Pivo Pod Reviews 2024: Best Auto-Tracking Camera Mount

Pivo Pod Reviews: Have you ever wanted to have a personal photographer who can capture stunning photos and videos? Have you ever wanted to capture mind-blowing time-lapse videos that you see on Instagram? How about a fully automatic videographer for your vlog or workout video? We have a new gadget here that can do a lot more than these. Meet, Pivo Pod, a motorized smartphone mount. In this article, I am reviewing Pivo Pivo and we are gonna see everything in detail, including its pros and cons.

Pivo Pod Review

Pivo Pod is an auto-tracking mount for cameras that allows users to keep filming as they move around, tracking their motion completely hands-free. The device can provide 360-degree panning; users don’t have to do anything or pay anyone to film them to make all of their favorite apps using the Pivo Pod Connect Mode.

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What is Pivo Pod?

Social media has blown up into an incredible industry, and the ability to create innovative content drives new viewers and interactions. The algorithm that directs users on platforms like Instagram and TikTok has to be precise, and no one is going to spend time on a video that doesn’t catch their eye. Unfortunately, it is impossible to maintain interesting and creative movements without multiple people filming at once. Creating beautiful and intriguing content requires a certain flair for artistic and varied design, and Pivo Pod steps in to help.


Pivo Pod is a brand-new auto-tracking camera mount that allows users to follow any movement by a person, object, or animal as they film the setting. Instead of hanging a handle that helps them move around, this device automatically tracks the main subject as they move around an area, using unique features to get the best angle automatically. With automatic zoom and intelligent tracking, users can modify their videos as they film even better, using the corresponding apps to make adjustments.

So far, over 300,000 people have used this camera mount to get the best angles for all of their activities. While it is a great way to create new and entertaining social media content, the Pivo Pod camera mount can be useful for the creation of home videos, demonstrations, video calls, and more. Users can move around their space wherever they need without missing out on making interesting content.

Pivo Pod Features

Not convinced yet? You should check out the fantastic features offered by the Pivo Pod.

Create Modes

Pivo Pod will bring out your most creative side with the help of its “Create Mode” feature. With this device, you don’t need to be a professional editor or have technical skills.

The “Create Mode” features auto-zoom, clone trail, magic edge, automated time-lapse, etc. If you leverage these features correctly, no one will be able to tell that you are not a pro.

Smart Capture

Smart Capture is one of the best features of the Pivo Pod. This mode makes it easy to take photos or videos by making gestures to the camera screen. You can snap your finger or clap your hands, and your Pivo gets the message. It automatically starts the countdown to capture a new video or take images.

Since your camera automatically tracks your motion when activated, all you need to do is make the gesture, and Smart Capture does the rest.

Pivo Pod Features


The Pivo Pod has a long-lasting battery that can serve you for hours. You can check the battery status of your Pivo Pod on the smartphone app. You can recharge your Pivo Pod with a micro-USB cable, though your smartphone charger should also do the job.

Smooth Motion

Smooth motion is one of the most valuable features of the Pivo pod. The motorized action is smooth, and your video will not stutter. This makes your content incredibly high-quality, especially if you’re a travel vlogger.

Smart Tracking

Another excellent feature of the Pivo pod is automatic face tracking. When you connect your phone to the Pivo pod, the device automatically tracks your face and follows it wherever you go. This feature is excellent for making YouTube, cooking, or workout videos.

As great as this feature is, it is not compatible with WhatsApp or Skype calls. In this case, you must use their video call app. This app is called Pivo Meet, and you can connect it to your phone once you turn on your pod.

Pivo Pod App

Your Pivo pod comes with a phone app called Pivo Meet. This app is available for both iOS and Android phones. When you install it on your phone, you can use its features.

To use the Pivo pod app, turn on your Pivo pod and open the Pivo app. You will find a button for connection. Press this button, and the setup is complete. Once done, the camera opens, and you can choose the mode you want to work with. This app also lets you do a live video call or live streaming, which you cannot do with a regular pod.

Remote Control

It is easy to set up your remote control and connect it to your smartphone app. Both the smartphone app and the remote control use Bluetooth connections.

Motor and Duration Settings

PivoPod also has a rotating motor with a timer that will make your videos look better without changing the quality of the videos.

The Pivo Pod Silver has the fastest motor of all Pivo Pods, according to a review. Pivo Pod Silver has 4 seconds per rotation. Other Pivo pods have 10 seconds per rotation. Using the motor and duration features is beneficial for shooting time-lapse videos.

Money-back Guarantee

You will love the Pivo Pod when you buy one. However, you can contact customer care if your purchase doesn’t satisfy you. Pivo pod customer service is available 24 hours a day. You will get your money back if you lodge your complaint within 30 days of your purchase.

What’s in the Box?

Pivo Pod Box

You will find a user manual, charging cable, remoter controller and the Pivo Pod itself inside the box. The box cannot be used as a case or something, so I discarded it.

Pivo Pod Pros & Cons

Pivo Pod Pros
  • Compatible with iPhone and android
  • Automatic face tracking
  • Rechargeable
  • Smart capture
  • 360 rotation
  • No technical or editing experience
Pivo Pod Cons
  • Not compatible with digital or DSLR camera
  • Not ideal for tablets and iPad

How to Use Pivo Pod

According to the designer, the gadget doesn’t require technical support or editing experience. Instead, consumers can use it by following the steps below:

Step 1: Attach the phonePivo Pod is compatible with any standard tripod. Once a smartphone is attached to the motorized head, consumers can easily control it using a remote or via Bluetooth or a mobile app. The camera will track motion and can rotate a full 360 degrees.

Step 2: Click on record – by hitting record, creators capture all the details with the help of a smartphone. Consumers can use mobile apps to create their preferred modes to enhance creativity in a recording. In addition, creators can automatically zoom motion closer or further from the camera.

Step 3: Catch the action – content creators have the leverage over all the settings on their smartphones on still motion and action capture, among other options. With a 360 degrees motion, users can easily capture all the action- with Pivo App, content creators can easily customize videos based on their preferences. As a result, consumers can create amazing motion-tracked videos without the need for technical support.

The Pivo app supports live video calls and live streaming. It tracks motion and ensures content is caught within the frame. In addition, the bubble level feature enables shots to be perfectly aligned by detecting imbalance.

Purchasing Pivo Pod

Consumers can visit the official website to purchase Pivo Pod. Users will find a major discount on the original price for a limited time, rewarding the earliest customers. Users can choose from:

  • ● One Pivo Pod Influencer for $79.99
  • ● Two Pivo Pod Influencers for $139.98
  • ● Three Pivo Pod Influencers for $179.97

Every package comes with free shipping to ensure that users only have to cover the cost of their camera alone. The purchase comes with a money-back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pivo Pod

Q. What does Pivo Pod track?

A. The whole point of Pivo Pod is that anyone can track themselves or the subject they are filming with various activities. It doesn’t matter if they are doing instructional videos, video calls on Zoom, presentations, or more. There are two tracking types – smart tracking (which follows the face and body) and action tracking (which allows the users to choose what to track by drawing a box around it). Users can also change a setting to use Active Tracking, which can follow animals as well.

Q. What are Create Modes?

A. Create Mode allows users to use different automatic templates to develop a unique video with special features, elevating their quality beyond the average person’s development. Some of the options include Many Me, Time Lapse, Magic Edge, Auto Pan, Clone Trail, Flash, and more.

Q. Can users take pictures with Pivo?

A. Absolutely. Since this device will track movement around a space without requiring anyone to hold it, users can get selfies with their friends without having to find a way to fit everything. The camera goes where the motion goes, and users can choose the front-facing or rear-facing camera to get the angle that they want. Users must ensure they are ready for as many pictures as they want because Pivo Pod automatically ensures everyone stays in the frame.

Q. What is included in the package for Pivo Pod?

A. With each kit, users will receive the Pivo Pod, the charging cable, and a manual that shows users how to run their devices. It also has access to Pivo+, Pivo Play, and Pivo Cast. Users will need to order Pivo Active or Pivo One to have a remote included in their order.

Q. What phones are supported by Pivo Pod?

A. The apps that correspond with Pivo Pod can work with Android and iOS phones. However, the device has to be at least an iPhone 8 with no lower than iOS 13.0. The Android phones have to be a device from 2017, and the system has to be at least Android 9.0.

Q. Will the Pivo Pod mount rotate a full 360 degrees?

A. Yes. The device can move all the way around to get the best display possible.

Q. How long will users have to wait before they get their order?

A. All orders go out within 24-48 hours and arrive about 5-7 business days after they leave the warehouse.

Q. Will users get any confirmation that their order has already shipped?

A. Yes, they will receive an email with details of their shipment to track it.

Q. What if Pivo Pod is not the right match for their needs?

A. This purchase comes with a money-back guarantee that covers the first 30 days after the purchase.

Pivo Pod The Bottom Line

Pivo Pod provides a way for consumers to create interesting content that makes them look like a professional, even if they are a beginner to their platform. The video settings make any party, dance, demonstration, cooking session, or meeting more interesting because it keeps the main subject in complete focus the whole time.

The device Pivo Pod ensures that users can create hands-free content, allowing them to be more immersed in their surroundings. If the user wants to record multiple angles at once, they can stock up on Pivos and get a discount on their order, which is covered by a money-back guarantee.

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