FlightPath Reviews 2024: Does This Golf Tee Worth A Dime

How many of you have seen a golf ball rest elevated above the ground and wondered how it is possible? The tee is a peg-like structure inserted three inches into the turf. For those new to the game of golf, a tee supports a golf ball so that it can be struck efficiently at a proper angle and without resistance from the ground.

While these tees are typically inexpensive and disposable, one team designed a golf tee that has been researched to increase total drive distance and launch angle and decrease the margin of error and spin (and axis spin) rpm. They are trusted to outperform most of their competition. Let’s get started; here’s what you ought to know about the Flightpath Golf Tee .

FlightPath is a golf tee designed to help you hit straighter, longer drives. The tournament-legal tea makes it effortless to hit straighter drives. Trusted by the pros, FlightPath uses patented spin reduction technology to keep you on the fairway.

FlightPath Reviews

Does FlightPath live up to the hype? How does FlightPath work? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about FlightPath and how it works today in our FlightPath Review.

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What is FlightPath?

The Flightpath golf tee is a tournament-legal golf tee with a ground-breaking proprietary design. This unique tee aims to assist golfers in effortlessly producing longer, straighter drives. In contrast to wooden and disposable tees, it is said to have unmatched laser-like precision.

From our viewpoint, having a premium golf tee like the Flightpath golf tee is fantastic for beginners whose confidence has dwindled with each shot. All issues with traditional tees have supposedly been addressed through the most recent version. You must first grasp the integrated features to comprehend how the creators dealt with each difficulty.

FlightPath is a patented golf tee featuring special technology to help you hit straighter, longer drives. By using the tee on your next drive, you can instantly add a few yards while giving yourself a better chance to keep shots on the fairway.


The makers of FlightPath tested the tee with robots to prove it reduces backspin and friction – which normally cause side spin or backspin. The more your ball spins, the more it could hook, slice, or go in unintended directions.

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FlightPath is available online through GetFlightPath.io, where it’s priced at $19.99 for a package of 8 tees.

FlightPath Benefits

FlightPath has a ramp-like system to help you hit balls straighter and longer.

The makers of FlightPath are careful to explain the tee won’t turn you into Tiger Woods overnight. However, it can improve your golf game and help you hit longer and straighter.

Here are some of the benefits of using FlightPath, according to the official website:

FlightPath Features
  1. Directional diamond design to eliminate almost all friction between the ball and tee
  2. Trusted by pros and conforms to USGA rules
  3. Patented spin reduction technology
  4. 90-day moneyback guarantee
  5. Proven through independent testing and thousands of robotic trials
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Because of all of these benefits, the makers of FlightPath advertise the product as the “world’s most advanced golf tee”. Just use the tee as you would normally use a tee to effortlessly hit longer, straighter drives.

How Does FlightPath Work?

The secret to FlightPath’s effectiveness is the angled launch platform, directional diamond design, and smart arrow technology. All of these features combine to give your ball the best possible chance of launching longer and straighter.

FlightPath Reviews

Unlike how most people place an ordinary tee, FlightPath requires you to place the ball on the tee before you put the tee in the ground.

Here’s how each FlightPath tee works:

  • Step 1) Use the FlightPath tee’s smart arrow technology to aim your shot, pointing the tee in the direction you want the ball to go.
  • Step 2) Insert the tee at a slight angle.
  • Step 3) Place your ball as normal and enjoy your best, straightest, and longest drives ever.

The makers of FlightPath tested the tee with robots to verify it works as advertised. Robotic testing confirmed FlightPath increases distance and improves precision.

Each FlightPath tee is also designed to be sturdy. In fact, testing showed the tees can withstand 100+ hits without breaking. And, because FlightPath gives you increased energy, you can also save money on lost golf balls by keeping it on the fairway.

FlightPath also conforms to the rules of golf, and it’s legal to use in tournaments and USGA matches. The makers of FlightPath specifically designed the tee to be legal to use.

FlightPath Features

FlightPath comes with the following features:

Hit Farther: FlightPath can add noticeable yardage to your drive. You can hit the ball straighter to increase yardage. And, FlightPath has a ramp-like effect to give your ball more loft and distance, which could add even more yardage. Some golfers find FlightPath has increased drives 20+ yards or more.

Used by Pros: FlightPath isn’t just for weekend golfers. The tee is used by professional golfers – including Maurice Allen, World Long Drive Champion. In fact, Maurice Allen used the FlightPath tee in 2018 to win the World Long Drive Championship. Because FlightPath is tournament-legal and USGA-approved, pros and amateurs can use it without issue. In addition to Maurice Allen, FlightPath is popular with long drive professionals and collegiate athletes, and the tee continues to grow in popularity among amateurs and professionals.

Angled Launch Platform: Regular tees keep your ball on a stable, flat platform. FlightPath works in a different way, featuring an angled launch platform to create a ramp-like effect.

FlightPath Features

Reduced Backspin: Backspin can cause your drives to curve. It can also reduce your yardage. FlightPath’s special, ramp-like platform reduces backspin on your drives, offering less resistance for greater distance.

Robotically Tested: FlightPath has been tested in thousands of robot trials, with robot arms swinging clubs in consistent ways to prove it works as advertised. After rigorous testing and thousands of trials, FlightPath was proven to work as advertised to increase distance, improve precision, and keep balls straight.

Withstands 100+ Hits: FlightPath can withstand 100+ hits without breaking, and each tee has been tested to verify its durability.

Made in America: FlightPath tees are made in the United States. The company is based in Cocoa, Florida.

Made from High-Quality Polycarbonate Material (The Same Material as Bulletproof Glass): FlightPath tees are designed to be durable, and each tee should last over 100+ swings. That’s because tees are made from high-quality polycarbonate material, or the same material as bulletproof glass. They’re stronger and longer-lasting than wooden tees.

Made By Golfers, For Golfers: FlightPath was developed by Daniel Whalen, an avid golfer and engineer. Daniel loved golf, but he was surprised nobody had tried to improve the tee after 100+ years of golfing tradition. Daniel used his background in physics to create a superior tee, and FlightPath was born.

Patented: FlightPath has received a patent for its unique design, and the United States Patent Office has approved the tee’s uniqueness in comparison to other golf industry advances.

Directional Diamond Design to Eliminate Friction: FlightPath reduces friction between the ball and tee as much as possible using a directional diamond design. The directional diamond cups your ball to hold it in place without interfering with your swing. Just place your ball in the directional diamond cup, then hit your ball with precision.

FlightPath Reduces Resistances

Precisely Engineered with 10 Degree Drop: FlightPath has a 10-degree drop to reduce ball spin and unlock your potential for accuracy. That 10-degree drop could add yards to your drive while making it easier to hit straight.

Avoid Hooks & Slices: Because the FlightPath tee reduces friction between the tee and ball and uses directional technology, you can keep drives straight. Many golfers have eliminated hooks and slices with FlightPath tees. If you’re struggling to keep your drives straight, then FlightPath could eliminate hooks and slices from your game.

Smart Arrow Technology to Point Your Drive: The front of the FlightPath tee features an arrow, making it easy to point the tee in the proper direction. An ordinary tee is flat, but the FlightPath tee has an angled surface, which is why you need to point it where you want the ball to go. Just place the ball on the tee, then place the tee in the ground with the smart arrow pointing wherever you want the ball to fly.

Finger Grips for Easy Placement: Each FlightPath tee features finger grips for easy placement. You can easily place the ball on the tee, then press the tee into the ground by holding your fingers on either side of the tee within the finger grips.

Tournament-Legal and USGA-Safe: FlightPath is legal to use in tournaments, and the tee is even USGA-approved. You’re not breaking any rules of golf by using the FlightPath tee.

How FlightPath Tees Use Advanced Physics To Instantly Improve Your Long Game

Robert’s not the only one who’s become a believer — thousands of people, including professionals like Maurice Allen (2018 Long Drive Champion), have switched to FlightPath.

Why? Because FlightPath knocks the socks off of old-school wooden tees!

Normal wooden tees can have a negative impact on your golf game, and a quick physics lesson shows us why.
When you hit the ball with a driver or an iron, the ball spins backward, which shortens the ball’s distance.


Likewise, the ball’s spinning motion creates friction on the tee, so the ball is launched with a huge potential for sidespin…ending in a crooked shot.

The result is a shorter, less accurate drive. And spending hours “perfecting” your swing or getting a spendy new “miracle” driver won’t correct the problem — not when your TEE is preventing you from reaching your full potential!

FlightPath’s angled launch platform is precisely engineered at a 10 degree drop, which helps reduce ball spin and unlock your potential for accuracy.

The cradle that holds the ball is also engineered to reduce friction, which lowers the chance of sidespin and makes you more capable of driving straight down the fairway.

See? Simple physics.

FlightPath doesn’t promise gimmicky, night-and-day changes to your golf game. It just removes the obstacles that you typically face, and allows your true game to shine through.

So, while wooden tees rob you of that extra 5-10 yards, or cost you that extra stroke on the putting green… FlightPath simply clears the way for your best possible drive!

Who Created FlightPath?

FlightPath was made by golfers, for golfers. The tee was developed by Daniel Whalen, who discovered a love for golf at 7-years of age. By the time Daniel was 17, he was a 2-handicap and a diehard golfer.

Daniel went on to graduate from school in Florida and pursue a career as a Licensed Professional Engineer. However, he never left golf behind.

Daniel was surprised how wooden tees hadn’t changed in 100+ years of golf. Using his background in physics, Daniel analyzed the tee, developed the optimal design, and created dozens of prototypes.

After thousands and thousands of test drives, Daniel identified the perfect tee, and FlightPath was born. Today, anyone can buy FlightPath online to get rid of flimsy, wooden tees that cause your drives to hook or slice.

FlightPath Reviews: What Do Golfers Say?

FlightPath has strong reviews from golfers who have noticed increased distance, straightness, and overall performance from using the tee.

Here are some of the reviews collected by verified purchasers on the official website:

Many golfers were skeptical FlightPath would work. There are plenty of golf gimmicks available claiming to improve your game. However, even skeptical golfers were impressed by their first shots with FlightPath.

One golfer tried the FlightPath tees for 5 rounds and was “shocked with how well they work.” He’s a +2 handicap who usually drives the ball 265 to 275 yards in the air. Using the FlightPath tees, however, he has increased his average yardage 10 to 20 yards, leading to better scores.

Many golfers are shocked they used to play without the FlightPath tee, claiming they can’t envision themselves golfing without the tees now that they’ve started using them.

Some golfers had struggled for years to eliminate a consistent draw or hook from their game, only to find FlightPath tees straightened their shots.

There are a lot of gimmicks in golf and a lot of things you can buy to improve your game. I bought these to try after reading the “science” behind the idea. I have to say after 5 rounds with these tees I’m shocked with how well they work. I’m a +2 handicap and usually drive the ball 265 to 275 in the air. Since I put these in play my drives are 10-20 yards longer on a regular basis. The extra yards have helped my scores to drop lower in the last week and a half. I don’t know if the results will be the same for everyone but for me these tees are pretty amazing and will stay in my bag.

– Kevin.

Used to play a consistent draw or hook that showed up on occasion, these literally straightened out my shots up to 85% of the time. These are the real deal! Love them!

– William D.

Best tee I’ve ever used. Durable. Been using the same tee(s) for a quite sometime, so worth the money.

– Fritz.

I am a repeat purchaser. I really like the tees. Less drag than a standard tee. I do recommend buying the long tee. All my friends begged me for one seeing me hit straight long drives.

– Ray S.

Multiple golfers describe FlightPath as the best tee they’ve ever used.

Customers are also impressed by the durability of the FlightPath tees. Instead of breaking every swing and forcing you to buy more, FlightPath are designed for better durability and staying power.

Overall, even skeptical golfers seem to be impressed with how FlightPath works, claiming they improved precision and distance with the tee’s patented design.

FlightPath Pricing

FlightPath is priced at $19.99 for an 8-pack box of golf tees. The more boxes you order, the less you pay.

FlightPath Pricing

Here’s how pricing works when ordering FlightPath online today:

1 x Box (8 Tees): $19.99 + Shipping
3 x Boxes (24 Tees): $49.98 + Free US Shipping
5 x Boxes (40 Tees): $74.97 + Free US Shipping

You can pay online using any major credit card or PayPal. FlightPath ships fast from addresses in the United States.

Meet IGP Enterprises

The Flightpath golf tee is manufactured by IGP Enterprises. The origins of Flightpath may be traced back to a seven-year-old Daniel Whalen, who later became President of IGP Enterprises. Daniel began to discover his affinity for golf at the age of seven. Although his career finally led him to become a qualified professional engineer, his passion for golf never faded.

The use of hardwood tees and the reason the design hasn’t altered in a very long time bothered Daniel one day out of the blue. Leveraging his physics knowledge, he tackled the challenge of reinventing tees, leaving the traditional ones behind. After thousands of test drives and fewer hooked shots, he finally landed on what became Flightpath. According to an article in Golfwire: “Flightpath has been proven to reduce ball spin, increase directional control, and increase distance compared with conventional golf tees in the market. [It] is one of the only golf tees ever to prove its performance through robotics testing.”

Where Can You Get FlightPath?

FlightPath tees are sold online wherever you can find quality golf merchandise. However, the best deals can be found only on the FlightPath website. So if you’re ready to remove the obstacles that are getting in the way of your best swing, check out FlightPath today!

FlightPath Golf Tees FAQ’S

Are FlightPath golf tees USGA approved and legal to use in tournaments?

Yes, our golf tees are legal to use in tournaments, they have been reviewed by the USGA and they were issued an official conformance letter.

Where are the tees made?

Flightpath Golf tees are 100% made and patented in the USA. Tees are manufactured in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

What makes FlightPath tees so durable?

FlightPath tees are made with high-quality polycarbonate material, which is the same material bulletproof glass is made out of. That’s why FlightPath tees are so much stronger and last so much longer than wooden tees!

Do any professional golfers use the tee?

Yes, plenty! For example, Maurice Allen used FlightPath in 2018 to win the World Long Drive Championship. We also have a lot of long drive professionals and collegiate athletes using our tees in tournaments, and you can expect to see it more and more often as word gets out!

How do I balance the ball on the tee?

Setting up a FlightPath tee may be slightly different depending on how you currently tee up. Instead of placing the tee into the ground first, place the ball on the tee before you put it in the ground. Finally, tilt it slightly back after putting it in the ground to optimize your drives.

How long do FlightPath tees last?

While there can be some variance depending on your playstyle, each individual FlightPath tee should last over 100 rounds. Compare that to an average of one wooden tee breaking every 3 holes (according to a Golf Magazine survey), and you’ll see that performance isn’t the only reason to choose FlightPath… the cost savings really add up!

When can I expect my order?

FAST! We ship all orders within 24-48 hours of receiving them! On average our product is delivered within 3-5 business days in the United States. International shipping times will vary depending on country/customs etc.

Will I have to pay any additional customs, duties or VAT fees when I receive my order?

Depending on your country, it is possible that you will be charged one or more of these fees when you receive your order.
Please note that all international orders are charged in US dollars. International charges are based on the standard exchange rates between your currency and the US dollar at the time of purchase or refund.

Will you notify me by email when my order has shipped?

Yes, we will send an invoice by email when your order has been placed and another when your order has been shipped.
If you can not find our emails in your normal inbox, it is worth checking in your spam or junk mail folder.

Final Word

Ultimately, the Flightpath golf tee appears to be a revolutionized design that addresses faults connected with ordinary tees. The Flightpath, in particular, has been robotically tested to survive impact over 100 rounds, eliminates all types of ball spins, gives directional support, and boosts distance traveled. Everything from the angled launch platform and diamond-shaped design to the arrowhead and material choice has been carefully considered. This is not surprising given that the design was authorized after thousands of trials and errors.

Most importantly, this fresh take on golf tees has been presented by a person whose passion for golf spans decades. In line with everything, this is an excellent piece of equipment, especially for those who are new to the sport and intimidated by it. Golf involves much more than just swinging and watching the ball travel. A peg of this nature undoubtedly increases the learning possibilities, which is fundamental for furthering one’s skillset. To learn more about the Flightpath golf tee, visit the official website by clicking here GetFlightPath.io..

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