport is for you to resolve your problem without any hassle.

Better breathing sport is a 100% natural technique that helps to enhance your breathing over time while boosting your athletic performance to new heights. It’s safe and works quickly. This is a product trusted by top athletes around the world.

Better breathing sport is based on a revolutionary process that naturally improves breathing to perform better. Try this and experience optimal performance and faster recovery times!

However, several types of breathing techniques can help you feel calmer and more relaxed. They are also easy to start but need a quiet and peaceful place. With this product, you need not do anything, just take a moment to use this device, and it works over time.

Better Breathing Sport launches a new performance enhancement device in the market aimed at athletes and general gym goers. Tim Cahill-backed Better Breathing Sport devices aim to solve this burning issue of a proper breathing technique during intense physical activity.

Better Breathing Sport

Training your body with physical activity and exercise is a strategy instilled in anyone looking to increase performance, become stronger, feel healthier and look better. Although some people might skip “leg day”, how many people do you know are making sure they’re doing their breathing exercises and keeping up on “lungs day”?

While we all require breathing to live, efficient oxygen delivery is one of the key factors for health and is essential for increasing sporting performance. Thanks to Better Breathing Sport, you can now actively strengthen your lungs and improve your breathing, unlocking a plethora of health benefits and enabling you to smash your PB’s.

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What is Better Breathing Sport

Better Breathing Sport is the world’s first breathing resistance device that incorporates vibrations for effective lung hygiene clearance processes, and improved lung volume for an optimized oxygen delivery system. Created in 2021, the team behind Better Breathing Sport shared a vision of a product that created an enhanced quality of life for people around the world by improving their breathing technique and lung quality.

With a non-intrusive and easy-to-use design, the Better Breathing Sports device comes complete with adjustable ball bearings that act as ‘lung weights’ which you can use to progressively overload your workout and continue to improve your breathing.

Better Breathing Sport Advantages

Effective oxygen delivery is essential to good health and by training your lungs, you’ll see important increases in your body’s ability to generate energy and sustain energy in your muscles while reducing lactic acid build up which leads to increased recovery time. Not only does stronger lungs mean a stronger ability to hold your breath, but you’ll also be able tp push yourself further and for longer, increasing your overall sporting performance.

Even outside of athletic performance-intensive settings, using the Better Breathing Sport you will see big improvements in your daily quality of life through enhanced oxygen delivery and breathing technique, leading to better sleep quality, a more balanced body, mind and overall wellness.

Why Would You Use A Respiratory Training Device?

Devices used for respiratory training resemble inhalers. They are made to make breathing more difficult in order to develop your lung muscles. You engage muscles like the diaphragm and the intercostals as you breathe in and out of the apparatus (located between the ribs).

RTDs are typically sold on the basis of the reasoning, “You train your legs and your arms—why don’t you train your lungs?”

According to one research, in particular, there appears to be evidence that employing RTDs to enhance sports performance is supported by science.

A modest research was conducted to determine whether an increase in activity levels, rather than the respiratory trainer, was responsible for the improved performance gains reported in RTD trials. Researchers studied the cycling endurance of 37 inactive adults to determine this. Nine individuals engaged in aerobic endurance exercise (cycling or running), 13 subjects received respiratory training, and 15 controls did nothing.


The Better Breathing Sport uses vibrations & resistance which mimics the cough mechanism to improve the oxygen delivery system for improved energy and sporting performance.

Better Breathing Sport uses an all natural technique to improve breathing for millions of people worldwide.

When you exhale through your Better Breathing Sport, gentle pulses of positive pressure are created to help clean and improve oxygen delivery, which increases your performance and stamina while keeping you in great shape!

It’s easy, safe, and natural — but most importantly, it’s incredibly effective!

Better Breathing Sport Features

Better Breathing Sport Customer Reviews
  • IMPROVES TRAINING & WORKOUT TIMES: Optimise your oxygen delivery system & reduct lacic acid build up in the muscles.
  • IMPROVES RECOVERY TIMES: More oxygen reaching the muscles faster and removing lactic acid faster for better recovery times
  • IMPROVES SLEEP: Breathe easier and improve your sleeping patterns.
  • IMPROVES SHALLOW BREATHING: Improve your lung capacity & train your respiratory muscles for deeper breathing.
  • GAIN VITAL SECONDS OF BREATHING: With increased oxygen in your body and muscles you will be able to breathe longer or push yourself further.
  • IMPROVE ENERGY LEVELS: Increased oxygen supply helps generate energy in your muscles.

Benefits Of Better Breathing Sport

Enhance Training & Workout Times

Better Breathing Sport improves training and workout times by improving oxygen supply and lactic acid buildup in the muscles. Usually, lactic acid buildup in your muscles causes your body to feel weary and signals you to quit exercising.

Improve Shallow Breathing

Better Breathing Sport claims it may enhance shallow breathing by increasing lung capacity and strengthening your respiratory muscles.

Better Breathing Sport Advantages

Gain Vital Breathing Seconds

Better Breathing Sport raises your body’s oxygen levels, which in turn helps your muscles’ oxygen levels. Gaining crucial seconds of breathing allows you to exert yourself more and breathe for more extended periods. Enhancing the worth of each breath you take is made possible by better breathing sports.

Improve Sleep

Low oxygen levels are a common cause of restless sleep for many people. Low oxygen levels when you sleep, for instance, can be caused by sleep apnea, snoring, and poor posture. By improving your oxygen intake and assisting you in more efficiently generating energy in your muscles, Better Breathing Sport claims to increase energy levels.

100% Safe & Natural

You can enjoy 100% natural experiences rather than subjecting your body to dangerous side effects or procedures. Better Breathing Sport is available in a single size that suits people of all ages, from infants to the elderly. Better Breathing Sport is advantageous “for anyone of any age or athletic level,” according to the official website.

Improve Performance in Minutes a Day

With just 3 to 5 minutes of therapy each day, Better Breathing Sport enables you to enhance performance. To increase endurance and performance, for instance, use Better Breathing Sport for a short period, 30 minutes before an exercise or physical activity.

Better Breathing Sport Buy Now

clear mucus from the airways

Better Breathing Sport can aid clear mucus from the airways, making it more straightforward for the most oxygen to enter your body and reach your muscles.
The Better Breathing Sport website claims that further advantages of the gadget include:

  1. To create natural, focused benefits, exert positive pressure within your airways and lungs.
  2. Boost the supply of oxygen
  3. Performance is immediately improved, and it works quickly.
  4. increases airway clearance and lung capacity
  5. Small, portable, drug-free, and all-natural



Better Breathing products are all-natural. Simply blow into the product, once the resistance meets a certain pressure the ball bearing will vibrate to strengthen and optimise your lungs.


This product consists of a Gold Coast manufactured polycarbonate with frequent drop tests to ensure the Better Breathing Sport will thrive in your gym bag.


The Better Breathing Sport’s compact and pocket approved design means it can easily be taken with you straight to the top of the podium.

Who Can You Use Better Breathing Sports?

Everyone of any age or athletic ability can benefit from Better Breathing Sport, including kids, the elderly, weightlifters, swimmers, and everyone in between. Better Breathing Sport is natural and secure and doesn’t need batteries, refills, or a prescription. It is simple and portable, so you can carry it everywhere.


The Better Breathing Sport is a patented award-winning product with a unique design. The Better Breathing Sport consists of a positive pressure mouthpiece, venturi cone, oscillation ball and diffusion cap.

Better Breathing Sport Reviews

Altogether, the device is extremely sturdy, yet easy to maintain — so you can take it everywhere and count on it to be there for you any time you want to improve your breathing.

Better Breathing Sport devices are made from the highest quality plastic materials in Australia. Using tough, medical grade polycarbonate, they offer a long life and high resistance to dropping and damage. They can also be cleaned at high temperatures and have a high tolerance when using chemicals to clean, such as alcohol and detergent.


Hold the product to your mouth and simply breathe in and out. The Better Breathing Sport creates a positive pressure within your lungs and airways, dislodging mucus and improving the oxygen delivery improving breathing performance.

How to Use Better Breathing Sport

Breathe in deeply, then place the product in your mouth and simply blow for 3–5 seconds at a consistent breath to maintain the vibration. Repeat this deep breathing for 10 repetitions (do not blow too hard). Do this 1–2 times each day for 5-10 minutes and 30 minutes before a workout or exercise for maximum effect.

How does Better Breathing Sport strengthen your breathing muscles?

The science behind Better Breathing Sport goes back decades — it uses Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEP), a technique that’s been used for decades by pulmonologists to naturally improve breathing for millions of people.

Unlike traditional OPEP devices, though, Better Breathing Sport is designed for healthy people — with emphasis on ease of use and speed.

When you exhale through your Better Breathing Sport device, gentle vibrations of positive pressure are created in your lungs and airways.

Better Breathing Sport Customer Reviews

This helps strengthen your breathing muscles and increase your lung capacity, which increases your performance and stamina while keeping your lungs in great shape.

Better Breathing Sport Buy Now

Not only is Better Breathing Sport great for general health, it helps athletes overcome several problems that slow them down while competing or working out — including reducing lactic acid build-up in the muscles.

Because the device improves oxygen delivery and capacity, using Better Breathing Sport helps more oxygen reach your body and muscles. This is vital for removing lactic acid from the muscles, which is the primary cause of soreness.

As a result, athletes are improving work-out times, gaining vital seconds in competition, and reducing their recovery time — all by adding one simple, natural daily exercise.

Is Better Breathing Sport right for you?

Since its release, Better Breathing Sport has racked up more than 4,000+ 5-star reviews from all sorts of users — and it’s not just professional athletes!

While athletes certainly have the most to gain from using the device, they’re not necessarily the most common users.

Better Breathing Sport Review

Everyone from seniors and casual gym-goers to student athletes and even people living relatively sedentary lives (but who still want to breathe better) can see a huge benefit from using Better Breathing Sport once a day.

In short, the device is revolutionary for anyone who takes their breathing seriously. It’s a healthy, effective way to keep your airways clean and your lungs in excellent shape. With no drawbacks or risks, and a lifetime of easier breathing to gain, there’s no reason everyone shouldn’t give it a try.

What to Expect with Better Breathing Sport

According to the official Better Breathing Sport website, you can experience the following benefits with Better Breathing Sport:

Improve Training & Workout Times: Better Breathing Sport optimizes your oxygen delivery system and reduces lactic acid buildup in the muscles, helping to improve training and workout times. Typically, your body feels tired because of lactic acid buildup in your muscles, telling you to stop exercising. With Better Breathing Sport, however, you can reduce lactic acid buildup, which could let you workout harder for longer.

Improve Shallow Breathing: Better Breathing Sport claims to improve shallow breathing by improving lung capacity, training your respiratory muscles for deeper breathing. When you exhale through Better Breathing Sport, it works the muscles linked to breathing, helping you strengthen these muscles and maximize your body’s oxygen delivery system.

Gain Vital Seconds of Breathing: Better Breathing Sport gives you increased oxygen levels in your body, helping to raise oxygen in your muscles. You can breathe longer and push yourself further while gaining vital seconds of breathing. Better Breathing Sport helps to maximize the value of every breath you take.

Improve Sleep: Many people experience poor sleep because of low oxygen levels. Sleep apnea, snoring, and poor posture can lower oxygen levels as you sleep, for example, leading to various issues. Better Breathing Sport claims to improve energy levels by increasing your oxygen supply, helping you generate energy in your muscles more effectively.

Better Breathing Sport Pros & Cons

Better Breathing Sport IS:
  • Better Breathing Sport IS All Natural
  • Better Breathing Sport IS Portable
  • Better Breathing Sport IS Drug & Chemical Free
  • Better Breathing Sport IS Refill Free
  • Better Breathing Sport IS Battery Free
  • Better Breathing Sport IS Made in Australia
Better Breathing Sport IS NOT
  • Better Breathing Sport IS NOT An Inhaler
  • Better Breathing Sport IS NOT A Nebuliser
  • Better Breathing Sport IS NOT A Spray Puffer
  • Better Breathing Sport IS NOT A Spirometer
  • Better Breathing Sport IS NOT An Instant Cure
  • Better Breathing Sport IS NOT Made in China


Tim Cahill.: Legendary soccer player Tim Cahill has been loving the Better Breathing Sport, believing in the product so much he’s signed on as a brand ambassador. “I’ve found the Better Breathing Sport really helpful in a variety of situations.” stated Tim. “I especially like to use it as part of my warm-up before exercise. I find that it helps to prepare my body for whatever workout I’m about to do. It’s become a part of my daily routine.

Brett L.: A Game Changer for My Health- I’ve been using it now for several months, and straight away I’ve noticed a massive improvement in my lung capacity. Before I went out to bowl in the recent cricket series, I packed this in my cricket kit, and I used it, and it actually makes me feel a lot better. My sleep quality has improved dramatically!

Better Breathing Sport Usages

Denise.: Great Product!- Clears lungs better athletic performance less mucus! Love it! Twice a day and such a great improvement!

How much does the Better Breathing Sport cost?

The only place consumers can purchase Better Breathing Sport is from the official website. The website offers up to five devices per package, depending on the user’s needs.

Choose from:

  1. One Better Breathing Sport for $64.99
  2. Three Better Breathing Sports for $129.98
  3. Five Better Breathing Sports for $194.97

Where to buy Better Breathing Sport?

Limited-time BOGO deal — Get up to 4 FREE Better Breathing Sport devices!

Great news! Better Breathing Sport just announced a huge international expansion — the device now ships to more countries than ever before! To celebrate, the brand is offering a limited-time “BOGO” deal:

When you order directly from the Better Breathing Sport website, you can get up to 4 FREE Better Breathing Sport devices depending on how many you order!

This is only available directly from the manufacturer, and we can’t guarantee it will be available for long. This is a great chance to stock up — they make great gifts!

Frequently Asked Questions About Better Breathing Sport


Yes. We are so confident in the effectiveness of the Better Breathing products that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied.

How does the Better Breathing Sport improve my breathing so effectively?

The Better Breathing Sport uses vibrations & resistance, which together gently mimic the cough mechanism to improve the oxygen delivery system for improved energy and sporting performance.

How often should I use Better Breathing Sport?

Start by using Better Breathing 2 times a day for 5 minutes for the first 2-3 weeks and 30 minutes before a workout or exercise. Then use it 2 times per week and 30 minutes before a workout or exercise to maximize the effectiveness of the exercise.

When can I expect my order?

FAST! We ship all orders within 24-48 hours of receiving them! On average our product is delivered within 3-5 business days in the United States. International shipping times will vary depending on country/customs etc.

Will I have to pay any additional customs, duties or VAT fees when I receive my order?

Depending on your country, it is possible that you will be charged one or more of these fees when you receive your order.
Please note that all international orders are charged in US dollars. International charges are based on the standard exchange rates between your currency and the US dollar at the time of purchase or refund.

Will you notify me by email when my order has shipped?

Yes, we will send an invoice by email when your order has been placed and another when your order has been shipped.
If you can not find our emails in your normal inbox, it is worth checking in your spam or junk mail folder.

How long does it last?

1 – 2 years, depending on the frequency of use. This product consists of a Gold Coast manufactured polycarbonate with frequent drop tests to ensure the Better Breathing Sport will thrive in your gym bag.

Are there any side effects when using the Better Breathing Sport?

It is always advisable to speak with your GP before undergoing any new treatment for pre-existing conditions. However, there have been no side effects reported as this product just uses mechanical breathing methods similar to the couch mechanism.

Conclusion On Better Breathing Sport Reviews

Better Breathing Sport is a breath training program for athletes of all skill levels. Spending a few minutes inhaling via Better Breathing Sport will help you clear mucus, expand your lungs, and improve your breathing in various ways.

Some people use Better Breathing Sport daily to maintain overall health, while others use it 30 minutes before an exercise to increase endurance and performance.

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