FLPSDE Water Bottle Reviews 2024: Does It Works OR Scam?

Do you ever think about the items you need when packing your backpack? Do you dislike choosing between a snack box and a water bottle? This dilemma was also experienced by one team that loves nature, family action sports, board games, and traveling. Why should people be limited in what they can carry, especially regarding food and drinks? Luckily, this team devised an intuitive yet unthought-of solution for those in the same situation. Let’s get right to it; here is a comprehensive review of the FLPSDE® Water Bottle.

FLPSDE Water Bottle Reviews

FLPSDE is a 2-in-1 water bottle featuring dual chambers for beverages and snacks. The patented water bottle holds 20oz of liquid and 7oz of your favorite snack in a durable, reusable frame. Is FLPSDE the right water bottle for you? Should you buy FLPSDE? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the FLPSDE water bottle today.

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What is the FLPSDE® Water Bottle?

The FLPSDE® Water Bottle is a patented water bottle featuring a snack storage compartment on one end. In other words, people can carry their favorite beverages and snacks in a single bottle. The creators claim that this novel perspective came to form by addressing three issues. First and foremost, in this day and age, where convenience trumps everything else, having the FLPSDE® Water Bottle is a must. Second, choosing this bottle over two other items minimizes the carbon footprint, which has been shown to harm the environment.

FLPSDE Water Bottle Reviews

FLPSDE is a dual-function water bottle and snack storage container available exclusively through FLPSDE.com. Priced at $34.99 per bottle, FLPSDE uses a patented design to keep your water cold and your snacks fresh. The bottle consists of an insulated container and snack container in one convenient system. You can sip from the top, then flip the bottle to eat your snacks.

FLPSDE is a patented device popular among people of all ages for all types of activities. Whether you’re taking a snack and drink with you skiing or giving your kid hydration and fuel for an active day, FLPSDE is ideal for a range of situations.

Finally, for individuals who are often on the move, finding ways to reduce luggage without picking and choosing is what got this team to come together. Considering everything, let’s take a deep dive into the FLPSDE® Water Bottle.

How Does FLPSDE Work?

FLPSDE works by combining a 7oz snack storage system with a 20oz drink container. It’s an insulated water bottle and snack container in one. You can sip from the top, then flip to start snacking.

FLPSDE is a patented device. The 2-in-1 bottle also features vacuum insulated stainless steel, helping your drinks stay cold for hours. FLPSDE features a specific type of 18/8 pro-grade stainless steel for maximum insulation capabilities. Plus, it’s double-walled to ensure your hot drinks stay hot and your cold drinks stay cold.

FLPSDE also features a wide mouth cap, which makes it easy to sip, snack, and clean the bottle. Whenever you want a snack, just flip the water bottle over and open the snack container. The 7oz snack container is made from BPA-free plastic. Overall, the makers of FLPSDE designed the bottle to do more so you can do more.

What features does the FLPSDE® Water Bottle have?

This bottle’s convenience and multi-purpose construction have been previously discussed. Fortunately, there are many things to unravel, and based on our research, the main attributes that helped place the FLPSDE® Water Bottle on the map are:

Stainless-Steel, Vacuum Insulated Bottle

The FLPSDE® Water Bottle is double-walled, vacuum insulated, and composed of 18/8 pro-grade stainless steel. As with any insulated water bottle, individuals can anticipate liquids to remain hot for approximately 8 hours and cold for roughly 24 hours. Of course, this estimate is heavily influenced by how frequently people open the bottle.

Besides temperature control, vacuum-insulated stainless-steel bottles retain a beverage’s flavor without impacting the next one. Therefore, people are not limited to using the FLPSDE® Water Bottle for just juice or coffee. Coffee will continue to taste like coffee, while juice will continue to taste like juice. Lastly, a material of this type naturally implies increased durability!

FLPSDE Water Bottle Features

The FLPSDE® Design

The FLPSDE® design deserves praise for incorporating a wide-mouth handle cap, a silicone grip, and silicone-sealing gaskets. These components contribute to easy water flow when drinking, reduced slippage during handling, and leak-proof storage when correctly closed. Finally, the snack storage is made of BPA-free plastic, and one thing to remember here is the possibility of heat transfer from hot beverages to snacks (resulting in melted snacks depending on what is stored).


Based on the materials used, it should be evident that the FLPSDE® Water Bottle is reusable. Individuals can hand-wash the bottle (which is preferred) or use a dishwasher. Those who intend to hand-wash only need hot water, soap, and a sponge or cloth (no fancy cleaning tools are required). When using a dishwasher, people must disassemble the bottle and arrange the components in a specific order. The stainless-steel outer chamber must be placed on the top or bottom rack, as must the caps and the gaskets on the silverware tray.

Snack Options

Seeing how each FLPSDE® Water Bottle includes 20 ounces dedicated to beverages and 7 ounces to snacks, it should have been apparent that this team also produces trail mixes. Currently, there are two trail mixes available to choose from. The Boost Blend and the Dawn Blend contain healthy proteins and flavors that help maintain energy, satiety, and concentration.

FLPSDE Benefits

Each FLPSDE bottle comes with the following benefits:

FLPSDE Water Bottle Pricing
  • Patented 2-in-1 water bottle with snack container
  • Temperature controlled stainless steel to keep drinks cold or hot
  • Available in 5 unique colors
  • Backed by lifetime warranty and 30 day refund policy
  • 20oz of vacuum insulated, stainless steel water storage
  • 7oz of BPA-free plastic snack storage

FLPSDE Trail Mix

In addition to selling water bottles, FLPSDE sells two types of trail mix, including Boost and Dawn Patrol. Priced at $20 per bag, the trail mix is designed to fuel an active lifestyle.

The two types of trail mixes include:

Boost ($20): Boost features a blend of pumpkin seeds, peanuts, raisins, and carob chips to help you stay satisfied and fueled up. Made in the United States, each bag contains 2lbs of trail mix.

Dawn Patrol ($20): Also priced at $20 for a 2lb bag, Dawn Patrol features vitamin-rich banana chips, soybeans, and peanuts for protein. FLPSDE also added sweet raisins and cranberries to add a nutritional kick. The blend can help you stay fuel, focused, and fuelled, allowing you to do more with your day. Dawn Patrol is a product of the Philippines, Chile, and the United States.

FLPSDE Pricing

FLPSDE is priced at $34.99 per bottle. You can buy the bottle in one of six different colors, including Ocean View (blue), Evergreen (green), Clay (reddish brown), Sand (tan), Orca (white), and Midnight (black).

Here’s how pricing works when ordering through the official online store today: FLPSDE provides free shipping to the continental US on all orders of $40 or more.

FLPSDE Water Bottle Pricing

Depending on the color you select, you may be able to get a discount rate. As of Jan 2024, for example, the stainless steel and Orca water bottles are priced at $24.95, a $10 discount from other color options.

FLPSDE Friendly Lifetime Warranty

FLPSDE backs all products with a “friendly lifetime warranty” against manufacturer defects. That warranty covers any products found to be defective within the scope of normal and appropriate use. It can cover broken and leaking caps, bottles that seemed to have lost their insulating properties, rattling bottles, and bottles damaged during shipping.

FLPSDE Refund Policy

FLPSDE is backed by a 30 day moneyback guarantee. You can request a complete refund on your purchase within 30 days with no questions asked.

If you’re unhappy with your FLPSDE product for any reason, then contact the manufacturer within 30 days of your original purchase. Or, if purchased from a third-party retailer, contact that retailer for refund information.

FLPSDE® Water Bottle Buy Now

To be eligible for a refund, the FLPSDE bottle must have no visible signs of wear or use. The returned items must have tags still on and be returned in their original packaging.

Frequently Asked Questions About FLPSDE Water Bottle

What are the dimensions of the FLPSDE® Water Bottle?

The FLPSDE® Water Bottle measures 10 inches tall and 3.25 inches wide.

Will the FLPSDE® Water Bottle fit in cup holders?

Yes, the FLPSDE® Water Bottle should fit most cup holders.

What colors are available for the FLPSDE® Water Bottle?

The FLPSDE® Water Bottle is currently available in Ocean View (blue), Evergreen, Midnight (black), Clay (red), Orca (white), Stainless, and Sand (beige).

What’s inside the Boost Blend trail mix?

The Boost Blend trail mix contains peanuts, pumpkin seeds, carob chips, raisins, soybeans, sunflower seeds, and sunflower oil.

What is the nutritional breakdown of the Boost Blend?

Each serving (30g) has 160 calories, of which 12g are fats, 9g are carbohydrates, and 5g are proteins.

What’s inside the Dawn Blend?

The Dawn Blend trail mix contains peanuts, raisins, cranberries, soybeans, banana chips, and sunflower oil.

What is the nutritional breakdown of the Dawn Blend?

Each serving (30g) has 170 calories, of which 14g are fats, 9g are carbohydrates, and 7g are proteins.

Are there any allergens in the Boost and Dawn Blends?

The Boost Blend and the Dawn Blend were manufactured on shared equipment with peanuts, soybeans, tree nuts, eggs, wheat, and whey. Hence, people with these allergies should avoid ingesting the trail mixes altogether.

Is it possible to customize FLPSDE®?

The team currently offers unique colors, printing, and engraving choices for individuals who want to customize FLPSDE® bottles for corporate gifting, schools, sports, or branding.

Are there any drinks that FLPSDE® should not hold?

FLPSDE® is not intended for use with carbonated beverages. When handling hot drinks, individuals should gradually let out steam beforehand, as leaving the cap tightly sealed will make it difficult to remove (due to the build-up of pressure).

Do the FLPSDE® Water Bottles have a warranty?

Yes, the FLPSDE® Water Bottles have a generous lifetime warranty. This means that the team will replace any goods shown to be defective within the realm of everyday and appropriate use, such as broken or leaking caps, bottles that have lost their insulating capabilities, damages brought on during shipping, and rattling noises. Lastly, the team will handle other issues (not already listed) on a case-by-case basis.

How long will it take for FLPSDE® shipments to arrive?

On average, FLPSDE® shipments should arrive within the continental United States within five to seven business days. For inquiries regarding international orders, individuals are asked to speak directly with customer support.

Are the FLPSDE® bottles protected by a money-back guarantee?

Yes, the FLPSDE® Water Bottles have a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means that people have 30 days from the date of purchase to decide whether to keep the FLPSDE® Water Bottles. Customer service must be contacted to begin the refund procedure if there is no longer any interest. Remember that this only applies to unused, undamaged products returned in their original packaging.

Final Word

FLPSDE is a water bottle with snack storage. Featuring a 20oz beverage container and 7oz snack container, each FLPSDE bottle is a patented device to keep you fuelled on-the-go. FLPSDE water bottles are double-walled for maximum insulation. They’re also vacuum sealed for minimal leaks.

With a carrying handle, 18/8 pro-grade stainless steel, and BPA-free plastic storage, FLPSDE is designed to be the ultimate bottle for beverages and snacks. To learn more about FLPSDE or to buy the FLPSDE bottle today, visit the official website at FLPSDE.com.

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