KoreScale Reviews 2020 – New Smart Scale with Bio-Metric Sensors


With the innovation of our technology today, it’s not impossible that everything is almost impossible. One of the things that technology has given us is the ability to measure not only our weight but as well as other important aspects of our health. But usually, these special weighing scales are only available in fitness centers and not everyone is enrolled in one.

But as mentioned above, our technology is very much advanced that we now have a portable weighing scale, which will not only measure your weight but as well as your BMI, bone mass, body fat and more. But some people think twice of checking this type of weighing scale because of its price. Due to its many features, it’s not surprising that they come at expensive prices.


The good news is, we found a special weighing scale that can do everything that an expensive weighing scale can do. It is also affordable so you don’t have to worry about burning a hole in your pocket, and this is the KoreScale. In this KoreScale review, we are going to talk about its features and our review on why this device is worth it.

What Is KoreScale?

KoreScale is not your ordinary weighing scale because it surely is more than that. Whether you are trying to lose weight or you just want to monitor your health statistics, KoreScale will surely be helpful for you. It is a biometric scale, which will not only measure your weight but as well as your other biometric statistics. This will help you know whether your diet is working for you or if you need to start changing it again. This will also help track your progress in the long run.

KoreScale has the ability to help you monitor certain health biometrics that is important to ensure that you are in good health. For instance, the scale can help you know if you have a healthy BMI rate and if your bone mass is ideal for your actual age. It can also help you known your basal metabolic rate, to know how fast you are burning the energy, while also knowing if you’re fat-free.

KoreScale Benefits

One of the best things about KoreScale is that you can check your visceral fat level, wherein these fats are the ones surrounding your internal organs. This is very important to ensure your health and as well as your blood sugar. Your physical weight and age will also be weighed by this scale, so you’ll know if your age matches your actual age.

Another good thing about KoreScale is that it can also know whether your body has enough protein or if there is too much protein in your body. Lastly, KoreScale can also help you know the moisture of your skin and if it’s not enough so you can drink more water.

KoreScale Features

  • Get a comprehensive full-body analysis with smart scale technology:
  • 4 high-precision sensors detect your body’s composition with incredible accuracy
  • Bioelectric software interprets the data and evaluates your health
  • Bluetooth connectivity wirelessly syncs information with your phone
  • KoreScale App stores and graphs data so you can spot trends and adjust your workout
  • Monitor your main health metrics – Watch and record your Weight, BMI, Body Fat, Visceral Fat, Body Water, Skeletal Muscle, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass, Protein, BMR, Metabolic Age, Fat-Free Body Weight and Subcutaneous Fat.
  • Stay motivated – It helps you set personal goals and track progress throughout your fitness journey.
  • Share with friends and family – It lets you add several user profiles, but keeps your data private, so you can share the scale without sharing your stats.
  • Connect any device – It works with all smart phones and can be paired with other fitness apps like Fitbit, Google Fit, and Apple Health.

Specifications of KoreScale

KoreScale is designed using dual BIA (Biometrical Impedance Analysis) technology that allows it to check your body deeply. It can be connected to any fitness app on your phone with a simple Bluetooth connection. It comes with color code to help you understand if you have reached your goals. The colors include:

  • Green – performance is brilliant
  • Yellow – performance is below average
  • Red – performance needs more work
  • Blue – performance is deficient

It tracks your goals and suggests you the pattern that one should follow.

KoreScale Features

Benefits of KoreScale

There are various advantages of buying KoreScale biometric sensor:

  • It allows you to check different aspects of your body like BMI, amount of protein, bone mass, etc.
  • It is easy to use with its app and allows you to store data.
  • Multiple members can use KoreScale.
  • It helps you reach your fitness goals by keeping a proper track.
  • It syncs with other fitness apps like Google Fit, Apple Health, Fit bit, etc.
  • It is built with medical-grade materials.
  • KoreScale comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • KoreScale uses dual BIA technology that allows it to monitor your body.
  • It is made with premium-quality and by health-experts.
  • KoreScale can be used by any gender of any profession.

Why Choose KoreScale?

One of the reasons why you should use KoreScale is because it has an app that you can download on your smartphones. Whether you have an Android or an Apple device, the app will surely be compatible. Also, if you have a smartwatch, you can sync all your data from the KoreScale to your watch. Some of the smartwatch where you can sync your data re FitBit, Google Fit, and Apple Health.

Pairing the KoreScale to your smartphone is easy with the use of a Bluetooth. For more accurate readings, make sure to step on it bare feet. Once you step on it, you will surely be amazed at how your phone will immediately update and you will instantly see your readings at the palm of your hands. This will help you to monitor your health no matter where you are.

Another good reason why you should get KoreScale is that it can be used by multiple individuals. This means that you and your family can use the scale and have different profiles using the app on your respective smartphone. This can even mean that you and your family will have a healthier lifestyle now that KoreScale is here. You can keep your KoreScale in the bathroom or in a common area so everyone in your family can use it.


KoreScale Tests

Of course, we want to make sure that we are going to provide you with nothing but an honest and accurate review, so we decided to test it out. We asked the help of some of our friends who works out to test out KoreScale for a month. This will ensure that they will see differences after a month.

After a month, we interviewed each one of them about their experience with KoreScale. We got positive feedback, especially that the device worked well for them. They started using it the day we distributed them and used it every single week. They noticed differences when it comes to their weight, BMI, bone mass, and how their physical age decreases every week because they are also losing weight.

They also loved the fact that they can monitor everything through their smartphones and smartwatches because of the app. The app is also easy to navigate because of its amazing features. Of course, at the end of each interview they wanted to keep the KoreScale and we, of course, let them keep it because we know that it inspired them workout and take care of their health more. With all this amazing feedback from them, it only goes to show how effective and beneficial using KoreScale is.

KoreScale Reviews

We also managed to research online about what other people are saying about KoreScale. We found nothing but great reviews about it not only because of its affordability but also because of how useful and beneficial it became since they started using it. It also inspired them to get in shape, especially now that they can monitor their progress and inspire them even more.

KoreScale Customer Reviews

I’ve always own a weighing scale, but I never upgraded it since most of the scales today are very expensive, until I came across KoreScale. This scale is not just a weighing scale, but as well as a measurement of your overall health. I love that it measures BMI and fat because it helps me know if my everyday workout is actually working for me! Good thing KoreScale is here for everyone who is looking for an affordable weighing scale. – Sam, 25

I first saw KoreScale on one of the sites that I often visit and I got curious because of how it measures weight, visceral fat, BMI, etc.! So I decided to purchase one and tried it out myself. I was amazed because I can even see the updates on my smartphone. Honestly, the KoreScale inspired me to workout more! – Grace, 29

What does the KoreScale smart scale do?

The KoreScale uses BIA (Bioelectrical impedance analysis) technology to track your health metrics as a guide for you to maintain a healthy fitness level, reach your personal goals, and stay on track even after a vacation with fatty foods and sugary drinks.

How does KoreScale compare to other smart scales?

I actually wasn’t too sure how I felt about this product at first. I thought maybe it was just a KoreScale scam. I’ve seen other smart scales with the same features, but most of them needed to be used with a watch tracker or something else that needed to be purchased separately. But I wasn’t looking for another tracker nor do I have it within my means to make another expensive purchase. Luckily, the KoreScale does not require anything extra.

Where To Buy KoreScale?

You can directly purchase on their official website. Currently, they are offering discounts when pouching one or more. The higher the quantity the higher the discount that they will give you. Paying is on the site itself, which is safe because of the SSL encryption.

buy now

Final Verdict

KoreScale biometric sensor gives a promising result as per its customers. The specifications provide complete detail, and this one is a must-buy for all fitness enthusiasts out there. We recommend this product to you all.


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