Oveta Keyboard Review: Best Bluetooth Laser Keyboard

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and today we use a wide variety of devices during our daily routine without realizing it, such as mobile phones, computers, tablets or television, among others, but many times it is difficult for us to use such a tiny keyboard of the mobile, or typing with the TV remote to search for content, even the tablet is uncomfortable when using the integrated keyboard. But today we present an ingenious and affordable solution, OVETA KEYBOARD.

What is Oveta Keyboard?

Oveta Keyboard is a Bluetooth-enabled laser keyboard that you can use on virtually any device, from your desktop computer to your next-generation mobile. It is a practical and useful tool in any situation.

Oveta Keyboard

Every time the operating systems of smartphones and tablets are more powerful, and allow us to perform increasingly complex tasks. Thanks to the fact that Oveta Keyboard can be used as a mouse or as a laser keyboard, we can use it to write or create designs directly.

Because you can use it on practically all surfaces, if you like to play games on a tablet or PC, with Oveta Keyboard you can do it comfortably. In addition to this, thanks to its fixation, you can use it in transport such as the train, the bus or the plane without altering its precision.

It is a wireless laser keyboard that connects via bluetooth to almost any device, through which a keyboard is projected with which you can type as if it were a normal keyboard. It also has the option to become a laser mouse.

The keyboard can be used on any flat surface. Oveta Keyboard will project the keyboard with a projected keyboard size of 24cm x 10cm.

Take it wherever you want without taking up much space, thanks to its small size 7,8 cm x 4 cm x 2 cm and it barely weighs.

Features and benefits of Oveta Keyboard

Oveta Keyboard Features
  • Keyboard and mouse laser projector.
  • Connection via Bluetooth technology.
  • Compatible with these versions or later: Windows XP, Windows Phone 7, iOS4, for Android 2,1 , for Mac OS X.
  • The projector can be connected to the device via USB cable
  • Rechargeable battery lithium ion polymer.
  • autonomy of more than 150 hours of duration.
  • Keyboard size when projected 24cmx10cm
  • Easy to transport, thanks to its small size 7,8 cm x 4 cm x 2 cm
  • It is recommended not to be used on surfaces brilglasses.
  • The pack includes: a projector, 1 USB cable, manual and installation guide.
  • It has an advanced 2,4G RF wireless technology

Oveta Keyboard Bluetooth Laser Keyboard Customer Reviews and Opinions

oveta keyword Review

Alonso Logistics: These work tools give you a lot of comfort when you move because you save space by not needing to carry your laptop and at the same time being able to work anywhere as if you were carrying a computer with you.

April Humorist: Based on my experiences working on the go, it’s more advisable to take a laptop on the plane or train, especially since sometimes you don’t have a stand available that allows you to project the keyboard.

What we like the most. Opinions.

I did not think that a laser keyboard would be very useful, but in the case of the tablet it is wonderful, you can write at high speed and very comfortably. The other device for which it can be used a lot is the TV, normally we do not have a keyboard and with the remote it is very cumbersome, because now with the projector you can write without problems, remember that the TV has to have a bluetooth connection.

Where can you buy Oveta Keyboard?

Oveta Keyboard Buy Now

Oveta Keyboard is available online, you can buy Oveta Keyboard from its official store. You just have to place the order and you will receive Oveta Keyboard at home with free shipping. Also enjoy now a 50% off.

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