ChargeCard Reviews: Ultra-Thin Credit Card Size Phone Charger

ChargeCard Reviews: Do you hate when your phone dies at the worst possible time? Do you always forget to bring your big bulky charge with you? So do we, thats why we invented the ChargeCard. A travel sized phone charger that fits in your wallet so its available when you need it.


We work long hours and by mid afternoon we usually need a quick boost so we can finsish the day and get business done. ChargeCard is the perfect travel accessory you will bring with you everywhere.

With the ChargeCard, you can keep a handy charger in your wallet no bigger than your credit card. Let’s take a look at whether the ChargeCard is a good investment to keep you charged on the go.

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What is ChargeCard?

ChargeCard is the world’s smallest emergency phone charger! It fits in your wallet and provides a 30%- 100% emergency battery boost so you can get through the rest of the day. With ChargeCard, you always have an extra charge in your pocket.

ChargeCard Reviews

The ChargeCard, living up to its name, is the exact size of a credit card, though it’s a quarter-inch thick. This level of thickness lets it fit into the sleeve of a wallet alongside your other cards, even looking like one, to the point of including a cute faux security chip. Two of the corners have rubber coverings, which remove and reveal a charging cable, which can be swapped out with an included interchangeable one, giving you access to Lightning, USB-C, or USB-Micro, depending on what your phone uses. I really like this method, as it keeps the cord out of the way, both while it’s charging and when you’re not using it, however, the rubber of the cable does feel worryingly thin, as if it might snap after a few too many uses.

It’s thin enough to hold in your hand on the back of your phone without adding much bulk, thanks to it only weighing 3.5oz. It rests comfortably in the hand and has a bit of a grippy texture to its stainless steel body, so that it’s not too slippery. For being so slight, the charger feels pretty durable⁠—there’s no give or bend to it, and it’s strong enough to take an accidental tumble or two to the floor without issue.

ChargeCard Features

ChargeCard Advantages
  • Fits in Your Wallet
  • Works with Apple, Android, & all Other Devices
  • Built in Charging Cables (USB-C, Lightning, Micro USB)
  • ULTRA-FAST Charging Technology (1.5A) & High Capacity (2300mAh)
  • Stainless Steel with Laser Etched Premium Finish

ChargeCard Customer Reviews:

Doug S.- I was looking for a new portable charger for my iPhone 11 Pro Max to replace my older one that took forever to charge my new phone. This one was a good size, offered quick charging, and had output ports for both micro USB and lightning. I can take the Charge Card anywhere since it fits perfectly right in my wallet. I definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a portable charger.

ChargeCard Features

Pat B.- Man, Woman or child, this is perfect for your phone! I don’t write reviews as soon as I get an item because I don’t know if it truly is going to be a good product or not. Bought this 6 months ago when I got a new phone and like every other one, it too has needed extra power on more than one occasion. It’s been awesome, you this can fit it into your wallet!

ChargeCard Pros & Cons

ChargeCard Pros
  • Fits perfectly into a wallet
  • Interchangeable connectors
  • Good capacity for its size
ChargeCard Cons
  • The charging cord can be a little on the fragile side
ChargeCard Features

Should You Buy A ChargeCard?

The ChargeCard is a great utility to carry around with you. Chargers are bulky and cumbersome. They’re not always practical as they’re designed now. The ChargeCard is an easy way to have a small charger with you wherever you go.

ChargeCard Buy Now

If you’re looking for a quick way to carry a charger with you on the go, look at the ChargeCard and see what it can do for you, especially when space is an issue.

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