Migraine Stopper Reviews 2023: Best Device That Stops Migraines

Migraines can affect consumers for several reasons, though they often leave doctors with many questions. Based on what the scientific community understands about these headaches, they impact nerve signals, blood vessels, and chemicals in the brain, causing extreme pain.

Migraine Stopper is a device against headaches, which using non-invasive Neuromodulation therapies or also tDCS, will allow you to relieve migraines quickly and easily. Reviews from manufacturers and actual users agree that this device works really well.

Migraine Stopper Reviews

To learn how to use this device, you simply have to insert the device’s valve into your ear, like an earphone. Then gently press, and Migraine Stopper will apply positive and negative pressure on the trigeminal and vagus nerves, relieving pain in minutes.

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Thanks to non-invasive neuromodulation, it stimulates the vagus nerve, which acts on the spinal trigeminal nuclei and on the solitary tract. This means that both general and visceral sensitivity are relieved with Migraine Stopper. In addition to this, it does not present side effects except for a little redness in the ear in some users with sensitive skin.

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What is The Migraine Stopper?

The Migraine Stopper is a new portable device that uses a revolutionary drug-free technique to relieve even your most intense migraines — in just a few minutes.

To use it, you simply place the Migraine Stopper earbud in one ear, then gently squeeze the pump: In a matter of 5-15 minutes, you’ll enjoy quick, long-lasting relief from even the strongest migraines.

Migraine Stopper

In short, The Migraine Stopper is the dream solution I’d always hoped for. It’s compact enough to take with you anywhere… it’s completely safe and all-natural… it’s guaranteed to NEVER make your migraine worse… and it’s actually super easy to use.

Best of all, using The Migraine Stopper regularly also prevents migraines from happening in the first place. That means it’s helped relieve BOTH of the serious problems migraines cause me… it stops the pain and discomfort when I’m feeling it, but it ALSO reduces my anxiety and fear about future attacks.

It’s a complete solution… and that’s why I so confidently say it’s given me my life back!

My experience with The Migraine Stopper: It’s fast, easy, and above all… EFFECTIVE!
The first time I tried The Migraine Stopper at my doctor’s office, I was absolutely blown away. I had a mild migraine at the time, which meant some burning and discomfort on my right-side forehead (my “usual spot”).

I placed the earpiece in my right ear (you can use either ear, but they suggest starting with the side you feel pain). Then I started pumping… which I admit feels a bit strange at first, but you get used to it right away — after about 5 minutes, I forgot I was doing anything unusual.

After about 8 minutes, I noticed a massive difference. My aura went away, and the burning had completely disappeared. Even more exciting: This effect lasted the entire rest of my day. Look, I’ve had THOUSANDS of migraines. I know exactly how mine work. And this one should have gotten worse by that afternoon…

But this time, my migraine didn’t get worse. In fact, it actually… stopped. Instead of struggling all day and deep into the night, I had a normal day and slept like a baby. I was relieved — literally. But more than that, I was confused! “How the heck can a little bit of air in my ear have such a huge effect?!” I asked my doctor.

Key Features and benefits of the Migracorr Migraine Stopper

Migraine Stopper Features

Here are some of a few key features that make Migraine Stopper stand out among all the other migraine treatment methods;

It is 100% Natural

With Migraine Stopper, you will never experience any side effects or addiction. The device uses a natural technique proven to work effectively in treating migraines. The Migraine Stopper will also help reduce frequent visits to the doctor. It is a free-treatment solution that anybody can use to stop migraines.

It is Painless and Safe

Getting a safer treatment for your migraines can be daunting. The good news is that the Migraine Stopper allows you to enjoy your life again safely and painlessly.

Durable Materials

The Migracorr Migraine Stopper can last you for a long time if well-maintained. It uses durable materials that have been tested and approved to be safe. It is always crucial to follow instructions from the manufacturer to know how to store your Migraine Stopper to improve its longevity.

Patented Design

Migraine Stopper is the only device designed using the Dual Neuromodulation technique for fast migraine relief. Its simple design makes it easy for patients to handle and use the device efficiently. According to the official website, it took Adam Meredith 3 years of research and development to perfect the Migraine Stopper design. It was all worth it, as the device works like no other migraine stopper.

Some Others Benefits of Migraine Stopper

  1. Does not require batteries, works by mechanical pressure.
  2. Simple and practical to use, it does not require medical knowledge.
  3. If you have any hearing problems, consult your otolaryngologist beforehand.
  4. Effective in 99.99% of cases. Eliminate headaches in a few minutes.
  5. Comfortable case to carry anywhere. You can always have it at hand.
  6. Effective treatment of positive and negative neuromodulation.
  7. Any user can have a very slight redness of the ear part.
  8. If you want to relieve the headache effectively, this is the most recommended device.
  9. Do not use in children or the elderly without prior medical examination.
  10. If migraines persist, consult a specialist to find the origin of them.
  11. Some users of this product have also subsequently tried acupressure devices with different results.
  12. 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have 60 days to return without obligation
  13. Free delivery worldwide.

Migraine Stopper Main Advantages

Relieve Your Migraines In Minutes — Then Get Back To Your Life!

Migraines can take control of your life — and most existing treatments are either time-consuming, loaded with side effects, or downright useless.

With The Migraine Stopper, you could say goodbye to addictive painkillers and spending all day in the dark — because you finally have a convenient, easy, and effective way to treat your migraines on the spot. It only takes a few minutes to eliminate the pain and move on!

The Migraine Stopper doesn’t just stop migraines, it gives you your life back!

Relieves & Prevents Even The Toughest Migraines

Although Neuromodulation has been used to relieve migraines for decades, only The Migraine Stopper uses a patented migraine relief valve — which allows precise positive and negative air pressure to stimulate the trigeminal and vagus nerves.

This breakthrough “Dual Neuromodulation” technique helps migraine patients in two important ways:

Migraine Stopper Reviews
  1. When you’re in pain, The Migraine Stopper could end your migraine in minutes.
  2. Using The Migraine Stopper daily could prevent migraines from occuring in the first place.

Most importantly it is completely natural and safe!

The Revolutionary Device That Stops Migraines In Their Tracks

The Migracorr Migraine Stopper is a portable device that uses a powerful drug-free technique to relieve even your most intense migraines — in just a few minutes.

Forget painkillers… soothe your migraines quickly & naturally with The Migraine Stopper!


Not only do drugs have bad side effects, but you have to keep buying and refilling them. Migraine Stopper is the one-time purchase, no batteries required, safe and effective solution.


What’s better than getting rid of a migraine? Never having one in the first place! Using The Migraine Stopper daily could prevent attacks from happening entirely.


The Migraine Stopper was designed for portability along with effectiveness — it’s small enough to pack in your purse or bag, meaning relief will always be within your reach!

Why Use Migracorr Migraine Stopper?

Migraine Stopper Works Quickly

This device will help stop the pain in minutes when you have intense migraines. This is because of the Dual Neuromodulation technique it uses.

It Prevents Migraines from Happening

You do not have to postpone your work or holiday trips because of your intense migraines. With Migraine Stopper, you could completely prevent migraines from ever occurring. Using the device every day could help you achieve that quickly and effortlessly.

Migracorr Migraine Stopper Works

No Need for Prescription pills or a Doctor

If you have been relying on pills to stop your migraines, it’s time you stop using them, as you could be doing more harm than good to your body. The pills can cause dependency and other serious side effects, leading to more severe health conditions. With Migraine Stopper, you do not need refills or prescription pills to make it work.

It Is Portable and Compact

The Migraine Stopper is a portable and compact device. This makes it space-saving, meaning it can be carried whenever and wherever you go. It also means that you will never struggle with migraines if you have the Migraine Stopper beside you.

It Is Easy to Use and Maintain

You do not have to call a professional to use the Migracorr Migraine Stopper. The device is easy to use, and anybody can do it successfully. The good thing is that you do not need wires or batteries to make the device work. You only need to place the earpiece in your ears, press the pump and enjoy fast relief.

Quality Customer Service

Migracoor Migraine Stopper wants to ensure that all its customers are satisfied with its product. That is why they use real humans to answer your questions and address your complaints immediately. All their contact information is on the official website, and you can contact them anytime if you have any questions.

How Does Migracorr Migraine Stopper Works?

Simply place The Migraine Stopper in one ear (like an earbud) and gently squeeze the pump to enjoy quick, long-lasting relief from even the strongest migraines!

It sounds (and feels) like magic, but it’s actually due to a revolutionary technique called Dual Neuromodulation, which relieves your pain at the source — without using drugs. Each pump of air is designed to gently and precisely stimulate two key cranial nerves, which calm down the overactive part of the brain causing your migraine.

It’s never been easier — or safer — to relieve your migraines the moment they hit!

About the Dual Neuromodulation Technology

What makes the Migraine Stopper unique is the use of dual neuromodulation technology. Here’s how that technology works:

  • Neuromodulation is the activation of a specific nerve to help alleviate a symptom in a patient
  • The Migraine Stopper supplies a gentle and precise “push and pull” effect on your ear canal and ear drum as part of this dual neuromodulation technique
  • By moving the ear canal and eardrum in a certain way, the Migraine Stopper stimulates two specific cranial nerves, including the trigeminal nerve and the vagus nerve
  • By stimulating both of these nerves at the same time, the Migraine Stopper may use neuromodulation to calm down the overactive part of the brain involved in the migraine

Because of these effects, the Migraine Stopper aims to stop the migraine at the source without side effects, helping you enjoy long lasting relief.

How to Use Migraine Stopper

To get relief, start by placing the Migraine Stopper in one ear. The top of the device looks just like an earbud, and it is meant to fit inside most people’s ears. Squeeze the pump to stimulate the nerves that need relief.

How to Use Migracorr Migraine Stopper

While the website doesn’t offer much detail on how this device sounds or feels, users will get pain relief from the pressure mentioned above and release it. Using this device, users won’t need to pop another pill to get rid of their migraine, even if the headache results from premenstrual syndrome.

Why is The Migraine Stopper so effective at naturally stopping headaches?

Apparently, the secret to The Migraine Stopper is something called Neuromodulation.

Neuromodulation provides gentle but precise air pressure into your ear drum, which gently stimulates specific nerves in your brain, helping them calm down naturally.

The technique has been used to effectively relieve migraines — and even cluster headaches, an extreme form of migraine — since the 1960s.1 However, it never became popular for two reasons:

  1. The classic Neuromodulation technique wasn’t always effective for everyone; and
  2. Using Neuromodulation only requires buying a device once — as opposed to pills, which need to be refilled and are thus much more profitable for pharmaceutical companies.

As such, Neuromodulation was kept obscure for years. But The Migraine Stopper has changed everything — because it takes Neuromodulation one step further, providing something called Dual Neuromodulation.

Migraine Stopper Features

Instead of stimulating a single cranial nerve, the Migraine Stopper uses a patented migraine relief valve to stimulate both the trigeminal nerve and the vagus nerve.

This Dual Neuromodulation technique makes the Migraine Stopper FAR more effective at relieving pain… for a much broader range of migraine sufferers (including me!).

The result is a powerful, portable, reusable, fast-acting treatment for migraine and cluster headache symptoms… that uses no drugs at all. Isn’t modern technology great?!

Migraine Stopper Pros & Cons

Migraine Stopper Pros
  • Non-invasive device for migraine relief
  • Prevent migraine attacks
  • Patented design
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Made in Australia
Migraine Stopper Cons
  • Available on the official website only
  • Free shipping on bulk orders
  • Do not use it if you have ear pain

Scientific Evidence for the Migraine Stopper

The Migracorr Migraine Stopper is backed by an 18 month clinical trial proving it works. The device has also received a patent to verify its uniqueness.

During the 18 month Migraine Stopper clinical trial, there were no reported adverse side effects from using the Migraine Stopper. The device was repeatedly proven to be safe and effective. Plus, the device’s patented “migraine relief valve” increased the safety of the valve by helping to ensure the right level of air was pulsing each and every time it was used.

To understand how the Migraine Stopper works, it helps to understand the dual neuromodulation technology and the two targeted nerves.

Neuromodulation refers to a treatment targeting a specific nerve. Dual neuromodulation refers to a treatment targeting two nerves. With the Migracorr Migraine Stopper, the device is targeting the trigeminal nerve and the vagus nerve, two nerves linked to migraine pain and relief:

Trigeminal Nerve (5th Cranial Nerve): The trigeminal nerve is the largest cranial nerve. It’s also known as the “Great Sensory Nerve of the Head.” It connects directly to the brain stem at the trigeminal nucleus, and branches of the nerve supply the ear canal and eardrum. The Migraine Stopper uses precise air pressure to target this nerve, helping to relay new information to the trigeminal nucleus and calming down the overactivity of this nucleus that caused your migraine pain in the first place.

Vagus Nerve (10th Cranial Nerve): The Migraine Stopper also targets the vagus nerve, which is the longest cranial nerve in your body. This nerve travels from your brain stem down to your abdomen, and it is linked to nerve function in your heart, lung, liver, and pancreas. The vagus nerve also supplies the ear canal and eardrum. And, because it’s a major parasympathetic nerve, it controls certain healing functions and digestive functions of your body, inflammation, and more. Because of all of these responses, therapies that affect the vagus nerve can have noticeable impacts throughout your body.

Overall, the Migracorr Migraine Stopper is a science-backed device designed to stop migraines at the source while providing short-term and long-term relief from migraine pain.

Migraine Stopper Customer Reviews

Chris T.‎:- Nothing else I’ve ever tried ever really stopped a Migraine, Migraine Stopper not only stops the Migraine but reverses it till I have a completely clear head. Even helped reduce the pain of a Sinus Headache today. If you’re truly a Migraine sufferer, you know it’s not just the pain, it’s the fact that a Migraine shuts you down. Migraine Stopper simply takes it all away in a matter of seconds and I continue to improve for hours afterwards. If the Migraine comes back, just do it again, works every time. I’d recommend Migraine Stopper to anyone. Thank you for giving me true Migraine relief for the first time in my life.

Kara R.‎:– The thought of this product being able to stop a migraine that paracetamol or ibuprofen couldn’t, seemed like [a] joke! But my friend recommended I try it and it was the best purchase I’ve made. I get migraines at least once a month and have tried everything to stop them, now I finally don’t have to live in fear of migraines. Thanks Dr Adam!!

Maureen B.‎:- I’ve never written a testimonial for any product before this but I just HAD to! I bought it for my daughter, who over the last 8 – 10 weeks has had debilitating migraines. [She] came over on Friday night after work (already with a migraine). She used [The Migraine Stopper] for 8 cycles and it “turned the migraine off”. I can’t tell you how thrilled we are! A product that works!
She sent me a text this afternoon to say she hadn’t taken any pain medication at all today!!! How can we shout this from the rooftops? So many people suffer from debilitating Migraines. Your product is a life saver!

Mel L.‎:– I’ve been using this product for 2 months. I’ve been using it as a preventative measure and also have treated one migraine with it. As soon as I used the product on the migraine, it turned off and I did not have any after effects such as a migraine hangover, etc. I am absolutely amazed that such a product exists and that it has been able to help me with my migraines. Thank you Dr Adam.

Purchasing Migraine Stopper: Migraine Stopper Pricing

Visit the official website to order one or more Migraine Stoppers. The website has multiple packages that users can choose from, ensuring that they have enough Migraine Stoppers for the whole household.

Choose from:

  • 1 Migraine Stopper for $49.99
  • 3 Migraine Stoppers for $99.98
  • 5 Migraine Stoppers for $149.97

All of the Migraine Stoppers come with a carrying case, helping to keep the device protected and sterile between uses.

If the user finds that this device doesn’t stop migraines in their tracks, they can get a refund within 90 days.

FAQs About Migraine Stopper

How does The Migraine Stopper relieve headaches so quickly?

The Migraine Stopper uses Neuromodulation, a technique that has been shown to relieve migraine pain in clinical tests.
Neuromodulation is the activation of a specific nerve to help alleviate a symptom in a patient. The Migraine Stopper supplies a gentle and precise “push and pull” effect on the ear canal and ear drum. Moving the ear canal and ear drum in this way may cause stimulation of two specific cranial nerves — the trigeminal nerve and the vagus nerve.
Research shows that stimulation of the trigeminal nerve and stimulation of the Vagus nerve may have a neuromodulation effect of calming down the overactive part of the brain involved in migraine.

Is The Migraine Stopper safe to use?

Yes! During the 18 month clinical trial, there were no reported adverse side effects from using the Migraine Stopper.
The patented “migraine relief valve” increases the safety of the device, and helps to ensure the correct level of air pulsing each and every time it is used.
Note: If you are experiencing ear pain, we do not recommend using The Migraine Stopper without consulting your healthcare provider first.

Will using it be painful?

No, not at all! When used properly, the Migraine Stopper should never cause pain or discomfort. The sensation in the ear can feel unusual for some people, but should not be painful.
If you experience any discomfort while using the device, please stop and see your healthcare provider.

How long will it take until I feel better?

It won’t be long! As with most therapies, results will vary from person to person. In our experience, most people find relief from their migraines in 5-15 minutes. We recommend using The Migraine Stopper for as long as needed until you find relief.

If I have ear pain, can I use Migraine Stopper?

No. We do not recommend using the Migraine Stopper if you have ear pain or ear damage, and recommend that you speak to your healthcare provider before using the device.

How big is it exactly?

For something so powerful, it’s quite compact! The Migraine Stopper weighs in at just 6.7 oz (about the weight of an orange) and is 8.85″ x 4.33″ x 1.96″, making it similar in size to a banana.

How often can I use it?

The Migraine Stopper can be used indefinitely, and is safe to use as often as you like. In fact, we recommend using it regularly to help prevent migraines from occurring

Is it safe for children?

The Migraine Stopper was clinically tested on adults. For use with children please consult with your doctor.

When can I expect my order?

FAST! We ship all orders within 24-48 hours of receiving them! On average our product is delivered within 3-5 business days in the United States. International shipping times will vary depending on country/customs etc.

Will I have to pay any additional customs, duties or VAT fees when I receive my order?

Depending on your country, it is possible that you will be charged one or more of these fees when you receive your order.
Please note that all international orders are charged in US dollars. International charges are based on the standard exchange rates between your currency and the US dollar at the time of purchase or refund.

Will you notify me by email when my order has shipped?

Yes, we will send an invoice by email when your order has been placed and another when your order has been shipped.
If you can not find our emails in your normal inbox, it is worth checking in your spam or junk mail folder.

Where can you buy Migraine Stopper?

Migraine Stopper is available online, you can buy Migraine Stopper from its official store. You just have to place the order and you will receive Migraine Stopper at home with totally free shipping . Take advantage of the launch offer they currently have and enjoy a 50% discount.

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