Nightcap Scrunchie Review: Best Portable Drink Protection Cover

NightCap Scrunchie is a product that may guarantee you can enjoy your night out with a sense of safety and confidence.

Nightcap Scrunchie Reviews

Even though spiking someone’s drink is an insidious crime that should not be taken lightly, many individuals still go all out to spike others’ drinks. The consequences of such an act can have severe ramifications on the victim’s health. They can lead to lifelong physical and emotional scars. Many victims of spiking have gone on to suffer sexual assaults, robberies, and other crimes that have severe consequences on physical and emotional health and wellness.

Therefore, we must recognize the dangers we could face from spiking and seek ways to protect ourselves and our loved ones. A Nightcap Scrunchie may be an effective way to protect ourselves from having our drink spiked.

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What is Nightcap Scrunchie?

NightCap Scrunchie is a product that may guarantee you can enjoy your night out with a sense of safety and confidence . This innovative drink cover is a physical barrier to keep unwanted substances out of your drink and makes potential predators aware that you are not an easy target. The idea behind Nightcap is to allow everyone to relax and focus on having fun without worrying about leaving their drink unattended. Carrying NightCap around has also been easy as it can be fitted to one’s scrunchie, making it always within reach. Whether at a crowded club or a cozy bar, NightCap could be your trusted companion, ensuring your night remains worry-free and enjoyable.

Nightcap Scrunchie

The manufacturer of NightCap promises to be your trusty night-out companion. With its sleek and portable design, this ingenious drink cover shields your beverage from unwanted substances and predators, ensuring you can savor every sip with peace of mind. With Nightcap Scrunchie, ladies can finally say goodbye to the anxiety and fear that come with the alarming statistic that 56% of women have experienced drink spiking. With NightCap, you can reclaim your freedom and enjoy the night as it should be. NightCap is designed to be easy to use, discreet, reusable, and indispensable for your safety. NightCap may be the ultimate companion for a safe and enjoyable night out.

NightCap Scrunchie is the brainchild of Shirah Benarde, who in 2019 learned of the alarming reality that her college peers were falling victim to drink spiking. These realizations inspired her to create a sustainable solution with her brother.

NightCap Scrunchie is a crowdfunded company that has reportedly enjoyed the goodwill of loyal customers and investors on Shark Tank. Today, NightCap could be a trusted guardian, shielding hundreds of thousands of people from the danger of drink spiking and allowing them to enjoy their nights out without fear.

How Nightcap Scrunchie Works

Indulging in a night out with friends can be exhilarating. However, it also brings along the fear of potential danger lurking around. That’s where NightCap comes to your rescue – the ultimate accessory that lets you enjoy your drink without any worries. This scrunchie has been designed as a fashion item and a covert protector to conceal a drink cover. This product is a one-size-fits-all drink cover that can easily cover your drink, protecting against unwanted tampering.

Users only need to slip it on their wrists or hair like any other scrunchie during the day, and when the night falls, harness its true potential as a drink protector. With the NightCap Scrunchie covering your drink, you now have the freedom to have the time of your life, socializing and dancing without a care in the world, knowing that NightCap has got your back by keeping your drink safe.

What features does the NightCap® Scrunchie have?

The NightCap® Scrunchie is distinct in that it is designed like a scrunchie. This is a convenient accessory for women to take around, which makes sense, but there is more to the design and overall functionality. In our opinion, the key features that put the NightCap® Scrunchie on the map are:

Easy to Use

The NightCap® Scrunchie is one-size-fits-all and easy to use. The simplicity arises from one’s ability to wear it as a scrunchie on normal days, and as protection otherwise. During nights out, people are urged to pull the NightCap® cover from the scrunchie’s hidden pocket and to place it over a drink.

Nightcap Scrunchie Features

Discreet & Convenient

Nobody would believe that the NightCap® Scrunchie has protective capabilities once it is comfortably worn around one’s wrist. This is what gives the scrunchie its perfect discretion, and obviously, the fact that it is simple to wear makes it not only convenient but also quite challenging to lose.


Most drink covers are only intended for single use, implying that people will have to remember to keep one on them and spend money to maintain a sufficient supply over time. With the NightCap® Scrunchie, individuals are receiving one, reusable scrunchie that saves time, money and even space.

Fits Most Cups & Glasses

The first question that most people have about the NightCap® Scrunchie is whether it can stretch enough to support different cup and glass sizes and constructions. The creators reaffirm that it will fit most sizes due to the NightCap® Scrunchie’s additional elastic band.

Safer than Keeping Tabs

Always having to keep an eye on a table of drinks takes the fun and enjoyment out of one’s night. While it may be easy to simply carry drinks to the dance floor, this might quickly become tiresome. Fortunately, the NightCap® Scrunchie relieves the majority of stress as long as people keep their drinks close by and actually use the hidden cover.

Benefits of Using Nightcap Scrunchie

According to the brains behind the NightCap Scrunchie, the following are the benefits that may be derived from using the product:

Effortless style meets eco-friendly functionality with NightCap, the discreet, washable, and reusable drink cover cleverly disguised as a hair scrunchie. Unlike insubstantial single-use covers that clutter your purse or pocket, NightCap is a sustainable solution you can repeatedly use, allowing anyone to sip in style while effortlessly reducing your carbon footprint. Whether you’re heading to work, the gym, or a night out, slip it onto your wrist and never worry about losing it.

Nightcap Scrunchie Benefits

Finding the right drinkware can be challenging, especially when you’re out and about. But with NightCap’s versatile design, you won’t have to worry about compatibility. The stretchy elastic band conforms to fit almost any type of glass, solo plastic cups, cans, and other drinking cups and glasses.

Staying safe while enjoying a night out is a top priority. Unfortunately, being careful isn’t always enough to protect against drink spiking. That’s why NightCap may be a valuable accessory for anyone needing extra precautions.

Not only is NightCap a practical safety measure, but it’s also a stylish one. The discreet scrunchie design comes in various colors to complement any outfit. With NightCap, you get to make a fashion statement while staying safe, and it’s machine washable. Nightcap Scrunchie is made from a nylon/spandex blend and will retain its shape.

Nightcap Scrunchie Customer Review

Sandy A: If you or loved ones go to parties, you should all have one of these. It prevents strangers from dosing you. My sons’ friend got dosed and sexually assaulted, and now, I gave this to her. If she does get over her new fear of parties, or even just gatherings in homes of friends, and I pray she does, she’ll be protected.

Trinity W: This is such a nice product for bar safety. I used this a lot while I went out to the bars. It was easy to use and very convenient to keep on my wrist as a scrunchie. It made me feel safer about not having my drinks tampered with and it’s nice when u are dancing at the club and don’t have to worry as much if it will spill. If you do spill with it on it’s nice you can wash it too.

Nightcap Scrunchie

Jenn M: I bought this for my niece in college and she loves and uses it all the time. I’ve bought more for her friends. Let’s keep our girls safe out there.

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Melissa S: Love it for the nights out, work tightly on plastic cups & never slips off & no room by the straw for anyone to slip ANYTHING in ur drink.

Nightcap Scrunchie Pricing and Moneyback Guarantee

NightCap Scrunchie is available in three packages and ships free to over forty countries. Consumers can buy their NightCap Scrunchie on the official website to allow customers to enjoy attractive discounts. These deals are as follows:

Every purchase is covered by a 90-day money-back guarantee, promising customers 100% of their money if they do not enjoy 100% satisfaction from using the product. Qualifying offers also get to enjoy free shipping within the USA. Nightcap Scrunchie is made in the USA and ships worldwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Nightcap Scrunchie

What is the NightCap® Scrunchie made of?

The NightCap® Scrunchie is made of a nylon and spandex blend, which is similar to a bathing suit. In other words, if it was to get wet, it will dry very quickly.

Isn’t it easy to just remove the NightCap® Scrunchie?

It is true that anyone may remove the NightCap® Scrunchie, but they can’t be slick this time around. Someone will eventually notice their bad intentions. Having said that, people should primarily view this product as a good option to covering a drink, which normally includes using one’s hand or a napkin. From the looks of it, the only way for the NightCap® Scrunchie to provide a sense of safety is to keep the drink nearby.

Is the NightCap® Scrunchie patented?

Yes, the NightCap® Scrunchie has been patented in the United States. It also has a registered trademark in both the United States and the United Kingdom?

What color is the NightCap® Scrunchie available in?

The NightCap® Scrunchie is available in black, purple, blue, and pink.

Why does the NightCap® Scrunchie need a straw?

The NightCap® Scrunchie’s drink cover has a hole for inserting a straw. This allows users to continue drinking without having to remove and replace the lid. Individuals can choose between paper, plastic or reusable straws as seen fit.

Does the NightCap® Scrunchie have any other uses?

Yes, the NightCap® Scrunchie is not only intended for preventing spiking at the bar or a get-together. It can be used to keep pests out of a drink or pets from trying to lick it. How can a person overlook the possibility of sand getting into their drinks when at the beach? There are essentially unlimited use cases.

Is the NightCap® Scrunchie reusable?

Yes, the NightCap® Scrunchie is reusable. For maintenance purposes, it can either be washed by hand or using a washing machine.

Will hair get into my drink?

No, the NightCap® cover is kept inside a hidden pocket in the scrunchie. When used as directed, the cover itself will never come into contact with hair.

Will the NightCap® Scrunchie prevent other liquids from entering a drink?

No, the NightCap® Scrunchie is only capable of preventing pills and powders from entering.

How long will it take for NightCap® Scrunchie shipments to arrive?

On average, the estimated arrival time on NightCap® Scrunchie shipments is up to seven business days in the continental USA and up to 21 business days elsewhere in the world. The necessary invoice and tracking information will be provided via email the moment orders have been shipped.

Conclusion: NightCap Scrunchie Reviews

NightCap Scrunchie may be your ultimate guardian angel for any night out. This game-changing accessory may help safeguard your drink from unwanted substances and free you from the potential consequences of spiking.

Made in four different colors black, teal, purple, and pink, NightCap Scrunchie is a fashionable option for anyone to try out and reap the dual benefits of being stylish and staying safe while on the town.

Looking for the best deal on NightCap Scrunchie? Order now and get it right here at the best prices!

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