Kidi SmartWatch Review 2021: Best GPS Tracker For Kids

Smartwatches are very handy devices to have. They free our hands from holding smartphones while still allowing us to control them. They also monitor our health and keep track of our fitness. You can either take advantage of its practical use or just have it as a stylish, modern watch.

Kidi SmartWatch Review
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What is Kidi SmartWatch?

The new Kidi SmartWatch children’s watch is a new generation device that allows communication with a child and supervision of his location around the clock. The watch includes a color touch screen, GPS, phone and camera. It interfaces with the app and through it you can see where the child is and the history of his previous locations. There is an option to set “safety zones” such as a school, home or kindergarten and receive an automatic alerts when the child enters or leaves the area.

Kidi SmartWatch

Other important safety options available on the watch are the SOS button, which by clicking on it you will receive an instant alert to your smartphone if necessary; Camera for capturing an image (in advanced models); And an option to set up to 15 contacts who can contact the child (blocking access to strangers). The attractive look of the watch includes a color touch screen and a strap in magical shades so that the child will wear it happily.

In a modern world, it’s important to make sure your kid is keeping active, staying safe and having some fun. If you need a simple way to achieve this, getting The Kidi smartwatch will do the trick. Kidi SmartWatch is the best GPS tracker for kids that can help pinpoint a lost child’s location.

What makes Kidi-watch so special?

What the Kidi SmartWatch essentially comes down to is offering you high quality for a very good price. It has everything you might want in a smartwatch for you kids, in terms of durability, it can easily beat items that are two or three times dearer.

Kids watches are a great way to start teaching children about time and planning their day. Regardless of how old your children are, there’s the perfect watch available. Some options help teach kids the basics of telling time, while others are about as high-tech as a smartphone.

These smartwatches allow for activity tracking and friendly competition among friends, while other choices take it right back to the basics with just an analog face. The watch you choose will depend on the age and tastes of your children, as well as what functionality you’d like them to have, other than telling the time.

What Else Can The Kidi SmartWatch Do?

Kidi SmartWatch was made to combine the benefits of a digital watch, GPS Tracker, Call, Alarm, Pedometer, Camera, SOS, Touch Screen WiFi Bluetooth.

Kidi SmartWatch Main features


What Others Think? Kidi SmartWatch User’s Review

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How Much Does The Kidi SmartWatch Cost?

If you look at the features of the Kidi SmartWatch it wouldn’t be surprising to see a price tag of up to $100. Which would still be lower than most of its competitors.

That’s why we were stunned to learn the company sells this watch for just $49 (thanks to a 50% promo ending soon)

Why Is It Discounted Right Now?

By offering such a big discount, they know once people will buy their Kid’s watches they will get a lot of positive reviews and free social media attention! The best advertising is happy customers, word-of-mouth!
Just be aware they will go back to full price after this promotion ends.

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