Omega WiFi Amp Review 2023: Most Powerful Wireless Amplifier!

Omega WiFi Amp is an electronic device that improves and expands your WiFi network in seconds. Just plug in the Omega WiFi Amp, then enjoy fast, high-quality internet anywhere in your home.

Omega WiFi Amp Review

The device works with your existing wireless network with no added subscriptions or charges. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Omega WiFi Amp today in our Omega WiFi Amp review.

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What is Omega WiFi Amp?

Omega WiFi Amp is a 100% legal way to improve your internet without paying more money to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) each month.

Similar to other WiFi repeaters or extenders, Omega WiFi Amp connects to your existing wireless network and spreads it across a larger area.

Omega WiFi Amp Reviews

For example, you can install Omega WiFi Amp in an upstairs hallway to get better WiFi across your second floor. Others install Omega WiFi Amp close to the garage or backyard to boost WiFi coverage throughout the home.

Omega WiFi Amp doesn’t just claim to expand coverage like other repeaters and extenders: the device can purportedly speed up your internet beyond your current speeds without upgrading your plan. You can improve your internet speeds and boost coverage across your home with Omega WiFi Amp.

Omega WiFi Amp is exclusively available online through, priced at $49.99 per unit.

How Does Omega WiFi Amp Work?

Omega WiFi Amp instantly improves WiFi coverage by boosting your network’s speed and range. After you plug it in, Omega WiFi Amp starts to instantly expand your wireless network, making it easier to expand coverage throughout your home.

Omega WiFi Amp Benefits

However, Omega WiFi Amp doesn’t just claim to expand the size of your networks like other repeaters or extenders; instead, the device claims to expand coverage and speed up your internet without upgrading your internet plan.

Some people buy Omega WiFi Amp to fix dead spots in their homes. This is the most common reason to buy a WiFi extender or repeater. You might have poor coverage in your backyard, garage, attic, basement, upstairs area, or distant room, for example. A WiFi repeater like Omega WiFi Amp can solve this problem by propagating your internet to distant corners of your home.

As long as Omega WiFi Amp is within reach of your router and your device is within reach of Omega WiFi Amp, you can expand coverage across your home.

In fact, as the manufacturer explains, Omega WiFi Amp is “like putting your WiFi signal on a pedestal, right in the center of the room.” Instead of struggling to connect to WiFi or dropping the signal when moving throughout your home, you can enjoy strong, consistent coverage anywhere you go.

Omega WiFi Amp Speeds Up Your Internet

Omega WiFi Amp doesn’t just expand coverage: it also speeds up your internet – something we don’t see with other wireless internet repeaters or extenders.

A standard WiFi repeater expands coverage throughout your home, giving you the same wireless speed but better coverage. Omega WiFi Amp, however, specifically claims to speed up your existing internet.

Omega WiFi Amp Features

For example, in a before and after image, we see Omega WiFi Amp increasing internet download speeds from 16.58 Mbps to 300.67 Mbps. The manufacturer of Omega WiFi Amp also describes the device as a “100% legal way to speed up your own internet” without upgrading your subscription.

Instead of just eliminating dead spots, Omega WiFi Amp claims to give you “faster speeds anywhere in your home” immediately after plugging the device in. In addition to improving your coverage, you can enjoy faster speeds while browsing, gaming, and watching TV.

Omega WiFi Amp Known Features

According to the official website, Omega WiFi Amp can offer all of the following features and benefits:

Full Home Internet Coverage: A standard wireless router may not be powerful enough to cover your entire home. Instead, you may need to install multiple repeaters or extenders throughout your home to maximize coverage in all corners, rooms, and levels. Omega WiFi Amp makes it easy to enjoy full home internet coverage. Installing one or more Omega WiFi Amps in different corners of your home can expand fast, high-quality internet all over your house.

Speed Up Your Internet: Omega WiFi Amp, unlike most WiFi repeaters and extenders, specifically claims to speed up your internet without upgrading your internet plan. Most repeaters and extenders expand coverage throughout your home, but Omega WiFi Amp can speed up your existing internet plan beyond your current speeds. In before and after images featured on the official website, we see Omega WiFi Amp increasing internet speeds nearly 20x faster than before, boosting connectivity from 16.58 Mbps per second to 300.67 Mbps per second. By increasing speed significantly, Omega WiFi Amp can lead to faster download speeds, better HD video streaming, smoother gaming, and other internet speed-related benefits.

Omega WiFi Amp Reviews

Solve Internet Connection Issues: Do you drop coverage when moving from one room to another? Do you lose internet in your garage, attic, or upstairs bedroom? Do you want better WiFi coverage on your deck or backyard? Omega WiFi Amp can solve all of these problems by expanding your existing home wireless network anywhere in your home.

No Extra Fees or Upgrade Costs: Omega WiFi Amp claims to speed up your internet without upgrading your subscription with your ISP. You don’t need to pay for a higher speed plan, for example, to boost your speed with Omega WiFi Amp. Instead, you can pay a one-time fee of $49.99 to buy Omega WiFi Amp and enjoy faster internet and better wireless coverage.

Supports Unlimited Number of Devices: You can connect an unlimited number of devices to Omega WiFi Amp. There’s no limit to the number of smartphones, tablets, TVs, smart devices, or other wireless devices that can connect to the Omega WiFi Amp at any time.

Move Wherever It Needs to Go: You can move Omega WiFi Amp as many times as you like. There’s no limit to the number of places you can carry the repeater. If you want to move Omega WiFi Amp to a better place for better coverage, for example, or if you want to expand WiFi coverage to your deck in the summer and to your garage in the winter, then you can unplug Omega WiFi Amp and plug it back in to adjust your network as needed.

Omega WiFi Amp

Works with Older Devices: Omega WiFi Amp works with old and new devices alike. As long as your device is wireless and capable of connecting to the internet, you should have no issue connecting to Omega WiFi Amp.

WPA and WPA2 Data Encryption Protocols: Omega WiFi Amp uses Industry-standard data encryption protocols to protect your home internet data, including WPA and WPA2 encryption. That makes it virtually impossible for hackers to intercept your data or spy on your wireless network. Omega WiFi Amp also uses Wi-Fi Protected Access: WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK to protect access to your network.

No Monthly Costs: Omega WiFi Amp is available for a one-time fee. There are no monthly costs or added subscription fees. Instead, you buy Omega WiFi Amp once, which boosts your WiFi indefinitely.

Easy to Use with No Technical Skills Required: Omega WiFi Amp works for everyone, regardless of your technical skills. If you can plug a phone charger into an electrical outlet, then you can install Omega WiFi Amp. There’s no wiring required, nor do you need to have any technical ability.

2.4Ghz Data Transmission: Omega WiFi Amp supports 2.4Ghz data transmission, which is why the device can easily and quickly connect to old and new wireless devices (virtually all wireless devices are 2.4Ghz compatible).

Ideal for Working from Home: With more people working from home than ever, Omega WiFi Amp is more important. It can expand internet coverage and increase speeds in your home office, for example, or allow you to work from anywhere in your home without issue.

Compatible with Any Electrical Outlets in the United States and Canada: Omega WiFi Amp is compatible with any standard electrical outlets in the United States and Canada. Customers interested in purchasing Omega WiFi Amp for other countries with different electrical outlets can shop online through for their specific version.

Integrated Antennas: Omega WiFi Amp may not look powerful, but the small device has integrated antennas within the plastic case to distribute WiFi throughout your home. These antennas expand the repeater’s coverage as far as possible, allowing you to enjoy fast internet all over your house.

Small Form Factor: Omega WiFi Amp fits into an electrical outlet without taking up too much space. The device has dimensions of 110mm x 60mm x 45mm, making it a small but mighty WiFi amplifier.

Slim, Sleek, and Modern Design: Omega WiFi Amp doesn’t look out of place in any home. The device has a smooth, white case that looks unobtrusive against your wall.

Compatible with All Wireless Devices: Omega WiFi Amp works with all wireless devices. If your phone, tablet, printer, TV, gaming console, security system, and other device connected to the internet wirelessly, then they’ll also be able to connect to your Omega WiFi Amp.

Omega WiFi Amp technical facts

Of course, we also wanted to know the technical specifications of the Omega WiFi Amp. Unfortunately, we found very little information on the manufacturer’s website that could provide further insight.

Nevertheless, we have summarised what we were able to determine. This will give you an even better impression of the Omega WiFi Amp and make your purchase decision easier. If you are still not sure whether it is right for you, consider these features:

Omega Wifi Amp Features Benefits
  1. Omega WiFi Amp is compatible with all devices in a wifi network.
  2. It can be used on the TV, phone, or computer. 3. it can be used at home or at work.
  3. Omega WiFi Amp can be used at home as well as at work.
  4. You can take it with you when you are on the move.
  5. Omega WiFi Amp does not require installing any other software to set it up.
  6. It is very safe to use.
  7. Omega WiFi Amp does not incur other costs when functioning as a WiFi amplifier.

The Omega WiFi Amp is a technical device for your wireless network whose features are convincing. Omega WiFi Amp provides better internet reception in the house or flat, so you can take advantage of its capabilities.

Benefits of Omega Wi-Fi Amp

  • It works with most devices– Omega Wi-Fi Amp can work with smart TVs, desktop computers, game consoles, wireless printers, smartphones, and tablets, and all brands of wireless devices, either new or old;
  • Omega Wi-Fi Amp is secure – Some Wi-Fi boosters will fail to work, unlike Omega Wi-Fi Amp, which guarantees your internet is boosted securely. Meaning your data cannot be accessed by malicious individuals and is strongly supported via data encryption protocols;
  • No subscription needed – Omega Wi-Fi Amp is a one-time purchase device that will increase your internet speed without paying an extra fee or upgrading your services;
  • Omega Wi-Fi Amp does not need the effort to set it up. One must plug it in and experience reliable, fast, and secure internet immediately, no matter how many devices are being used;
  • Best for working from home;
  • Omega Wi-Fi Amp will boost your internet without consuming a lot of power;
  • Omega Wi-Fi Amp will save you money by reducing the number of links you need to purchase to satisfy your internet needs;
  • Omega Wi-Fi Amp provides a neater space, especially if the coverage area is large. It is done by avoiding the clutter cables will bring to your premises;
  • The device offers high internet speeds, large file downloads, and high-density video streaming;
  • Every Omega Wi-Fi Amp purchase accords the buyer with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with it.

How to Use Omega WiFi Amp

Omega WiFi Amp is designed to be easy for anyone to use regardless of their technical skills and knowledge. Just plug in Omega WiFi Amp, connect to your router, and enjoy faster internet with better coverage.

Here’s how Omega WiFi Amp works:

Omega WiFi Amp Reviews overview
  • Step 1) Plug Omega WiFi Amp into any ordinary electrical outlet.
  • Step 2) Connect Omega WiFi Amp to your current home WiFi network by entering your password.
  • Step 3) Enjoy faster internet with better coverage.

Omega WiFi Amp Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

We also did further research to see if there were people who had already had good experiences with the Omega WiFi Amp. In doing so, we found testimonials similar to what we had experienced in our test.

The Wi-Fi booster was convinced with excellent functionality and was easy to use. Those who had never interacted with such a WiFi booster had no problems. Reception could be secured in every case, and dead zones were eliminated.

Most would choose the Omega WiFi Amp again if faced with a purchase. We, therefore, assume that the WiFi booster can be recommended without hesitation. But keep in mind the functionality of this booster does’ increase the maximum internet speed of your router. Additionally, you can make several Omega WiFi Amp work together in one house.

The Omega WiFi Amp reviews from these users support this, which we were also able to determine in our test. Therefore it is predominantly well-rated and recommended. We did not find any adverse reports. Visit this Omega WiFi Amp website to see more customer reviews!

Most WiFi repeaters and extenders don’t speed up your internet beyond your current internet speeds. However, according to customer reviews shared on the official website, Omega WiFi Amp increased coverage and improved overall performance.

Here are some of the reviews shared by verified purchasers on the official Omega WiFi Amp website:

One customer claims his download experience “increased by 10X” after installing Omega WiFi Amp.

Another customer used Omega WiFi Amp to expand wireless coverage at his four-bedroom cabin. Before installing Omega WiFi Amp, there was hardly a wireless signal in one of the bedrooms; after installing the extender, the room is permeated with WiFi.

Omega WiFi Amp Benefits

Other reviewers praise Omega WiFi Amp for the easy setup and installation process. Regardless of your age, technical skills, or knowledge, you should be able to install Omega WiFi Amp without issue.

Another customer claims his “internet is so fast now” thanks to Omega WiFi Amp, claiming he significantly increased the speed of his internet across all devices after installing the booster.

One reviewer describes Omega WiFi Amp as “The best Wi-Fi booster [she has] ever had,” claiming she previously struggled to stream movies downstairs before installing the device.

Some reviewers switched to Omega WiFi Amp after trying other repeaters and extenders and being disappointed by the results. A standard WiFi repeater does not typically increase your internet speed – only the coverage. However, Omega WiFi Amp specifically claims to raise internet speeds and expand coverage, making it the ultimate wireless network amplifier.

Many people are impressed with the quality of streaming after installing Omega WiFi Amp. Some reviewers struggle to stream HD video on TVs or tablets in certain areas of their home, for example, before installing Omega WiFi Amp.

Other customers like installing Omega WiFi Amp once and letting it run indefinitely with no subscription fees or added charges. The device works to instantly improve the internet, and it continues to work for as long as it’s plugged into the wall.

Overall, most customers are happy with Omega WiFi Amp and how it works, claiming it significantly improved internet performance, coverage, and speed in their home while being easy, affordable, and hassle-free.

Testimonials after Omega WiFi Amp Reviews

Omega WiFi Amp has been an incredible help to me on two occasions. We had the whole building delighted with the Omega WiFi Amp! It felt like my speed went up tenfold! That’s why I bought one for my brother-in-law’s cabin. The router was delivering a mysterious connection. We then used an Omega WiFi booster, and it spread a powerful WiFi signal throughout the four-room cabin. Just this past weekend, I relished the strong WiFi and was hailed as a hero for bringing it in. You, too, can become a hero if you get the Omega WiFi Amp and get rid of your weak WiFi-signal woes!

I’m thrilled with the Omega WiFi booster! Shipping was lightning-fast, and the material feels ultra-premium. After a straightforward installation, I could make out the distinction right away. Thanks to how Omega WiFi Amp works, all my devices now function much quicker and better.

I am absolutely delighted with the Omega WiFi Amp booster! Before I got it, streaming movies on the TV downstairs was a huge struggle – but Omega WiFi Amp has completely changed my experience. I’m so thrilled with my purchase!

Why do I need this WiFi Booster?

The WiFi repeater is aimed at people who have also noticed dead zones of the Internet within their four walls. Provided the house or flat is so large, their emergence is no wonder because today’s routers all have only a particular range.

Internet access is, therefore, only guaranteed in some places. A WiFi booster is usually used here to increase the signal of the WiFi. The Omega WiFi Amp has the necessary prerequisites and is, therefore, suitable for young and old.

It requires no advanced know-how and is very easy to use. Those who have already tried an alternative and were dissatisfied with it will have a good experience with the Omega WiFi Amp. Then some have yet to try one. They should all see Omega WiFi Amp and try it out to see if they can eradicate their dead zones on the Internet.

Omega WiFi Amp Pros & Cons

Omega WiFi Amp Pros
  • Easy to install and use, with no extra tools or adapters required
  • Increased range and coverage area with improved signal strength
  • Connect multiple devices to the same network
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Affordable and cost-effective
  • Can be used to extend existing WiFi networks
Omega WiFi Amp Cons
  • Limited device compatibility
  • May not be compatible with certain routers
  • Can be difficult to troubleshoot and configure

How Many Devices Can You Connect with the Omega WiFi Amp?

Though the Omega WiFi booster is small, it can extend the WiFi signal so that all my devices can function flawlessly. This signal repeater uses data transmission of 2.4 GHz, which enables it to handle these numerous devices without causing any buffering.

With the extended WiFi signal, you can connect your smart TV, laptops, phones, computers, and even your house if you live in a smart home. With this WiFi booster, you don’t have to fall for the trap of purchasing a premium internet subscription for better internet speeds. The best part is that this device does not have any limit on the number of devices that can connect.

Omega WiFi Amp Pricing

Omega WiFi Amp is priced at $49.99 per repeater, although you can pay as little as $30 per repeater by buying multiple units.

Here’s how pricing works when ordering Omega WiFi Amp online today:

You may want to buy multiple Omega WiFi Amps for larger homes. A single Omega WiFi Amp is ideal for a medium-sized home. For maximum coverage, however, you may want to install multiple repeaters on a single network, distributing them throughout your home to boost coverage and speed.

Omega WiFi Amp Buy Now

Where can I buy an Omega WiFi Amp?

Suppose you want to buy Omega WiFi Amp for your WiFi network. In that case, it is best to do so directly from the manufacturer. The manufacturer has its own website on the Internet, which also includes an online shop.

Here you can also find reasonable offers that positively affect the buyer’s wallet. These offers are designed so that you don’t just get one copy of the WiFi booster but several.

However, you pay less for each one than you would for a single order. In this way, it is also possible to perfectly equip more extensive flats or houses with Internet access and to guarantee reception. However, the offers are only available for a limited time. Therefore, we recommend being quick and accessing them when the opportunity arises.

Moreover, when they disappear from the website, it needs to be clarified whether they will return. Therefore, it always makes sense to take advantage of them. The order itself has been created thanks to the order form.

It is effortless to order most WiFi boosters like this one. To do this, you first select one of the offers and enter your data in the adjacent form. Then you can choose which method you would like to use for payment. There are several easy-to-use options.

These include, for example, Paypal or credit cards. These methods are secure and very easy for the user to use. The order is then triggered. The buyer receives an e-mail containing all the order details and thus always has an overview.

Alternatively, there is also a tracking number, which is sent separately later. With this number, it is even possible to track the parcel online after Omega WiFi Amp has been sent on its way.

Omega WiFi Amp Refund Policy

Omega WiFi Amp is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can request a full refund, minus shipping, within 30 days of your purchase if you’re unsatisfied with the repeater for any reason.

Contact to initiate the refund process.

About Omega WiFi Amp is operated by GiddyUp, an eCommerce company that partners with the original inventors of innovative products. Buying through the website is the best way to support the original inventors of the Omega WiFi Amp.

You can contact the Omega WiFi Amp customer service team via the following:

Mailing Address: Prairie IT 206 N Colorado Ave, Haxtun, CO 80731
The product was originally created by Prairie IT, LLC. You can contact the original manufacturer via

Known FAQ about Omega WiFi Amp

In this final section, we’ll answer the last few questions and give you even more insight into the Omega WiFi Amp to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Can we limit the use of the Omega WiFi Amp in the home?

In principle, it is possible to use the Omega WiFi Amp in the household as often as you want until all areas are covered. So there is no limit to the number of wireless devices used. Omega WiFi Amp only boosts the wireless coverage if you use more than one WiFi Amp device.

Can the Omega WiFi Amp be moved freely around the house or flat after installation?

The Omega WiFi Amp needs to be set up once, which is done within a few minutes. After that, you can find the ideal place for it in the house without any restrictions.

Is the Omega WiFi Amp compatible with older routers?

Yes! The manufacturer describes that it can also be used with older models without difficulty and that the installation is just as simple here.

Does the Omega WiFi Amp work, and how safe is it to use?

A high level of security is guaranteed when using the Omega WiFi Amp. It supports all the security protocols set by the router and passes them on to the wireless devices. This means that you are always protected. The following are mentioned in particular: WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK, and WiFi Protected Access. This way, Omega WiFi Amp has excellent WiFi coverage.

How is the Omega WiFi Amp connected?

First, the wireless router’s connection is essential. This is done by plugging the repeater into a power outlet directly near the router. Once the two devices have connected, Omega WiFi Amp can be removed from the socket and moved freely around the house or flat to boost the WiFi signal.

Final Word: Omega WiFi Amp Review

Omega WiFi Amp is a WiFi repeater that doesn’t just claim to expand internet coverage: it also claims to increase your internet speed.

By installing Omega WiFi Amp into any ordinary electrical outlet, you can boost WiFi coverage anywhere in your home while also increasing speed – all without upgrading your internet package with your ISP or paying higher monthly charges.

To learn more about Omega WiFi Amp and how it works, or to buy the WiFi optimization tool online today, visit the official website at

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