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NicoBloc Reviews 2022: Does It Really Help Against Smoking?

By now we all know how bad smoking is for your health. Regardless of knowing the risks, actually giving up the habit brings its own challenges. If you are tired of yo-yoing between kicking the habit and relapsing, it is time to try something that works. Nicotine patches can only help so much, and they are not for everyone, but with NicoBlock you may finally put down cigarettes for good.


What is NicoBloc?

NicoBloc® is a fluid formulated to potentially barricade nicotine and tar from passing into the body while smoking. Meant to be applied directly onto a cigarette filter, this strategy is deemed the “better way to quit smoking”, as it has been shown to block up to 99% of tar and nicotine. Simply put, the risk of dependence because of the previously mentioned duo might dramatically decrease. Undoubtedly, quitting completely is no small feat, but with a solution like NicoBloc®, the journey can be expedited. Eventually, individuals will have reached a point in their life where they are certain to neglect cigarettes and other products high in nicotine and tar at their own volition.

Nicobloc Review

What captured our editorial team’s attention is accessibility. Precisely, NicoBloc® has attained global clearance as a general sale and over-the-counter product. Thus, anyone can purchase it, not to forget the support it has from clinical studies. Truthfully, we were also fascinated by the team’s efforts, as their solution appears to put nicotine patches to shame! Nevertheless, we believe that for everyone to take full advantage of NicoBloc®, its mechanism must be understood right down to the finest of details.

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How Does NicoBlock Work?

Unlike most products that deliver a small amount of nicotine into the bloodstream, NicoBloc® is trusted to trap it at three different levels. As put by the team at Bloc Enterprises, one drop traps up to 33%, whereas two and three drops trap up to 66% and 99% respectively. When used as instructed, smokers will gradually be released from the dependence on nicotine, perhaps reducing consumption to just a few cigarettes a day (and at some point, allowing one to put the habit behind them). The main reason why former smokers appear to stand by this product is its ability to liberate them from smoking without experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms linked to quitting.

The Main Features of NicoBloc

100% Natural & Drug Free:

NicoBloc is made from a proprietary blend of natural ingredients. The liquid is 100% safe with no toxic or noxious chemicals included. Unlike these nicotine replacement therapies which contain some toxic chemicals, NicoBloc is completely natural and safe for use. NicoBloc is also non-addictive, as it does not contain any active drug unlike nicotine replacement therapies that are essentially substituting one addiction for the other. NicoBloc does not have any side effects unlike gums, patches, vapes or pills which have all the side effects of nicotine abuse.

Virtually No Withdrawal Symptoms:

When you try to quit cold turkey, the immediate nicotine withdrawal symptoms hit you and can make quitting very uncomfortable and unbearable. Quitting with NicoBloc virtually eliminates these withdrawal symptoms by gradually reducing your nicotine exposure. Until now, the only alternatives to quitting cold turkey have included nicotine replacement methods like gum, patches and pills – which all contain chemicals and side effects. It’s like trading one addiction for another. NicoBloc is 100% natural, has zero known side effects, and is completely non-addictive.

NicoBloc is trusted and recommended by doctors and behavioral therapists that specialize in addiction. This is because NicoBloc has been proven effective in minimizing withdrawal symptoms, reducing the quantity of cigarettes smoked, and improving overall well- being.

The manufacturers of NicoBloc have conducted independent clinical trials in a bid to confirm its efficacy. Multiple independent studies have supported NicoBloc’s alternative treatment approach. One study that had 680 participants achieved a 58% quit rate, while another study found that 53% were able to quit. The results of these independent clinical trials show that 58% of smokers were able to successfully quit smoking altogether with NicoBloc (over 10 times better than the national average) and others reduced their smoking by 77% on average.

This is because NicoBloc is highly effective at what it does, The research data shows that NicoBloc reduces the delivery of tar and nicotine in smoking machine tests, while physiological measurements taken showed a reduction of nicotine in the body.

Use Your Cigarettes To Quit:

Quitting with NicoBloc means that you use the same cigarettes you’re familiar with to slowly taper down. You do not have to introduce any uncomfortable patch or gum into your body to help you quit cigarettes.

Wearing a patch might make some people uncomfortable to hang out or do other fun stuff they would like to do like swimming or beach surfing. Meanwhile, using NicoBloc means you can enjoy the same taste, feel, smell, look and satisfaction of your favorite cigarettes while quitting at your own pace.

Quit While Pregnant:

NicoBloc has been shown to be a 100% safe and effective method to quit smoking while you’re pregnant or planning to become pregnant. Smoking while pregnant has its consequences on your baby and it’s something you do not want.

An attempt at quitting cold turkey while pregnant can cause dangerous withdrawal symptoms which could pose a risk to both you and your baby. Also, nicotine replacement therapies are highly discouraged while pregnant. NicoBloc is the only safe and effective way to quit smoking while you’re pregnant or planning to get pregnant.

Who Can Use NicoBloc?

Any adult who is working towards breaking their addiction to smoking can use NicoBloc. Even pregnant women and seniors can use NicoBloc as a safe alternative when other treatment options are no longer available. The natural ingredients of NicoBloc are safe, effective, and non-habit forming. They are also hypo-allergenic which makes them safe for everyone to use. The only side effects are the reduced dependence on nicotine which is what helps users to quit smoking when other methods prove ineffective.

How Does NicoBloc Work?

Nicobloc Usages

NicoBloc blocks up to 99% of tar and nicotine, giving you a better way to quit. Just drop NicoBloc on your cigarettes to significantly reduce the amount of tar and nicotine you inhale from those cigarettes. You choose the amount of nicotine to block, making it easier to quit at your own pace.

The more drops of NicoBloc you apply to your cigarette, the more nicotine and tar NicoBloc will drop:

  1. 1 drop blocks 33% of tar and nicotine
  2. 2 drops block 66% of tar and nicotine
  3. 3 drops block 99% of tar and nicotine

Some people try to quit smoking cold turkey, only to struggle. Quitting cold turkey is hard. Your body is physically dependent on nicotine, and the withdrawal symptoms can be difficult. Plus, many people have built a ritual around smoking.

When you quit smoking with NicoBloc, you virtually eliminate these withdrawal symptoms while still enjoying your smoke breaks. Within a few weeks, you’ll be free from your addiction without ever feeling like you quit smoking cold turkey.

How to Use NicoBloc?

Using NicoBloc is straightforward. Here’s how the manufacturer recommends using NicoBloc to block tar and nicotine:

  1. Make a small indent in the filter of your cigarette.
  2. Apply 1 to 3 drops of NicoBloc (depending on whether you want to block 33% or 99% of tar and nicotine).
  3. Smoke your cigarette as you normally would.

That’s it! NicoBloc will automatically block tar and nicotine from your cigarette.

Why should anyone consider NicoBloc®?

Earlier we hinted that NicoBloc® has been supported by clinical studies. Well, this was a major selling point for us. One NicoBloc® study was conducted at Chief Clinical Researcher, Dr. Gregory Jantz’s, “The Center – A Place of Hope”, where patients participated for three or four weeks over a three-month period [2]. By the end, the following findings were reported:

  • After 3 weeks, cigarette consumption was reduced by an average of 36%
  • After 4 weeks, cigarette consumption was reduced by an average of 59%
  • A smoker who consumed 43 cigarettes a day cut down 72% by the fourth week
  • A smoker who consumed 45 cigarettes a day cut down 67% by the fourth week

Here are a couple of words from Dr. Jantz himself:

“This is what we’re finding, individuals who are willing to give [NicoBloc®] a fair try get fair results and we’re excited to be part of the NicoBloc® team because on week four, on that Friday, [my patient] smoked her last cigarette.”

Aside from the aforementioned trial, Bloc Enterprises also reported that consumer trials and test marketing have found that by the sixth week, success rates reached 60% compared to Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) products that averaged less than 10% (or up to 20% when paired with counseling).

How Much Does NicoBloc Cost?

NicoBloc is priced at $24.99 for 1 bottle (2 week supply) when purchased through GetNicoBloc.io. However, the price drops as low as $18 per bottle when ordering multiple units.

Here’s how pricing breaks down:

  • 1 x NicoBloc (2 Weeks Supply): $24.99 + $4.95 Shipping
  • 3 x NicoBlocs (6 Weeks Supply): $59.98 + Free US Shipping
  • 5 x NicoBlocs (10 Weeks Supply): $89.97 + Free US Shipping

Commonly Asked Questions About NicoBloc

Q: Is NicoBloc habit forming?

A: There are no chemicals in NicoBloc, in fact, it is all-natural. It will not create a habit that replaces smoking, instead, it helps to break a person’s dependence on nicotine.

Q: What ingredients are inside NicoBloc®?

A: NicoBloc® is made using a precise blend of Water, a Sugar Compound and Citric Acid. Some approved food grade coloring and preservative can be expected as well.

Q: Will NicoBloc stop the weight gain?

A: Sadly, one of the side effects of quitting smoking is an increase in appetite. As a result, many people gain weight. NicoBloc helps make quitting easier, but it does not affect how much weight you gain or lose during the process.A: Sadly, one of the side effects of quitting smoking is an increase in appetite. As a result, many people gain weight. NicoBloc helps make quitting easier, but it does not affect how much weight you gain or lose during the process.

Q: Does NicoBloc Eliminate Withdrawal symptoms?

A: When used as directed, the withdrawal symptoms that come from quitting smoking are greatly reduced. This is mainly because users slowly reduce their nicotine intake over time, making it easier for the body and brain to adjust comfortably.

Q: Is there a taste with NicoBloc?

A: A very slight taste of sweetness can be found with the liquid, however, most smokers are unable to detect this taste while smoking.

Q: How many usages are in each bottle of NicoBloc?

A: A single bottle of NicoBloc can be applied to approximately 280 cigarettes. For an average smoker, a bottle can last two weeks.

Q: Will using NicoBloc mage Cigarettes be safe?

A: Smoking is harmful to your health and the only way they can be safe is not to use them at all. NicoBloc works to trap the nicotine and tar in cigarettes which will help reduce the effects of withdrawal while quitting.

Q: What’s in NicoBloc?

A: The blend is proprietary, but the main ingredients are Citric Acid, Water, and a Sugar Compound. they are natural as well as completely safe.

Change Your Life With NicoBloc Today

There is never a better time to quit smoking than right now. With NicoBloc, you can reduce your nicotine dependence slowly and with much less discomfort than trying to go cold turkey. This safe, natural remedy will give you the support you need to beat your addictions with ease. To find out more about NicoBloc, or to get started on a life without cigarettes, click here now!

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