Keyless PRO Review: Best Portable Bluetooth Virtual Laser Keyboard

Keyless PRO Review: It may seem futuristic, but this Keyless PRO virtual keyboard is a technology that exists today. Where typically you type on physical keys, with virtual keyboards you type on a projected set of keys. This is an ideal option for devices like smartphones that do not have the physical space for a full-sized keyboard. The big issue for any virtual keyboard is how visible it is in both dark and light situations. If you travel frequently, you’ll need one with a long battery life. What settings, like volume and brightness, do you have access to? Check that it works with your operating system, and verify that it has some form of mouse feature that you’ll be able to work with.

Keyless PRO
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What is a laser keyboard?

Keyless PRO is a virtual keyboard or laser keyboard, in the form of projection. When a user touches the virtual projection key, the device records the corresponding keystroke. Laser keyboards are sometimes also called projection keyboards.

This projection keyboard is specially designed for the people who face difficulty in typing on mobile touchPad. These Keyless PRO keyboards are also connected to your smartphones via Bluetooth. You can use this Keyless PRO during traveling or when you have no space to spare on your smartphones.

This Keyless PRO virtual keyboards usually work right on smooth and flat surfaces. The projection of keyboards is produced by a small box. You can easily carry this small box in your bag as compare to large Bluetooth or wire keyboards. Today we will discuss the best Keyless PRO projection keyboards that are available on amazon.

Keyless PRO
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Keyless PRO Laser Keyboard

Keyless PRO is a highly efficient laser keyboard, one thing in like in this is its small size. This projection keyboard has a very beautiful design. Keyless PRO is wireless and ultra-portable as well. This keyboard works on high efficient Lithium-ion chargeable battery.

The keyboard usually comes up with QWERTY English. You can connect this keyboard to your smart-phones, iPhones, iPad, tablets etc. It usually works on those mobile devices which have at least Android version 3.1. You can use this Keyless PRO keyboard both in the office and at home.

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What is Keyless PRO?

Keyless Pro Virtual keyboard by HyperTech has a bright laser projection that will emit a virtual keyboard on a flat surface. This device is wireless and can run on Bluetooth. It’s also able to be used with Apple, Android, and Window devices.

This Keyless Pro red keyboard is easy to see and also comes with a special mouse mode that you can turn on so a virtual projector mouse comes up alongside the keyboard.

This model has a USB built-in rechargeable battery so you can charge it in your devices while typing. The Keyless Pro Virtual Keyboard comes in white or black color choices.

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Keyless PRO Laser Keyboard Features

  • Full Size Keyboard.
  • Compatible with android and ios.
  • superbly defined resolution.
  • one button operated.
  • English QWERTY keyboard layout.
  • Compact and ultra-portable for mobility.
  • Lithium-ion Polymer rechargeable battery.
  • Truly portable design: perfect for on-the-go.
  • Superior durability (No moving component inside).
  • Full size key pitch and shortcut keys for ease of operation.
  • Without physical keyboard, small size, easy to carry, this projection keyboard can adapt to most of the working environment.
  • Easy connection via Bluetooth 2.0 HID profile Ver. or USB. connection to main devices , like Tablet PC,Smartphone, Desktop PC and Video game.
  • As a new input device, using the built-in infrared laser transmitter to project the standard keyboard on the working surface, you can locate the click position and input the information by the method of optical identification
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What Is a Laser Projection Keyboard?

Keyless Pro Laser projection keyboard designed as input gadgets which are equipped with infrared sensors to detect any motion in their immediate vicinity. To answer how exactly the laser keyboards work, we’re going to examine the main components and conditions of use.

  • It is all about infrared projection: A laser keyboard uses an infrared light projection to map the layout of keys. The principle of typing is very simple. By breaking the key links with your fingers, you cause the input device to detect it as if a key is pressed.
  • Bluetooth addition: This extra feature can make an infrared keyboard compatible with mobile devices and computers. That allows you to pair a keyboard with a variety of devices and gadgets.
  • Limitations of laser keyboards: The maximum distance from the actual monitor or output device is 40 feet in most models. So, don’t get too far away from your monitor when typing and make sure the surface you’re using as a keyboard is perfectly flat to type accurately and quickly.
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Keyless Pro Virtual Keyboard Specification:

  • Pattern Projector keyboard layout Approx. 19mm Pitch
  • Light source:red laser
  • Keyboard(mouse) size: Approx. Width : 240mm, Height: 100mm
  • Keyboard(mouse) Location: Approx. 80mm from the bottom of device
  • Project Surface: Non-reflective, opaque flat surface
  • Recognition Rate: Approx. up to 350 characters per minute
  • Operating Surface: Any firm flat surface
  • External Power Supply: USB Power / less than 5V 500mA
  • Battery & Capacity: Lithium-ion Polymer Battery,700mAh(MA X) @ 3.7V
  • Battery Operating Time: Approx. 150min
  • Battery Charging Time: Approx. 90min
  • Bluetooth(bm20730): V3.0, HID Profile Ver 1.0
  • Frequency Range: 2402-2480MHz
  • Channel: 79Modulation: GFSK
  • Product Size (mm): 78mm x 40mm x 20mm
  • Product Weight (g): 60gcolors: white, black
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Why Buy a Laser Keyboard?

If you are thinking about purchasing a laser keyboard, then you will want to rest assured that you’re making the right decision. Here’s why you should consider getting this device:

  • Highly portable – If you are one of those people who travel a lot, a virtual keyboard is a good choice for you. It can be set up easily with a mobile phone or tablet. This will allow you to use your keyboard just about everywhere. Simply connect it to your mobile device via Bluetooth or USB cable and enjoy typing while on the go.
  • Battery life is good enough – With a laser keyboard, you will be able to type continuously for about three hours. The best models come with powers saving modes to enhance battery life.
  • Fast typing – Some laser keywords, especially the high-end models, feature Bluetooth 4.0 technology. This allows for decent typing speed, as there are no delays in keystrokes.
  • Affordable price – Laser keyboards are competitively priced, so most people can afford to buy one.

How Does a Keyless Pro Virtual Keyboard Work?

Keyless Pro Virtual laser keyboard is a simple device but works intricately. These keyboards are emitted through a special projector and are connected either wirelessly or with a USB cord to a device that you want to type on.

This Keyless Pro laser keyboard will shine a virtual keyboard on a flat surface which you can then use to type on as if it were a real keyboard. The sensor built into the top of the virtual keyboard device will sense which letters you’re typing and then type them onto the device it’s connected to.

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How to Buy Keyless Pro?

Frequently Asked Questions About Keyless Pro

is it possible to have this keyboard in xxx languages?

This product is just a projetor, the input method depends on your phone.

Is it work with pc/smart phones?

For white M1, it works with all smart phones and PC (bluetooth or usb cable), while for black #KB560S, only works with smart phones.

Which devices use a virtual keyboard?

Virtual keyboards are commonly used as an on-screen input method in devices with no physical keyboard, where there is no room for one, such as a pocket computer, personal digital assistant (PDA), tablet computer or touchscreen-equipped mobile phone.

Is virtual keyboard safe?

Any receiver within range can “listen in”. Wireless keyboards do encrypt their data, so in theory, the information should be safe, but the quality of the encryption can vary, based on the age of the keyboard and the vendor.

How do virtual keyboards work?

A laser or beamer projects visible virtual keyboard onto level surface. A sensor or camera in the projector picks up finger movements. Software converts the coordinates to identify actions or characters. Some devices project a second (invisible infrared) beam above the virtual keyboard.

Why should we use virtual keyboard?

Such programs record the keys pressed on the keyboard and therefore capture the data entered from the regular keyboard to pass it to the malefactor. Kaspersky Internet Security – Multi-Device includes the Virtual Keyboard that can help to avoid personal data interception.

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