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Air is continuously being polluted in recent times. Every day, we read about the fire incidents in the forests and urban areas. These incidents affect our environment in a worse manner. Apart from that, the urbanization and development also give rise to pollution. Many homes use ordinary air purifiers that work on filters.

Now, you can use one of the smartest air purifiers without replacing filters. It is Breathe Green Plug N’ Pure air purifier. The unique design of this air purifier is the main reason why people choose it for their homes and offices.

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What is Breathe Green Plug N Pure air purifier?

The Breathe Green Plug N Pure Ionizer is an adapter similar to a smartphone in size and shape. By plugging it into a power outlet it cleans your air of harmful substances. There are many chemical toxins and pollen in our air and much more that can make you cough or sneeze or have burning and watery eyes. All of this will be fixed with this air scrubber so that you have clean and clean air at home. The small device comes from the USA and is already very popular there because it has made the lives of many Americans much easier.

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Why do I need this air purifier or ionizer?

Many people suffer from allergies. No matter how much they wash, clean, ventilate or vacuum, there is always a residual amount of dust and dirt left over, which in turn contaminates our airways and mucous membranes. We sneeze and snuff and cough and our eyes water. It doesn’t seem to help, because washing and cleaning everything doesn’t seem to do anything. The new air purifier from the USA, the Breathe Green Plug N Pure, does all this, however, namely that from now on you can breathe freely without coughing or sneezing. Your air will be purified and cleaned of all chemicals.

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Breathe Green Plug N Pure review and recommendation

The constant burning or tearing of the eyes as well as coughing or sneezing is very exhausting and annoying in the long run. The airways seem to be blocked all the time and the air doesn’t seem to be as clean and clean as we thought. The Breathe Green Plug N Pure air washer cleans and “washes” the air in a special way by simply plugging it into your wall socket and it immediately draws dirt, dust and all pollutants out of the air through ions. In all the rooms of your home there is now good air to breathe and your airways are freed – no more sneezing, coughing, rhinitis.

Breathe Green Plug N Pure technical facts

Air pollution indoors can be 2 to 5 times higher than outdoors, causing more asthma attacks than usual. All you have to do is plug the small ionizer into your wall socket and it starts cleaning your air. A power button on the unit also lets a blue light shine, which is especially helpful for those who want to keep the air washer plugged in at night but don’t want to stay in the dark. So this small device also helps as a night light to a restful sleep. The Breathe Green Plug N Pure helps you to clean your home thoroughly:

  • It’s not a traditional air freshener & air purifier
  • Eliminates bacteria and viruses
  • Minimizing the symptoms of allergies
  • Reduces asthma triggers
  • Works without chemicals
  • Long lasting results
  • 60 days satisfaction guarantee
  • Air Ionizer

Breathe Green Plug N Pure test and quality features

The small air purifier was developed in the USA and already sold there very often. Many Americans have already been able to refresh and clean their homes with this small air purifier. Mostly special air purifiers cost several hundred dollars, but this small device is more affordable and far more efficient than the traditional air purifiers on the market.

Many of them work mostly by air turbulence, similar to a fan, or by spraying a chemical into the room like a room spray. But the Breathe Green air scrubber works as an ionizer with ions that gently and imperceptibly draw all the pollutants out of the air, making your room less unhealthy to clean.

Breathe Green Plug N Pure air purifier Benefits

  • Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure is an advanced and smart air freshener and air purifier in form of an adapter which is used to purify the polluted air we breathe
  • It annihilates harmful bacteria and dangerous viruses from the polluted air of your room.
  • Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure lessens the unbearable allergy symptoms that makes you ill.
  • It keeps down the triggers of asthma that makes you very sick and may even lead to death.
  • Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure is completely silent and lets you sleep happily.
  • It operateswithout the use of toxic
  • It has an ever lasting results which makes it economically viable.
  • It transmits a pleasant odour in the room.
  • It is very light, portable and totally maintenance free product. There is no need of changing expensive filters.
  • Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure has a 60 day satisfaction guarantee program.

How is Plug N Pure better than normal air purifiers?

  • Good materials – While normal ionizers contain lots of harmful elements, Breathe Green Plug N’ Pure air purifier is free of chemicals. The material of this air purifier may not cause side effects in the body. It may not contain toxic substances that harm your health even if you use it for many years. This air purifier is better and safer than normal ionizers to use in homes and offices.
  • Cleans the air inside the house – Normal air purifiers can clean only 30 to 40 % indoor air. On the other hand, Breathe Green Plug N’ Pure air purifier may clean about 95% of impure air in your house. It may remove viruses, bacteria, and germs from offices and homes. Your house will look clean and beautiful without dust and harmful particles.
  • Healthy life – One of the major benefits of using Breathe Green Plug N’ Pure air purifier is that it makes the home perfect to live. This ionizer works in a gentle way and reduces the presence of germs, bacteria, and toxic elements. Further, this air purifier may clean the indoor air and make homes safe and clean for a living. This will improve the health of your family members.
  • Disease-free environment – Impure air results in many diseases such as asthma, fever, headache, and coughs. BreatheGreen Plug N’ Pure air purifier may reduce the germs and bacteria that cause diseases in your homes. Your family may not get diseases after using this air purifier for a long time. It is also good for workplaces and offices.
  • Removes bad smell – Different odors are present in your homes as well as offices. The bad smell of cooking food, socks, cigarettes, alcohol and pet feces irritates the family members. These smells can also cause headaches and vomiting. Breathe Green Plug N’ Pure air purifier may eliminate all these bad odors and give a pleasant smell in the environment.
Breathe Green Plug N’ Pure Air Purifier Review

How does the Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure work?

Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure air purifier is just required to be plugged into the electric socket and it starts to purify the air immediately.

  • The Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure Air Purifier uses a new advanced technology that can clean the air effectively without the use of needles and metal strips.
  • It actually cleans the air molecules instead of covering the pollutants with aerosols, fragrance and chemicals like other purifiers.
  • The silent air purifier is ready to work from the time it is plugged in the socket.
  • It can constantly ionise the air molecules in your room or you can switch on the timer for 30 minutes’ intervals.
  • It produces healthy negative ions which are known to improve mood and health of people and pets.
  • The Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure Air Purifier emits activated oxygen which can combat the strongest pollutants.
  • Overall the Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure Air Purifier works silently and effectively to purify the polluted air of your room.

Breathe Green Plug N Pure reviews and opinions

Especially people who smoke or keep animals at home could use this air purifier very well. Gentle ion technology filters the stench and dirt out of the air and in no time the air is clean and you can breathe better again. No more coughing, cold, sneezing, eye tears or other annoying seizures. The smartphone-like device, which is simply plugged into the socket like an adapter, cleans the air as quickly as possible so that bacteria and viruses have no chance and you are immune to colds, flu or serious asthma attacks.

It doesn’t use any chemicals, so you won’t cough or sneeze again due to excessive chemical exposure in the air. People with allergies have found this ionizer to be a particularly good and helpful way to successfully relieve or improve the associated attacks of shortness of breath and watery eyes. This improves their overall well being and cleanses the air they breathe at night, so that they can sleep safely and quietly. They wake up less exhausted in the morning and feel much fitter during the day!

Breathe Green Plug N Pure Air Purifier

A Breathe Green Plug N Pure user writes how he recently bought three units. When the ionizer was first plugged in, the blue light came on. Then it turned itself off. According to the description, the ionizer starts operating. His wife had cooked salmon on the same day. The smell of fish was to be smelled in the whole house, above and below. After about half an hour, the smell of the house had disappeared. It proved that the device does what it is able to do, to clean the air.

Two users, however, had more negative things to say about this device, that they would not understand the settings of this ionizer and that it would neither clean the air nor be usable in any other way. There are too many settings and one setting only produces the blue night light, which the users didn’t want as it was supposed to clean the air. They wanted better and more accurate instructions on how to use and adjust the device.

Where can I order Breathe Green Plug N Pure?

The Breathe Green Plug N Pure air purifier can only be purchased online from the manufacturer’s website and is not available in other online shops or anywhere else on the market. On the manufacturer side, however, you will be granted up to 55 percent discount on your orders. However, as this is a product from the USA, these discounts or other benefits and services (such as free shipping) may not be granted in Europe.

Frequently Asked Questions About Breathe Green Plug N Pure air purifier

Does Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure makes too much noise?

No, the Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure air purifier is a small plug in air purifier which works silently.

How can I order Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure?

The Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure air purifier can only be bought online from the manufacturer’s official website and is not obtainable in other online shops or anywhere else throughout the market. From the side of the manufacture, however, you will be vouchsafed up to 55 percent discount on your orders.

What is the maintenance cost of Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure?

The product is maintenance free. It is a compact product without any filters or strips which need to be changed. So there is absolutely no maintenance cost.

Where can I get information about Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure?

The manufacturer is very transparent and shares all the necessary information. Like, on the website of the manufacturer, guidance/information about using the Breathe Green Plug N Pure air purifier can be gathered.

How to Exchange my goods if I get it damaged?

The company will only replace the Breathe Green Plug n Pure if they are defective or received in a damaged condition. If you want to exchange it for a new Breathe Green Plug n Pure air purifier, inform by email at their manufacturer’s official website and send your item back on paying for your own shipping costs and handling costs for returning your item. The company does not refund the shipping charges.

Are my transactions safe and secure on the website?

Yes, your transactions are very safe and secure as the company is trusted by renowned antivirus companies and agencies McAfee Secure, Truste Verified, Google Trusted Store and the Norton secure.

Can I get support from the manufacturer?

The manufacturer has a 24 by 7 customer care helpline for attending to queries of the customers. The number of the customer care is available on the official website of the company.

Is the product available internationally?

Breathe Green Plug n Pure Air Purifier is only available in USA & Canada presently.


After doing a detailed research on Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure, one thing that I can ensure is that Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure air purifier and freshener is the best in the market. It outshines all other purifiers on the shelves in not just one, but many aspects. The device is small and convenient, making it very easy to use. Only by plugging the adapter in a power outlet, you can get rid off the harmful and toxic substances in your surrounding air. It not just clears the air, but replaces the toxic substances with natural, fresh and pure air to ensure all round protection of you and your loved ones.

Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure also acts a freshener and ensures the surrounding air us bad odour free. This also promotes health, wellness and ultimately welfare of you and your family. The company is also offering the product, Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure at a reasonable and affordable price. They are also giving a whopping Holidays sale for limited period of time, so you can now purchase the air purifier at a discount of 55%.


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