Duo Cover Reviews 2024: Warning! Don’t Buy Until You Read This

This Duo Cover review will give you all the reasons why you should back this project and why we recommend it. It might be simple, but your microwave will thank you, and you’ll appreciate what it can do too.

Are you tired of your microwave being the disgusting food-warmer-upper that it is? Then again, your microwave is probably sitting there with all kinds of food stuck to it, and no one has thought about cleaning it for months.

Duo Cover

Using a paper towel to keep food from splitting all over the place isn’t the best idea for trying to save the planet. I just had the TASTIEST leftovers I’ve ever eaten in my life… and they came out of my microwave.

That’s right — I recently had the pleasure of testing a new microwave gadget that claims to make your microwaved food taste better… and it’s absolutely blown my mind.

If you’re also used to dry leftovers that are warm on the outside and cold in the middle, you’ll be shocked to discover that the problem isn’t your microwave… it’s the way you’re using it.

Duo Cover Buy Now

This new gadget unlocks your microwave’s full potential, transforming yesterday’s leftovers into delicious gourmet meals — but that’s not the only thing it does.

The new device also keeps your microwave clean… makes it safer to use… keeps food warm… and takes up ZERO space in your kitchen (it hides inside the microwave).

The brilliant invention was recently released, yet they’ve already sold over $1,000,000 worth of them to 20,000+ customers around the world. It’s called Duo Cover, and if you haven’t heard of it yet, keep reading — your microwave (and taste buds) will thank you.

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What is Duo Cover?

Duo Cover is a new microwave cover that does the job of 4 essential kitchen accessories in 1: a food cover, oven mitts, a warming plate, AND a steamer!

Duo Cover Reviews

Not only does this combination save you tons of space and time, its genius design also makes it MORE effective than each of those items individually. Let me explain…

Duo Cover is a silicone food cover specially created so that food does not lose its flavor when heated or cooked, and at the same time, keep the appliance free of splashes.

Thanks to a new steaming system, you can place water on the lid tank for Duo Cover microwave food and it creates an enveloping steam that rehydrates food and also allows you to steam cook.

Many appliances are damaged by food splashes. When the oil heats up and comes into contact with the water vapour, they explode and splash. The Duo Cover microwave lid effectively prevents this problem. In addition to this, by having the microwave always clean, your food does not pick up bad odors or remains of flavors.

First, it acts as a microwave cover — it covers your food to prevent messy splatters and spills.

No more messes — ever! Just place it over your food and relax as it captures any excessive spills or splatters.

It’s dishwasher safe, too, so you can easily clean it after each use.

Most importantly, it’s made from platinum silicone — with ZERO plastic or BPA. In case you aren’t aware, many microwave covers (and even dishes) include plastics and chemicals that can seep into your food.

On the other hand, Duo Cover is completely safe and plastic-free, using high-quality materials that are designed to last for 10+ years.

Second, you can use it like oven mitts, protecting you from burning your fingers when you pull your food out.

Duo Cover is made with thick heat-resistant silicone, making it the perfect material to grab super-hot microwave dishes with.

Thanks to its multi-functional design, you don’t need anything else… since Duo Cover is already covering your food, all you have to do is grab it out!

Third, it actually steams your food using the MoistureLock™ knob at the top.

Duo Cover Advantages

This is where it gets interesting!

Simply spoon a bit of water into the top, twist the knob, and voila: Duo Cover will steam your meal instead of just zap it, resulting in MUCH more moist and flavorful food.

If you’ve never had a steamed microwave meal, you’re going to FREAK OUT the first time you reheat leftovers with Duo Cover!

Fourth, it has a hermetic seal that ensures even heating and keeps your food warm.

Duo Cover seals hermetically to the bottom of your microwave or your counter, trapping heat for long periods of time.

Not only does this help your food cook evenly in the microwave, it also does the job of a warming plate by keeping your food warmer for longer.

And finally, it folds into a thin “plate” and sticks to the roof of your microwave, out of the way and ready for next time.

Just when you think Duo Cover couldn’t get more convenient, you watch it collapse into a tiny disc and disappear into the microwave!

Duo Cover uses a genius folding system and microwave-safe magnets to neatly store away after every use. That means you don’t have to make extra storage space… it neatly hides inside your microwave at all times, ready to be pulled into place at a moment’s notice!

To summarize: Duo Cover keeps your microwave clean, protects your hands from burns, keeps your food warm, and makes your food taste better. It’s genius!

How does Duo Cover make your microwaved food taste better?

It’s all thanks to the MoistureLock™ technology and the built-in hermetic seal.

Duo Cover features a small knob at the top, which hides the MoistureLock™ technology. All you have to do is add a touch of water to the top…

…then twist the knob and cook your food like normal.

The MoistureLock™ technology will carefully steam your meal, adding essential moisture that is usually lost in the microwave.

As this happens, the hermetic seal traps heat inside, ensuring even cooking throughout the dish.

The result is a moist, flavorful dish that tastes like a freshly cooked meal rather than yesterday’s lunch — every time!

How Duo Cover Works?

Duo Cover is so much more than “just another microwave cover”.

This revolutionary device not only keeps your microwave sparkling clean and free from food splatters, it also steams your food using the innovative MoistureLock™ knob — then it folds up and sticks to the top of your microwave. So convenient!

Most importantly, Duo Cover is made with 100% food grade silicone and zero plastic. Not only is it the ideal material for microwave cooking, it means you never have to worry about toxic chemicals seeping into your food.

It’s a game-changer!

Duo Cover Advantages

Your Leftovers Have Never Tasted Better. (So Moist!!): Forget dry leftovers that are hot in the middle and cold on the outside — just add water and twist the MoistureLock™ steam knob to make the most amazing microwave meals you’ve ever tasted!

Now you can keep your microwave free from food explosions, your fingers safe from burns, AND steam your food into a chef-like meal with ONE device. Duo Cover protects AND improves your microwave!

Prevent Burnt Hands and a Messy Microwave: If you’ve ever burnt your fingers on a hot plate or spent hours scraping splattered spaghetti sauce off the walls of your microwave, you know how frustrating it is… once is enough!

Thanks to its genius 3-in-1 design and BPA-free silicone, Duo Cover keeps your food contained while protecting you from burns — all in one device.

Duo Cover Easy to Use

There When You Need It, Gone When You Don’t!: Let’s face it, old-school microwave covers are annoying to take in and out — not to mention the cupboard space they take up. And then you need to use your kitchen towel to handle your hot dish… it’s super inconvenient!

That’s why Duo Cover is designed to collapse into a flat plate — then stick to the top of your microwave with a special microwave safe magnet. It saves so much time, space, and hassle!

Changing Microwave Meals For The Better: “We eat nearly a credit card’s worth of plastic each week.” When Alia Lau heard this alarming fact, she made it her mission to reduce the amount of plastic we ALL use (and, ahem, eat). She started creating plastic-free platinum silicone kitchen products that are safer and better for the environment.

Duo Cover is the latest and greatest of Alia’s innovations — not only does it eliminate tons of plastic waste, it also helps people avoid food waste while enjoying better food. It’s a win-win-win for your taste buds, your wallet, and the environment!

Duo Cover Features: Duo Cover Gives You Tastier Food With Zero Worries

Duo Cover Features
  • NO PLASTIC, ZERO TOXINS: Not only is plastic destroying our oceans, but plastics can contain toxins that seep into your food. Duo Cover is 100% plastic-free, so it’s safe for your food and the environment!
  • EASY TO CLEAN (DISHWASHER SAFE!): Just throw your Duo Cover in the dishwasher between uses — the super-durable silicone won’t harden, crack, peel, crumble, dry out, rot, or become brittle over time.
  • KEEPS FOOD WARM FOR LONGER: Duo Cover’s hermetic seal prevents heat from escaping — which not only helps food cook better in the microwave, it also keeps your food warm after it’s done cooking.
  • 10 Year Lifespan: When cared for properly, it can last and last.
  • Green-Friendly: Completely plastic free. Safer & eco-friendly!
  • FDA-Approved: BPA-Free and Non-Toxic Silicone.
  • Microwave-Safe Magnet: Specifically designed to ensure 100% safety.

Benefits of the Duo Cover microwave food cover

  1. Made of flexible silicone.
  2. Withstands temperatures at maximum power.
  3. Standard sizes, you can use it with plates of different sizes.
  4. Foldable and practical, it hardly takes up any space when stored.
  5. Special upper tank that allows water to be placed to generate steam and rehydrate food.
  6. Steam diffusion system for homogeneous cooking.
  7. You can easily wash it with hot or cold water in case of embedded oil stains.
  8. Your microwave will always be clean and like new, free of stains and splashes.
  9. Thanks to all this, the food will be free of odors or flavors that are not its own.
  10. Along with the vegetable purifier Aquapure, it is one of the gadgets of most requested cuisine this summer.
  11. In addition, it has a plate marking system that prevents steam from passing through the walls of the microwave.
  12. 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have 14 days to return without commitment
  13. Free delivery worldwide.

The seller has a legal tax ID and sells directly from the brand’s factory, without the intermediation of third parties. It is NOT sale by drop shipping and your data and consumer rights are kept 100%.

Duo Cover Customer Reviews

Adara Artist: Just for the money you save on buying cleaning products, it’s already worth it, plus there are no chemicals on the walls of the appliance that can get into the food.

Dalia CEO: There are some lids that do not last long, or are rigid and do not adapt to any plate. From my experience, these types of accessories are really useful and save you many hours of cleaning.

Where can I buy Duo Cover?

They are available online, you can buy Duo Cover from their official store. You just have to place the order and you will receive Duo Cover at your home with totally free shipping . Take advantage of the launch offer Duo Cover currently have and enjoy a 50% discount.

Conclusion: Duo Cover Reviews

If you have a microwave, you absolutely need a Duo Cover — it’s a total game-changer. After owning Duo Cover for about a month, I’m still blown away by how great my meals taste… in fact, I’ve started cooking meals using the microwave instead of the stove or oven — many dishes turn out just as good, and it’s SO much faster and easier.

And don’t even get me started on how clean my microwave is now… I thought scraping splattered spaghetti sauce off the walls was just part of microwave ownership. How wrong I was!!

Overall, it’s such a convenient thing to have in the kitchen. I find a different use for it every single day!

In short, Duo Cover is going to completely change your mind about what your microwave is capable of. And to top it all off, it’s about the same price as any ONE of the 4 devices it does the job of… yet it actually does better in every regard. If you use your microwave regularly, you have to get one!!

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