ForeverPen Review: The World’s Smallest Inkless Pen

Ever have to fill up forms at your local bank or a government office only to realize that you forgot to bring a pen along. We’ve all been there. It’s become increasingly more common nowadays, what with contact-tracing being required in certain establishments. That’s what makes the ForeverPen such a handy little instrument.

Forever Pen

Claiming to be the world’s smallest inkless pen, this little guy supposedly lasts forever (or close to it) – as its name suggests – and is so tiny that you can clip it onto your keychain or bag zipper and you won’t even notice that it’s there. In this ForeverPen review, we’re going to figure out if this pen truly is as sturdy as they say and if it’s really possible to write comfortably with something so small.

What is forever pen?

ForeverPen is a new pencil forged in silver layer instead of the traditional carbon fiber of conventional pencils. With this new gadget you will be able to write on almost any surface without it wearing out.

ForeverPen Review

One of the advantages of silver alloy is that it wears very little and marks paper, plastic, metals, wood and many more surfaces well. On top of all that, the ForeverPen writes wet with precise, fine lines.

The ForeverPen is a crowdfunded product through the Indiegogo platform and was created by TWO SO AND SO’s. The idea came about, when these guys wanted “something to have with you all the time, that was small enough to never forget but functional enough to need often”.

That, of course, was referring to a pen and probably the best boxcutter/all-purpose thing that can be used to poke things. It’s very much small, looks very cool, and can do some things your regular old Bic pen can’t do.

How ForeverPen Works?

We all know that the ForeverPen doesn’t come with ink. That’s great and all but what type of writing will it produce? How will you get that “inky” look if it isn’t ink? It’s not like you’re doing something like making the whopper “Impossible” or something.

This is ink we’re talking about here. However, let’s not think too much and get our tiny brains aching and let’s let the writing speak for itself. The ForeverPen is made out of “solid silver composite”, which means that this is pretty much metal that you are writing with.

Reminds me of when I was a kid and I used to write on the road with a rock. That’s very similar to what the ForeverPen is about and why it will never run out of “ink”. So as we can see, this isn’t going to be the best bet when it comes to doing actual pen things but at best, it’s probably better at doing other things.

Forever Pen Features

Your Choice of Material

While the tip of the ForeverPen is made out of solid silver composite, you can choose which materials you’d like to have as the hilt of the pen. You can pick between grade 5 Titanium, high-purity Copper, and naval-grade Brass. Whichever you choose, all materials are remarkably durable and each of them has a distinct colour.

Acts as a Multi-Tool

Writing may be its main purpose, but the ForeverPen can be used for more than just that. Its sharp tip is capable of tearing up boxes or opening envelopes, making it even handier to keep around. Be warned, however, that repeatedly using it for that purpose may end up shortening the instrument’s life span.

Forever Pen Features


For all you neat freaks out there, you’ll be glad to know that the ForeverPen’s nib is completely smudge-proof, so you won’t be seeing any fingerprints or other markings left by your hands.

ForeverPen Buy Now

Works on a Variety of Surfaces

It doesn’t matter if it’s paper, plastic, wood, or cardboard, this pen is capable of effortlessly writing quick notes on various different surfaces.

Exceptional Durability

Given that it’s made out of silver and other sturdy materials, the ForeverPen can easily withstand even the harshest of climates without any impact on how well it performs.

Pass-through Design

Built with a little hoop on its base, you’ll be able to attach this little guy onto pretty much whatever you like, whether it’s your coat zipper, keyring, necklace, or even the belt loop of your pants.

Built for Comfort & Precision

One look at how small the ForeverPen is and you’d immediately have concerns regarding how comfortable it could possibly be to write with. Luckily enough, it was specifically engineered with accuracy and balance in mind, making it deceptively easy to use despite its size.

ForeverPen Pros

  • Resistant to the elements
  • Compact
  • Can be attached to keychain or zipper
  • Last longer than pens and pencil
  • Durable

ForeverPen Cons

  • Limited Stock
  • Only Available To Sale Online

Forever Pen Customer Reviews

Don’t worry about a pen again: After losing so many nice pens over the years, this is finally one you can’t lose. I always forget to take a pen out on jobs, but now I have my foreverpen on my keys. It’s saved me loads of times! James F.‎

You might want more than one: I bought this as a gift for my husband and ended up taking it and got him another. I don’t usually carry anything to write with, but the pen writes really well and doesn’t fade or rub out. Highly recommend as the only tool on your keys! Carolyn K.‎

The level of detail is really cool: Incredibly light weight last resort pen(cil) for my keychain. You can get a pen that weighs this little but you have to deal with ink drying out. This seems much more like something I can forget about until I think “oh crap, I wish I had a writing tool.” Also, appreciate no lead in the alloy. Ethan F.‎

Frequently Asked Questions About Forever Pen

Does it really last forever?

The laws of physics tell us no, but since it lasts as long as 500+ ink-based pens would, we figured this name would get the point across! We’re confident that you won’t have to replace it any time soon… or possibly even ever!

Is it easy to write with?

Surprisingly, yes! You can even hold onto your keys as leverage and the pen writes just as easily, if not easier than conventional pens. The silver composite tip is designed to leave easy marks, while the titanium grip gives you just enough space to get a solid grip.

What is it made from?

The tips are made from non-toxic silver composite (your replacement for ink). The body is from Grade 5 Titanium. Our pens do not contain lead or any other heavy toxic metals.

Is it TSA safe?

Yes, you’ll be able to travel with it as long as pens are allowed. There is no blade, and it is the same as other metals, such as your house keys.

Is there a warranty?

We offer a one year manufacturer’s warranty against any manufacturing defects.

Is there a money back guarantee?

If you need, simply return your ForeverPen within 30 days (unopened). Shipping fees apply.

Is it easy to lose?

The pen lives on your keychain so it’ll never go missing and always be with you.

What is the hole for?

The hole helps you attach the pen to your keys, carabiner, or anything else. It is situated at the end of the ForeverPen.

Will the nib (tip) run out or wear down?

The “ink” is applied in the form of microscopic amounts of silver while it writes, meaning you’ll need to constantly write with it for the equivalent of 500 pens before the silver tip wears out. Most people, even frequent note-takers, will never come close to this!

Forever Pen Final Review: Conclusion

If you’re in the market for a portable writing instrument that lasts long and won’t sit awkwardly inside your pants pocket, then the ForeverPen should definitely be on your radar. This petite pen measures less than an inch so it’ll fit in your pocket without you noticing it’s even there. It’s also designed to have a small loop that you can use to attach it to various things, like a keychain or zipper tab, allowing you to bring it with you at all times with no hassle.

The pen itself is incredibly durable thanks to its silver composite tip and tough metal body, and the fact that it incorporates silverpoint drawing technique means it’ll never need an ink refill. While balance and comfort were taken into consideration when designing the ForeverPen, bigger hands like my own will still have a bit of trouble grasping the pen comfortably. But that’s to be expected with a pen that size, really. As miniature pens go, you just can’t beat the ForeverPen.

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