Germcidex Review 2023 – UV Sanitizer For Germs & Bacteria

Germcidex is the best New Portable Medical UV Sanitizer Killing 99.99% Of Bacteria, Germs and Viruses From All Surfaces. Germcidex is also known as Germs Killer UV, Medical Grade UV, 99.99% Germs Killer UV Light, Quality Medical Grade UV Bulbs, Portable UV Germs Killer, Bacteria Germs and Viruses Killer by UV Light.


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What is Germcidex?

GermCide X is A convenient, easy to use system that kills bacteria before it can do any harm. When you need to ensure you and your loved ones are safe, GermCide X can keep every item clean.

The world can be an uncertain place and even the common flu can spread across your family in a matter of minutes if you do not take proper precautions. It is a relief to find innovative products that hit the market that can help to kill germs to stop them from spreading. Because it can be inconvenient to bleach every item in your home, gadgets such as GermCide X can be a lifesaver.

We’re going to take a look and see why so many homes are using this neat bacteria busting device.

GermCide x

Does UV light kill germs?

Hospitals have embraced ultraviolet (UV) lights as a cleaning tool for years, using large, industrial-grade machines to decontaminate rooms. Now, smaller versions of UV sanitation lights are available to consumers looking to clean pretty much anything, from phones to toilet seats.

How does Germcide x work?

Germcide X sanitizer kills germs such as bacteria and viruses. It keeps your devices like Smartphone or laptop germs free. As a result of that, you will have full protection from the diseases caused by germs.

Whenever you like to use your electronic device, then before using, you have to put your computer or smartphone under the supervision of this germ killer.

At the first stage, the sanitizer scans your devices just to catch the germs and kills them on spot. In this way, it will protect your health from the entrance of germs such as Covid-19.

UV light is highly effective at killing germs

The three main types of UV rays are UVA, UVB, and UVC. Because UVC rays have the shortest wavelength, and therefore highest energy, they are capable of killing bacteria and viruses, also called pathogens. UVC light has a wavelength of between 200 and 400 nanometers (nm). It is highly effective at decontamination because it destroys the molecular bonds that hold together the DNA of viruses and bacteria, including “superbugs,” which have developed a stronger resistance to antibiotics.

Powerful UVC light has been regularly used to decontaminate surgical tools and hospital rooms. A study that included 21,000 patients who stayed overnight in a room where someone had been previously treated found that sanitizing a hospital room with UV light in addition to traditional methods of cleaning cut transmission of drug-resistant bacteria by 30%. This is partly because UVC light can effectively sanitize hard-to-clean nooks and crannies. UVC light also works by destroying the DNA of pathogens, which makes it effective against “superbugs.”

But this broad-spectrum light is also a health hazard — linked to diseases such as skin cancer and cataracts — and humans cannot be in the room when it is used. Recently, however, researchers have been working with narrow-spectrum UVC rays (207-222 nm). This type of UVC light kills bacteria and viruses without penetrating the outermost cell layer of human skin.

Germcidex UV Sanitizer Features

Meet our UV Sanitizer Germcidex – it destroys 99.9% of germs that live on your phone’s surface. Check below to know some great features of Germcidex.

  • Portable, light weight, easy to use
  • Battery operated 4xAA batteries required (not included)
  • Assurance to hygiene
  • Laboratory tests prove it can kill viruses, germs and bacteria (99.9% rate) including dust mites and bed bugs
  • A Majority of daily essentials can be scanned eg. Furniture, pillows, mattresses, cutleries, keyboards, toilet etc
  • Quick and efficient results germs are killed by one scan
  • Safe to human, pets and animals
  • Invisible UV rays
  • LED display to indicate its operational status
  • 3 timer settings – auto-turn off in 5 minutes/ 15 minutes/ 30 minutes
  • Can be main powered for continuous operation (Serial mode)
  • Beneficial to people who suffer Allergies, Asthma and Rhinitis etc
  • Suitable for both domestic/commercial use and public services such as hotels, hospitals
  • Build-in safety switch: the UV light will automatically switch off when the steriliser is rotated upwards.

Advantages of Germcidex:

There are various kinds of advantages GermCide X has. Here We’re going to describe some of advantages of this neat bacteria busting device. There are lots of benefits you can get if you use this particular sanitizer in need of the best protection for your health as well as your device. Take a look at below details. GermCide X keeps good protection for your health as well as your device.

  • It kills harmful viruses and bacteria.
  • It works with the help of UV rays.
  • It does not bring any negative effect on human skin.
  • It is equipped with a powerful sensor.
  • The product runs powered by AAA battery.
GermCidex Features

Germcidex is Incredibly Effective

Some brands that make hygienic products are not known for their quality and it can be hard to tell when their effectiveness is reduced. One of the major benefits of GermCide X is it is reliable and kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria. This is because of the UV-C light from the ultraviolet tubes made from high-quality quartz glass. They are made with performance in mind and are gathering quite a reputation for their durability. With quality medical grade UV bulbs, you can stop the spread of bacteria in your home.

Germcidex Comes With Added Comfort

If you’ve used chemical wipes or pushed a broom around for long enough you’ll know that the labor and chemicals can take their toll on your skin. This is where the ergonomic design of GermCide X excels. It feels good in your hand and makes for a comfortable cleanse of your items. It is lightweight yet sturdy so you can use it for all your household items.

GermCideX Works on Any Item

It’s never easy to clean an entire home. Once you have finished the floors and kitchen surfaces there are tonnes of items around the house that are left collecting dust, and bacteria. The convenience of GermCide X makes it easy to take from room to room, killing germs on kid’s toys, clothes, books, laptops, phones, remote controls, and anything else you can think of. Another benefit is its effect on mold. It kills it so it doesn’t come back and cause breathing difficulties for the family.

GermCidex Is Portable

When you arrive at a hotel or a holiday, it can be hard to tell how well your room has been cleaned. Yes, the bed might be made nicely but has every surface been cleaned to your high standards? You can use a gadget like GermCide X to eliminate germs so you can use the phone, bathroom, coffee machine, and any other item in the room with the confidence that you have killed unwanted germs and bacteria. The fold-up design means it can fit in your pocket with ease and there is always room for it in a bag or suitcase. Essentially, this effective UV germ killer can go where you go.

GermCideX is Simple To Use

Although the UV light technology has been around for a while, a lot of companies overdo their use of it, making their products complicated when they don’t need to be. One of the benefits of GermCide X is that it has one button on the side to turn it on, and it only needs 4 x AAA batteries to get going. This means if you have spares lying around, it is good to go from the moment you open the box.

Safe Operation

Because it is made with families in mind, safety is paramount. It is good to see that GermCide X takes this seriously as all portable UV germ killers should. When in use, the light turns off when the device is tilted backward so it doesn’t shine in the eyes of the user. This means it is safe to use around children.

GermCideX is Ideal For Families

If you’ve ever taken the time to read the label on the back of a bottle of bleach then you will know all about the hazards they warn you against. When you have a family or pets in your home it is even more important to kill germs and bacteria, but also best to do it without using chemicals. GermCide X is an effective alternative to such methods and it makes it possible to clean smartphones, keyboards, and any other item you regularly come into contact with. It is gentle when it comes to the people in your home, but harsh on germs and bacteria.

GermCideX Stops The Spread of Sickness

It is difficult to prepare for the unknown but there are ways you can protect the people in your home from illness. Although washing your hands is important in everyday life, many people leave most of the items in their homes to the mercy of germs and bacteria. To protect your loved ones, and prevent the spread of harmful bacteria that can lead to flu, colds, and worse, an effective product like GermCide X can make a big difference.

GermCidex Feature

How to use a Germcidex to kill germs at home?

UVC lights available to consumers come in various forms, including boxes, bottles, and covered wands. Each has its own set of instructions for how to use the light to kill germs, with specifics on things like how long the sanitation takes and, in the case of wands, how close it has to be to the object you’re trying to sanitize. Larger box-shaped versions fit tablets, toys, and baby bottles.

One 2008 study tested the efficacy of the VIOlight, a $30 toothbrush sanitizer that claims to rid your toothbrush of disease-forming germs. The study found that, compared to a toothbrush that had not been treated with ultraviolet light, the VIOlight got rid of 86% more colony-forming units of S. salivarius, lactobacilli, and E. coli. These bacteria can cause strep throat, digestive problems, and a number of other illnesses.

Sanitizing wands allow you to wave UVC light over anything you might want to disinfect, including counters, bedding, and steering wheels. The wands can be used anywhere, claim to work within seconds, and are often marketed to travelers concerned about things like hotel room sanitation. A 2014 study tested the efficacy of these portable wands and found that they killed 100% of commonly-found bacteria within five seconds and inactivated 90% of spore-forming bacteria, which are harder to kill, within 40 seconds.

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Benefits Of Germcidex UV Sanitizer

  • Portable and Easy to Use Germs Killer
  • Medical Grade UV Light Multipurpose Sanitizer
  • Suitable for Sanitizing All Surfaces
  • Automatic Switch-Off If Light Faces Upward (Eyes Protector)
  • Recommended Worldwide as Best Sanitizing Method
  • Works With Standard AAA Batteries

Who is buzzing about the Germcide X?

‘ I have been using this Germcide X sanitizer for 30 days and I am satisfied with the product as it keeps me in a safe mood. It is true to say that at the initial stage, I do not like to believe the product and its potentiality. My every device is fully protected from germs and even I am free from diseases as well as germ affected.’ A renowned filmmaker in the USA says.

How safe & effective is Germcide X?

This Germcide X germ killer is a hundred percent safe as it does not provide any harm to your device as well as your health. Rather it keeps your health and disease-free protecting your phone or computer germ-free. Undoubtedly, Germcide X is effective for human beings as with this one, everyone can keep his or her health fit and free from diseases.

Why is Product better than others?

Truly, the product works superbly to protect the human as well as the electronic device. As it is designed with UV rays, it keeps safety for your devices as well as your physical. It is good to remember that first of all, it scans the devices through the rays and kills the germs if the scanner finds them out.

Is this GermCide X scam?

GermCide X is not a scam as most of the user starts to get lots of benefits in their electronic products used in their residential or professional purposes. If you come online and take a step to check its value among the users, then you will see a high rate of positive views from the customers.

Even you can ask your friends nearest your location about the product and most of them go for positive views.

Why do I need this Product?

Surely, you have a smartphone, computer or other devices like television in your room but you do not keep any suitable protection. No, it will be not your right step if you do not keep any protection at your room for your devices as healthy.

To make your device as well as your health safe, you should get in touch with this particular sanitizer. It scans all your devices and kills the germs available on the computer or other devices.

Is this product having any special discount?

Yes, there must be a special discount while you come ahead to buy this product. Go online and search the product on the google search bar. Through online, your buying would be superb as here you can get a discount of up to 50 percent.

Where To Buy Germcidex?

Germcidex is available for a limited time only, with exclusive offers and free shipping. Ordering is quick and easy, so take advantage of the great price by ordering yours today.

Frequently Asked Questions About GermCide X

Will germicide X lights kill viruses?

Yes – GermCide X destroys up to 99.9 percent of most viruses, bacteria in the air, and spores in the mold. If appropriately scanned, there is no doubt it leads to complete extermination. If studied meticulously, the results would be better, and it is up to the person to do it so.

Do germicidal flashlights kill viruses despite continuous use?

Germicidal UVC lamps from GermCide X are suitable for continuous use for roughly two years, with just a 20 percent decrease in production over the two years.

How much force of the GermCide X does it take to kill specific organisms?

Ultraviolet germicidal exposure is the result of time and intensity. In terms of lethal action on bacteria, high concentrations for a short duration, and low levels for an extended period are practically equivalent. The inverse square law applies to the germicidal ultraviolet just as it does to light: as the distance from the lamps increases, the killing power decreases. The common bacterium will face destruction at a length of six inches in ten seconds.

What Is the process through which GermCide X kills the viruses?

Ultraviolet light in the spectrum of the germicide-185-254 nanometres makes the cells sterile. When species can’t replicate anymore, they die.

GermCide X final verdict – Is It Safe To Buy?

Now, the pandemic virus has spread across the globe. Staying hygienic is recommended. Yet if you keep handling dirty things, self-hygiene is of no use. Every day, we keep touching our already, very dirty computers, cameras, remotes, etc. As of now, cleaning certain items is of utmost importance.

That’s why we suggest using this GermCide X UV cleaner to our readers, which can clean items without making it dirty. Keep yourself safe and healthy, keeping things clean around you. The benefits which arrive with it are now double given the phase of the time we are undergoing. Hence, hygiene is emphasized everywhere and armed with this beautiful gadget; the chances of one getting affected are almost nil.