Fohm Reviews 2023: Touchless Foam Dispenser Worth It?

Thinking of going for that wet wipe? Convinced if you did, it would just end up flushed down the toilet? If the answers are yes, then don’t do it. Not only are wet wipes damaging to our toilet system, but they also create setbacks in our society’s goal of preserving nature. A person might be quick to ask what other imaginable ways to keep the behind clean without causing havoc to one’s finances.

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After some deliberation and extensive research, our editorial team was quite pleased with a dispenser called Fohm. This device is kind to the derrieres, to all skin types, all wallets, blends beautifully in any styled bathroom, and takes us a step forward in protecting our environment. For those of you wondering how, here’s an at-length review on Fohm.

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What is Fohm?

what is fohm

Fohm is a touchless dispenser meant to revolutionize how we wipe ourselves in the bathroom. Wiping the derrieres with toilet paper achieves the bare minimum, as it either gets stuck partway or leaves stains on not just the body but also undergarments. Fohm can be perceived as an additional step right before wiping, ultimately converting our dry toilet paper into a wet wipe. Flushing wet wipes down the toilet is a big no-no because they introduce plumbing issues. By integrating Fohm into every trip made, the latter is eliminated. So, what is Fohm exactly releasing upon detecting motion? The only way to find out is by assessing its features.

What features does Fohm have?

Until now, it should be clear that Fohm is plumbing-friendly and hygienic, but there must be more to it, right? Of course, our editorial team couldn’t believe how much thought had gone into the entirety of Fohm. Within the next couple of minutes, individuals will have insight into the features that stood out most to us:

Touchless Dispenser with Sleek Design

The touchless nature of the Fohm dispenser is innovative thinking on the team’s end, as it limits the risk of poor hygiene and germ spreading. In terms of its design, it is very minimalistic and aligns with modern-day models and toiletries. The bathroom is filled with bacteria; hence, this is a feature we were glad to find. Also, the integrated motion sensor will be activated within a 3-inch sensing distance.


No-Rinse Foam

First, Fohm helps limit the number of wipes flushed down the toilet. While wipes are problematic for our plumbing system, their existence also causes issues for our planet. Precisely, flushed wipes clog our planet with microplastics such as rayon and polypropylene. In turn, these end up consumed by our marine life. Regarding plumbing issues, resorting to Fohm implies increased savings that would otherwise end up in expenses of up to $10,000.

Next, the content of the foam itself should be appreciated as it contains zero harsh chemicals, fragrances, alcohol, parabens, and no sulfates. Truthfully, 98% of this Fohm formula contains plant-derived ingredients such as aloe vera juice, witch hazel, green tea, oat kernel extract, and chamomile flower.

How can we forget its no-rinse feature? That’s right; there’s no need to wash up after using Fohm!


This factor ties in with one particular aspect of the above, namely, the goal of minimizing microplastics in our ecosystems. Additionally, one Fohm cartridge replaces 7 pounds of wipe waste! Another facet worth discussing is the Fohm cartridges with the no-rinse formula – made from PETG plastic (the most recyclable).

Installs in Seconds & Fairly Lasting Refills

Fohm neither requires drilling nor tools to get it installed. It works just fine on adhesives, and this is something that we were also looking for. Why? Most people tend to avoid extensive and complex setups or permanent damage to their homes. With respect to lasting refills, each one (depending on the number of users) can last around six months, making it far more convenient and affordable to maintain. To put things into perspective, the average flushable wipe is about $0.07 per use (with all the noted cons), whereas using Fohm comes out to $0.04 with each use.

Great for Sensitive Skin

Fohm ingredients are considered gentle, safe, and well-rated by EWG’s skin deep database, and as a result, they might be safe on most skin types. Individuals may want to review the ingredient list before placing an order.

How Does the Fohm Work?

The mechanism employed by the manufacturers of the Fohm is genius. The Fohm has a power button that, when turned on, automatically sets up the device for use. After turning your Fohm on using the power button, You Are expected to simply place your tissue paper under Fohm’s motion-activated sensor after popping. The Fohm will release a perfect dollop of fluffy foam onto your toilet paper. This will turn your regular tissue paper into a soft wet wipe that glides effectively and hygienically between your cheeks – giving you a clean wipe.

How Does the Product Work

You no longer need to waste money on purchasing some wipes that eventually disappoint your expectations. The Fohm is effective and actually works.

How do you use the Fohm Bathroom Kit?

After being informed of the different dangers of wiping your tush with a dry tissue paper or towel and probably about to try out the Fohm, another important question is- How do you use the Fohm. The truth is that one can easily figure out how to use this product without needing any form of guidance or instructions. In any case, you can use the Fohm by sticking to the following steps. Attach the Fohm dispenser to any spot in your bathroom wall near your toilet paper holder.

Step 1 – After receiving your Fohm order, then have it mounted on your wall. You are to hold your toilet paper beneath Fohm. The Fohm is programmed to automatically drop a small dollop of Fohm onto your toilet paper.

Step 2 – Wipe as usual, then flush, and you are good to go.

It is advisable to drop a dollop of Fohm on your tissue between your first and last wipe. This is actually a pro tip as the first wipe will help to remove excess fecal matter, then you apply the Fohm to help get rid of the remaining fences, after which your last dry wipe will leave you feeling fresh, clean, and dry.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) About Fohm

How do I set up Fohm?

As shared by the team, individuals must “stick, slide, press, and [it] is ready to go.” Each kit comes with 3M strips to facilitate these steps, all of which should be pressed with metal brackets against the bathroom wall for 60 seconds. Then, it is as straightforward as sliding the dispenser onto the metal bracket, charging it, etc.

My walls are tiles; will Fohm hold?

Yes, the 3M strips can be safely applied onto not just tiles but also painted walls and laminate. However, walls covered with wallpaper are at risk of damage; therefore, mounting the dispenser to them is highly discouraged.

Is Fohm septic safe?

Yes, because Fohm uses toilet paper that ends up flushed away anyways. Septic damage is caused by flushing down non-woven-based wipes, so once again, this dispenser is safe. It is also important to mention that the Fohm fluid is biodegradable and is unlikely to interfere with the septic tank’s overall functionality.

Is Fohm safe on the female or male genitalia?

Fohm has been explicitly designed for butt-wiping only; thus, we discourage anyone who plans to wipe their frontal regions.

Will adding Fohm to toilet paper destroy it before use?

Fohm uses high-viscosity foam that sits atop toilet paper, preserving both its integrity and one’s dignity. This factor makes the Fohm addition to the toilet equivalent to wet wipes (without the adverse side effects, of course).

Do users have to wash up after using Fohm?

No, the released foam is a no-rinse formula, meaning that it works just like baby wipes or flushable wipes.

How do refills work?

Refill packs are sold in bundles of 3 cartridges. Typically, refills should be purchased once every six months for 3 to 4 users or once every ten months for 1 to 2 users. Individuals can also subscribe to have cartridges shipped 2.5 months after purchasing a Fohm kit and then once every 6 or 10 months later.

What charger type does Fohm require?

Fohm works on a standard micro-USB cable, the same type used for either a Kindle or a Roku stick. This can be purchased as an add-on via Amazon.

How do you power Fohm back on after charging?

Once the device has been charged, individuals are asked to unplug the dispenser and to press onto the power button for 3 seconds.

How long will it take to receive a Fohm shipment?

Shipping is only available in the U.S. Taking the aforesaid into account, orders typically ship within 1 to 2 business days from receiving them. With standard shipping, it will arrive at the desired destination within 3 to 8 business days after leaving the warehouse in Los Angeles, California. At expedited FedEx shipping, orders will arrive within 2 to 4 business days.

Is Fohm protected by a money-back guarantee?

Yes, it is protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee. If Fohm doesn’t meet the mark within 30 days of receiving the unit, customer service can be contacted for a full purchase price refund. The team will then provide a prepaid shipping label to include with the return.

How much does Fohm cost?

The Fohm can be purchased on the official website. Certain homes have more than one bathroom (or a half bathroom). Thus, it might interest some people to place an order for more than one Fohm unit. We see financial benefits in purchasing several units at once, as clearly depicted below:

  • One Fohm unit: CAD$70.90 Each + Shipping
  • Three Fohm units: CAD$55.86 Each + Free US Shipping
  • Five Fohm units: CAD$50.29 Each + Free US Shipping

Where can I buy the Fohm?

The Fohm can be purchased from the manufacturers’ official website online. The manufacturers have made the process very easy by making it possible for you to make purchases online without leaving your home. A wide range of payment options are available; you can pay with PayPal, MasterCard, Visa Card, Amex, etc. Your payment information is also very safe as the manufacturers’ website is very secure. Once you have successfully placed your order, the manufacturers will immediately package then dispatch your order to your location. They also deliver to most countries. The link to the manufacturers’ website can also be found on this website so do well to make your order today and enjoy the discounts offered by the manufacturers.

Fohm Reviews: What Are The Customers Saying?

Going through the manufacturers’ official website, it was obvious that so many people using this product are satisfied with their purchase. Many verified users of the Fohm left positive reviews about this product. I have tried to capture some of those reviews in this section in order to give you the privilege of seeing what different users of Fohm think about it. You can also go to the manufacturers’ website to see these reviews by yourself.

Marie – ” Great replacement for wipes! I wish I had found this years ago! We switched from flushable wipes after an expensive plumbing clog, and this works even better. It’s much more hygienic since it’s touchless, and it’s more convenient to use since it’s right next to our TP holder. It just works perfectly. I have incredibly sensitive skin, which has been very soothing and helped with irritation.”

AJ. – “Save money. This is nice instead of wipes. I like gadgets.”

Lynn. – “Glad I purchased it! I have sensitive skin, and this does not irritate. No more “flushable” wipes!”

JK.- “Great thing to add to the bathroom! Easy to assemble and works great! Much better than using and disposing of wipes.”

M.Pickering – A Proper Way of Cleaning Your Bottom End

I was excited to try the product since I figured it would provide a safe and effective way of “cleaning up” vs. my family’s previous method, which was using those “flushable wipes.” When the Fohm product arrived, I installed it and asked my family to try it. They found it to be easy and even somewhat fun to use, and I love the fact that the device is completely touchless.

Meet the Creators

Husband and wife Jerry and Alissa are the founders of Fohm. They first met as neighbors in 2012 and eventually took vacation days from work to explore different parts of the world together. They were surprised to see that dry toilet paper wasn’t employed everywhere and how it was mainly a go-to in Northern America. The outdated American standards for keeping clean led this duo to make changes. Here are a couple of words from the pair themselves:

“We started Fohm out of our NYC apartment, launched it in 2019, and immediately started making waves in the toilet industry. We’ve been featured in Business Insider, Bloomberg, BuzzFeed, New York Magazine, etc. We’re now on a mission to redefine the $2B+ flushable wipe category and move it to a more sustainable future.”

Final Thoughts

Dry derrieres with stains smeared everywhere are distasteful and exhibit poor hygienic measures. In other parts of the world, bidets are available, but installing them will be a nightmare on bills. The next best option is to convert existing toilet paper into wet wipes. Why not just buy wet wipes? Even if they are advertised as flushable, they may pose a risk to septic tanks and undeniably our environment.

Fohm is an intelligently designed, touchless dispenser releasing a plant-rich foam that rests beautifully atop your favorite brand of toilet paper. In other words, it won’t wreck the TP before exposing it back there. As we read over the husband-wife duo’s thought process, we immediately knew that they researched every conceivable angle regarding this issue.

Matter-of-factly, these have all been reflected in the integrated features, which suffice to put Fohm on the map. What attracted us most to this team is the ongoing education they provide on the Fohm mechanism!

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