SaniTron Review: Does Phone Sanitizer Device Actually Work?

Are you reading this on your phone right now?

My phone touches everything I do. I historically don’t clean my phone as often as I wash my hands. It doesn’t help that my phone spends a lot of time in warm, dark places like pockets and purses — ideal conditions for many germs.

It’s probably hard to hear, but the number of germs on your phone might bring new meaning to the concept of “dirty talk.” Studies show your smartphone is a breeding ground for germs. More than you could ever imagine, in fact. But between bathroom breaks that are better with Instagram, handshakes with strangers, and all the questionable surfaces we leave our phones on, there’s really no way to avoid germs.


Even just this week, Apple announced that it’s OK to use Clorox disinfecting wipes and 70% isopropyl alcohol on Apple devices. Apple previous warned they might be too abrasive for screens. But what about the popular SaniTron phone sanitizer, an intense-looking device that uses UV-C light to supposedly “disinfect your phone, while also charging your phone”?

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SaniTron Features:

  • Destroys viruses, bacteria and germs in seconds
  • Ultra-fast wireless charger supports Androids and iPhones
  • Cleans phone or jewelry, earbuds, makeup items and more
  • Highly portable design lets you take it on the road

How it works?

SaniTron has a simple but effective design. It looks like a small, rectangular box – making it the perfect size to keep on your bedside table, at your office desk, or even your kitchen counter. On the outside of the box, you’ll find space for three cables – the power cord, a USB, and a USB-C. To get the SaniTron set up, simply plug the included power cord into the wall, then into the SaniTron and you’re all set to get sanitizing. Place your phone inside the gadget and close. Once closed, you’ll see the lightning bolt power signal turn blue – this means it’s charging. After ten minutes, the light will turn off and your phone is ready to go. If you’d like to charge your phone simultaneously, you have the option to plug in your personal USB or USB-C cord.

So, you put your phone in a box and it cleans it, but how does it actually get the cleaning done? The power of SaniTron comes in the form of UV-C light. Inside the little box are two powerful UV-C lightbulbs. UV-C light is germicidal, meaning it breaks down the DNA of nasty bacteria so it can no longer function or reproduce. The lightbulbs on the top and bottom of the device, paired with the reflective interior inside the entire gadget, help achieve 360-degree disinfection – so even the tiny, hard-to-reach crevices of your phone are clean. The UV-C light is so powerful,that it only needs ten minutes to get your phone clean – after that time, SaniTron automatically turns off, so don’t worry about your phone getting overheated.

Does it actually work?

You’ve probably heard that bacteria is good for you. It boosts our immunity, right? Well, the answer is not that simple. Our bodies do count on some strains of bacteria to function properly, but there are also many forms of bacteria that are harmful and can cause illness and infections. Laboratory tests have shown that SaniTron kills 99.9% of common household germs, including bacteria that leads to E.Coli, Salmonella, Staph, Flu, and the common cold.

To some, this product might seem more placebo effect than practical, but the numbers tell a different story – 99.9% is almost all of the germy grime on your phone. Plus, sanitizing with UV-C light isn’t new – hospitals and laboratories have been using UV light to keep facilities sterile since the mid-20th century.

As for us, the consumers, I guess there’s no way we can really tell that our phone is cleaner. What we can rely on, though, is the data from all of the testing SaniTron has done to gauge the effectiveness of the product, and the lab pictures they’ve got to accompany it (see above).

Where To Buy SaniTron?

You can directly buy SaniTron on their official website. They are offering discounts for purchase one or more, and the more you purchase the higher the discount. You can pay for your orders via credit card or PayPal, whichever you prefer.

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