CleaniX Reviews 2021: Best UV Light Sanitizer Ever

LifeProtectX CleaniX is a portable UV light tool by LifeProtectX that sends out a UV light that damages and also counteracts hazardous bacteria and viruses immediately upon direct exposure. The gadget can be located on the official website, which provides individuals free delivery and the possibility to conserve cash with packages of numerous devices.

As pandemic sweeps across the nation, a growing number of Americans are concerned about finding new ways to clean surfaces and avoid the possibility of coming into contact with viruses or bacteria. Even when consumers wash their hands properly and shower regularly, they can still come into contact with bacteria, especially on some of the dirtiest surfaces we regularly interact with.


Phones and tablets are especially overun with bacteria. Some studies have found that the average cell phone screen could be more bacteria ridden than even the floor of many bathrooms! Obviously, even the best hand-washing fails to protect users from the bacteria and viruses lurking on the average cell phone, which is constantly raised to the vulnerable mouth, nose, and eyes throughout the day.

LifeProtectX CleaniX UV Sanitizer is a smart device that cleans various places and objects. It used UV light to sterilize any surface up to 99.99% of germs & bacteria.

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What is LifeProtectX CleaniX?

There are viruses and bacteria all around the world, putting consumers at risk constantly. While out and about, hand sanitizers are an excellent way to stay clean, but they only help to keep the hands clean. What can consumers do to address the myriad of bacteria and viruses all over the surfaces we come into contact with on a daily basis?

It is impossible to control surroundings outside the home, but there are actually many household items that consumers touch constantly that transfer bacteria. In fact, studies show that items in the home like the TV remote control or even car keys can hold as much as ten times the amount of germs found on a toilet seat. Still, consumers constantly touch these items without sanitizing them or washing their own hands.

The use of LifeProtectX CleaniX portable UV sanitizer eliminates this problem. It isn’t just another antibacterial spray. LifeProtectX CleaniX uses ultraviolet lights to neutralize and damage the toxic cells. In doing so, this device is capable of:

  • Destroying bacteria, viruses, and germs
  • Eliminating toxic particles
  • Protecting against germ exposure

With a long battery life, consumers can sanitize their house all day long without having to recharge. Plus, the user-friendly device is relatively easy to use, and minimal instruction is necessary to get users cleaning effectively with the device.

How Does LifeProtectX CleaniX Work?

Ultraviolet rays are medically proved to kill over 99% of bacteria and viruses and other pathogens. The UV light emitted from the sanitizer invades and kills the DNA of the microorganisms and ensures that it won’t spread or multiply thereafter. CleaniX UV Sanitizer uses the same germicidal radiation technique also called UV lights in the form of portable device which you can handle easily to sanitize all the exposed surfaces. The sanitizer ensures that pathogens on all exposed surfaces are killed and removed.

CleaniX UV Sanitizer uses high frequency UV lights to destroy the DNA of the microorganisms and kills the contaminated particles on all open and exposed surfaces including your hand. With the use of the sanitizer, you can sanitize a variety of appliances, clothing, other open surfaces and your hands as well. It works efficiently and makes the surfaces and home germ-free in matter of minutes. You simply need to switch on the device and glide it over the surfaces that you want to sanitizer for 10-20 minutes to permanently destroy the germs and microorganisms present on the particular surface.

LifeProtectX CleaniX Review

LifeProtectX CleaniX – Portable UV Sanitizer Features

CleaniX eliminates the bacteria, viruses, and pathogens you didn’t know were there.

  • Highly Efficient – Kills 99.9% of surface bacteria using ultraviolet light
  • Reduces Sources of Sickness – CleaniX helps keeping you out of the doctor’s office
  • Compact Design – Compact design makes it convenient for use wherever you go
  • Designed for User Safety – Includes a built-in safety feature whereby the device will only activate when it is facing down
  • UV ray-based — designed for chemical free cleaning of everyday items.
  • Destroys viruses, bacteria, and germs in no time — UV rays are able to damage germ molecules in about 10 seconds.
  • Eliminates dangerous micro dirt particles — helps to keep the surfaces in your environment clean
  • Chemical free — since CleaniX uses UV rays, it doesn’t cause skin irritations that some of disinfectant sprays might result in.
  • No refills needed — saves a lot of money on sanitation liquids
  • USB chargeable — the device doesn’t require any special power cords or even batteries. Just charge it via USB port and you’re ready to go.
  • Easy to use — no special knowledge is needed if you want to use CleaniX. Just charge it, turn it on and let it do its job!
  • Long battery life — use it for the entire day before having to recharge again.
  • Small, foldable design — created to always be there for you!

Prime Highlights of CleaniX UV Sanitizer!

CleaniX UV Sanitizer is the portable UV powered sanitizer that comes with the capacity to eliminate the bacteria and germs using the medical-grade ultraviolet rays that are emitted from the device. Some of the prime highlights of this sanitizer include:

  • Eliminate toxic cells
  • Destroys the viruses, bacteria and germs efficiently
  • Cleans the surfaces using ultraviolet rays
  • Protects the users from exposure of germs and viruses
  • It is user friendly and easy to use
  • Comes with rechargeable battery and has long lasting backup that runs 24 hours with single charging
  • Safe to use on all surfaces and objects
  • It is safe for your skin as well as for all exposed surfaces
  • Lightweight and portable that you can carry easily in your pocket and hand purse

Why choose LifeProtectX CleaniX?

  • Got 99 problems but germs ain’t one – CleaniX uses UV lamps to exterminate a percentage up to 99.99% of germs and bacteria. It works on more than 40 different types of materials and fabrics. Open CleaniX and direct the UV-C light down toward the surface of the item. Hold it approximately 6 inches above the area in question. You also don’t have to worry about the objects that you use daily. From electronic devices to kids’ toys, it faces every germ on its way. If you suffer from allergies or find yourself constantly sick, you’ll probably see a huge change after using a product like this.
  • Built-in automatic safety switch – When the lamp tube of the germicidal stick is facing upwards in the working state, the UV lamp is automatically turned off. To restore to the working state, just rotate the lamp of the germicidal stick to face down
  • Ideal travel buddy – It’s easy to carry and put in your handbag. It’s easy to put in a handbag, whether at home or on a trip. No matter where you go, you can make sure that you live in a clean environment. CleaniX knows what you need.
  • Ultra-small – The ultra-small UV light is convenient for home, office, hotel and travel. It can kill bacteria on phones, IPads, keyboards, laptops, toys, toothbrushes, remote controls, door knobs, toilet covers, mugs, and home and office steering wheels

A Short Guide on Using CleaniX UV Sanitizer!

CleaniX UV Sanitizer is the effective device that can eliminate bacteria and germs using the ultraviolet light. You can make use of this sanitizer to sanitize and disinfect any open surfaces and objects. You simply need to glide the device over the exposed surfaces for 10-20 minutes and the ultraviolet light will kill and destroy the germs and viruses from the surfaces efficiently.

This sanitizer comes in a rectangular box and users are required to flip the device to open it and turn it on and hold the device over the surfaces so that the UV light can shine on the surface or object that you want to sanitize. The UV light will turn off automatically after sanitizing the surface and it takes hardly 10 minutes to sanitize the surface depending upon the size of the surface or object.

Sanitize Your Household With LifeProtectX CleaniX

LifeProtectX CleaniX is the world’s first UV ray-based sanitizer. This nifty little device is designed for easy, fast and thorough cleaning of everyday household items.

LifeProtectX CleaniX can eliminate all kinds of germs, bacteria and viruses from items such as mobile phones, computer keyboards, books, pens, TV remote controllers and much more.

LifeProtectX CleaniX protects the health of your loved ones. Especially nowadays that deadly viruses and harmful bacteria are all around us, CleaniX will help you ensure household items are thoroughly cleaned.

What Makes LifeProtectX Cleanix so Special?

LifeProtectX CleaniX uses the same UV light technology as various hospitals worldwide – but in a more efficient manner! The best thing about this incredible device is its portability and the fact that you‘re able to carry it with you anywhere you go since it perfectly fits in your pocket. While disinfection sprays can cause various skin irritations and might be difficult to find, LifeProtectX CleaniX destroys unwanted germs and bacteria in a harmless, chemical free way. It‘s an easy, fast, and effective solution to keep your everyday items clean!

What is the Benefits of LifeProtectX CleaniX?

  • This device may clean all the surfaces within 20 seconds.
  • It may remove germs, harmful particles, bacteria, and viruses.
  • UV light sanitizer may stop germs to cause diseases and infection in your homes or offices.
  • It may reduce the occurrence of deadly diseases and infections.

Is CleaniX UV Sanitizer Safe to Use?

Of course, CleaniX UV Sanitizer is totally safe to use as ultraviolet light is considered safe for human use and it causes no damages to any surface or skin of the users. Many people misunderstood the UV lights with the harmful UV rays from sunlight, but in reality it is different because the ultraviolet light used in the device is controlled and its intensity is well maintained for human use. Moreover, the device turns the light off automatically when it completes sanitizing the surface and this ensures no unnecessary UV lights are exposed to your skin.

So, considering this fact, it won’t be exaggerated to state that CleaniX UV Sanitizer is a safe and harmless sanitizing device that humans can use to keep their home, office and all surfaces safe and clean from the harmful viruses and bacteria.

What are the Side Effects of CleaniX UV Sanitizer?

Well, there are no documents to proof its side effects. It is completely safe for human use as it uses the same advanced technology used on medicals and hospitals for sanitization purposes and hence it is clear that this device is totally safe for your use.

However, some people may develop side effects if used for extensive hours over their skin. it may subside automatically and if you think the redness, irritation and rashes are caused due to the UV lights from the device consult your doctor immediately and ensure using it under the supervision of your doctor.

Is LifeProtectX Cleanix Worth it?

Do you even have to ask? Tried and tested by our team and our customers, this sanitizing device satisfies anyone from young to old! It’s portable, easy to use, affordable, and a great competitor with the sterilizing devices out there!

If you’re looking for a device that will help you lead a more sanitary life, protect you from invisible bacteria and be easy to use, then look no further! CleaniX will offer that and more!

What Is The LifeProtectX CleaniX Price?

Don’t worry about the price of LifeProtectX CleaniX as the makers have developed this tool kit very safely and efficiently to make it easily available and accessible for you within the affordable price range. Several other life survival kits are also available in the market but their prices are too high and thus, everyone cannot afford the same. It is thus, developed to help the common public so that they can easily deal. With their drastic situations. The price of this lifesaver tool kit is very minimal as compared to the other related kits available in the market and you can also avail the 50% discount offer levied on it these days.

Where to buy LifeProtectX CleaniX?

Whether online or offline, just make sure that you would buy the LifeProtectX CleaniX UV sanitizer tool only from its original seller and from no one else.

Frequently Asked Questions About LifeProtectX CleaniX

Users are right to have a number of questions about CleaniX, especially considering the importance of a legitimate cleaning solution in the wake of international pandemic. This section will answer the most commonly asked questions about both CleaniX and its UV technology.

Can UV technology be used in the home?

I the past, the only UV cleaning technologies available worldwide have been found in hospitals, research facilities, and other major technological hubs. Only recently have companies begun to explore the possibility of UV cleaning tech in the home. The major obstacle to overcome for engineers working on these products was portability. The CleaniX is handheld, making it perfect for use in the home.

Where can the CleaniX device be purchased?

Right now, the only authorized location to purchase CleaniX is the official website. We think that the product will eventually be available on major retailers like Amazon or eBay. But for now, CleaniX can only be purchased from the official product website.

How is CleaniX powered?

This device can be charged via USB connection. There’s no need for refills or to change out any batteries, making it a much more cost efficient (and more available) option than products like hand sanitizer or antibacterial wipes.

How long does UV neutralization take?

According to the website, only a few minutes of exposure is needed to disinfect surfaces.

Can UV lights be used on the skin?

Generally, we advise against using UV lights on any organic material. Cleaning devices like CleaniX are meant to be used on surfaces, and the UV light they use to do the cleaning could be harmful to human skin.
Full instructions are included with this purchase, so consumers will need to read through these details to make sure they use the device properly. The customer service team can address any other question.

Can I Use CleaniX As A Hand Sanitizer?

No. You cannot use CleaniX as a hand sanitizer as it works by the method of ultraviolet rays, which can be harmful to the skin.

Does Ultraviolet-Rays Technology Really Work?

Yes. This technology really works as hospitals use robots that emit ultraviolet rays to sanitize their premises. In fact, a CNBC news items has reported that the 2 manufacturers of these robots plan to ship the devices to Italy so that they can be used against coronavirus.

CleaniX Review: Final Thoughts

LifeProtectX CleaniX helps consumers to clean surfaces with the use of revolutionary UV light technology. The product can safely be used by any consumer, and the long battery life makes it easy to go through an entire home each day. There’s no chemicals involved, and consumers can treat nearly every nook and cranny in the surfaces they clean.

LifeProtectX is known for producing many products in timely needs, their LifeProtectX survival kit and SaniTron products among many other gadget solutions are releasing that fully compliment the CleaniX ultraviolet (UV) light sanitizer wand used for disinfecting germs and bacteria from mobile devices and frequently used electronic gadgets. There are many brands of Ultraviolet sanitization wands available on the market, SmartSanitizer Pro and Mobile Klean are two similar, but LifeProtectX CleaniX is coming from a brand who specializes in quick tech solutions in the form of gadgets and guides in times of need, interest and ultimately demand.

LifeProtectX CleaniX : It’s a perfect time to take hygiene to a whole new level — order CleaniX today and enjoy premium quality on a budget and FREE SHIPPING. All you have to do is complete the shipping information on the website, pay for your order and let us take care of the rest! I hope you love our LifeProtectX CleaniX UV Germ Killer Reviews.

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