Contours RX Lids By Design Reviews 2021 – Is It SCAM OR LEGIT?

Have you ever been worried about how to get your eyes back in shape? Every day I come to the realization that my lids are giving way to gravity, and I am looking not just different but older. I can’t help but freak out. This new look makes me less confident and makes me feel less beautiful. I can’t help it. It is what it is.

Contours Rx

Before now, I have heard of blepharoplasty, but I can’t even think about it because it’s definitely not an option for me. I freak at the sight of a needle, so I’m definitely not signing up for elective invasive treatment.

A friend introduced an eyelid tape to me. She is literally always in the stores shopping for them. The cutting and fixing of the tapes have become like a routine for her, and I’m quite getting interested except that cutting and sizing seems tiring, and the tapes don’t seem to be firm and hold stronger.

What options do I have to get back my lids in shape and improve my looks in a non-risky and less stressful way?

If this is you, or you have questions like this one or a similar one, then these Contours Rx lids by design are just for you.

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Contours Rx Lids by design is one product that poses as revolutionary in the beauty and cosmetics market. A dermatologically tested, latex-free, and scientifically designed strip to lift your eyelids and put them back to perfect shape and symmetry. In this Contours Rx Lids review, we’ll discuss what is unique about this product, and you can decide if it’s for you.

What are Contours Rx Lids by design eyelid lift?

Contours Rx is a beauty company that has been in the market. They are the proud creators of Lids by design and other products such as; neck rescue, color set pencil primer, precision tweezers…products that are all medical-grade, tested, and completely trusted by many.

Contours Rx’s Lids by design is one product that is stealing the show in the market for its perfectly designed and medically-fit eyelids strips. The lids are distinct from other generic products in several ways,

Contours Rx Reviews

ranging from the precision tweezers that help to pick up and apply the trips neatly to the various well-constructed sizes that serve different individuals’ needs. It is completely latex-free, hypoallergenic, and safe and easy to use.

Contours Rx, a trusted brand committed to providing their customers with the resources they need to look and feel their best, has been featured in several national and international magazines such as ELLE, NEWBEAUTY, and ALLURE magazine. If you use Contours Rx items to replace cosmetic surgery or just to improve your confidence on a regular basis, you’ll see immediate results that look and feel normal but are always safe for everyday use.

Contours Rx is the only cosmetic line of wearable technology that promises to erase signs of aging safely, immediately, and cost-effectively.

Benefits of Contours Rx Lids by design eyelids correcting strips.

  • The revolutionary Lids by design strips will lift your eyelids and give you a more defined crease, and your sagging lids and hooded eyes will be gone. Welcome to a new look.
  • Lids by design is known for the under-20 appearance it gives by a brighter, popping, and more defined wide-awake look that makes you look younger and more energetic.
  • Lids by design strips are transparent and therefore not very noticeable for several skin types, and once you apply some light eye makeup, you would have to point them out to someone for them to notice that you have the strips on. Most times, a mascara over gets you covered.
  • You love to give your eyes all the beautiful looks they can get, but hooded eyes won’t let you? Lids by design can change things for you. Lift your lids and give you the space for all your favorite eye makeup. No more limitations; you can have your lids back in shape and play with your eyeshadow and eyeliner just the way you want it.
  • These strips can be a temporary alternative to blepharoplasty, and of course, going under the knife is not for everyone. Lids by design offer a reliable, non-invasive, and perfectly soothing option for people with hooded eyes or mono lids. You can become more confident about your looks and age with these lids on. They fit perfectly and are hypoallergenic. What more can anyone ask?

How do Contours Rx Lids by design strips work?

Lids by design is an extraordinary product in the eyelids strips market. Unlike any generic product you may know of, it is the only eyelid strip I know that is medically tested to be fit and non-allergenic. It is made of quality and transparent material.

If you’re just coming across eyelid strips and you’re not sure how they work or if they’ll work for you. Here is how these lids are designed to work.

Eyelift strips work by gently lifting the dropping and excess skin above the eye to the back of the eye socket. The eyelid is lifted with a well-defined crease, and hence there is an illusion of fully opened up eyes and a more wide-awake and younger look with the help of the strip.

It takes practise to get a good placement. As a practise strip, use a strip. If you don’t get it right the first time, peel the strip off and reuse it until you find the perfect placement, then replace it with a new strip for the day.

Why use Contours Rx lids by design eyelids strip?

Lids by design are more like a lifesaver to many. A non-invasive technique that takes out the old look and literally takes out years from a person. Also a good companion for people with mono lids that wish to create a double one.

These products do nothing but give you a younger and refreshing look. It is ultra-light and thin, very transparent, and by lifting the eyelids, they give the illusion of a younger, wide-eyed, and vibrant look. I haven’t seen a better non-invasive way to address the sagging effects of aging on eye-lids and a better option for creating a double lid for most Asians and other folks with mono lids.

The strips come with sticky sides that enable them to glue to the eyelids firmly. With the help of tweezers, they can be lifted and carefully placed on the right part of the crease line. It should be carefully done to fit properly in the right part, and after it is placed, it can stay put for hours until you choose to remove them.

Who should use Contours Rx Lids by design strips?

The excess skin covering up the natural folds of the lids causing it to sag can lead to tired looks and obvious signs of aging. This reduces the confidence in many people who suddenly find themselves in this situation and a battle of confidence for the rest who found themselves that way from birth, but the good news is that you have an option to feel beautiful and look just the way you want again by a simple, non-invasive and yet effective solution found in Lids by design.

A lot of people, even in the aging population, have found this product extremely useful, and they feel so confident and young that they can hardly contain the secret. One of them had said, “I can now come out, looking 20 and beautiful like ever before”.

Lids by design are for everyone who wants to maintain their youthful looks and stay confident with their ages. These transparent strips were created to immediately raise the appearance of your eyelids, giving you a more youthful appearance.

Quality features of Contours Rx Lids by design

  • Lids by design are quite quick and easy to apply.
  • Contours Rx Lids are medical-grade correcting transparent strips that blend in with skin and give you that bright-eyed, youthful look you’ve been after.
  • Materials include organic compounds. You can wear them all day without worry.
  • Patented design and skin-like technology add deal for patent protection.
  • This skin-like technology is wearable and feels like skin and becomes invisible on contact.
  • Apply makeup over strips for the desired look.
  • Improves droopy sagging skin hanging over the eyelashes
  • Improves asymmetry
  • Hypoallergenic and Latex Free
  • Dermatologist tested.
  • Instantly lift hooded, sagging, and drooping eyelids with these invisible strips – an innovative beauty secret!
  • Corrects excess skin covering the natural fold of the lid and sagging skin over the eyelashes.
  • Breathable, waterproof and transparent. Perfect for all skin colors, and makeup can be applied on top.
  • Safe and instant results. Appear younger instantly!

Specifications of Contours Rx Lids by design

  • Contains 80 strips, a travel case, and tweezers to apply the strips.
  • Each LIDS BY DESIGN box includes 80 correcting strips (over a month’s supply plus a few strips to practice with) and a pair of plastic tweezers.
  • Inside the container, you’ll find a pair of tweezers to assist with your placement.
  • Carefully remove the correct strip by sliding the tweezers under the strip, gently peeling them off.

How to use Contours Rx Lids by design eyelids strips?

  • These strips must be applied in a clean, dry, and makeup-free face for maximum firmness and effectiveness. It should be done before make-up, serums moisturizers. Carefully clean the surface before applying the strips.
  • Identify the fold/crease in your eyelid. Lift any excess skin up and out of this way. This can be done by simply lifting your brow.
  • You need to apply directly over the crease of the eyelid. If you’re not sure where your crease is, you may take some practice to find out the exact spot to ensure proper fitting.
  • When looking for the perfect spot to place your strip, you need not do a trial and error unless you are willing to. Close the eyelid over the eye and pinch the top and bottom together lightly to identify the crease. This is an especially great technique if your eyelid is lined and you are unsure which crease line is the actual eyelid crease. Once you have identified the crease, place the strip above it, allowing the curve of the eye socket to guide your application.
  • Depending on the extent of the hood or sag of your eyelid, you can choose to get the small, medium, or large strips. The larger the strip, the more difference it makes once you have stuck it on your eyelid.
  • Gently press and hold the strip for 3-5 seconds, particularly on the edges, to ensure a good bond.
  • After you’re done with the application of the strips, you can apply a makeup primer over it and apply eye shadow if you want. A little eye makeup will make the strips less visible if you wish to hide them.

Price of Contours Rx Lids by Design And Where to Buy

The contours Rx lids eye lid corrective strip is currently trending in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and a host of other countries. It is very affordable. The price list is as follows:

This Contours Rx Lids by design review article will not be complete without guiding you on where to buy it from. The safest place to buy this product is from the company’s official website. This is to ensure you get the original form of this product and gain any offer available for the product. You can click the link below to buy from the official store.

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Conclusion ( Contours Rx Lids by Design Review)

Contours Rx Lids by design is a product that is making a name for itself in the market because of its quality features and high customer satisfaction rate. This product is highly recommended by many, and by all means, I am one of them.

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