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Moksha Beam Review

Anxiety is a psychological disorder that should not just be labeled as usual, and this is caused by several factors influenced by the fear or worry about something that will happen. Most people who suffer anxiety attacks can attest that this condition can limit your performance and alter your mental health. It is known that anxiety is a condition that has no treatment, the only way to handle it is to control it most effectively, and this is why you need a Moksha Beam Anxiety Necklace. This necklace is epically designed to help you coordinate your breathing movements, greatly influenced when experiencing an anxiety attack. More details on how to acquire the Moksha Beam Anxiety Necklace and its application are provided below.

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What is the Moksha Beam Anxiety Necklace?

Moksha Beam

The Moksha Beam is an anxiety necklace plus whistle designed to optimize the benefits of deep breathing, thus, reducing anxiety and stress. The concept of deep breathing has been scientifically proven to be helpful because of the alternation between a rising and slowly dropping heart rate. By repeating inhalation and exhalation, the heart rate will eventually align with one’s breathing, ultimately, liberating consumers from feelings of panic and distress. To see that the Moksha team managed to employ the fundamentals of deep breathing in what seems to be a whistle certainly piqued our curiosity. Now that we’ve introduced the anxiety necklace, the next course of action is to review the Moksha Beam mechanism.

How does the Moksha Beam work?

The Moksha Beam team insists that anxiety is triggered by a conscious/subconscious set of stress factors that enhance fear to take form within the body. As a result, individuals are left to cycle between mental and physiological changes that seem everlasting. Once again, there are coping mechanisms that may help to break the cycle, however choosing to use them rests from within.

Moksha Beam Works

Based on the description provided, the Moksha Beam permits users to alleviate feelings of anxiousness before it becomes an issue of the mind. In other words, it acts as a preventative tool and remedy that reminds consumers of the power they have. How so? This is where its design comes into effect, as each whistle houses a two-flow airway that assists mindfulness breathing.

Matter-of-factly, this tool can be used along with belly breathing, guided breathing meditation and panic attack breathing techniques to say the least. To put things into a better perspective, the same full blown-out panic mode that most of us enter upon elevated stress levels, racing mind, a pounding heart, and a body in fear of a life threat will seldomly appear for us to re-enter. If the aforesaid signs take form, rather than caving in, the Moksha Beam is believed to help individuals resist it all.

What features does the Moksha Beam have?

Besides the clear evidence that the Moksha Beam is for deep breathing and mindfulness, our editorial team felt reassured when we found out that healthcare professionals also support its uses. For instance, licensed pediatric hospitalist, Dr. Sachin Shah shared the following regarding Moksha Beam:

Moksha Beam Anxiety Necklace

“To stop [anxiety], you need to get your mind to think about other things or to reverse that adrenaline surge and that’s where I think Moksha’s Beam can be helpful […] You pick it up, you put it in your mouth, and you breathe. Immediately this focuses your mind on your breathing and can help distract you from the other things that might be causing your anxiety […] The Beam is designed to force you to exhale more slowly, so that’s one more thing you don’t have to think about […] you’re also increasing your airway resistance which applies more pressure to your vagus nerve and activates your parasympathetic nervous system.”

Besides the above mentioned, individuals may find comfort in features such as the Moksha Beam’s:

Simple Yet Purposefully Built

As maintained by Dr. Shah, the Moksha Beam is simple yet assists with the process of overcoming one of the biggest threats that our mind and body may be faced with. Panic attacks can have an overpowering effect, and it is natural for anyone to forget coping mechanisms. Thankfully, the Moksha Beam serves as a constant reminder that we must embark on mindfulness to feel good again.

All-Natural & Drug-Free

Clearly, the Moksha Beam neither requires a prescription nor includes any sort of drug. Its whistle-like design makes it one of the most all-natural solutions available on the market. The makers avow that this is the way to go, as individuals need not fear of undesired side effects, all while reaping high energy, focus and mental clarity.


Since the Moksha Beam can be easily disguised around the neck, so that no one will suspect a thing. Moreover, upon blowing into it, no noise will be exerted, allowing one to fully concentrate on their breathing. Lastly, people likely to be concerned by judging eyes can freely tend to their mind and body.

Durability & Safe to Use

Moksha Beam Advantages

The Moksha Beam appears to be made using 316-grade stainless steel, which has been touted for its superior integrity. The team claims that it can hold up under a lot of pressure (i.e., even when exposed to elevated temperatures), while being completely corrosion resistant. Furthermore, this material is said to possess better resistance over chemicals and chlorides. Together, these facets make Beam quite durable. As for safety, this nickel-free device can be employed by most people.

Access to the Moksha App

The Moksha App provides access to thousands of breathing exercises upon purchasing the Beam. Why not master deep breathing by capturing baseline, and assessing patterns on a daily and weekly manner, right? This not only guarantees gradual improvement, but with time, individuals are likely to react effectively to an anxiety attack.

Benefits of the Moksha Beam Anxiety Necklace

Prevents anxiety attack

Suffering anxiety attacks is not something you would experience, especially when at work or delivering something. It ruins your confidence and even makes you less of yourself. I am sure that this is not something you would like to encounter with your employer and other associate business partners. After identifying that you are about to suffer an anxiety attack, the gadget helps you quickly breathe in, whereby the air inhaled helps relax the mind. Letting out the air through the Moksha Beam Anxiety Necklace helps regulate breathing, keeping you calm.

Easy breathing application

One of the best things about using the Moksha Beam Anxiety Necklace is that you feel safe, and rest assured that you have the gadget to rely on. Wearing the anxiety necklace on your neck helps to remind you easier that you should take a deep breath and exhale the air out of the beam. This is the only way to fight anxiety because you get to monitor your breath most easily successfully.

Develop healthy psychological practices

There are several things and people that we interact with every day, and this may make us aft times feel worked up, and the last thing you want to experience is feeling anxious. Taking deep breaths has several health benefits; therefore, it keeps you safe from chronic diseases caused by fear and worry when practiced regularly. Having this gadget keeps you reminded that you need to be at your best when it comes to thought and handling your emotions. People who have used this anxiety necklace can attest that it has helped them improve positively.

Moksha Beam Works

It does not involve any form of medical treatment.

If you are used to rushing to take drugs after experiencing anxiety attacks, this will be stopped by getting yourself a Moksha Beam Anxiety Necklace. The gadget involves everyday practices, only breathing; it saves you from medical appointments and taking drugs that fail to help your body. The widget does not require renewal; you can use a single Moksha Beam Anxiety Necklace for as long as you want. The device is light and can be easily hung on the neck, therefore, making it convenient for use.

Medical experts approve it.

The Moksha Beam Anxiety Necklace resembles an ornament; therefore, it helps the patient recover from anxiety attacks without any form of discrimination. Doctors and other health experts have highly recommended using this necklace for use by anyone who might be interested.

Who Can Use Moksha Beam?

Anyone who suffers from stress, high blood pressure, anxiety, or similar conditions can use Moksha Beam. It is safe for seniors, pregnant women, teens, adults, and even school-aged children. Moksha Beam helps to regulate breathing through its unique design and dual airflow passage build. If a person can breathe unassisted or use a whistle, they can use Moksha Beam. The great thing about Moksha Beam is that it can also be used with other stress-relief methods such as belly breathing, meditation, or guided breathing. It may be effective in as little as five breaths, which makes it more effective than other, more invasive treatments.

Moksha Beam

Is the Moksha Beam Anxiety Necklace for you?

The Moksha Beam Anxiety Necklace is a safe gadget for anyone of any age and gender, and it has no limiting factors. If you have identified a problem handling anxiety attacks, purchase the Moksha Beam Anxiety Necklace and enjoy regulating your anxiety most safely and quickly.

How to use the Moksha Beam?

Individuals are encouraged to breathe in deeply through the nose, and exhale deeply through the Moksha Beam, holding for four seconds at each step. Before repeating the process, another four seconds break must be taken.

How much does Moksha Beam cost?

The Moksha Beam is currently offered at three distinct price points on the official website. These have been established to motivate consumers to place multiple orders:

Moksha Beam Anxiety Necklace Order Now

The Moksha Story

The Moksha Beam anxiety necklace was created by two friends and co-founders, Yash Ghanekar and Jaymin Shah, both of whom have suffered from stress and anxiety in their everyday life. In 2019, this duo decided to go backpacking through the countryside and crossed paths with a group of flute-playing monks. It was during this very encounter where the duo found out that flute-playing was essential for monks to remain calm. How? It transpired that the slow exhales and deeper breathing of playing the flute facilitated the journey to peak meditation and Zen. After trying it for themselves, the duo decided to perfect the acquired technique into a wearable, sleek and straightforward design, and hence, we have the Moksha Beam!

Final Verdict

Based on the analysis above, it should be clear that inside the Moksha Beam tool rests the essentials for mastering deep breathing techniques poised to ease individuals right out of anxiety and stress. With time, one will be trained to assess the signs and act accordingly, rather than letting the condition override the mind and body. Our editorial team was fascinated by what two friends were able to achieve, especially knowing that they were motivated based on their personal experiences. Consequently, they’ve managed to create a device that discreetly helps on an individualistic basis, all while masking societal judgment.

This is not to say that anxiety is shameful, instead, the Moksha Beam is a way for people to come to terms with their condition, as it is the first step to healing. In the spirit of mindfulness, and bodily comfort coupled with the Moksha Beam features, we believe this tool is a prized investment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Moksha Beam

Who created Moksha Beam?

Moksha Beam was created by childhood friends Jaymin and Yash. They created the device after meeting monks who played the flute while hiking in the wilderness.

Does Moksha Beam come in other colors?

The Moksha Beam pendant is available in three colors; Rose gold, shiny silver, and space gray.

Where is Moksha Beam manufactured?

All Moksha Beam pendants are both designed and developed in the USA. As such, local jobs are created and shipping is quick to most locations.

What if I don’t like my product?

We are certain that you will benefit from the use of our Moksha Beam pendant, however, if it doesn’t work for you, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Can I use Moksha Beam if I take medication?

Yes! Moksha beam helps users to regulate their breathing, as such, there is no chance of interaction with any form of prescribed medication. Moksha beam 100% safe and natural!

Who is the Moksha Beam suitable for?

The Moksha Beam is suitable for people of all ages because it is completely natural. That said, people who are currently on a medicinal treatment must treat Beam as merely an extra support system unless suggested otherwise by a health professional.

What are the dimensions of the Moksha Beam?

The length of the Moksha Beam is 2” with an opening diameter of 0.24”.

Is the Moksha Beam durable?

Yes, the Moksha Beam is advertised as being durable because it is made using 316-grade polished stainless steel.

How is the Moksha Beam superior to tubes or other means of performing deep breathing?

Random products designed to look like the Moksha Beam might not suffice because they do not have the ideal amount of resistance as found inside this tool. Without proper pressure levels, proper exhalation cannot be attained. Then there’s the wearable nature of the Moksha Beam, can anyone say the same about a tube, straw, or other device?

How long should the Moksha Beam be used for?

On average, the Moksha Beam should take anywhere between one to two minutes to induce calmness. Bear in mind that this tool is meant to serve over the long run, as anxiety attacks do not disappear with just a couple of uses. The idea is to have a device like Moksha Beam to serve as a constant reminder that deep breathing is a friend and not a foe.

What is the best way to clean the Moksha Beam?

To wipe the Moksha Beam of debris, individuals are asked to use a soft nylon brush. Once completed, the inside must be washed with mild soap until the water runs clear through it. Finally, a soft cloth must be used to dry the device.

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