SaveSealer Review 2021 – Affordable Vacuum Sealer Bags

Save Sealer is a handheld vacuum sealer that helps preserve the foods that consumers need to store. The mini food storage enhancement device can be used with they included bags, creating a seal around food that prevents any moisture or oxygen from getting in the bag to keep food fresher for longer.

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Found exclusively at, the Save Sealer mini vacuum airtight food sealer helps completely remove moisture and oxygen in BPA-free bags that do not require harmful chemicals or preservatives and can work for any number of use cases including Sous Vide cooking, meal prep, bulk shopping, travel, storing leftovers and for outdoor activities.

Save Sealer Bags

Fed up with throwing money in the trash by way of spoiled food? Then you need to check out what a vacuum sealer can do for you. There’s nothing worse than reaching for that steak you placed in the freezer weeks ago only to find it looking more like an icicle-coated Jack Nicholson from The Shining than anything remotely edible. A good vacuum sealer will stave off freezer burn and keep food fresher longer. After months of sealing meat, nuts, crackers, and fruit, we think the SaveSealer offers the best combination of powerful suction and useful features.


What is SaveSealer?

Keeping food fresh, it’s more than just a matter of storing it in a freezer or refrigerator. Even though many premade products come in their packaging, many consumers want to protect their meat and fresh vegetables from becoming freezer burned or losing their fresh taste. Companies around the world, like Tupperware and Rubbermaid, have made their money by offering high-quality storage containers that can last. While these products are incredibly helpful, these containers can be bulky, making it difficult to arrange a freezer in a way that can preserve everything that the user has on hand.

Save Sealer Bags

The use of vacuum-sealed bags is not new. The technology’s been around for quite a while, and several companies have developed their own bags and vacuum sealers. Much of the appeal of this type of storage product is the fact that consumers conform the bags to the shape of the food that they are saving, making it easier to shop in bulk and meal prep. SaveSealer brings consumers a more compact version that is easy for any kitchen to utilize.

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Option two is to buy a vacuum sealer. Basically, this is a fancy device that looks like a printer and shrink-wraps your food. The trouble is, even the simplest vacuum sealer costs hundreds of dollars and is complicated to use. Both of these were a no-no for me.And then there’s option three. It’s a kind of Goldilocks solution. It gets rid of all the air around your food, it eliminates freezer burn completely, and it’s very affordable and easy. It’s called SaveSealer.

SaveSealer pulls all of the air from the BPA-free bags (included) to eliminate the possibility of spoiling. With this seal around the food, no other moisture or even air can get in, making it ideal for storing leftovers, sous vide cooking, and many other uses. Consumers can also use it as the perfect way to marinate meat, keeping the marinade as close to the food as possible. The handheld design is small enough to easily store in any cabinet or drawer while not in use, eliminating the bulkiness that many vacuum sealers have.


With each set, users will receive several different sizes of bags to accommodate different amounts of food. All the user has to do is connect the air valve, activate the device, and SaveSealer will pull out any of the excess air and moisture. The process only takes about a few seconds, which is a lot less time than it takes to dig through storage containers in the hopes of finding a lid (which somehow seems to go missing constantly).

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SaveSealer Features: This Is Why You Should Store Food With SaveSealer

Save Sealer Features
  • Easy to Use – Anyone can use the SaveSealer! Place food inside the bag, connect the vacuum nozzle, and push the button to suck out air. Preserve cheeses, vegetables, fruits, meats or dry foods with optimal results. The thick bags also come in handy to achieve perfect Sous Vide cooking every time.
  • Improves Food Quality – Imagine eating crisp, crunchy salads that last all week long! That’s the power of SaveSealer. It barricades food from oxygen, while locking in vital nutrients and flavor. Food stays fresher 5x longer than with Saran wrap. No more wilted leaves or brown avocados- just incredibly tasty food!
  • The Ultimate Space Saver – Food containers take up precious fridge space and create unnecessary clutter. With SaveSealer’s streamlined bags it’s easy to stack or file away food to fully maximize space. Now, you can find your next meal without digging through a pile of boxes, and best of all, you can fit twice as much in your fridge!
  • Bring It Anywhere – Like a trusty sidekick, bring the SaveSealer along on your next camping trip or to a backyard BBQ. It’s compact and lightweight, sliding into any bag with ease. Don’t worry about tangled wires either, this vacuum sealer is cordless! Charge it up with a standard USB cable for hours of use indoors or outdoors.
  • The Eco Friendly Choice – In this day and age, we’re all doing our best to live more sustainably. The SaveSealer makes it easy, by reducing food waste and the reliance on single-use plastic. Instead of getting subpar results from Saran wrap, why not actually enjoy fresher food? One simple product switch is all it takes to improve overall quality of life.
  • Ready, Set, Save – You’re not only saving food, but you’re saving money in the long run when you put your trust in the cutting edge SaveSealer system. By improving food freshness, you don’t have to run to the grocery store as often, or order pricey takeout when you discover your food has spoiled quickly. It’s time to cross Saran wrap off your shopping list for good!

How to use Save Sealer?

Lay the plastic zip closure bag flat with the air valve facing up and fill it with your favorite foods. Push out air with your hands and zip the bag closed. Attach the SaveSealer vacuum sealer and click the button to suck out excess air in seconds.

The vacuum sealer will stop automatically when all of the air is out and you can store the bag in the freezer, fridge or pantry for later use.The SaveSealer vacuum sealer comes with large and small bags. You place food in the bag, then connect the bag to SaveSealer. The device seals out oxygen and moisture within seconds.


Benefits of SaveSealer

Food Stays Deliciously Fresh: Savesealer seals in freshness, flavor – and nutrients, for up to 5x longer than saran wrap or Tupperware. It boasts the same accuracy and efficiency as the big, bulky sealers without any of the hassle. Meats, cheeses, vegetables and fruits are kept in pristine condition for days. Even leftovers taste delicious. Best of all, you’ll save money because you’ll throw away less food and you won’t have to buy saran wrap. SaveSealer is perfect for Sous Vide cooking, meal prep, bulk shopping, travel, storing leftovers and camping Keeps Food Fresh,Locks In Taste Preserves Nutrition and most importantly it Saves time & Money.

Preserves the taste and freshness of fruit, vegetable, fish, meats and cheeses. You can also save cooked food that you want to eat later.

Less Waste:Stop throwing away rotten food and single-use plastic wrap, the BPA-Free reusable bags help cut kitchen waste by 50% and keeps a clean environment.

The SaveSealer vacuum sealer comes with large and small bags. You place food in the bag, then connect the bag to SaveSealer. The device seals out oxygen and moisture within seconds

You can use SaveSealer to preserve foods you wouldn’t normally be able to preserve. You can seal avocado, for example, and prevent it from going brown. SaveSealer can prevent even the most sensitive food items from wilting or turning soggy.


Portable:Since the SaveSealer is light and compact, you can bring it anywhere, including camping trips, picnics or backyard parties.

You can also use SaveSealer for sous vide cooking, saving space in your freezer, traveling or camping, and more.

Space Saver: Tightly sealed bags allow you to stack and file away food in your fridge, freezer or pantry while maximizing space. Now, it’s easy to navigate your kitchen and find ingredients in a snap.

Each SaveSealer purchase comes with reusable BPA-free bags. You can buy a variety of small and large bags for all purposes.

The versatile nature of the SaveSealer makes it compatible with several different kinds of foods, regardless of if they are cooked, raw, dry, or wet. Specifically, the website lists grains, meats, seafood, cereals, produce, cheese, soups, nuts, and leftovers.And very importantly, Consumers can reduce the containers multiple times. As they are made of a thick and durable plastic, they can be washed and reused repeatedly.

How SaveSealer Works?

  1. Lay the plastic zip closure bag flat with the air valve facing up and fill it with your favorite foods. Push out air with your hands and zip the bag closed.
  2. Attach the SaveSealer vacuum sealer and click the button to suck out excess air in seconds.
  3. The vacuum sealer will stop automatically when all of the air is out and you can store the bag in the freezer, fridge or pantry for later use.

Does Save Sealer Really work or is it a Scam?

save sealer review

No air at the press of a button

The SaveSealer system has two parts. They are both important. The first part is sealable plastic bags. They come in several different sizes. You just put meat or any other food into them, just like you would with a regular Ziploc bag.The special thing is these bags have a little valve on them. And that’s where the second part of SaveSealer comes in.

Part two of the SaveSealer system is a little pump that connects to the valve on each bag. Click the pump into the little valve on the bag, press a button, and watch as the bag gets sucked in and clings tightly to the food you’ve stored inside. All the air has just been removed.

And you know what that means? That’s right. No air, no freezer burn. No freezer burn, and your food stays fresh and tasty instead of becoming disgusting. But that’s not all.

A revolution in my kitchen

SaveSealer have been a revolution in my kitchen. Yesterday, I defrosted two steaks. They were sealed in SaveSealer bags. There was zero freezer burn. When they thawed, there was no runoff liquid and the color was a perfect red. So when I got home tonight, I seasoned them, and cooked them beautifully. They were absolutely delicious. Even my daughter had a few compliments for me. But get this. Save Sealer do more than just eliminate freezer burn.

Also good for food in your fridge and cupboards

Ever put an open avocado in the fridge and have it turn brown? Or have cheese get all dry and orange at the corners? Or have vegetables wilt and sag after just a couple days? In all these cases, it’s air that’s the problem once again. Air gets around your food, and causes it to spoil much faster. But no more. SaveSealer suck that air out and keep your food fresh so much longer.

I use SaveSealer bags to store veggies and fruits longer. I use them for lunch meats and smoked salmon, too. I even use them to keep cereals and coffee fresh for longer in the cupboard.

Saves money, space, and flavor

I got the SaveSealer starter kit three months ago. The pump still works perfectly. You just charge it with a regular USB cable every few days, and it’s always good to go. The bags themselves are quick and convenient. They are washable and reusable indefinitely. You get a package of 8 different-sized to start with, but I bought some more later just because I get so much value out of them, all the time.

They save space in the fridge. They keep food fresh and keep flavors longer. And they save me so much money, since I almost never throw food away any more. Do you need any more reasons to give these SaveSealer a try? All right, then let me tell you one final thing.

BPA-free and good for sous vide

SaveSealer bags are made out of BPA-free plastic. That means they are completely safe to boil food in. This is kind of new to me, but apparently there’s a whole big movement known as sous vide, where people slow boil food in BPA-free plastic bags. Sous vide preparation is supposed to preserve flavors much better, because you don’t expose meat to super high temperatures.

I haven’t tried sous vide cooking yet, but I’m planning on it soon. And it’s so cool to know that I have what I need with just the SaveSealer bags. You can just plop them in water, and you’re good to go. And even if I never wind up doing sous vide cooking, it makes me feel good to know that the bags are so high quality and that they are BPA-free.

A no-brainer investment

These SaveSealer bags paid for themselves the first week I started using them. Like I said, I used to throw away at least some food every week, and it really added up. Fruit would spoil, veggies would get brown, or the worst, meat would get ruined with freezer burn.

But no more. These SaveSealer bags are saving me money. My fridge looks neater and cleaner. And all the food I store in this way stays fresh and tasty so much longer.

I can’t recommend these bags enough. If you care about saving money and about keeping your food fresh, then this will be the best investment you make this year. Try them out, you won’t regret it!

SaveSealer Customers Reviews

“With the SaveSealer you can taste the difference immediately. I’ve gotten rid of my Tupperware and plastic wrap, because I was completely blown away at how the freshness of my food improved just by sucking out all of the oxygen. Brilliant and effective.” Emily Thomas

“If you’re a weekly meal prepper like me, this is the food preservation system that has worked better than anything else. I can even slice up avocados to eat throughout the week without them turning brown. That alone proved to me how invaluable SaveSealer is.” Ethan Clark

“I love my SaveSealer, it is just the easiest device and works great. The bags are made from thickly layered plastic that can be washed in the dishwasher. I am especially impressed that the materials haven’t warped or stretched after months of use. Highly recommend this brand.” Sofia Thompson


40% off at the moment

UPDATE: I just found a site that’s running a 40% sale on SaveSealer. I’m definitely going to grab some more bags myself. But they are also selling the entire SaveSealer starter kit (bags + pump).

I’m not sure how much longer this sale will go on for. So if you want to try the SaveSealer system out, why not do it now, while you can get this big discount? Click here to get started.

Keep Your Food Fresher For Longer And Avoid Trips To The Store! Now that you’ve been informed about these SaveSealer, let me show you how easy it is to use them. All you need to do is to follow these 3 steps:

  1. Order your SaveSealer today to take advantage of the 40% OFF sale.
  2. Upon receiving your SaveSealer, take them out of the packaging to put your food in the SaveSealer bag and suck off the air.
  3. Your food stays fresh and tasty, No air, No freezer burn.

Here’s a tip: Know anyone who could cook a lot and need to keep there food longer? These SaveSealer perfect for keep your food fresh longer also fridge and freezer are more tidy and organized!

How to Buy SaveSealer?

On the official website, users can presently purchase SaveSealer device for 40% off, bringing the total cost down to $44.99 for both the vacuum sealer and five bags. The users can only purchase one SaveSealer at the time, but the cost of the package will depend on how many bags the user wants to receive in their order.

Consumers can also get:

A SaveSealer with 15 bags ($54.99)
A SaveSealer with 25 bags ($64.99)
A SaveSealer with 50 bags ($89.99)

The checkout page offers a lifetime warranty for $9.97, which will be added to the total cost.

Frequently asked questions about Save Sealer

What does SaveSealer do?

SaveSealer sucks out anything inside the bag that isn’t the food being stored, creating an airtight field that keeps food fresh and preserved. No chemicals are involved, and the device is lightweight and portable enough to bring along anywhere.

How should SaveSealer be used?

After the user places their food inside the plastic bag, lay it flat with the air valve facing upright. The user can push out the excess air as best as they can before they zip the closure of the bag. Then, the user will attach SaveSealer, activating it to pull out the air instantly.

Will SaveSealer continue to pull out air until it is stopped?

No. As a safety feature (and as a way to protect food), this vacuum sealer automatically stops pulling air out. Even though the process is fairly quick, users don’t have to worry about over-suctioning their foods or the bag.

What bag sizes will the user receive with their purchase?

There are two sizes of bags that users will receive – medium and large. The medium bag measures 20cm x 25cm (about 7.87” x 9.85”), while the large bag measures 25cm x by 40cm (about 9.85” x 15.74”). There is no small size at this time.

How is SaveSealer powered?

SaveSealer can be charged with its included USB cable. There is no need to purchase batteries, rechargeable, or otherwise.

Can SaveSealer Prevent freezer burn?

Yes. Since there is no oxygen or moisture inside the bag after the sealer is used, food can remain fresh and be protected from freezer burn.

Final Words: SaveSealer Review

SaveSealer protects foods from going bad without having to take out a heavy and cumbersome sealer. The device can be carried by hand anywhere, making it ideal for home use or for outdoor activities like picnics and barbecues. Consumers can use this as a way to preserve their food or as part of the cooking process. It comes with multiple bags, letting the customer decide how many they want to include in their order. Plus, with a lifetime warranty, users never have to worry about it breaking down or malfunctioning.

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