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eWatch – Smartwatches are not only trendy, but they’re also very useful. Unfortunately, most smartwatches on the market are more expensive than your average budget can handle. But a European start-up recently launched its new affordable eWatch, and it’s sure to compete with leading smartwatches. It costs only a fraction of the typical premium smartwatch.

Meet the eWatch. The new smartwatch looks like the Apple Watch but remains affordable to the average buyer. Just like Apple watches and similar smartwatches, the eWatch parts are made in China factories and are sold and marketed by a European company. It has pretty much the same quality and functions as the current models with a well-optimized android software, except these won’t break your bank.


Are you a fitness freak who wants to track the miles you are running in a day? Or do you want to track the amount of time you are sleeping at night and want to change it consciously? Have you been longing for a premium smartwatch that has all the latest features but found it expensive? Or if you want to keep track of your pulse, heart rate, then your dream product, eWatch is here. It has all the features an individual need to monitor his or her health and henceforth lead an active lifestyle.

What is eWatch?

The eWatch is a smartwatch that has become a best-selling brand and for justifiable reasons. This smartwatch uses the most advanced circuits and is manufactured in a very advanced and sophisticated factory. It’s manufactured in the same factories as expensive smartwatches of big companies. The technology used is comparable if not better than those fancy watches. And all the best parts, technology and software are used in eWatch. It’s functioning is very smooth and fast. The android operating system is used in the eWatch smartwatch, and you will find no operational lag or hanging issues. And it’s been made to work with any smartphone.

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Why Is Your eWATCH So Popular?

We think it’s since eWATCH has Concentrated on the most important Matters:

  • Initial Smartwatch AND physical fitness tracker in a single sleek watch.
  • High-quality, easy-to-read screen in most lighting.
  • Accurate monitoring of your pulse and heart rhythm.
  • Action rings monitor your progress and motivate you to sit and move more.
  • Private voice helper feature, make and take calls, organize appointments, etc..

Technical Facts and Features of the eWatch

  • It is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones.
  • It has Bluetooth connectivity for music, phone calls, etc. It also has a phone finder function through Bluetooth.
  • You get notifications for incoming calls and messages.
  • It has a built-in speaker and mike for receiving phone calls.
  • It has a Retina HD touch screen display of 1.54 inches.
  • It has a powerful remote camera.
  • It has an activity tracker like step display, calorie consumption, time display, distance display, etc.
  • It reminds you to get up if you are sitting or in a stationary position for a long time.
  • It has an automatic sleep monitoring function. It can let you know whether you have a complete sleep cycle.
  • It can give you information about deep sleep, light sleep, awake state.
  • It has a silent alarm function that activates automatically when the eWatch catches you sleeping.
  • It has a waterproof aluminum casing.
  • Double-sided specially hardened glass display.
  • Long life lithium polymer battery.

How does the eWatch operate?

your mobile operating system, be it iOS or Android. Then, switch on the Bluetooth on your mobile. Consequently, turn on the Bluetooth 4.0 of eWatch. Connect the smartwatch with your phone and get all your social media updates, work emails, calls, messages, and other notifications in one place. Also start monitoring your heart rate, pulse, ECG, sleep pattern and take conscious steps to improve your health and overall lifestyle.

Benefits of eWatch

  • Strong and resistant body:it has an extremely resistant casing of aluminum, with hardened glass on both sides that gives it a smart look as well as a strong body.
  • HD Touchscreen: It has a high-definition retina touch screen system which provides it with an attractive look.
  • Bluetooth Compatibility: It has Bluetooth 4.0 that is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems. This helps you to always be in connection with the world.
  • Instant notification updates:You get status updates, activity logs, important work emails and other notifications that help you attend to important work instantly.
  • Long life of Battery: It consists of one lithium polymer battery that is has a very long life.
  • One of a kind smartwatch:The eWatch is the first smartwatch in the market that has fitness tracker, heart rate tracker, sleep monitor in one sleek and attractive design. It has an easy to read and high-quality display in all the lighting.
  • Extra benefits:The product is also water-resistant and has a menstrual cycle tracker. It also tracks your activity throughout the day and reminds you to sit less and move more. You can take and make calls. It has a personal voice assistant function that helps you to operate the smartwatch. It can also arrange work appointments for you.

Purchase and Price

The eWatch is available in two attractive colors – black and white – on the official website of the company. When you buy one eWatch, you get a 50% discount on the purchase. You get it for $79. If you decide to purchase two eWatch, you get each for $72.50. When you buy three, you get each smartwatch for $63. So the discount increases as you purchase more units of the product.

The company also gives you the chance to improve your order with add on like a two-year warranty that is worth $9.95. Additionally, you get an eWatch protector that costs $5 if you buy one, $9 for two and $15 for three protectors. The company is also offering free shipping for a limited time.

eWatch Special Features

  • eWatch is fully compatible with Android and iOS smartphones through the Fundo application. Once the application is installed, turn on your bluetooth and synchronize the smart watch with the phone.
  • This smartwatch has an HD touch screen, so you can swipe to access the menus and settings. You can also access all your applications using voice search.
  • Real-time heart rate monitoring.The precise eWatch system is ideal for training and day to day.
  • The use of the sleep monitoring application has also improved. You can see with great accuracy your deep sleep time, as well as your light sleep.
  • eWatch allow to play your music and control your phone’s camera via Bluetooth.

Is eWatch worth it?

This $79 smartwatch has shown to be of the same caliber and quality as the $500 smartwatches on the market. Its functions are purposeful, the battery has a considerable life, and the materials are well-chosen. The watch even goes on sale now and then!

If you’re looking for a smartwatch that can deliver without costing a whole lot, try out the eWatch smartwatch. You’re likely to be pleasantly surprised with just how good it is.

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eWatch evaluation and recommendation

In the beginning, it appears to be a lot of whistles and bells to get a wristwatch, however, the simple fact which you’re able to keep your eye on your general fitness and wellness at the same time you train with this eWatch is an excellent innovation. Just once you do it correctly and understand that you are not overtaxing your own body will training and fitness work correctly.

By understanding your worth and also being in a position to keep an eye on your sleep, your practice could be useful for your body and your health. This manner, this eWatch is a fantastic addition to your present sports program.

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EWatch’s SmartWatch using Retina HD Touch Screen is presently being found in Germany and is being provided at a specially attractive introductory price. Until today, many versions were just available in the united states, but today this exceptional watch is also available in Europe and can be used with mobiles from iOS and Android.

eWatch Reviews

Fitness and coaching often do not assist to attain the desired goals of greater health, because an excessive amount of instruction and also wrong training in addition to too little sleep generally prefer the contrary. They did not expect a lot of, but they had been more surprised once the watch came and they attempted the settings.

A superbly packed Uhr that looks great and is a superb present. Next into the watch, there’s a manual such as a USB cable. The watch includes a 100% battery so that it might be used right. She joined the SmartWatch into an Android mobile telephone and downloaded and implemented the program”Fun Run” straight in the Google Play Store. The clock has been put up quite nicely via the program and this she found quite beneficial. You may even make telephone calls or listen to songs. It’s also possible to modify the music through Bluetooth, making sports considerably simpler, as she proceeds to compose.

The battery life could talk for itself, it’d be sufficient in any event a complete day. It might depend on how frequently it had been used, but the battery will hold nicely. It may also be recharged fast. Her decision: A very cheap watch that has many practical and useful capabilities. You find it a great choice to the Apple Watch also it’s recommendable. Your little brother was really happy and totally happy, an entire recommendation to purchase!

Another consumer reports that he anticipated much less with this cost. He’s now absolutely amazed by the Smart View with Retina HD Touch Screen, which works with iOS and Android. The workmanship of these materials is quite nice and the situation is constructed from aluminum and the bracelet is made from silicone, which isn’t disagreeable even after long-wearing or through sports.

The battery life is all about one whole day. Charging may also be accomplished quickly with the provided charging cable. In his view, the selection of software works is quite excellent. From his side a buy recommendation for men and women that aren’t just interested in the substances — but who appreciate the operational selection.

Another customer temporarily sums this up can be an inexpensive watch that has many helpful functions plus a superb Retina HD touch display — and”top” he’d come across the battery functionality his”What’s App” is displayed and the watch vibrates when a call comes in. It is simply great, he does not need to have a look at his smartphone all of the time.

Who should purchase the watch?

The ideal person for this watch is someone who keeps regular keeps track of their fitness regime on paper or their computer. It can be useful for the person who is starting to work out for the first time. Anyone that is not interested in working out or only works out occasionally is not a good candidate for this ewatch. This person should download an app on their smartphone or tablet.

Where Can I Order an eWATCH for Myself?

That Is Simple, at the moment You Can Purchase eWATCH 50% More Affordable in the introductory Cost: Purchase eWATCH on the provider’s website.

Love the Majority of the Qualities in the most expensive watches for a fraction of the Purchase Price.

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If it has always been your dream to own a premium smartwatch, but you have restrained yourself from owning one because of the price, you no longer have to. The product offers you all the features of a premium smartwatch at an extremely reasonable price. People who believe in having an active and healthy lifestyle have a lot to benefit from eWatch. If you are suffering from disorders like high blood pressure, diabetes and you want to keep track of your pulse, heart rate and sleep pattern, you can easily do so and take conscious steps to improve your health. The manufacturer is offering the product at discount rates for a limited time, so order your eWatch now!

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