Life Heater Reviews 2024: Best Lifeheater Portable Heater

Personal heaters can quickly and cheaply warm up a room whenever the weather becomes chilly and the temperatures drop. They can also be valuable items to have on hand in an emergency. The Life Heater is a small one designed for use in small areas. The Life Heater is ultra-portable and inexpensive to operate.

Life Heater Reviews

The Life Heater is a sturdy, well-made, and efficient appliance. With up to 30 percent less energy, it is intended to rapidly heat any space from top to bottom in less than 2 minutes.

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What is a Life Heater?

With the cold winter weather coming through nearly every city in America, staying warm and protected from the oncoming storms couldn’t be more critical. Some people are increasing their heating and energy bills while they run their home or office heating system but running them can be pretty expensive. Plus, when it is run at its maximum capacity for too long, consumers are at a greater risk of breaking down and calling a repairer.

Staying warm during inclement weather shouldn’t matter whether someone can afford it. Heating should be affordable for everyone; thousands of consumers are using the Life Heater.

Life Heater Installation

The Life Heater Portable Heater comes with incredible heating advancements, offering a device that follows all the safety and efficiency standards consumers need. With fast heating and multiple safety features, consumers can keep the heater running for as long as they need to boost their heat. Plus, the sensors inside will keep the device from reaching dangerous temperatures.

The incredible savings are the most significant advantage of using a Life Heater instead of other options. The device is substantially cheaper to keep running than a pre-installed heating system, cutting costs up to 30%. It also ensures that users can have extra heat in whatever room they’re in, which means they won’t have to warm every unoccupied room in the house.

How does the Life Heater work?

What makes the Life Heater so appealing is its straightforward operation. This way, individuals with no tech knowledge can benefit from its functionality, as all it takes to use the Life Heater is plugging it into an outlet. The portable heating device begins heating using the controls on top to set the temperature and time and quickly heats up to a very cozy temperature. Consequently, the manufacturer advises placing the Life Heater anywhere you want additional heat and creating a warmer atmosphere.

What are the features of a Life Heater?

One thing that stands Life Heater out is its high efficiency explaining why it can save you money on energy bills. But this is just one of the plethora of features this gadget has. We’ll now look at them in more detail.

Life Heater Features
  • Efficient space heating: A heater that could save you as much as 30% on your energy bill is sure a big deal. Central heaters will run you dry and that’s not good news for anybody with a meagre income. Thanks to Life Heater, now you can enjoy staying warm in your room without having to break a bank. Life Heater has a power rating of 500W. It is able to efficiently generate heat owing to the revolutionary PTC technology which employs ceramic heating elements in place of wires.
  • InstaHeat Technology: Once plugged in, Life Heater starts to pump hot air into your room. It will take only 2 seconds for you to start feeling the effects of this heater. That’s like lightning! In wintertime, you want to warm up your room as fast as possible but regular space heaters won’t give you this. They take ages to heat up. This is why you need a Life Heater. The manufacturer says that it will take only 10 minutes or less for Life Heater to evenly distribute heat through a space of 250-feet-square area.
  • 180-degree rotating plug: There’s no hassle installing a Life Heater. Life Heater’s plug can rotate 180 degrees which ensures that the Heater fits into any three-prong outlet.
  • Built-in Timer & Adjustable Thermostat: Overheating is a problem with many heaters and, if care is not taken, heaters can burn down your house, causing more harm than good. Therefore, overheat protection is what you want to take seriously especially when you have kids around.
  • The built-in timer is one arm of Life Heater’s anti-accident protection. It allows you to set the heater to run only for a limited time and then turn off on its own. The lower limit is 1 hr and the upper limit is 12 hrs.

Again, Life Heater has an adjustable thermostat that carefully monitors the temperature of your room. When there’s a tendency to overheat, it turns off the Heater until the temperature falls again.

The built-in timer and adjustable thermostat are important for Life Heater’s anti-accident protection. Additionally, they help with reduced energy cost.

  • Digital LCD Display: At the top of the heater is an LCD screen which shows temperature in digital mode. Why is this important? The singular reason for this is precise temperature monitoring.
    With the digital display, you would tell exactly at what temperature Life Heater runs than if the values were displayed in analogue fashion.
  • Two fan speed modes: You want to rapidly heat up your bathroom so you can take a warm bath in winter. This is the time Life Heater needs to run at its high fan speed mode. In no time, everywhere will become warm and comfortable. Otherwise, the low fan speed mode is a better option for you.
    Having two fan speed modes in Life Heater allows for a better customization of the device which is amazingly great.
  • Sleek and Compact: Built sleek and stylishly, Life Heater is a gadget you would love to have in your room. Its color will also blend with the interior decor of your room.
    The Life Heater is compact unlike central heaters and most regular space heaters. You can easily move it about for room-to-room heating. You can also use a single heater in your room, a friend’s room, and in your office thanks to its portability.
  • Quiet operation: Light-sleepers are very choosy with space heaters and the reason is obvious. If you’ve got a space heater with a loud operation, your comfort will still be compromised even though you may keep warm.
    Thankfully, Life Heater isn’t only efficient but it is whisper-quiet as well. It runs at only less than 50dB at its highest fan speed. You can sleep comfortably, read your favorite books, or watch that interesting show you’ve always looked forward to without background noise from Life Heater that could ruin the experience.
  • Non-conductive plastic casing: Life Heater has an important anti-accident protection, the non-conductive plastic casing. It is made of an ABS plastic which does not heat up easily and which also has flame-retardant properties.
    Kids and pets could accidentally come in contact with the heater. If this happens your skin does not hurt or burn because of the special material casing of the Life Heater.

The non-conductive plastic casing also prevents damage to the heater following trauma which explains why you can use a Life Heater for years.

Life Heater portable heater Specifications

  • Product Name – Life Heater
  • Power Rating- 500W
  • Heating method- PTC technology
  • Body – Non-conductive, Flame Retardant ABS
  • Speed Setting – 2 Speed Settings
  • Areas Coverage – 250 Sq. Feet
  • Average heat-up time – 2 seconds

Life Heater Advantages

The Extended Air Distribution System: uses a powerful internal fan to push the heat outwards in a continuous airflow. As a result, the heated air is circulated throughout the room while remaining warm.

Upgraded Safety Mechanisms: The Life Heater includes overheating prevention mechanism for optimal safety . When it becomes too hot, the built-in detectors switch the Life Heater off, reducing the chances of injury.

Life Heater Benefits

Keep Warm & Cozy Everywhere: The Life Heater can warm a cold dorm room, add heat to a cold garage, and heat the office.
Ecologically clean: These personal and portable heaters are significantly more environmentally friendly because they don’t discharge harmful pollutants into the air.

As a result, you won’t need to be concerned about fuels, combustion, or odors.

  • The Life Heater reduces your electricity costs by up to 30% using a highly energy-efficient full-orbital oscillating heat system.
  • With the Life Heater, you can heat areas to 75 degrees within minutes of turning it on.
  • The Life Heater has a modern design.

Why do you need the Life Heater?

No one likes to be inside and still be cold. For those who want their apartment, office, or areas in the house to be a little warmer without breaking the bank and be able to reduce electricity bills, the Life Heater is a great option . People of all ages can utilize it to add additional warmth to any area it’s needed. The Life Heater will keep you warm and comfortable and can also be used by those who have tried other alternatives in the past but weren’t satisfied with them.

How to use the Life Heater

Life Heater is easy to install and use. Whether or not you are technologically savvy, you can use the heater without any issues.

Life Heater Installation

To use Life Heater, take the following simple steps:

  • Step 1: Unbox the package
  • Step 2: Locate the room where Life Heater will be installed. You have to take it to any room where you want to use it
  • Step 3: Find an outlet and Plug Life Heater
  • Step 4: Select the desired mode. With Life Heater, you have 2 fan speed modes. Select the one that appeals most to you at any given time.
  • Step 5: Enjoy the warmth and coziness of your room. In no time, Life Heater will blow hot air that will bring your room to ambient temperature.

Precautions with the use of Life Heater

Before you use this space heater be sure to read the instructions from the manufacturer and the warning labels thoroughly.

  • Always disconnect the power and keep the heater in a safe place when not in use.
  • Check the heater for broken connections or plugs that are loose prior to every use. If the heater is worn, frayed or damaged, don’t use the heater.
  • Space heater should be plugged directly into an outlet in the wall. Don’t use extension cords or power strips that could cause overheating and cause a fire.
  • A proper location for the heater is very crucial. The heater should be placed to a minimum of three feet from any object that could ignite such as clothing, papers and rugs.
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Life Heater reviews: Does it work at all?

Definitely. Life Heater works right out of the box. It needs no expertise to function. Anybody can operate the heater without any issues.

The PTC technology is central to the working of Life Heater. The Heater draws in air from outside through the bottom and circulates it over the ceramic heating elements. Subsequently, hot air is blown out from the heater to give you a toasty feeling round-the-clock.

Where can I install a Life Heater?

Life Heater is perfect for round-the-clock heating of your space. It uses much less energy than traditional heating systems, hence it is cheaper to maintain.

Anywhere you deep fit, you can install a Life Heater as long as there’s a provision for a wall socket into which the Heater has to be plugged.

You can install a Life Heater in the bathroom to quickly warm it up before having a warm bath. Life Heater is also perfect for your kids’ room, the Bedroom, and Living room.

You can also use a Life Heater in the dorm and outdoor areas like the Garage. Because it is portable and compact, the heater can be easily taken to work. Your office can be as cozy as you want once you have this device delivering heat.

Wherever you install a Life Heater, ensure that the hot air-ejecting face of the heater is facing the right way, which is usually away from the walls.

Should I purchase a Life Heater?

If you want to stay warm throughout winter without having to sell a fortune, you need the Life Heater. It is an efficient space heater that employs a trusted technology to deliver heat. Imagine saving as much as 30% on your energy bill!

Life Heater is a top-of-the-line gadget in its value range. There’s no risk of fire outbreak because of the multiple anti-accident protection of the device.

Being widely sold in many parts of Europe, what this can only mean is that Life Heater provides value for customers who use the device.

There is a current 50% discount on Life Heater. We are not sure how long this offer will remain up so you have to buy the product if you want to benefit from the discount.

Life Heater Pros & Cons

Life Heater Pros
  • It takes just 2 seconds to feel the effect of the heater
  • Distributes heat in an even manner.
  • Fast-heating PTC ceramic heat elements
  • 30-day return policy
  • A sleek, contemporary style
  • This product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Products that use less energy are more environmentally friendly.
  • Quiet Operation
  • Two-Gear fan speed Adjustment
Life Heater Cons
  • Product is only available for purchase online
  • Limited product availability
  • The heater is ineffective for large rooms

Life Heater consumer’s Reports

Caleb M. – Chicago, IL: This is the third space heater I’ve tried. All the other ones were either super loud or they got too hot to keep around my kids. The Heat Your Life is amazing! It’s so safe and it doesn’t make any noise. It’s great for nighttime.

Belinda K. – Ann Arbor, MI: The heater arrived really quickly! I was shocked at how small it was, but trust me – this thing works! It keeps the room sooo nice and warm.

Sarah W. – Worcester, MA: I usually plug in the heater in the outlet across the room while I’m studying. The whole room stays perfectly warm all day long, and I can focus a lot better on my work.

Purchase a Life Heater

Consumers can purchase the Life Heater from its official website. Furthermore, this guarantees you receive the authentic, premium product advertised on the official web page. The Life Heater is available at discounted prices. The company accepts major credit cards and PayPal for purchases. Life Heater prices are as follows:

  • 1 Life Heater $49.99
  • 2 Life Heaters $94.98
  • 3 Life Heaters $134.97

The company behind the Life Heater offers customers a 30-day guarantee on all purchases.

Where to Buy Life Heater

Life Heater is available only on the official website. You will have to choose the method of payment. Here, basic techniques like a credit card or Paypal are employed. After payment, the order will be activated, and you’ll get an email.

The provider is currently running a promo. You can get a Life Heater at 50% discount before the offer ends.

Life Heater FAQs

We’d like to briefly review some Life Heater information in this FAQ section to help you better understand what the Life Heater can offer. This also makes it easier for you to decide if the product matches your requirements.

How soon will customers receive their Life Heater?

Life Heater is dispatched ASAP, even though the supplier gives a turnaround time of several business days. The order status, which Life Heater sends through email once the order is placed, enables customers to receive shipping updates at all times.

Is Life Heater difficult to install?

Without a doubt, no! Life Heater usage is simple and necessitates a couple of simple steps. The heater is connected to a standard wall outlet and turned on; the device’s controls are easy to use and offer straightforward control.

How quickly will an area warm up?

Life Heater begins to quickly distribute heat and can heat a small area within a few minutes of taking it out of the box and plugging it in.

Life Heater Conclusion

Possessing one of the best space heaters is essential if your bedroom, living room, or other areas are prone to be chilly or your heated blanket isn’t doing the trick. The Life Heater is an ideal solution for saving money while keeping warm. Like movable air conditioning units, personal portable heaters enable one to set and sustain the optimal temperature in every area in which they are placed.

The official website for Life Heater shows a customer satisfaction rating of four stars out of five. Life Heaters can provide heat throughout the winter in areas that need additional warmth without heating unoccupied rooms in the home.

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