Sherkam Review: Best Mini Spy Camera Ever Made

Sherkam Reviews: On many occasions we have seen on television some cases of theft and other types of behavior that have been discovered thanks to the fact that the owners had hidden cameras because they had suspicions about something.

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What is Sherkam?

Sherkam is a mini spy camera of small size that can be easily hidden, with motion detector, once it detects anything it starts recording immediately and uninterruptedly in real time, Sherkam records on a micro SD card (the card is not included), but when ordering you can expand it by adding a 64 GB capacity.

Sherkman is a mini spy camera only one inch wide and 0.5 cm high that is very easy to hide anywhere and allows you to record continuously in both dark and natural light.

Sherkam Advantages

Sometimes you may have suspicions that an employee does not fulfill her tasks, or that a caregiver is neglecting your children or parents and that can be a big problem. Thanks to the Sherkam mini spy camera, you will have clear and reliable first-person information to prevent these situations.

If the memory is full, Sherkam continues recording overwriting the memory card, the more capacity it has, the more you can record without overwriting it, but as it can be configured with the motion detection mode, it will only record when the motion sensors are activated.

Download the APP available for Android and iOS through your mobile phone and connect your device via WIFI and you can watch the videos anytime, anywhere, and an alarm will sound on your mobile when movement is detected.

Like video surveillance cameras, this device has a motion sensor that will send an alert to your phone when activated. With the Sherkam spy camera you will have your house watched discreetly at all times. In addition to this, as it is very easy to hide, the assailants will not perceive their presence and you will be able to act to see what they do at all times.

Features and benefits of Sherkam

Sherkam Features
  • Mini camera with small dimensions 2,9 x 1,1 x 2,9 cm ( 1.1×0.4×1.1in )
  • Night vision function starts automatically in case of total darkness.
  • Resolution with light of 1080 HD.
  • Movement detector
  • Easy to use
  • Supports 24/7 loop recordings
  • App available for Android and iOS.
  • Alarm on your mobile when movement is detected.
  • Do not connect to fast charging outlets
  • It does not have a built-in battery, it connects to a power source.

What we like the most. Opinions.


Sherkam is probably one of the smallest spy cameras on the market, with a motion detector you can save space on the card, remember that it is not included but that you can buy a 64Gb storage space when ordering, also with night vision and the fact that you can watch the videos on your mobile and that it warns when it detects movement is a plus point, as a weak point we must mention that being so small it does not have a battery so it has to be connected to a power source , but this also happens in other mini cameras or those with poor battery life.

Sherkam Pros:

  • Small-sized spy camera and easy to hide that films live continuously (SD card not included). App available on Android and IOS
  • This innovative spy camera includes a responsive motion detector that, once it detects any movement, begins to film immediately.
  • Multiple uses: To detect infidelities, burglaries, offices, monitor the elderly and children as well as pets.
  • High resolution and night vision, included. Do not connect to fast-charging sockets.

Sherkam Cons:

  • Only sold in its official store

Customer Reviews and opinions of the Sherkam mini spy camera

sherkam Review

Inma: These types of devices are very good if you are concerned about how the babysitter treats your children, or the elderly any nurse or caregiver. If you have signs of abuse, it’s best to act fast and keep an eye on them, based on my experiences.

Christian: When you have a worker with long hands, especially if they have access to pantries, getting pictures before firing them is paramount. A friend of mine got tired of food being out of stock at the restaurant, and that’s how he caught the worker stealing it.

Where can you buy Sherkam?

Sherkam Buy Now

Sherkam is available online, you can buy Sherkam from its official store. You just have to place the order and you will receive Sherkam at home with free shipping. Also enjoy now a 50% off.

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