smartDOT Review 2021: Is IT The Best EMF protection device?

smartDOT Review 2021: Are you worried about the radiation emitted from modern devices? You are not alone. For a long time now, I have harbored the fear that my phone, computer, cell networks, and WiFi are doing so much harm to me and my children.


These devices produce a powerful source of radiation called Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs). Until I saw a petition from international scientists to the UN seeking more elaborate EMF exposure protection guidelines, I never knew the magnitude of the risk posed by EMFs. smartDOT EMF Radiation Protection is one of the devices that minimize the risk of exposure. Here is smartDOT Review.

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What is the smartDOT?

The creation of the internet has changed the world forever, launching the beginning of communication and sharing across linked networks everywhere. However, like any technology, all of these perks haven’t stopped bad players from using those same connections to their advantage, stealing data from unsuspecting individuals. Virus protection software is available everywhere, offering free trials for a limited time until the price jumps drastically. However, this protection is only a defense against malware and other damaging software – how can consumers protect themselves from the radiation that these machines emit as well?

smartDOT emits electromagnetic frequencies as a way to protect the user from the radiation that tends to surround their environment, thanks to the many electronic devices and wi-fi routers in existence today. Curbing this radiation at the source, the device looks like nothing more than a sticker, and it can be placed on any device that the user wants to protect themselves from.

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The most common devices include routers, smartphones, computers, game consoles, and baby monitors. And now, many are researching the risks that 5G radiation poisoning might bring in the near future. If possible, the creators recommend attaching one smartDOT to each device, though there is no specific spot on the device that is best for placement. Once it is applied with the adhesive (which is already applied), there’s no subscription service or other maintenance needed for protection. Plus, it is lightweight, which means it won’t make the device any heavier.

The protection lasts for a lifetime, which means that users will only need a new smartDOT sticker when they bring a new device into their home.

How Does it Work?

The full effects that EMFs have on the human body are still not fully understood. Some studies indicate that they can lead to a variety of negative effects, including irritability, headaches, insomnia, difficulty concentrating, mood swings, low energy, stress, anxiety, and aches and pains. SmartDOTs retune these EMFs to help relieve these symptoms of electro-stress. Users who have used smartDOTs report that they’ve felt more energetic, have had fewer headaches, and gotten a better and more sound sleep. Users have also claimed to have improved concentration and an overall sense of calm after using smartDots.

One of the best benefits of all, though, is the fact that the smartDOT gives you peace of mind. With all the potential dangers EMFs can pose to our health, you can’t really put a price on the peace of mind you get knowing you can use your phone and other devices worry-free thanks to the smartDOT. The smartDOT is easy to use and works on all devices so you can rest easy knowing you’re safe from EMFs wherever you go in your home. Best of all, the smartDOT doesn’t interfere with the functionality of your devices, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your devices.

smartdot Review

The smartDOT is also backed up by various scientific studies. Various independent research has been done on the effects of EMFs, and shows their harmful effects. Extended use of mobile phones can lead to misshapen blood cells, which the smartDOT helps reduce the effects of. The smartDOT has also been shown through thermal imaging to reduce the heat build-up in the head and chest caused by EMFs emitted through the frequent use of mobile devices. Lastly, our electronic devices can interfere with our own natural electromagnetic fields.

Since we generate electrical impulses within our nervous system, our bodies naturally form a low-level electromagnetic field which the more powerful EMFs emitted from appliances and other devices can interfere with. The smartDOT helps to harmonize and entrain the EMFs from our devices to be more in tune with the frequencies of our natural EMF, making the interference with our own fields far less severe.

smartDOT Benefits

The smartDOT is a well-tested device that can be used on any other wireless device or electronic gadgets. The main advantage of the smartDOT is it prevents radiation from entering your body. By doing this, avoids all the harmful effects like anxiety, reduced energy, or fatigue. You can happily use your gadgets for a longer duration once you attach the smartDOT on your device. You will experience significant changes by using the smartDOT device, especially in terms of energy.

  • The smartDOT dog is the well-tested device: The smartDOT is a researched and well-tested device. EMF radiation can be harmful, and it leads to several other effects. So, they have tested smartDOT rigorously and independently, and it is proved that smartDOT is the best device for avoiding the EMF radiation. It is tested on people, and you can use smartDOT without worrying about the harmful effects of EMF.
  • smartDOT and EMF transmitting devices: You can make use of smartDOT for all kinds of electronic gadgets like tablets, smartphones, laptops, smart meters, Wi-Fi routers, baby monitors, and television. It can also be used on game consoles. You should make use of separate smartDOT for all these devices. You can choose to use it on game consoles to avoid the harmful effects of radiation on your kids. Most importantly, it should be used on smartphones and devices, which you use for a longer duration.
  • Easy to use: smartDOT is very easy to use. Once you attach the smartDOT to your device, there is nothing to worry about it and you are saved from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. There is no need to worry about its position or angle. You can place the smartDOT on any position or any place on the gadget or your device. The only thing is, it should be on your device and not somewhere else. Once attached, the smartDOT starts preventing electromagnetic radiation from entering your body.
  • smartDOT for preventing unwanted symptoms: The smartDOT is designed to protect you from all kinds of unwanted symptoms resulted from using electronic devices and gadgets for a longer duration. It can be fatigue, reduced energy, headache, anxiety, or agitation. So, smartDOT is especially recommended for people who are suffering from such harmful effects. Some people easily get a headache by using these devices. So, you can attach the smartDOT and enjoy your gadget for a longer duration. smartDOT is designed to harmonize the root cause, and it prevents all these side effects caused by radiation emitted by your devices.
  • smartDOT is designed with high-quality material: smartDOT is created by using quantum technology. It is manufactured using high-quality material and revolutionary technology. The technology used is of gold standard when it comes to offering protection from EMP radiation. So, smartDOT can bring the highest protection to you and your family. The premium material used in smartDOT ensures high durability.

So, what you need to do with smartDOT? Just attach it to your device and then forget about it. smartDOT is thin and lightweight, and you will not make out its existence. Once attached, the smartDOT will do its job, and you will not notice it further. The smartDOT comes with an adhesive back, and it is very easy to use. You need not worry about losing smartDOT since it comes with the best quality adhesive technology. Once purchased, smartDOT can be used infinitely. It comes with high-durability, and there is no need to either upgrade it or replace it in the long run.

How it is?

The smartDOT presents itself as a technopatch that acts as a filter against toxic EMFs. Through a process called entrainment, it contains Phi energy that comes into contact with radiation and negates the EMFs found in well-loved gadgets. From toxic-bearing EMFs, the device claims to fine-tune that into a natural harmonic that doesn’t harm the body. Stick it to your smartphone, and it will help your blood circulation.

That’s pretty neat for an anti-radiation device, but is it legit?

The science in smart DOT is quite interesting. Think of your body as an electrical system. Every cell you have works like an antenna that picks up and transmits even the most minute of electromagnetic energy. What the device does is it harmonizes the EMFs from gadgets you frequently use so your body no longer absorbs this harmful radiation.

How to use it?

Using the smart DOT EMF protection device is a no-brainer. You just need to stick one this wafer-thin discs to any wireless device is causing you electro-stress. This could be a gadget you fairly use to different levels of discomfort such as eye pain, headaches, or anxiety. If you decide to use it on your smartphone, peel of the protective paper off the disc and stick the smart DOT to the battery compartment.

If it doesn’t fit there, attach it to the device itself or on the protective case. There is no recommended position for the smart DOT to be placed on your device. But it is recommended that you stick one on each device. Say, you have a laptop and Wi-Fi router, stick a smartDOT on each.

Smart DOT EMF harmonizer can be used on any of the following devices:

  • Mobile phone
  • Tablet
  • Wi-Fi router
  • Laptop or PC
  • Game console or device
  • Car
  • Baby monitor
  • TV
  • Hairdryer

smartDOT Pricing

One smartDOT costs $19.99, and customers are responsible for covering the cost of shipping and handling. To get multiple stickers at once, the official website also offers two packages – a three-pack for $39.98 and a five-pack for $59.97.

Every smartDOT is covered by a 90-day money-back guarantee, which allows users to return the product if it doesn’t meet their needs.

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smartDOT Review: A proactive personal armour against EMFs

Presenting smart DOT, a revolutionary technopatch that acts as a personal shield from harmful EMFs. The manufacturers claim that as far as EMF defence goes, the smart DOT is the benchmark. What this patch does is block EMFs before they could do damage once absorbed by the body.

This way, once the patch is stuck onto a radiation-emitting device like a smartphone, it negates the effects of radiation at its point of origin, stopping EMFs at its source.

What makes smartDOT EMF protection the best?

First, it’s a stick-on magnetic disc that harmonises EMFs long before they could be absorbed by the human body. Scientists call this process “entrainment” – or the synchronisation of EMFs so that they transform into a natural harmonic that is no longer toxic to your health. In other words, the EMF protection home patch entrains the EMFs in your favourite appliances or gadgets to a frequency where it can do no harm.

Like a sticker, place the smartDOT EMF filter on your gadget – and leave it to do the work. Admittedly, the science behind it may sound a bit dubious. But when you think about it, the human body is essentially an electrical system. What smart DOT does is just filter out electromagnetic energy that your body doesn’t need.

Frequently Asked Questions About smartDOT

How does smartDOT work?

A smartDOT is a magnet with very little power, but the frequency contains stored programming data with its own energy field. When it is attached to a device, it limits the EMF emissions with the use of electromagnetic frequencies so that the user’s body doesn’t absorb it.

Why should customers add smartDOT to their devices?

It is easy to succumb to electro-sensitivity, caused by constant exposure to the EMFs that wireless devices emit. If an individual experiences regular headaches, difficulty with concentration, low energy, stress, depression, and discomfort, it is possible that they are experiencing electro-stress. smartDOT is used to eliminate it. It is very important to know the EMF radiation dangers and why protection is a necessary cause when we are surrounded by electronic devices and WiFi internet signals nearly all day long. To learn more about the way that EMFs can affect the body, view smartDOTs research here.

How long will one smartDOT protect consumers from the device?

One smartDOT works for the lifetime of the device that it attaches to. Replacement is only necessary if the smartDOT is damaged.

Can a smartDOT be taken off of one phone and placed on another?

If necessary, smartDOT can be removed. However, the adhesive is incredibly strong, and it may be difficult to move it between devices more than once.

How can the customer service team be reached?

For any other questions about smartDOT, the customer service team can be reached with an email to

Final Thoughts

smartDOT allows consumers to protect themselves in a way that virus software simply can’t. Rather than protecting the data, this sticker is used to protect the user from EMF ways without any other technology or hardware needed. The device is lightweight, easy to apply, and can be placed on any wireless device, even a baby monitor, to protect the user and their loved ones.

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