Omega DataCube Reviews 2024: Does it Work or Scam?

Omega DataCube is an electronic device that lets you automatically back up your phone’s data while it charges. You could lose valuable memories, photos, videos, contact information, and more if you lose your phone. Omega DataCube protects you as you sleep, keeping memories safe while freeing storage space.

Omega DataCube

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Omega DataCube and how it works today in our Omega DataCube Review.

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Are you continuously worrying about losing important data from your smart devices or forgetting to back up your important data? No need to worry further. Here is the best solution for you.

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Importance of having regular backup on your smart devices

Have you ever felt the panic that comes with accidentally losing or breaking your mobile phone? Smartphones have become indispensable in everyone’s personal and professional lives. Big smartphone companies have turned mobile phones into mini-computers, and they can now be used to download and upload media files, store sensitive information, send and receive e-mails, and even fix business deals. When you do regular data backup for your computer, there is no reason why you should not do the same for your smartphone. There are a lot of reasons to back up personal data to make sure that you lose nothing more than your phone.

  1. Accidental Data Loss
  2. The Phone is lost, stolen or Accidentally Damaged
  3. Device Disasters

Backing up your Android, iPhone, or any other phone regularly in more than one place is very important. It will keep you relaxed, knowing that all your photos, important files, and contacts are safe, and you can quickly and easily restore them anytime. The price you pay for losing all your valuable data will be much higher than the cost of the option you select to back them up.

In this Omega DataCube Review we introduce you the best way to back up your data.

What is Omega DataCube?

Everyone has been in the uncomfortable and stressful situation of potentially losing all of their photos and videos. Sometimes, the problem is a hacked account. Other times, their mobile device might endure physical damage from which it can’t recover. The industry has tried to come up with online options to help, like Cloud and other online storage. However, nothing is as safe and secure as the Omega DataCube device.

Omega DataCube Reviews

Omega DataCube has smart technology that seeks out various forms of media – like photos and videos – on the user’s mobile device to back it up. Users can plug Omega DataCube into their phones without making other efforts to improve. It works for Windows, Android, and Apple, and the process is entirely secure. It doesn’t even connect to the internet, which means that the only effort that the user needs to make is plugging in the device, and the transfer happens at a rapid pace.

Though consumers ordinarily would have to sort through the many files they want to upload, this device organizes it neatly with every file. After the user uploads their content, they can download the corresponding app on Android and Apple to look through it.

The total storage space determines how much content can be stored, offering enough space for as few as 12,800 photos and videos to over 100,000.

How Does Omega DataCube Work?

Omega DataCube uses an innovative design to back up your photos, videos, and memories as you sleep.

Just connect your phone to Omega DataCube using your ordinary charging cable. Then, plug Omega DataCube into your phone charger.

omega datacube Review

You use your ordinary phone charger with Omega DataCube. You unplug your phone’s charging cable from your phone charger. Then, you plug Omega DataCube into the charger and connect your charging cable to Omega DataCube. You plug in your phone like you normally would when charging. Then, Omega DataCube automatically backs up your data.

Many Omega DataCube users leave their Omega DataCube permanently plugged into their phone charger. That way, you backup your phone every time you charge it.

Omega DataCube works with phones, tablets, and other Apple, Android, and Windows devices. If your device uses a standard charging adapter, then it should work with Omega DataCube.

Each Omega DataCube has 32GB to 256GB of storage space. All data is backed up directly to the device. Instead of sending your sensitive data over the internet to the cloud, Omega DataCube stores the data locally, allowing you to access the data even if you don’t have the internet. To access your data at any time, simply plug Omega DataCube into a computer.

With Omega DataCube, you never need to worry about backing up your data again. It’s all done for you automatically. The device automatically saves and organizes any photos, videos, contacts, music, and other files on your phone, securing your data while preventing hours of frustration.

How to Use Omega DataCube

Omega DataCube is deliberately designed to be easy for anyone to use.

Here’s how to use Omega DataCube:

  • Step 1) Charge your phone through your Omega DataCube, connecting the Omega DataCube to any ordinary USB phone charger (the thing that plugs into the electrical outlet in your wall)
  • Step 2) Omega DataCube starts to backup data automatically, and it will continue to back up data for as long as your phone is plugged in
  • Step 3) Enjoy your perfectly organized, safely backed up memories, photos, and videos

Omega DataCube Features & Benefits

Omega DataCube comes with all of the following features and benefits:

Backup All Phone Data Securely: Omega DataCube backs up all data on your phone or tablet securely every night. Just plug your phone into Omega DataCube, and plug Omega DataCube into your charger. Then, Omega DataCube automatically finds new files on your device that need to be backed up.

Back-Up Multiple Types of Data: Omega DataCube doesn’t just back up photos and videos; the device backs up voice memos, music files, documents, and more.

Omega DataCube Features

Customizable Backup: You can customize the type of data Omega DataCube stores. Some people only want to back up photos and videos, for example, while others want to back up everything on their devices. With Omega DataCube, it’s easy to choose exactly what you want to back up.

Universal Compatibility with Any USB Charger: Omega DataCube works with Android, Apple, and Windows devices. It has universal compatibility with any USB charger.

Hassle-Free Overnight Backup: Backing up your phone during the day can leave your phone unusable for hours. Backing up over the cloud can also crash your internet speeds as you upload hundreds of gigabytes of photos and videos. With Omega DataCube, none of this is an issue. You plug in your device at night when going to sleep, and Omega DataCube backs up files overnight. By the time you wake up the next morning, all your device data is securely stored on Omega DataCube.

View Backed Up Files on the Omega DataCube App: Omega DataCube has Android and Apple apps. You can use this free app to browse files. Omega DataCube neatly organizes everything into folders, making it easy to find and share photos, videos, and memories.

Free Up Device Space: If you’re constantly running out of space on your device, then Omega DataCube can help. The device backs up photos and videos, allowing you to delete that data from your device and free up space. You can always access your data from the Omega DataCube – even after it’s been deleted from your device.

Speed Up your Phone: A full phone is a slow phone. If you’ve noticed your phone’s sluggish performance lately, then Omega DataCube may be able to help. Omega DataCube frees storage space to speed up your phone and enhance its performance.

Works with Tablets and Other Devices: Omega DataCube is most popular for phones. However, you can also use it for tablets and other devices.

Easy to Use with No Tech Skills Required: Some backup solutions are complicated. Omega DataCube is deliberately designed to be easy for anyone to set up, regardless of their technical skills and ability. If you can plug in your phone charger every night, then you can install Omega DataCube. After a simple initial setup, you can continue to use Omega DataCube every night with no added process required – just plug your phone into your charger like you normally do, and Omega DataCube handles the rest behind the scenes.

Multiple Sizes and Prices: Omega DataCube is available for $60 to $150 and in sizes ranging from 32GB to 256GB. It’s easy to select the size and price you like. If you have a larger phone or tablet, then you may want to buy a higher-end data storage option. If you have a smaller device, then you can save money while buying a smaller size.

Better than Cloud Storage: Omega DataCube uses local storage to save your data. Instead of uploading sensitive photos and videos to the cloud, Omega DataCube stores it locally without sending it to anyone. All photos and videos stay on the Omega DataCube and are never sent anywhere online. As long as you maintain access to the Omega DataCube, you can access your photos and videos at any time – even if your power is out, the internet is down, or you lose access to your phone.

Automatic Uploads Every Night: We all know the importance of backing up data. However, most of us don’t take data backup seriously until it’s too late. With Omega DataCube, you can automatically back up your data every night, taking the hassle out of data backups while ensuring your data stays secure.

No Subscription Costs, Monthly Fees, or Added Charges: Unlike cloud storage, Omega DataCube has no monthly subscription fees or other costs. Instead, you buy the device once, and it protects your data for life.

Why Do People Enjoy The Omega DataCube? 

The Omega DataCube is the perfect solution for anyone who has a smartphone or tablet and is looking for a simpler and more efficient way to back up their files. Your life is digital now. And, as it becomes more complex, the last thing you want to do is spend your time backing up all of your files. The Omega DataCube frees up space on your devices by storing and organizing your most important photos, movies, documents, music, contacts and other materials in one convenient place.  

omega datacube Customer Reviews

Omega DataCube is so simple that you can set up your backup and organise it in just a few simple steps.  Once you’ve inserted the Omega DataCube into your device’s USB port, simply click ‘Start Backup’ to get going. The Omega DataCube will automatically detect all of your files on the SD Card and arrange them into folders for easy access. The long-lasting memory capabilities of the Omega Datacube make data backup simple for everyone. The high-capacity storage is ideal for storing video and images, which are notorious for failing before their time. 

Who Created Omega DataCube?

Mark Oman is the brain behind the creation / invention of Omega Data Cube. He had a career in Silicon Valley where he worked for a period of 45-year. After his retirement, he developed an interest in the safety of data using normal file backup solutions, even the cloud.

However, despite his growing concerns in the safety of data, he remained reluctant to do anything until he was robbed of his phone. This phone of his contained thousands of photos, including precious shots from vacation. Everything of importance stored in the phone was lost in the blink of an eye because they were never replaced. He had left those precious memories in his phone because he had run out of cloud storage and could not back them up. This ugly experience prompted him to create a data backup solution he wished existed – a device that allows you to save data independently.

So, after many years of research and hardwork, a perfect device that is both easy and foolproof for anyone to use was born and it was named Omega DataCube. Now Mark, his family, and millions of others can easily protect their photos, videos and files every time they charge their phone!

Omega DataCube Pros & Cons

Omega DataCube users highly recommended this product on the official website over other conventional data storages because of the benefits it offers users. The benefits it provides can be summarized below.

Key (Pros) of Omega DataCube:
  • Efficiently backup all your files
  • Ready to use.
  • Easy to carry anywhere, anytime while travelling as it is lightweight and compact in size.
  • Faster than many standard storages.
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable price
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free fast shipping in the USA
  • Never lost any file you wanted
  • All these benefits together will attract more and more customers to this product.
Omega DataCube Cons
  • You can only receive it from the manufacturer’s official website, and this is to prevent fraud or receiving defective products.
  • Limited stocks available. Hurry up!

Is Omega DataCube Reliable?

Of course, Omega Data Cube is an extremely dependable device for saving your precious memories for future reference. The truth is that Omega DataCube is certainly more than just a reliable device that is capable of backing up your data, it has the inherent ability to locate every file on your phone and then organize them all for you.

omega datacube Advantages

Once the automatic backing up of your data is complete, you can easily view all your files on the free Omega DataCube app which is available for both Android and Apple devices. On the mobile app, everything is neatly organized into folders so you can easily find and share them. Omega DataCube is reliably safe. It makes it easy for you to find your favorite memories, so you can view and share them more often.

Why Should You Choose Omega Data Cube?

Although life is generally taken to be filled with lots of uncertainty, it does not necessarily imply that you should not be prepared to face life in your own way. Therefore, there is no need for you to lose all your contacts, photos, music, videos, games, and documents because of phone theft or damage.

With the advent of Omega DataCube, you no longer need to worry about file loss. You can always relax your mind whenever you are charging your phone or leaving for work. Who would not relax peacefully knowing that all their important photos, videos, audios, games and contacts are backed up in an ordered manner? You do not need any technical knowledge or hours of searching. Omega Data Cube’s advanced technology ensures that all your precious memories are protected. The Omega DataCube starts working without you having to open any apps or press any buttons.

Omega DataCube Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

Omega DataCube is backed by strong reviews online, with most customers giving the device a perfect 5-star rating.

Here are some of the thoughts shared by customers on the official website:

One customer describes Omega DataCube as a “peace of mind and money saver,” praising the device for being easy to use even with limited technical skills.

Others use Omega DataCube to avoid monthly subscription costs associated with cloud storage services. Instead of paying $5 to $20 per month for cloud storage, you can pay a one-time fee and enjoy long-term data protection.

Many reviewers also like the security of having their own data in their house. Some people don’t want photos and videos sent over the internet to a cloud storage provider, for example. With Omega DataCube, your data remains in your control all the time.

Others like Omega DataCube for being able to access their data offline. With cloud storage, you can lose access to all your files in an internet outage.

Many reviewers praise Omega DataCube for being easy to use regardless of your technical ability. If you can plug in your phone charger, then you can use Omega DataCube to back up your data.

Reviewers also like the app, which makes it easy to view photos and videos, manage backed-up documents, and see exactly what’s on Omega DataCube at any point.

Omega DataCube Pricing

Omega DataCube is available in four different sizes. The more you pay, the more backup space you receive.

Here’s how pricing works when ordering Omega DataCube online today:

If you order multiple Omega DataCubes, then you get 40% off your order. Each Omega DataCube comes with everything you need out of the box. You don’t need to buy extra cables or adaptors to use Omega DataCube. You can immediately begin to back up your device.

Omega DataCube comes with no monthly fees, storage charges, subscription costs, or other added costs. Instead, you buy Omega DataCube once and can back up phone data for life.

How to Order Omega DataCube:

Omega DataCube is only available online. Ordering your own Omega DataCube is a hassle-free and straightforward process. All you have to do is visit the product’s official website and contact the product owner. Information on Omega DataCube retail parks and deals, such as prices, discounts, offers and the latest developments, can be found on the official website. To bring your own Omega DataCube to your doorstep, you only need to follow 4 simple steps.

  1. Choose the number and the capacity of Omega DataCubes you intend to buy and add them to your shopping cart.
  2. Complete shipping information, such as your name, email address, phone number, home address, city, country, postal code etc.
  3. Choose the payment method (Paypal or credit card) and enter card details.
  4. Take timely offers available at the time of order and confirm the order.

Please note that there could be several duplicate products of this nature available online on different websites, such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, or any other retail store. However, the purchase of genuine products is guaranteed only by contacting the product owner from the official website.

FAQs: Know More About Omega DataCube

Q: Will users need to purchase additional cables to run Omega DataCube?

A: Not at all. This device will work for consumers with USB phone chargers already in the home. Users won’t need any other accessories to make sure that it works.

Q: Will users be subjected to any monthly fees or commitments?

A: No. Even though users like cloud data or other online platforms require ongoing subscriptions, that’s not the case with the Omega DataCube. Users can access all the device’s content without worrying about other commitments or charges.

Q: How is Omega DataCube different from the Cloud?

A: One of the consumers’ biggest complaints about the Cloud is its complex understanding. Plus, users must be connected to Wi-Fi to access it, and there’s no promise that the content saved will be private. The Cloud can also fail to back up content and will come with a monthly subscription fee to keep using it.
With Omega DataCube, consumers won’t need internet access to download anything, and users have complete privacy without paying a monthly subscription.

Q: Isn’t it just as easy for consumers to upload files to their computer or a hard drive?

A: While it is possible to transfer all of this content manually, the task can be tedious and lengthy. The process with Omega DataCube is much faster and completely automatic. All the user does is plug in their phone and let it work. Once they come back, all of the content is downloaded for them.

Q: Do consumers need to understand any particular computer or tech skills to use Omega DataCube?

A: Not at all. Users can upload their content if they can plug in a phone. Users won’t have to install anything or select any files. Instead, this device is meant to handle everything for users on their mobile devices.

Q: What is the best Omega DataCube size to purchase?

A: Choosing the right size depends on the amount of content the user has. Most consumers have plenty of space when they order the 128-GB version, which holds over 51,000 photos and videos. The next size up – 256-GB – holds twice as much.

Q: How long will it take for consumers to receive their order for their Omega DataCube?

A: The creators pride themselves in shipping all Omega DataCube orders rapidly. Most products arrive within 5-7 business days, though international shipping times will vary.

Q: How will consumers know that their order has been shipped?

A: The creators will send an email confirming the order has been placed and shipped in two separate messages.

How do I choose the right Omega DataCube size?

The storage capacity to buy depends on your needs. If you have significant video footage, including photos, music, and audio memos, go for 256GB. Backup storage of this size can accommodate over 100,000 photos, which is more than most mobile devices.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

The company ships the products within two days from the date of purchase. Typically, customers in the US receive their orders within a week. However, international deliveries will vary based on the country and can sometimes take up to a few months.

Am I required to purchase any additional cables?

The only cables you need are the usual accessories with your devices. Likewise, your Omega DataCube doesn’t require additional cables besides the one for your phone charging. Connect the USB ports of your charger back to back with that of the device.

Does the service have any monthly fees or commitments?

The all-new compact Omega DataCube doesn’t come with recurrent commitments after purchase. Unlike cloud-based backup solutions, you only purchase Omega DataCube once. No more monthly fees.

Is the cloud better than Omega DataCube?

There is no direct answer to this question. It all depends on your preferences. Besides requiring bundles and an internet connection to access the cloud, there is no guarantee for security once you upload your items to the cloud. You also stand to lose your valuables if you don’t remit your monthly subscription on time.
Omega DataCube involves a one-time purchase. You can access its contents and don’t require Wi-Fi to download or access them. On the other hand, the cloud offers additional benefits, such as more storage space.

Is it possible to upload files to a computer from Omega DataCube?

It is possible to save or upload external content onto your computer drive. However, doing so is tedious and time-consuming. Let Omega DataCube do the work seamlessly and faster. You only need to plug in your phone charger and sit back or continue with other chores.

Final Word: Omega DataCube Review

Omega DataCube is a phone data backup solution created by Mark Oman. Working with any ordinary phone charger, Omega DataCube securely stores photos, videos, and other data as your phone charges overnight, which means you never lose access to your valuable data and precious memories.

To learn more about Omega DataCube or to buy the backup device online today, visit the official website at

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