BipKoon Reviews 2023: Door Opening Security Alarm

BipKoon Reviews: Crime is an ever-present problem in cities, and theft and robberies are two of the most serious offenses that can occur. Robberies and burglaries can lead to a feeling of insecurity among citizens, and can affect their quality of life.

In order to protect themselves, many people have resorted to installing alarm systems or other expensive security measures. Unfortunately, these measures do not always prove effective against robbers who are determined or experienced enough to find ways around them.

Bipkoon Review

The good news is that a new affordable but effective alarm system called “BipKoon ” is here to safeguard your home 24/7. This alarm system provides an effective security solution for your home at an affordable cost. These systems are designed with advanced technology, including infrared sensors and sound alarms, which help detect any suspicious activity or movement inside the house.

Learn more about BipKoon security alarm, its features, and benefits in the BipKoon review below!

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What exactly is BipKoon?

Home burglaries are a common occurrence, and it is important to ensure that your home is safe. With BipKoon alarm system, you can prevent theft in your home without spending a fortune. It’s unique wedge shape allows you to easily slide it underneath any door, blocking entry and providing an extra layer of security beyond traditional alarm systems.


The wedge also makes it difficult for burglars to open the door without sound, as the wedge creates tension between the door and its frame when placed correctly. Furthermore, the BipKoon has been designed with both safety and convenience in mind. Its compact size means it can be stored discreetly anywhere in your home or office, ready for immediate use at a moment’s notice should you need to protect yourself from unwelcome guests.

BipKoon is a doorstop, whose function, in addition to serving as a conventional doorstop, has a built-in 120db audible alarm so that anyone who opens the door will activate the deterrent alarm to scare away intruders and alert the neighbors.

BipKoon’s operation is very simple, you only have to place Bipkoon under the door like any other bumper and through the button it has, regulate its intensity between the three different levels of sound and vibration.

BipKoon can be used on practically any type of floor such as tiles, cement, wood and carpets. In addition, its base has shock-absorbing rubber that adheres perfectly and without damaging it, to any material the floor is made of.

BipKoon Main Features

If you are tired of alarm systems that require long hours of charging, just to fail quickly, then Bipkoon has the perfect solution for you. This product is a 12db sound alarm system that runs on a 9V charge and is much louder than other alarms. This alarm system includes advanced technology so that when triggered, it will alert users with a loud siren and high-powered flashlight to ward off intruders. BipKoon has a unique non-slip design, which makes it adherent to almost any surface.

BipKoon Features

BipKoon also comes with a rechargeable battery and charger, so all you have to do is plug it into power source such as your laptop or wall outlet. Once the battery has been fully charged, you can simply place the alarm on any surface of your choosing and press the disarm button. It has an emergency button, making it the perfect device for any home or business.

Benefits of the BipKoon door alarm

  • Power supply with a 9V battery with a very long duration at rest.
  • 120Db shrill siren that goes off easily.
  • Activation of the very sensitive alarm by contact when pressure is generated in the wedge of the device.
  • Easy to install and remove from doors, with rest or activation button.
  • Along with wireless security cameras are the best defenses against assaults and robberies.
  • In addition, with this system you will be able to select all the vulnerable accesses and place the pertinent alarms for a very low price.
  • This device scares away more than 99% of muggers, just like personal alarm keychains and also alert neighbors or passers-by who pass by.
  • In addition to this, it is fixed to any surface thanks to its non-slip base.
  • If you have pets or children, it is a perfect alert to prevent them from leaving any enclosure.
  • Portable, small and handy, you can use it at home, business or even in your hotel room.

BipKoon Usage Guide

The BipKoon alarm system is a great way to secure your home from intruders . It’s easy to set up and use, making it perfect for those who aren’t tech-savvy. The first step is to open the back lid of the device and adjust the settings according to your needs. Once you’re done with that, simply place it beneath a door or window frame for maximum security.

Bipkoon Reviews

The alarm is triggered when an intruder tries opening the door or window frame where it’s placed; so even if they try to break in, they won’t be able to gain access. Apart from being simple and convenient, this system also offers additional features that allow you to check on your house while away or add extra sensors for extra protection. Additionally, it can be connected to other smart home devices like lights and cameras for added convenience and security.

Bipkoon Customer Reviews

Anthony:- It really is cheap compared to infrared installations. In addition, the fact that they are independent sirens and that they do not need to be connected to the electrical current is a great advantage.

How Does BipKoon Works

Salma:- Among the worst experiences that can happen, is that of strangers entering your house, and also being inside. Protecting the family is very important, and for the price it is, I am going to buy a pair for sure.

Bipkoon Buy Now

What we like the most. opinions of Bipkoon

There are many solutions on the market and companies that offer security and alarm services, but the monthly fees are usually high, luckily there is more offer and you can also find this type of service at better prices than a few years ago, but if you want any way to dissuade intruders or be able to control what happens in your home there are other types of devices such as Bipkoon, the bulb camera Hausafe Cam HD or the smart doorbell Enway Smart Door to be able to see from a mobile phone or tablet who is knocking at the door of your house.

Bipkoon In addition to being easy to install, it is small so that you can take it on your trips and place it in hotels or apartments that you can rent on your vacation and have a way of discouraging and alerting other neighbors, it can serve as an extra security measure for your trips.

The alarm is 120db, considering that sounds above 80db are considered loud and the sound of a plane taking off is about 140db, you can get an idea of ​​what 120db might sound like, it could be similar to noise of a party or a concert.

Where to buy BipKoon:

The official website is the only place to look for purchasing this reasonably-priced alarm system. This product of exceptional quality is now offered for $45 on the official website, a 40% savings off its regular price. At this price, there has never been a better time to get this high-performance equipment.

In addition, purchasing through the official website provides additional perks, such as a 30-day money-back guarantee and free shipping to any location inside the continental United States.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About BipKoon

Does it fit under all doors?

Yes, its size means that placing it under any door is not a problem.

Does it run on battery or batteries?

It works with batteries, 1 x 9V, but they are NOT included in the order.

Is the sound powerful?

Yes, the alarm emits powerful and constant sound and vibration, it can be regulated through the button. The device has three different levels of sound and vibration.

is it slippery?

No, thanks to the shock-absorbing rubbers that adhere perfectly without damaging any material the floor is made of.

I can buy Bipkoon with any discount?

Yes, there is a 50% discount available, but if you want to make a gift you can buy more than one unit and get a greater discount when you buy 2, 3, 5 or even 10 units.

Conclusion: BipKoon Final Reviews

Whether you’re looking for a home security solution or one for your business, Bipkoon has got you covered. It’s easy to set up, rechargeable, and provides maximum security. It is designed with convenience in mind, allowing users to easily recharge their batteries without the need for complex tools or instructions. It also contains a comprehensive range of sensors that detect any unexpected movements within your home, providing peace of mind even when away from the property.

With a five-star user rating and excellent features, this BipKoon alarm system offers superior protection with minimal effort.

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