CustomCuff Reviews 2024: Does CustomCuff Gift Set Legit OR Scam?

Have you ever thought about the trip you took after graduating from college? Do you enjoy reliving life experiences that brought you nothing but health and happiness? Memories are the foundation of our entire life, reminding us of how far we’ve come, the joy and comforts of supportive family and friends, and the importance of living in the moment. While the specifics may fade with time, the gist of it will always be remembered, regardless of age or one’s point in life. Likewise, videos and pictures are excellent ways to preserve and store memories, but one team developed a jewelry collection dedicated to bringing memories as close to the heart as possible.

CustomCuff Reviews

According to the founder, personalized jewelry is a great way to relive memories. Why? Because people can now engrave nicknames, dates, locations, and whatever else comes to mind. Rather than storing memories, people will be able to wear them whenever and wherever they want. This is where it is fitting to introduce CustomCuff .

Custom Cuff Gift Set Buy Now

Online jewelry brand Custom Cuff offers a lineup of gift sets and bundles. Custom Cuff’s gift sets include the company’s stainless steel, 18k gold-plated custom jewelry pieces – like bracelets, necklaces, and rings. You can engrave jewelry with names, dates, locations, initials, or even star charts, among other meaningful things.

Should you buy Custom Cuff’s gift sets and bundles? What’s the right custom jewelry for you? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Custom Cuff’s gift sets and bundles today in our Custom Cuff review.

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What is CustomCuff?

CustomCuff is a women-owned customized jewelry company established in the United States. The company’s founder claims to have created memories throughout her life and believes that memories can motivate during difficult times, a reminder that life is too short and will always hold a special place in people’s hearts. Although these memories can take the shape of a present, a movie, or photos, the founder was never really pleased and wanted her desires to be fulfilled uniquely.

This inspired her to use her passion for jewelry design to preserve memories. She said: While we cannot help you relive your memories, we can at least help you be reminded of the things that are incredibly important to you.

How would CustomCuff assist people in remembering their memories? This is where the CustomCuff gift sets come into play.

Custom Cuff is a custom jewelry company found online at The company specializes in creating meaningful, custom jewelry. You can customize Custom Cuff jewelry with important dates or initials. You can add someone’s actual handwriting to Custom Cuff jewelry. Or, you can customize jewelry with star maps, zodiac signs, and more.

Today, popular Custom Cuff products include bracelets, necklaces, rings, the Red collection, and more. The company’s bestselling products include the Custom Cuff, the Custom Bar Necklace, the Custom Cuff Gift Set, the Custom Chain Bracelet, and the Custom Bar Necklace Set, among others.

Custom Cuff is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company was founded in 2019 after a surf trip to Bali.

How Custom Cuff Works

Custom Cuff offers a lineup of bracelets, necklaces, rings, and other products. You can customize each product with text, coordinates, or Morse code. You choose the text you wish to add, then Custom Cuff uses advanced lasers to engrave your message onto each product.

Here’s how Custom Cuff works:

Step 1) Choose your product, including individual products or gift sets or bundles. Custom Cuff has 50+ custom products available. The gift sets and bundles are particularly popular because you can buy multiple items at a discount price – say, for you and your partner.

Step 2) Choose your engraving. You can add coordinates, dates, phrases, initials, names Morse code, zodiac signs, words, handwriting, quotes, and more to your piece.

Step 3) Custom Cuff customizes your product and packages it into a premium gift box.

Step 4) Receive your gift and enjoy. Your custom-designed, meaningful piece of jewelry will arrive in the mail.

Custom Cuff Gift Sets & Bundles Features

Each Custom Cuff gift set and bundle has different unique features. However, Custom Cuff offers common features across all gift sets and bundles, including:

Add Coordinates, Text, or Morse Code: you can choose multiple types of engraving text on your Custom Cuff jewelry, including coordinates, text, or Morse code. Many people add the coordinates of where they met their partner for the first time, for example. Others add custom text with names, initials, meaningful phrases, or important dates. You can even add Morse code to some jewelry pieces for added mystery.

Four Engraving Font Options: Custom Cuff offers four engraving font options, including fonts like Typewriter, New London, and Standard along with custom handwriting.

Multiple Color Options: Most Custom Cuff jewelry pieces have custom color options.

Packaged in Premium Gift Box: Most Custom Cuff gift sets and bundles come packaged in a premium gift box. That premium gift box is available in white or brown.

Upgradeable to Walnut Wooden Gift Box: Want to make your gift extra special? You can upgrade to a Walnut Wooden Gift Box on checkout.

Discount Pricing with No Middleman: Custom Cuff sells jewelry directly to consumers via its official website. There’s no middleman or third-party retailer involved. You can buy directly from Custom Cuff at a discount rate.

Worldwide Shipping: You can ship Custom Cuff jewelry anywhere in the world, and the jewelry is popular with people from all corners of the planet.

Adjustable Sizes: Custom Cuff jewelry comes in adjustable sizes. You order the jewelry, then adjust it to the size as needed. To adjust the size of a cuff, for example, you just squeeze or pull the cuff. All bracelets are adjustable in size, and all necklaces come as standard with a 55cm chain. You choose ring size on checkout.

Custom Cuff Gift Set Options

Made from 316L Stainless Steel: Custom Cuff jewelry is made from 316L stainless steel for enhanced durability and protection. That 316L stainless steel is coated in 18k gold / rose gold / matte black ceramic coating to guarantee it never fades in color.

High Quality, Durable Materials for All Jewelry: All Custom Cuff jewelry is made from 316L stainless steel, 18k gold, and sterling silver, all of which ensure the jewelry stays waterproof and never loses its color.

Engraved with Advanced Laser Technology: Custom Cuff uses the latest laser technology to engrave each piece with precision. The laser etches the surface of the jewelry in black or grey.

Waterproof: All Custom Cuff jewelry is waterproof. You can wear the jewelry in the pool, ocean, shower, or bath without worrying about rust or corrosion.

Guaranteed to Never Fade: Custom Cuff guarantees its jewelry will never fade. The company’s products will not fade, tarnish, or lose their color – even when exposed to sweat and heat. You can wear Custom Cuff jewelry confidently when working out, swimming in the ocean, diving into pools, and more.

Unisex: All Custom Cuff products are unisex, making them ideal gifts for anyone in your life.

What are the options for CustomCuff gift sets?

There are numerous CustomCuff gift set possibilities, but we went further into the bestsellers to provide a rough overview of what is available. Specifically, we have:

The Custom Cuff Gift Set

The Custom Cuff gift set includes two custom cuffs and one luxury gift box. Individuals can engrave whatever they feel is meaningful as a gift to inspire memories and many other things on the cuffs themselves. On the topic of cuffs, they are available in silver, gold, rose, and matte black.

The Custom Bar Necklace Set

The Custom Bar Necklace Set features two custom bar necklaces (silver, gold, rose, or matte black). The necklaces are composed of 316L stainless steel and are 18K gold plated. This jewelry is ideal for both men and women and can be engraved. Finally, the size (45 cm + 7 cm adjustable chain length) is adjustable.

The Custom Chain Bracelet Set

The Custom Chain Bracelet Set includes two custom chain bracelets that measure 15 cm long and can be altered to extend another 5 cm. Like the other jewelry items, the chain bracelets are waterproof, guaranteed never to fade, unisex, and come in four distinct colors (gold, silver, rose, and matte black).

The Custom Matte Black Series Set

The Custom Matte Black Series Set includes two matte black cuffs, a necklace, a chain bracelet, a lava stone bracelet, a braided bracelet, and a string bracelet.

The Custom Ring Gift Set

The Custom Ring gift set includes two custom rings (silver and gold) in seven different sizes (i.e., sizes 5 to 12). Each order also includes two cotton giftbags and a luxury gift box.

Custom Cuff Gift Sets & Bundles Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

Custom Cuff has thousands of reviews from happy customers around the world.

Custom Cuff has strong reviews from influencers, and the company has a good presence across social media. Dean and Cealynn from The Bachelor franchise have publicly endorsed Custom Cuff gift sets, for example. Dean got Cealynn bracelets for Christmas with the coordinates of Paradise Beach, which is where they met while filming Bachelor in Paradise. Cealynn describes it as “one of the cutest gifts I’ve ever received.”

Jack Morris (@doyoutravel) got his girlfriend Lauren matching bracelets with the coordinates of where they first met, describing it as a “cool concept.”

Harry Jowsey (@harryjowsey) wears his Custom Cuff jewelry “every single day,” describing the jewelry as “meaningful” and a reminder of where his life changed.

Custom Cuff has 4,800+ reviews from verified purchasers on the official website, giving the company an average rating close to 5 stars out of 5. Most customers report being happy with their Custom Cuff products and how they arrived, claiming they look great, feel high-quality, and were engraved accurately.

Customers are also impressed with how their Custom Cuff jewelry lasts over time. Cheap custom jewelry could fade and lose its color. Custom Cuff maintain its color over time, and many customers are happy with their Custom Cuff products even years after purchasing (the company was launched in 2019, so come products are 4 years old or more at this point).

Many partners have scored strong marks for anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions by buying a meaningful gift for their partner from Custom Cuff.

Overall, Custom Cuff has strong reviews online from customers around the world, and the company scores strong marks for quality, customer service, price, value, and overall shopping experience.

Custom Cuff Refund Policy

All Custom Cuff purchases are final. Because the company sells products with custom engravings, they do not accept returns.

However, if there is a mistake with your product – like an engraving is misspelled or any other error on Custom Cuff’s end – then the company will send you a new product free of charge.

Custom Cuff also offers refunds in limited situations, including:

If your bracelet or accessory breaks within 1 year of purchasing it, Custom Cuff will send you a new one, with no need to send back the original

If your Custom Cuff product is damaged upon delivery, there’s no need to return the damaged item as well; instead, just contact the company with a photo of the damaged item within 30 days to receive a free replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Cuff

What is CustomCuff jewelry made of?

Most of CustomCuff’s jewelleries are made using highest quality 316L Stainless steel, 18K gold and sterling silver.

Is CustomCuff jewelry waterproof?

Yes, CustomCuff jewelleries are waterproof, meaning that they will never fade, tarnish, or lose its color when exposed to sweat and heat.

How does sizing working with CustomCuff?

CustomCuff‘s cuffs and bracelets are adjustable thanks to the built-in flexible metal ends. Cuffs accommodate any wrist size and are ideal for both men and women. The necklaces are also adjustable, but those who are concerned by size could consider purchasing one of their longer chains. In terms of rings, individuals will need to refer to the ring size guide on the custom ring product page.

How do I know what my ring size is?

The CustomCuff team suggests measuring the inside diameter of an existing ring. Once measured, users should consult the CustomCuff ring size chart to find the closest possible match.

What color will the engravings appear in?

The color of the engraving will vary based on the color of the jewelry. The engraving on matte cuffs will appear black or dark grey; however, on other colors, it will be lighter or grey. Of course, lighting is an important consideration.

Can I submit actual writing for engravings?

Yes, CustomCuff accepts handwritten texts as well. They are instructed to write or draw their messages on paper, photograph them, and upload them to the product page. The team will then erase the background and engrave the precise thin lines onto the personalized jewelry piece.

Where does CustomCuff ship to?

CustomCuff ships to most countries across the globe.

How long will it take for CustomCuff shipments to arrive?

On average, CustomCuff shipments should take anywhere between 5 and 14 business days to arrive.

Are CustomCuff gift sets protected by a money-back guarantee?

CustomCuff products in general are not protected by a money-back guarantee due to the customized nature of the products.

Final Word

Custom Cuff is a custom jewelry product company offering bracelets, necklaces, rings, and more – all customized to make it unique to you and your partner.

Shop from Custom Cuff gift sets and bundles online today to discover the perfect gift for you. Each bundle comes with multiple Custom Cuff products for you and a partner, giving you high-quality jewelry pieces at a discount price.

Engrave Custom Cuff jewelry with special handwriting or fonts to add names, initials, phrases, or words. Or, add the coordinates of a special place – like the place you first met. You can even add a star chart to jewelry showing how the night sky looked on a special date.

To learn more about Custom Cuff and the company’s unique collection of custom jewelry, or to buy Custom Cuff’s gift sets and bundles online today.

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