FutureX Pen Review 2024: Best Inkless Eternal Metal Pen

Ink pens are the most popular drawing and writing tools among many. Most people consider them ideal for sketching, detailing, and water coloring. Ink pens have been around for centuries and were the common pens of royal kings and queens. Since then, companies have developed sophisticated alternatives to the standard ballpoint and the felt tip pen.

Drawing using ink pens has several advantages, such as:

FutureX Pen Review
  • Ability to produce thick lines
  • Ability to produce more fluid lines
  • Ability to change colors
  • Good for detailing
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Despite the several advantages, ink pens also have several disadvantages that outweigh the advantages. These disadvantages include the following:
  • Smudging and bleeding
  • They run out of ink faster
  • They are expensive to use

Inkless pens are the new form of pens invented to replace traditional pens. Inkless pens seem to be a new technology, but they have existed for several years. These pens use an alloy tip to write by depositing a tiny amount of metal on the paper. Therefore, one pen can last for several years without running out.

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What is FutureX Pen?

As the name suggests, FutureX Pen is a pen that will last forever. It ranks as the world’s tiniest pen that uses no ink to write or draw. Therefore, it can never run out. The pen fits perfectly in your pocket, allowing you to carry it around safely.

The pen is made using high-quality material that makes it durable. Unlike ink pens, you will never worry about refilling it.

FutureX Pen

Pen has a special place in our life every day because we use them in making notes and drafting out different important things that control our day-to-day activities. In fact, it is one of the things that help us to retain whatever that happens around us and helps us to remember all the important things that should be remembered. The most widely accepted kind of pen is those that use ink while making their write-ups.

Unfortunately, this type of pen is easily disposed of as soon as the ink is within the reserve or finished. However, this futureX pen deals without ink. Yes, you will not need ink for this to write because it has an alloy tip that will produce what looks like ink while you are using it to write on paper.

you can comfortably make use of this pain for years without you getting exhausted with it or attempting to disperse it because it will still be used as the alloy tip will continue to produce what looks like ink for a long time.

There’s no special magic that you will need to perform in order to make use of this pain as all you need to do is to open the tip and start making use of it. You also move me to sharpen it as it does not smudge while you use it to write.

Features of FutureX Pen

Material Choice

Users can choose the body material for their pens. However, one cannot alter the tip of the pen. You can upgrade the outer cover with a metallic body for a heavier feeling and better grip.


The main purpose of the FutureX Pen is for writing or drawing. However, you can also use it to tear envelopes or poke holes in boxes since it doesn’t get damaged easily.

It Works on all Surfaces

The pen is ideal for use on any paper type. However, one can use it on other surfaces like wood, cardboard, or plastic. It is important not to overuse it on rough surfaces to maintain durability.

FutureX Pen Features

Resistant to Smudging

Holding the pen in any manner does not cause any smearing due to ink. The anti-smudge body is ideal for placing the pen in your pocket without fear of smearing ink on your clothes.


FutureX pen’s lightweight and small size makes it withstand harsh environments without damage. The material used to develop the pen is also durable, thus increasing its lifespan.

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Precision and Comfort

Although it is small, holding the pen is so comfortable. It is well-balanced, and it does not slip easily from your hand. You can add a metal casing to increase its comfort and grip.

What are the Benefits of FutureX Pen?

  • The pen is ideal for writing and drawing
  • The pen can last for several years compared to ordinary pencils and ink pens since it does not require any refills
  • Writings or drawings made using the pen are permanent
  • The pen’s design is stylish and attractive compared to normal pens.
  • The drawings from the pen are waterproof
  • One can use it on different surfaces such as paper, wood, metals, or plastics
  • It is environmentally friendly and sustainable
  • It does not use any toxic chemicals, making it safe for everyone, including children
  • It has a durable metal tip that works with oxidation

FutureX Pen Availability and Pricing

FutureX Pen is not available in any retail or online store. One can only obtain it from the official website. Currently, the pen sells at a 50% discount. In addition to the discount, buyers will get free pens depending on the number of pens they buy.

One can choose between three different packages, which include:

The pen comes with other accessories at a price such as:

  • A 3-year warranty at $9
  • Durable metallic body to add comfort and grip at $4
  • Extra metallic grip at $9
  • USB car adapter at $4

Final Verdict on FutureX Pen

Inkless pens are the latest pen invention. People opt for these pens since they require no refills; hence no need to purchase ink. These pens deposit tiny metallic particles on paper when writing or drawing. However, not all inkless pens are long-lasting as they claim. Some are made using less durable material that reduces their lifespan.

FutureX Pen is the future of inkless pens. This pen is made using the latest technology to provide you with sustainable results. The pen does not use any toxic chemicals, making it safe for everyone. Visit the official website today and experience this new invention.

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