Mindinsole Review 2021 – Is Mindinsole A Scam Or Legit?

If you suffer from sore feet, or if your feet are exhausted at the day, you’ve probably searched for relief. Well, look no further. MindInSole is an insole that you can cut to size and use in the shoes you already own. Not only is it convenient, but it is full of benefits for your feet. Are these insoles really good for back pain, aching feet, improved circulation and a overall boost in energy levels. Sounds good on paper, but are these acupuncture soles really worth your money? Read all about it in our Mindinsole review below.

Whether you’re a runner or you have an office job, your feet take a lot of damage every day. If you don’t take precautions, the shock from your footstrike could strain your joints or inflame your muscles. Over time, it could even damage your spine. This is where MindInSole can come in handy. The company designed it with ancient wisdom in mind but using modern technology. The MindInSole not only adds cushioning but even works to ease the pressure on your joints when you move.

MindInsole Review

These insoles aren’t just to help with stress and pain. For many people, they promote better blood circulation, boost energy levels, and provide extra comfort. It doesn’t matter if they’re going to be standing still or moving all day.

What is MindInSole?

Mindinsole is designed to treat your feet the same way that acupuncture does. Some people didn’t have the best results, but many did feel more energized and definitely experienced improved circulation in their feet as a result of using these insoles. Mindinsole insoles will help relieve muscle soreness and stress on your feet. Wear them during everyday activity in any shoe. The insoles are one size fits all and can be trimmed to fit any style of shoe.

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What are the Features of MindInSole?

  • Mindinsole can be trimmed to work in all types of shoes including sandals and boots
  • They are lightweight, and therefore they will not add extra weight to your feet
  • They have an airflow design that keeps your feet cool and prevents them from sweating
  • MindInsole also reduce sores on your feet and also prevent general wear and tear on your feet
  • The magnets in the insoles increase circulation thereby making you more energetic
  • The insoles help to relieve pain and body pains. This improves your overall body health making you healthier and happier
  • Mindinsole are easy to clean in lukewarm water and mild dish soap
  • Eight cooling magnets. These produce gentle magnetic waves with natural magnetic fields and cooling, soft, and smooth stones. These help to keep your feet cool and relaxed
  • 12 large acupoints that support your foot’s arch and body’s core
  • They feature 120 medium acupoints that stimulate reflexes
  • The Mindinsole also features 270 small acupoints that promote nutrients for increased blood flow.
  • The eight magnets are strategically placed to relieve pain when on the key reflex points
  • They have an airflow design and moist absorption technology that absorb moisture and aerate the foot to keep it fresh and dry
  • The Mindinsole insole comes in a one size fits all design
  • The insoles have eight large massaging pieces each

How Does MindInsole Work?

Mindinsole insoles are designed to fit any shoe, both men and women sizes. This is because they feature an easy to trim material and have a trimmable pre-marked guideline. The insoles can also be transferred between shoes. This, however, may not provide a precision fit in every instance.

After you put them on, the Mindinsole will start working right away. The acupressure massage works to bring harmony and balance to your body. The Mindinsole Company has infused the tradition of ancient medicines with scientifically proven new technologies. On each foot, Mindinsole has more than 400 raised nodules in different sizes. These nodules are the ones that are referred to as acupoints. There are:

  • 12 large acupoints for the foot’s arch
  • 120 medium acupoints that provide general massage and soothing
  • 270 micro acupoints that work to increase circulation

The term “acupoints” has been used to refer to specific chosen sites of acupuncture manipulation and the basis of studying acupuncture mechanisms. It is also used to refer to acupressure which is a form of Chinese traditional medicine. The medicine aims to stimulate the body’s energy fields using pressure points. In traditional medicine, the professional will insert needles into each pressure point in your body. The acupuncture will help you feel healthier and reduce stress.


Benefits of wearing Mindinsole inserts

Before you can decide to buy a Mindinsole insert, it is good that you find out how it is going to benefit you. To make your work easier, we went ahead and sampled some of the Mindinsole reviews. This gives a feel of how other users have benefited and what they have to say. From the mindinsole reviews, we compiled the following list of benefits:

  • Alleviate pain – As we saw earlier, one of the things that disturb people who wear shoes for a long time is soreness. The soreness may translate to pain in the feet, then the legs, and ultimately the back. This may leave one feeling down and unwilling to step out.The Mindinsole helps you to alleviate this pain. This is made possible by the acupoints on the insole that help to relieve and prevent pain on your legs and back.
  • Reduce stress – When you take a few steps on the insoles, you start feeling more relaxed and less stressed. The Mindinsole gentle massage and acupressure makes you feel comfortable all through the day.
  • Boost overall energy – Maybe you are feeling a little tired and exhausted. You feel like you want to spend the rest of your day sleeping away from your exhaustion. You do not have to worry anymore. Slip in Mindinsole into your shoes to boost your energy with magnet therapy and stimulation. You will then feel energetic enough to face the rest of your day with vigor.

Mindinsole has a simple design that has a lot more going that you cannot see. Apart from the pain relief and comfort, the insoles can help you restore your body to a more balanced state. When you are balanced, and your feet are correctly supported, you can enjoy many more impressive benefits. These include less back pain, stronger muscles, fewer toxins, and feet that will not be sore at the end of a busy day.

Will Mindinsole Help You to Lose Weight?

We came across the question of weight loss when we were researching Mindinsole insoles reviews. Many people were wondering if they could use these insoles to help them shed some pounds. It may seem like an odd question, but then again, people are always on the lookout these days for easy and simple ways to lose some weight. The weight loss industry is massive, bringing in billions every year, so there are a lot of products out there that claim to be able to help with weight loss. How many of them actually work, though? That’s a question more people should be asking because there are scams galore with these so-called weight loss products that are sitting on store shelves.

How to Cut Mind Insole Shoe Inserts?

One of the best features of Mindinsole is that it comes in one size fits all. You can, therefore, trim it to fit into any shoe size. Cutting the insole is not complicated as you only need a pair of scissors, a craft paper, and a pen. The following steps will guide you on cutting the insole:

  • Step 1 and 2: Start by removing your current insoles from your shoes. You can then put your existing insoles on top of the new ones. Use a pen to trace the outline of the existing insole
  • Step 3: use the scissors to cut your new insole around the edges. If the template size was the correct one, you should get an insole that perfectly fits your shoe.
  • Step 4 : the insole should slide easily into the shoe and fit perfectly.

Mindinsole Review: Treat Your Feet

Whether you spend hours on your feet every day or work out a lot, you know that you put your feet through the wringer. Even if you wear the right shoes, you might feel aches and pains that worsen and suffer from bunions and other common problems. The minds behind Mindinsole wanted to create inserts that would reduce foot pain along the arches, balls and toes. They came up with new inserts that slide right into your feet and perform acupuncture with each step that you take. If you want to know the insoles work and whether you could benefit from a pair, we highly recommend reading through our entire Mindinsole review.

Named for MindInSole, these insoles use the idea that every part of the human body is connected. The pain and discomfort that you feel in your feet can lead to leg and hip pain, which can then impact your back and shoulders. Even if you tried inserts before and didn’t find any relief, you may want to invest in a pair of these. They use magnets that keep your feet cool and a combination of ridges and bumps that roll along the soles of your feet as you walk. By the end of this Mindinsole review, you’ll understand why thousands of customers love these insoles.

How Do the Insoles Work?

The main reason these insoles work is that they feature a combination of magnets and acupuncture points. When you make an appointment for acupuncture, the professional will use sterile needles and insert one into each pressure point on your body or an area of your body. Acupuncture can help you reduce stress, battle certain medical conditions and feel healthier. These inserts work in the same way. Each one features a combination of points that the manufacturer calls acupoints. Those points apply a small amount of pressure to the right spots on your foot. You may find that you feel less stressed as soon as you take a few steps and that you feel even better as you walk around.

While similar inserts use just one type of acupoint, this pair uses three. You’ll find both micro and medium acupoints as well as 12 larger ones. Each one targets a different stress or pressure point in your foot. Each insole also features eight cooling magnets. Those magnets pull some of the heat away from your feet to keep your soles from sweating. We like that these magnets can keep you from overheating in the middle of a long day too.

Is Mindinsole Legit? Cons to Consider

As you read through the pros of Mindinsole inserts, you might feel as if they are too good to be true. The truth is that there are some major issues associated with these insoles that you should consider. One of the largest issues is that you may have a hard time getting your money back later. Whether you buy from Amazon or the Mindinsole website, you can only request a full refund if the inserts are in new or like new condition. If you already tried them out and cut them to fit your shoes, the manufacturer will not give you a refund.

Some Mindinsole insoles reviews claimed that the product worsened their foot problems. Those who suffer from nerve damage caused by diabetes or other medical conditions should avoid these insoles. The lack of sensation you feel in your feet can lead to the insoles leaving behind rough spots on your feet or wearing off the skin on your soles. Even if you wear thick socks, the insoles can still cause some significant damage to your feet.

Mindinsole Price

It’s the price is a bit higher when compared to all of its other competitors. But like it has been said already, Mindinsole is one of its kind. No other products can match the natural ability to work on this product. It’s the price is high but you will find that it’s completely worth it.

There are so many benefits of the product apart from what just the eyes can see. The product gives you tons of medical health benefits that internally make you healthier and better just by altering the working of your feet.

Where to Buy Mindinsole?

You can purchase your pair of insole from the Mindinsole official website. You also get the opportunity to see other Mindinsole products on the site. These include reflexology rings, compression socks and bracelets. Mindinsole can also be purchased on Amazon and some customers rather buy them there.


As so many people question the validity of the Mindinsole inserts and whether they can actually do everything the manufacturer claims, we wanted to create a Mindinsole review that focused on more than just the top reasons to invest in a pair. In our section on the cons of the product, we included all the reasons you might want to spend your money on other inserts. Most readers find that the pros outweigh all those issues though.

The Mindinsole inserts offer a number of health benefits. A simple pair can improve your circulation, keep your feet from sweating, give you the energy to get through a long day and even help you lose weight. We hope that our Mindinsole review provided you with all the resources and information that you needed to buy a pair for your own shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions About MindInsole

Do MindInsole inserts really work?

The manufacturers of Mindinsole created inserts that work like acupuncture on the soles of your feet. Magnets inside these insoles soothe your feet and can make you feel better about yourself. With just one pair inside your shoes, you can improve your circulation and have more energy.

What are MindInsole insoles?

MindInsole is a scientifically designed insole that promises to use more than 400 massage points on each foot, including strategically placed magnets, to help cool and soothe, boost endurance, and relieve overall body pain.

Do MindInsole insoles really work?

Magnetic shoe insoles did not effectively relieve foot pain among patients in a study, researchers report in the current issue of Mayo Clinic Proceedings. And the results indicate that patients who strongly believed in magnets had pain relief even if they were given false magnets to wear.

Do insoles help foot pain?

Inserts fit into your shoes. But they’re not custom-made for your feet. They can also help with foot pain caused by medical conditions such as diabetes, plantar fasciitis, bursitis, and arthritis. Orthotics might even help you avoid surgery to fix flat feet.

What do magnetic insoles do?

Claims for the medical benefits wrought by magnetic insoles include increased blood flow and oxygen levels to the magnetized area, aligning of cells in the magnetic field, revved-up nerve activity, and even a change in the acidity of the magnetized body fluids.

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