Peace Play Review 2020: Best High Quality smart neck speaker


Peace Play is a wireless headset that lets you listen to music without drowning out background noise. You wear the Peace Play headphones around your neck, then connect your phone to play music. The speakers are exclusively available online through


Are Peace Play headphones worth the price? How does Peace Play work? Find out everything you need to know about Peace Play today in our Peace Play review.

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What is Peace Play?

Peace Play is a speaker system that wraps around your neck, delivering music to your ears while still allowing you to hear background noise. You could call Peace Play a speaker system. You could also call it a wireless headset or a set of headphones. Peace Play is like a combination of all of these systems.

Peace Play

According to the official website, Peace Play delivers an “immersive, hands-free listening experience” while resting comfortably around your neck. Peace Play has a streamlined, lightweight design while delivering crystal-clear audio quality without being disruptive to your surroundings. Peace Play is exclusively available through, where it’s priced at around $70 per unit.

What is The Peace Play Features?

The makers of Peace Play advertise all of the following features and benefits:

  • Simple to Use: Peace Play is easy for anyone to use, regardless of tech skills. Just connect the speakers to your device via Bluetooth, adjust volume directly on the Peace Play unit, then drape the speakers around your neck.
  • Wearable Speakers: You wear Peace Play speakers around your neck while listening. The speakers hang there during use, allowing you to keeps your hands free, keep your ears free, and continue listening to music whatever you do.
  • Avoid Covering the Ear: Peace Play does not cover your ears like a traditional set of headphones. Instead, Peace Play hangs around your neck, pointing the speakers towards your ears. You can still hear noise in the outside world.
  • Ideal for Outdoor Use: Peace Play is not designed for use in libraries or other quiet settings. Instead, it’s ideal for joggers or cyclists who want to remain alert while outdoors. If you want to listen to music while still being able to hear traffic and other noises, for example, then Peace Play may be the right choice for you.
  • Ideal for Driving: In promotional images, we see people using Peace Play while driving. You can hang the headphones around your neck and listen to music while still staying alert. You’re not typically allowed to wear headphones while driving, but the makers of Peace Play recommend using their speakers while driving.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Peace Play connects to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth, allowing you to stream any type of audio data. You can stream audio from YouTube videos, a music streaming service, or other sources, for example.
Peace Play Review

Peace Play Technical Specifications

The makers of Peace Play provide limited information about the tech specs of the headphones upfront, making it difficult to compare the speakers to other units in this price range.

  • Audio Quality: “Crystal clear, precision audio”
  • Battery Size: Not listed (recharge via micro-USB)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth LE
  • Control: On-board volume controls
  • Mobile Support: Works with any Bluetooth Apple or Android device

Aside from this basic information, we know little about the technical specifications of Peace Play or how it works.

What are the benefits of using this device (Peace Play Review)

  • This speaker boasts of a standby time of 72 hours and an active playtime of about 8 hours
  • It is paired with great ease with phones, laptops and even tablets
  • It is very compatible with iOS and android operating systems.
  • It gives you incredible sound quality and ensures you keep in touch with the activities happening around your environment
  • The speakers can be detached from the neck piece and used to play songs also.
  • It has an inbuilt microphone that allows you answer calls with great ease.
  • It possesses vibrant and quality sound
  • It is splash proof
  • It is very light in weight and wireless
  • Once paired with a device, once its Bluetooth is turned on at a later time, it automatically connects to the paired device
  • It has a modern design that makes it very comfortable to worn on the neck via its neck piece
  • It works up to 33 feet or 10 meters before having a shake in signal
  • It is quite affordable and comes with a very good 30 day return policy

How to Use Peace play Headphone?

Peace Play is super simple to use. I have broken it down into simple and easy steps.

  • Step 1: Connect the speakers to your device.
  • Step 2: Turn the speakers on to your preferred volume.
  • Step 3: Drape Peace Play around your neck for a unique listening experience.

We’ve seen other speakers use bone induction technology to deliver audio data without covering your ears. Some headphones rest on your outer ear, for example, leaving your ear uncovered while still delivering audio data. Bone induction technology uses vibrations within your ear to deliver sound without actually covering your ear.

However, Peace Play does not use bone induction technology or similar high-tech systems to deliver audio to your ear; instead, Peace Play simply uses two small speakers pointed towards your ears. These speakers point the audio towards your ears, allowing you to hear your music. However, they also force people around you to hear your music.

Although Peace Play claims to provide a “focused” audio experience, Peace Play does not provide the same audio experience as bone induction technology headphones or similar systems. Essentially, you’re hanging two basic speakers around your neck and listening to music.

What makes peace play smart speaker different?

There’s a lot of reasons the peace smart speaker is a good ahead in the market today. Unlike all that is obtainable in other speakers in the market today, this play smart speaker actually invented an effective method of making sure you listen to clear powerful sound while keeping in touch with your environment. This new innovation simply means that with the P. play smart speaker all background noises are not completely removed, helping you stay safe, alert and aware of the happenings around you at all times.

Does this innovation not destroy the rhythm of my music? the answer is a NO. This latest innovation was built first to give you the best user experience like some of the best speakers and also to ensure that you know the happenings around you.

How Does Peace Play Work?

Oddly, the Peace Play website provides limited information about how the system works, what type of technology it uses, or the size of the battery inside. Typically, you want to know all of this information before buying any type of wireless device or speaker.

Instead of giving specific technical details, the Peace Play website makes vague claims about delivering “crystal clear audio”, for example. We don’t know the bitrate of that audio, nor do we know how that audio data is delivered to Peace Play.

We do know, however, that Peace Play connects to your phone via Bluetooth. Peace Play has a Bluetooth receiver, and you can stream audio, phone calls, and other data from your phone directly to Peace Play.

You recharge Peace Play via a micro-USB port – similar to the port on most electronics, smartphones, and tablets.

Who’s Behind Peace Play?

Peace Play is made by an eCommerce company named Quality Performance Limited. That company claims to be based in Clifton, New Jersey.

Quality Performance Limited does not claim to manufacture the headphones themselves; instead, the company seems to source the headphones from cheaper Chinese manufacturers. You can find similar headphones on Alibaba and other Chinese marketplaces for under $10 per unit.

You can contact Quality Performance Limited via the following:

Phone: 855-219-4892
Mailing Address: 377 Valley Rd #1123 Clifton, NJ 07013
There is no business address or office at that location; instead, it’s the address of a postal service.

Peace Play Review

This is a hands free smart speaker that was designed to allow you enjoy the best music experience and at the same time making sure you stay present in the moment. It is a device that allows you to have both luxury and convenience at the same time since it does not completely eliminate background noise. That way you stay fully aware of the happenings in your surroundings. It simply means that it gives you that powerful sound quality you’ve always wanted and at the same time makes sure you stay connected to your environment [happenings around you].

This smart speaker comes with a neck piece that allows it to be worn on the neck when in use and not in use. It’s sleek streamlined modern design makes it very comfortable on the neck even for long periods of time. I at no point felt any form of discomfort or even strain while putting it on. The sound produced in this wireless smart Bluetooth speaker is incredible, precise and crystal clear, allowing you enjoy special listening experience.

As we both know, headsets have contributed so much to accidents in recent times. You can imagine a scenario where you’re crossing the street and you’re unable to hear the sound of cars honking at you. Some dangerous drivers may crush you down and drive off. Because of scenarios like this, the team had to put in some test in this aspect.

Charles, put on the device, increased the volume to the highest level and was asked to cross the Florida highway after taking some excuse from authorities road while we recorded his reactions during the action. To our utmost surprise, he was really in touch with his environment. Here’s what he said; “the road was too hot, I noticed that I could still listen to precise sounds from the music and was also very conscious and alert to the fact that cars were crossing the road, this device actually keeps on in touch with his surroundings”

Why should you buy Peace Play?

There are numerous reasons why you should buy this product. Although there are places you might not want to war these; any place where people need peace and quiet or concentration like the office. But they are perfect for so many other scenarios and places, such as:

  • Making outdoor fitness no longer have to be boring anymore
  • Turning mundane house chores into fun tasks
  • Making sure that VR and gaming does not cramp your neck
  • Watching the kids without driving yourself bonkers
  • Making important speaker calls without having to stop what you are doing
  • Improving any gathering by playing your favorite tunes

Where Can You Get Peace Play?

Simply place an order from the OFFICIAL WEBSITE. You can search for other hands-free headphones, but why bother? You’ll be paying premium prices for something that’s heavy, clunky, and inconvenient. And when it breaks, you will have to spend hours on the phone with their customer service team that will redirect you to another person until you finally give up and call it a loss.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Peace Play Review

Do the speakers still work detached from the neck piece?

Yes. You can easily detach the speakers to use on their own and still expect the same sound quality and performance.

How is peace play recharged?

It comes with a micro USB that allows you charge your speakers fast and with great convenience.

Is peace play smart speaker water resistant?

This product is splash-proof but it must be noted that it shouldn’t be submerged in water. So I advise, it shouldn’t be used to swim in pools and so on.

Is peaceplay smart speaker adjustable?

No, peace play is not adjustable, but it a single size that fits all. It was designed to curve the neck properly to prevent it from slipping or falling off.

Peace Play Final Word

Peace Play is a unique type of speaker system that hangs around your neck, delivering audio to your ears without actually covering your ears. By using Peace Play, you can listen to your favorite songs via Bluetooth while leaving your ears uncovered, which means you stay alert to surrounding noise.

Overall, Peace Play is similar to bone induction headphones – but without the bone induction technology. And, with a very limited refund policy, it seems unlikely the headphones are made from high-quality materials. At this price range, you should be able to find better headphones than Peace Play.


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