SafeHammer Reviews 2024: Best Safety Hammer In USA

SafeHammer Review: Can you imagine finding yourself in a very dangerous situation in which neither you nor your family can get out of your vehicle, a situation which could have been avoided? A car accident, a fire, locked seat belts, windows that won’t roll down. None of there things are implausible. When every second counts, it is very important to be prepared for unexpected situations.


A group of firefighters, along with a team of engineers, have created this device after witnessing thousands of professional drivers lose their lives after crashing, overturning, being submerged in water or getting trapped by the flames of the car crash.

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We are talking about SafeHammer! This useful portable device combines different survival techniques in a single tool, meaning you can take control during a dangerous situation in your car and escape.

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What is SafeHammer?

SafeHammer is the gadget that can save the life of you and your loved ones. This safety hammer is designed so that you can always have it at hand in the car. In an emergency, you can easily cut the seat belt and break the windows.

Safe Hammer

Some people may panic if their car is caught in a flood. The tip of the SafeHammer safety hammer will allow you to break the glass even underwater so you can get out before the vehicle submerges.

In some accidents you can be trapped by the seat belt and not be able to get out of the vehicle. The SafeHammer Belt Cutter will free you easily and effortlessly. In addition to this, its small dimensions allow you to take it by bus, train or boat. Due to the sharp shape of the tip, it may not be allowed on airplanes.

Save a few extra seconds to save your life with this handheld device.

Drivers from all over the world, including racing drivers, keep one of these in their cars. They do not wish to follow in the footsteps of other drivers who have had accidents in the desert or in the forest, where the chances of a crash are higher and where just a few seconds could save your life.

Thanks to its tungsten steel head, SafeHammer can break a car window at the push of a button and with the stainless steel blade you can cut through a seat belt in just a few seconds.

Safe Hammer Features

It can be used under water! SafeHammer can break the glass instantly and prevent the water pressure from rising in the car, something which could stop you from leaving the car, increasing your nerves and the chance of not making it out.

In the event of a fire, this would be the only way to save yourself. It’s no laughing matter! Something so simple can be the difference between saving your life or losing it in a fire.

The safety tool that every driver should carry in their vehicle!

While waiting for help to arrive, SafeHammer is the next best thing to a firefighter!

Safehammer Advantages

Ideally, you should keep one in the front of the vehicle, for the driver and passenger seat, and one in the back, for the other passengers. There are very exciting offers available if you buy more than one unit!

More than 10,000 people already use SafeHammer! Join them and have more peace of mind behind the wheel.

It is lightweight, compact and easy to use

The fact it is portable and lightweight makes this device a must-have for your vehicle. SafeHammer can be easily stowed in any vehicle compartment for easy access in case of an emergency.

No force required to break the glass or windscreen! Thanks to SafeHammer you can easily break the glass to get out of the vehicle in time.

*This tool has been tested by police forces, fire departments and emergency health personnel.

SafeHammer Main Features

  • Defend your life! includes a seat belt cutter and a hammer for shattering glass.
  • Escape devising You can quickly cut the seat belt and then shatter the window to exit the car. This would be your sole chance to save yourself in a fire. Does it function submerged?
  • Important seconds: Carrying this portable device in your car will allow you to flee in the event of an accident, saving you a few crucial seconds that could save your life.
  • Fully Secure: Public agencies, law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and emergency medical staff from several nations have all advocated this technology.
  • Glass shatterer and seat belt cutter: These items can be utilized in any kind of vehicle.
  • Easy to use: You’ll wish you had found it sooner because it’s so simple to use and effective.
  • Always have it with you because you can use it anywhere, anytime.

SafeHammer Benefits

  • Save your life!: Includes a hammer to break glass and a seat belt cutter.
  • Escape tool: You can cut the seat belt in seconds, and then break the glass to get out of the vehicle. In the event of a fire, this would be the only way to save yourself. Does it work underwater?
  • Vital seconds: Save a few vital seconds in order to save your life by carrying this portable device in your car allowing you to escape in the event of an accident.
  • 100% Secure: This tool has been recommended by public organizations, police, firefighters and emergency health personnel from different countries.
  • Glass breaker and seat belt cutter: Glass breaker and seat belt cutter to be used in any type of vehicle.
  • Easy to use: It’s so easy to use and so effective that you’ll wish you had discovered it sooner.
  • Keep it with you at all times: You can use it anytime, anywhere.

How to use SafeHammer?

There are Three Stepes You Should Follow to use Safehammer.

How to use Safehammer
  1. Seat belt cutter: Lift the cover and slide the belt through the groove until it is completely cut.
  2. Hammer for breaking glass: press the head against the corner of the window and the glass will break.
  3. Escape from any emergency situation.

SafeHammer Pros & Cons:

SafeHammer Pros
  • Multipurpose tool to escape from a vehicle in the event of an accident. Includes a hammer to break glass and a seat belt cutter.
  • The strong tungsten steel tip allows side windows and car windscreens to be broken easily in just a few seconds.
  • Originally designed for emergency personnel.
  • A very useful rescue tool that works underwater or in a fire. It is compact, lightweight and can be easily stored in the glove compartment.
SafeHammer Cons
  • Only sold in its official store

SafeHammer Reviews: What are the technical specifications?

There aren’t many technical details available for SafeHammer at the time of this review. The most important specifications here include the dimensions (2.75″ width, 7.375″ height, and 1.25″ thickness).

The manufacturer also provides the weight of SafeHammer ( 5.53 ounces) which is an important property of the device since it has to be lightweight and portable in order for it to be easy-to-use and reliable.

SafeHammer is made from a special stainless steel at its blade, enabling the device to cut through your locked seatbelt following an accident. The head of the hammer is made from tungsten steel and requires just the push of a button to smash your window.

SafeHammer Customer Reviews: What do people who have tried SafeHammer think of it?

Jamie: It is so easy to use. I have 2, one in the glove compartment and the other one I carry on my car keys just in case. I have not tested it in an emergency situation, but I have tested it in a scrapyard, and it worked perfectly.

Isabelle: Every car should have one of these tools. It should be required by law! I bought 2, one for each car, as recommended by an EMT.

Charles: It is very simple and 100% effective. I work as a firefighter and have used it in several car accidents.

Peter: It is a great device that no vehicle should be without. Easy to use to be able to get out of the car if the windows are not working after an accident. Handy and small. It can be stored anywhere and so can be kept to hand.

Martha: I always carry one on my key ring. I think it is a tool that everyone should carry with them, because in case of an accident, it can save your life, or you can save someone else’s life.

Luke: I highly recommend as a rescue device or for forcing windows when necessary.

Where to Buy SafeHammer?

The SafeHammer are available to purchase exclusively on the website of the manufacturer for amazing deals and offers. The company provides complimentary shipping for all orders, regardless of the size of your purchase. In addition, they accept a variety of payment options, including major debit cards as well as PayPal.

Questions People Ask on SafeHammer Emergency tool

How Do You Use SafeHammer?

You simply break the side window by hitting it with a window breaker. If you use hammer tools, hit the window glass with a metal or tungsten carbide tip. If you use a spring-loaded breaker, point the tip towards the windows and pull the arrow.

Is it safe to shatter a car window?

You have to take some precautionary measures while shattering a car window. You should wear gloves or cover yourself before you break the window. If you are saving someone in a trapped car, advise them to look away before you break the glass.

Does the glass breaker work on all glasses?

Most glasses will be smashed by this device. However, the bullet-resistant ones are designed differently than normal tempered glass. They have several layers of polycarbonate with glass making up the external layer. In such situations, an alternative may be always having your phone nearby, and investing in a head unit that can send an emergency signal in case you’re trapped.

Conclusion: SafeHammer Reviews

SafeHammer is first-class when it comes to finding your exit from a trapped vehicle. Before the invention of this emergency tool, finding an escape route following car crashes or flame-trapped accidents was exceptionally difficult.

The device has a tungsten-steeh head that allows you smash your window and jump out. There is also a stainless-steel blade that can be used to cut through your seatbelt in emergency situations.

SafeHammer is already in use by over 10,000 users! It is therefore safe to conclude that having this device gives you greater confidence as you drive.

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