OshenWatch Luxe Review 2021 – Affordable Luxury Smartwatch

This Beautiful Smartwatch Will Make You Want to Work Out and Get Fit. OshenWatch Luxe Bluetooth Tracks & Syncs Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen, Heart Rate, ECG Status, and Even Your Sleep Patterns! What I found out about OshenWatch Luxe got me really excited. It seems that people all over the country were in love with it. So many people commented that it helped to motivate them to get off the couch and get more active. So many testimonials about people getting in better shape and becoming so much happier with themselves.

OshenWatch Luxe Features

The OshenWatch Luxe is a low-cost luxury smartwatch that has built-in apps for fitness, health, and communication. It’s a perfect compliment to your workout routine as it lets you do things like track your steps and distance, monitor your heart rate, track your blood pressure, and so much more. It also syncs easily to your Android or iOS so you can answer calls or read text messages, on the go.

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What is Oshen Watch Luxe?

In the presented Oshen Watch Luxe you will find the features of a Smartwatch in combination with a health tracker. Compared to other trackers this device is not worn on the upper arm but on the wrist. The manufacturer promises that the measurements of sleep rhythm, heart rate and counting steps on the wrist are also very accurate.

To monitor your sleep rhythm, the watch must be worn on your wrist during the night. The robust touch display made of glass is designed to prevent scratches on the surface during a restless night. In the morning you can easily evaluate the recorded values on your mobile phone. If you often don’t wake up well rested in the morning, the Oshen Watch Luxe might be the key to finally get to the bottom of this mystery.

OshenWatch Luxe Review

A second feature, which is rather unusual for a Smartwatch, is the choice of four different designs. There are bracelets to choose from:

  1. Black Metal
  2. Gray Metal
  3. Black Leather
  4. Brown Leather

This gives you the opportunity to choose this Smartwatch to match your fashion style. Wearing the Oshen Watch Luxe at work or at other official occasions is more than uncomplicated due to the classic design. If you want to learn more about the Oshen Watch Luxe, now is the right time to continue reading this guide. Visit the official website here!

What are the Oshen Watch Luxe quality features?

The manufacturer of the Smartwatch is from Hong Kong and also states that the Oshen Watch Luxe itself is manufactured there. However, the exact location of the production is not disclosed. At this point, there is still a lot of catching up to do in order to make it easier for critical customers to make a purchase decision. In return, a production in Hong Kong is an ok quality feature. The standards that must be met during production reduce your risk of receiving a defective product and the effort of returning it.

A second quality feature that catches the eye with regard to the Oshen Watch Luxe is the long battery life. The included lithium-ion battery can remain fully functional for up to three days at a time with a full charge. This is an average value, so you may need the charger cable more often in individual use. An advantage for all occasional users of the Oshen Watch Luxe is the quality of the lithium-ion battery. This holds the energy and does not release it outside of use. If you do not wear the Smartwatch for a few days, it is not necessary to recharge the watch immediately. Visit the official website here!

Oshen Watch Luxe technical facts

  1. Health tracker and Smartwatch in one device
  2. Compatible with iOS and Android
  3. Lithium-ion battery with USB charging cable
  4. Water repellent materials
  5. Full day recording of heart rate, pulse and blood pressure

How the Oshenwatch Luxe works?

Oshenwatch Luxe is a smartwatch equipped with all the high-quality sensors to keep track of heart rate, blood pressure, and send you the report on your android or IOS device. It can easily connect with any electronic device via Bluetooth. You can also set a GPS map in this smartwatch.

Oshen Watch Luxe Rating and Recommendation

The advantages of the choice of designs were already evident in this test. This makes it easier to concentrate on the technical details in the evaluation. Not to forget the handling of the Smartwatch. The touch display should enable you to switch between the individual applications with just one movement of your index finger.

As the manufacturer’s advertising video shows, you have the possibility to choose between different displays. In everyday life the Oshen Watch Luxe is a regular watch, while you monitor your heart rate in the gym or during training. The health tracker is therefore only a few touches on the screen.

OshenWatch Luxe

When used as a Smartwatch, the manufacturer promises you a simple synchronization with your mobile phone. You can easily read messages received there on the Oshen Watch Luxe or even operate the mobile phone’s camera from there. This can help to make your everyday life more efficient in some places. Both Android and iOS are supported by this Smartwatch.

This makes it easy to use all functions without needing a new mobile phone. If music is essential for your workout, the Oshen Watch Luxe should also give you control over the music on your mobile phone. If a song on the playlist doesn’t spur you on to top performance, just press the touchscreen and the next song starts.

Benefits of buying Oshenwatch Luxe

  • Saves money wasted on gym memberships
  • Provides productive offers for multiple functions at one go
  • Full refund within 30-days of delivery in case of unconvinced results
  • The product is the best choice for following fitness routines and gift-giving.
  • Commendable customer service
  • Evident social media presence

Cons of the Oshenwatch Luxe

  • Only limited stock is available so, and you will have to order it now to save your piece.
  • The wristwatch is made with care and works ultimately fit at all-weather, but don’t drop it on hot water.

General Information About the Health Tracker

Many people find it increasingly difficult at the end of the day to remember how many steps they actually took due to the high demands of their professional and private lives. In combination with an increased level of stress in the body, not only fitness but also the quality of sleep can suffer from this constant strain. A health tracker should make it easier to keep an eye on heart rate, blood pressure or pulse.

The measurement is usually carried out either with devices that can be attached to the upper arm or in the form of a Smartwatch. If it is waterproof, you can also wear the watch in the shower or for water sports. Just like the devices on your arm, the watches cause no pain whatsoever. The sensors on the back of the watch only need to be in close contact with the skin to record the values. There is much more in the request a Smartwatch not to be observed.

A detail that almost all health trackers like the Oshen Watch Luxe have in common is the simple integration into everyday life. From synchronizing with the mobile phone to recharging, many tasks can be done in passing. This means that the use does not take up any precious free time and you still get a good insight into your current fitness and state of health after a few days. Compared to diets or fitness programs, a health tracker allows you to draw your own conclusions.

Getting off the bus one stop early can already help increase the number of steps per day, while using the stairs instead of the elevator will increase the calories burned. Doing this at your own pace also increases the chance that a new routine will develop and you will not lose interest after a few days or weeks.

Oshen Watch Luxe Reviews

If you consider the opinions on the Oshen Watch Luxe, there is always talk about the design. The users have no problems to exchange a previously used wristwatch for the offered Smartwatch. At the same time, the design is only one factor that makes the decision to buy this Smartwatch and thus to prefer it to other offers. Other factors, such as the clearly recognizable display, can also be decisive. More than one glance is not necessary to read the time as easily as other values. During the relaxation phase after the sport, the display gives you the opportunity to check live how the heart rate and pulse have returned to a resting state.

Buyers who have already tested the Oshen Watch Luxe extensively will get a mostly positive result. The Smartwatch proves to be easy to use even for technical laymen. This makes it much easier for you to intuitively use the Smartwatch and the health tracker it contains. The charging via USB cable is also positively evaluated. While using the computer, the battery can receive new energy in passing. The required USB cable is also part of the scope of delivery and therefore causes no further costs.

Why Do I Need this Health Tracker?

The Oshen Watch Luxe health tracker is offered for a wide range of target groups. These include, on the one hand, the sports aficionados who want to keep fit independently of a gym membership. On the other hand, the Smartwatch also appeals to people who want to keep a closer eye on their own health in the future. If you have problems with an elevated pulse or blood pressure, you can keep a better eye on this value and thus find factors that cause your blood pressure to rise.

One of the functions of the Oshen Watch Luxe is to record your sleep. This shows the user how much time is actually spent in the deep and restful sleep phases and how often the sleepers are about to wake up. If your goal is no longer to lie awake in bed, the Smartwatch can be the first key to finding out more about the cause of your sleep problems.

Known FAQ About this OshenWatch Luxe

Which operating systems is the Oshen Watch Luxe compatible with?

You can synchronize this Smartwatch with mobile phones that use iOS or Android. The data transfer happens automatically, so there is little effort required to keep track of your fitness.

What values does the health tracker measure?

The Oshen Watch Luxe measures heart rate, pulse and blood pressure simply by wearing it tightly on your wrist. You can also monitor your sleep or count the number of steps and calories burned per day.

Is the Oshen Watch Luxe only available for men?

This Smartwatch is actually available in masculine designs. If your partner doesn’t mind these designs, the benefits are the same for female use.

Is there a right of return with this offer?

The manufacturer gives a 14-day right of return for the Smartwatch. This period starts from the point at which a successful delivery has taken place.

What is the performance period of the battery?

If the battery of the Oshen Watch Luxe is fully charged, the watch can be worn up to three days in continuous operation without needing power again.

Is the Oshen Watch Luxe made of water resistant?

You can wear your Oshen Watch Luxe without worries during your personal hygiene or a visit to the swimming pool. The glass used can easily withstand this strain. This is different for hobbies like diving, where you should change to a watch that is suitable for the pressure in deeper water.

Where can I buy Oshen Watch Luxe?

The manufacturer has indicated that it has deliberately decided to refrain from advertising and to market its products solely via the website. This limits the number of purchase options for you, but at the same time brings some advantages. This starts with the pricing, in which no budget for advertising has to be considered and leads to the receipt of an original Oshen Watch Luxe. This is no longer a matter of course due to the increasing number of counterfeit products and fraudsters in online trade.

On the website the Smartwatch Oshen Watch Luxe is currently available in three offers. In the offers you can either buy a single product or a set of two or three of the watches. As there are four different designs available, you can also choose the design of each watch separately in the sets. If you like two or three of the designs you can order them in one set and choose the Oshen Watch Luxe that fits best to your outfit. Currently you can find a discount of up to 50% on the Smartwatch website. Deciding to buy quickly has a positive effect on the purchase price.

You can pay via the website, for example by using a credit card. This can be a credit card from Visa, Mastercard or American Express. If you don’t have a credit card, there is also the possibility to complete the payment via PayPal. Visit the official website here!


The product Oshenwatch Luxe is one of the best smartwatches which is available at a low price as compared to the market price. Customers have given several positive Oshenwatch Luxe Review, which shows the trust upon the product. So order it now and get lots of discounts and benefits.

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