Orbi Boomerang Ball Reviews 2024: Flying Toy Ball For Kids

Keeping your kids entertained all day long can be daunting unless you give them a computer or phone games to keep them busy. However, this may not be the best parenting approach because too much screen time can damage their eyes, encourage anti-social behaviors, and cause sleeping problems and obesity.

Orbi Boomerang Ball

According to a study by UCLA, kids who spend limited time using electronics can easily recognize gestures, body language, and facial expressions, unlike those who use electronics excessively. This study proves that it is important to teach kids to embrace outdoor games, and The Orbi Boomerang Ball will help you do that effortlessly.

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The flying, glowing ball is attractive to the eye and is suitable for all ages, meaning you can also enjoy playing with the kids. Read on to find out why everybody is talking about the Orbi Ball.

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What is the Orbi Boomerang Ball?

The Orbi Ball is a uniquely designed ball that uses colorful lights and a flying fidget spinner to keep kids and adults entertained. Everybody loves the ball because it is easy to use and it is a simple way of keeping kids and adults away from electronics. All you need to do to enjoy using the Orbi ball is to charge it, turn it up, shake it and toss it around.

The Orbi Boomerang ball has also been manufactured with durable material, making it drop-resistance. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry that the ball will break when it hits the ground. The Orbi Ball also has a perfect size, making it easy to throw and catch. Kids won’t have a hard time using this ball, which allows them to experience a different level of fun.

Orbi Ball Benefits

Orbi Ball is a revolutionary new toy for incredible offline fun. Suitable for both the young and young at heart. It is a glowing, flying ball equipped with futuristic drone technology. It was created with the intention of diverting children and active adults from electronic devices and into something more meaningful, entertaining and engaging. This rechargeable flying orb floats, glides, spins, and climbs through the air, and returns to you just like a boomerang. It’s equipped with vibrantly colorful RGB lights to light up your backyard sky, or rec room, and amaze your family.

All Orbi Ball Reviews confirm that it is a spinning boomerang ball that combines drone-like technology and fireworks to create what the makers described as “Out of this world fun.” The Orbi ball can perform so many tricks as it flies around and there are so many ways the game can be played. This means that you and your kids will not get bored doing the same thing over and over again, when you are tired of a particular game mode you can spice up the fun again by changing to a new mode of playing the Orbi boomerang ball.

Every reviewer of Orbi Ball understands that when you buy the Orbi Ball, you get more than just a regular toy. You also get a trendy toy that kids and adults alike will talk about for hours. It helps them get away from their obsession with modern electronics, which can be dangerous if left unchecked. Parents love how it’s a fun, engaging, and affordable way to get their kids off the couch for an evening exercise! As one of the most popular gifts of Christmas, the Orbi Boomerang Ball can help keep kids, adults, and families entertained for hours indoors or outdoors.

Across all available Orbi Ball Reviews Consumer Reports, this boomerang ball is backed by strong positive reviews online, and it’s one of the trendiest gifts of the year. One customer described the Orbi ball as “magic” and praised it for exceeding his expectations;” overall, he described it as a fun, easy-to-use toy ideal for kids and adults. Moreso, Multiple customers praise the brightness and intensity of the lights, claiming the Orbi Ball looks particularly cool at night or in a darkened room –like a spaceship or magical toy.

Orbi Ball Key Features

Lightweight & Portable Design For Easy Movement: The Orbi Ball has the ability to float, glide, soar, and bounce back as much as you want. With the durable exterior of this ball, you are in for a long lasting impression. This ball is tough enough to withstand drops and bumps. You can have fun with just one Orbi Ball, or you can make purchases of even more. It is tough and resistant to drops. Suitable for use both inside and outside. It’s perfectly sized for easy catching and throwing.

OrbiBall Advantages

Easily Charged With A Micro USB: The Orbi Ball can easily be charged using an attached USB cord. This feature allows you to experience a different level of fun as long as you want. This glowing, flying orb will have you, your family, and your friends playing outdoors for hours on end. The Orbi Ball charges up easily. You can use one Orbi Ball on its own, or get multiple flying balls for even more fun

Built With Bright LED Light: The Orbi Ball comes with bright LED light. This flying fidget spinner features different amazing colors that are engaging even to adults and parents. These RGB lights can brighten up your rec room or backyard sky and delight your family when they spend time together. You won’t believe how simple it is to use and how many amazing stunts and tricks you can pull off. You and your loved ones can have all the fun with the Orbi Ball.

Easy To Control And Navigate: The motion-activated feature of the Orbi Ball makes it easy to control and use, so even children can control it and perform amazing stunts and tricks with it. This ball is equipped with the futuristic drone Technology. Orbi Ball is a glowing, flying boomerang ball that combines with cutting-edge drone technology to provide endless entertainment. It can reach heights of more than 100 feet, as well as drop resistance and extreme durability.This cutting-edge toy is suitable for all ages, including adults, who can use it for endless offline games, tricks, and other activities.

orbi Features

Rechargeable battery: Orbi boomerang ball features a high quality rechargeable battery that can last for a long time after being fully charged. The rechargeable battery charges fast for all day entertainment. Each package of Orbi balls comes with an included micro USB cable, and it has a charging time of only 25 minutes. Flashing fun will never be far away, even if the battery is completely dead. A few moments of charging and you will be good to go again.

Suitable for any location: The Orbi balls are suitable for use anywhere. You can use it at the park when you want to kill time with friends, you can use it at the office, and it is pretty cool for use at the backyard and even inside the room. You don’t need a lot of space to use your own flying boomerang ball. Also, the orbi balls are lightweight and easy to carry. The balls are slightly bigger than a baseball and a little smaller than a softball. And weighs about 26 grams. Thus, you can take it literally anywhere of your choice.

Drone-like: According to the manufacturers, the Orbi boomerang Ball can soar over 100 feet. Its drone-like technology is what enables it to fly and float and climb through the air while the boomerang nature enables it to magically return to your hand.

Safe and Durable: The Orbi boomerang ball is so fancy you may fear that it will break if it drops, but that is absolutely not the case. Orbi Ball has been built with professional grade drop-resistant materials. This makes it able to stand against any form of drop no matter how severe. This quality makes it safe to be used by kids.

Orbi Boomerang Ball Benefits

Orbi Ball Benefits
  • The Orbi Boomerang Ball can aid users in staying active and killing boredom. In adults, it can boost concentration and fight brain fog.
  • The Orbi Boomerang Ball can help families and loved ones enhance their bond. The ball requires physical manipulation and is thus ideal for making fun-filled memories.
  • It can improve cognitive functions in adults and children, including creativity, memory, and focus.
  • The Orbi Boomerang Ball is ideal for people of all ages, including adults. It is lightweight and unlikely to cause damage.
  • It can keep the kids occupied and combat hoe addiction, particularly in children.
  • The Orbi Boomerang Ball can be played in multiple ways depending on your needs.

How to Use the Orbi Boomerang Ball

Orbi Boomerang Ball is a versatile toy that you can use in our indoor or outdoor space. It is simple and easy to operate. After unboxing it, the creator recommends charging it thoroughly before use. It requires the battery to float and produce various LED lights. The Orbi ball can be used in multiple ways depending on the user’s wishes.

Orbi Boomerang Ball Works

Kids can use the Orbi Boomerang Ball to produce exciting sounds and lights. Adults can also use the boomerang ball to kill boredom and eliminate stress, particularly in the office. The creator recommends tossing it up and down to boost cognitive action.

The Orbi Boomerang Ball is supposedly drop-resistant and built with superior-quality material to give users long-term service.

What Makes The Orbi Ball Better Than Other Boomerang Balls?

✓ Become The Orbi Master: Simple to use, the Orbi Ball can be easily mastered by literally anyone. With just a few tosses, you will be amazed at the infinite possibilities of endless tricks you can do with it (Orbi Reviews).

✓ Turn Off The Screen And Have Some Fun: Helps you reduce screen time, get closer to friends or family and Have Fun. With this durable spinner, you will learn new skills, improve hand-eye coordination and get off the couch and be more active.

✓ On The Go Design: Whether you are indoors, in the backyard, at the campground, or even at the office, the Orbi Ball is the perfect thing to reduce stress and have fun. It is easy to charge and it is lightweight so it will not slow you down. You can use it Indoors, Outdoors, and with Magic Wands.

Pros and Cons of Orbi Boomerang Ball

Pros of Orbi Boomerang Ball
  • It encourages outdoor games and keeps kids and adults away from electronics
  • It is easy to use
  • It is suitable for everyone
  • It has easy controls
  • It charges up quickly
  • It can be used for all sorts of games and tricks
  • You can use multiple balls for more fun
  • It is affordable
Cons of Orbi Boomerang Ball
  • The Orbi Boomerang Ball is only sold on the official website. You cannot get it elsewhere.
  • It is having higher demands, so the company reporting they will be going out of stock soon.

Why Should I Buy an Orbi Ball?

Orbi Ball is rated top choice in the market due to its numerous sophisticated and engaging features. Many customers revealed that Orbi Ball is a glowing, flying ball with drone technology, meaning that it flies and glides while you have fun with it. The Orbi ball was created so that its users can have endless fun with tricks, offline games, and other activities.

When you play with Orbi Ball, you can look forward to enjoying an impressive spinner, flying action that resists drops, and an extremely long-lasting Colorful, dynamic built-in lights design. When you buy the Orbi Ball, you get more than just a regular toy. You also get a trendy toy that kids and adults alike will talk about for hours. It helps them get away from their obsession with modern electronics, which can be dangerous if left unchecked. Visit the official website now and place your order while stock lasts!

How Does Orbi Boomerang Ball Works
  • ✓ It is addicting fun for the whole family: The Orbi is your fun-filled solution for mundane nights and bored kids. This high-tech spinner floats, glides, and climbs through the air at your command, returning to you like a boomerang (Orbi ball Reviews).
  • ✓ It is equipped with vibrant RGB LED Lights which light up any room or your backyard for easy and exciting entertainment. It is the perfect cure for lockdown fatigue and kids can’t get enough of this fantastic flying gadget.
  • ✓ It Comes With Features That Fly In The Face Of Boredom: Whether you are looking to save your children from unending boredom or if you are looking for a fun way to kill some time at a park with your friends, the Orbi Ball is the freakishly fun flying spinner for endless entertainment (Orbi Boomerang ball Reviews).

Is Orbi Ball Any Good?

Completely yes! From reviews of satisfied users, the Orbi Ball is truly priceless and has helped thousands of families to experience amazing outdoor and indoor fun. This futuristic light toy has shown to be exceptional at providing the necessary fun. To really convince yourself of this ball, you need to try the Orbi ball. Orbi Boomerang Ball is made of high quality materials that will ensure durability and ultimate functionality. If you are looking for ways to get your kids off the couch and engage in physical exercise, then you must consider Orbi Ball.

All UK Orbi ball reviewers state that it functions perfectly indoors in the winter and outdoors in the summer, improving your hand-eye coordination and reducing harmful screen time for you and your family. The Orbi Ball is incredibly affordable and the more units you purchase during this promotional offer, the more discounts you will receive.This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get your kids off the couch and improve their exercise habits. Orbi Ball has proven to be the most exhilarating flying spinner orb in providing the most insane fun to people all over the country.

What Are Customers Saying About Orbi Boomerang Ball?

Many customers have already experienced the fun of playing with the Orbi Ball. The best part is that a few have written testimonials to help other customers determine if the ball is worth it. Here are some of the success stories posted on the official website.

Dale R. from Toronto says that the ball is magic, as it exceeded his expectations. He says it is super fun for kids and adults and is very easy to use. Within seconds you have a well-lit hovering ball ready to do the tricks. Dale says the ball is so cool.

Samantha J. from Tacoma is another customer who says that the lights are so bright, which is why she likes using the ball at night. She says Orbi Ball is like a spaceship, and you can do a lot of tricks with it.

Tiffany J. from Rockford also says her whole family loved the ball. She says every night, they have a contest to see who can do the best tricks using the ball. She adds, “It is incredible to watch how many tricks my kids can do with it.”

Ryan P. from Dallas also says his whole family loves using the ball in their backyard, especially in the evening. When all four balls are flying through the sky lit up, they look amazing. Ryan says he wished they had Orbi during all last year as things would have been so much fun.

My husband came home with one of these orbi balls and I thought it was the silliest thing. But the kids love it. They play with it constantly. I love that it reduces their screen time and they want to play outdoors with it every evening because of how cool it looks in the day. A great addition to family night” – Laura M. from the United States (USA)

“Orbi Ball is so much fun and you can use it in so many ways. Throw it at an angle and it actually comes back to you, just like a boomerang. It is also great for a low key psychedelic game of catch. It charges fast and it is quite durable. My son really loves this. Who am I kidding, so do I!!” – Natalie T. from the United Kingdom (UK)

“Lots of fun with this simple little toy. The kids were driving me up the wall but this keeps them entertained no problem. It is easy to use and kids love it because they look like pros showing off to Mom and Dad. Getting tons of use out of this” – Christian S. from Dallas, United States (USA)

“Our whole family uses Orbi balls in our backyard in the evening and it looks so cool when all four of them are “flying” through the sky all lit up. They are super bright and they are so easy to do cool tricks with. I wish we had an Orbi Ball all last year. Things would have been much more exciting” – Brianna P. from Canada (CA)

“The best device for hanging out in a park in the evening with friends. The lights are so vibrant and it looks amazing in the air. Very cool” Frankie L. from Canada (CA)

Orbi Ball is magic. Far exceeded my expectations and it is super fun for kids and adults. Very easy to use and in seconds you have a hovering ball that’s beautifully lit up; and ready to do tricks. So cool!” – Dale R. from Australia (AU)

“Our whole family uses these in our backyard in the evening and it looks so cool when all four of them are flying through the sky all lit up. I wish we had Hajimari Ball all last year. Things would have been much more exciting” – Ryan P. from Canada (CA)

These are a few customer testimonials that show Orbi Ball is worth every penny and is suitable for all ages.

Orbi Boomerang Ball Pricing

If you want to reduce your kids’ screen time, get the Orbi Boomerang Ball. It is the best and easiest way to engage your kids in outdoor activities. The ball is exclusively sold on the official website, and you can now get it at a 50% discount. Here is how Orbi Ball’s pricing breaks down;

  • 1X Orbi Ball @ $49.99 (Recommended Deal)
  • 2X Orbi Ball @ $99.98
  • 3X Orbi Ball @ $114.98
  • 4X Orbi Ball @ $139.96

All packages are covered with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you ever feel dissatisfied with the Orbi Boomerang Ball, you can ask for a refund within 30 days from the purchase date.

Where Can I Purchase an Orbi Ball In The United States and Canada?

You can only purchase your Orbi Ball on the official website. This is to guarantee that you’re getting the original Orbi Ball. When you place your order on the official website, the Orbi Ball will be delivered to your doorstep. The official website provides customers with a fast and reliable online shopping. Even if you are not savvy with online shopping, you won’t have any problem when placing your order.

Orbi Boomerang Ball Price

By making an order on the official website, you will be getting the 100% premium quality Orbi Ball, a 30-Day money back guarantee and a 50% Discount Offer. Also, the Orbi Ball friendly customer service is always available to listen to any complaint. For easy access, the link to the official website has been attached, this will direct you to the shopping website where you can find all their amazing offers and shop with ease.

FAQs on The Orbi reviews

How do I use the Orbi?

The Orbi is easy for anyone to use. Just turn it on, hold it upright and give it a shake. Then toss it and prepare for amazement. You will be doing awesome stunts in an instant.

How big is the Orbi?

The Orbi is slightly larger than a baseball or a little smaller than a softball and it weighs approximately 26g.

How much use will I get out of the Orbi on a full charge?

On a full charge, you will be able to use the Orbi for approximately 10 minutes. Plus, it recharges fast for all-day entertainment (Orbi ball Reviews).

My kids are not exactly gentle. Will the Orbi survive them?

The Orbi ball is made to last. It is not indestructible, but it is tough enough for normal, daily use. A few knocks, bumps, and drops will not be a problem.

Orbi Boomerang Ball Final Review

The Orbi Boomerang Ball is advertised as an ideal flying toy for girls and boys. The toy can provide users with unlimited entertainment and tricks. In addition, the Orbi Ball features multi-colored LED lights and can be used from many different throwing angles. The ball is durable, user-friendly, and affordable.

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