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We’re so blessed today that we take Smart Fever infrared thermometers (aka non-contact thermometer) for granted. We’ve got accustomed to using them that it is difficult to imagine a reality lower than this. As a matter of fact, the prevailing thought in Europe and North America is that, this is the standard and if anything should change, it should only get better.

Here at ReviewPadho, we sincerely thought so too, having lived and worked for the bulk of our lives in Florida. However, the editorial crew recently had business to tackle in West Africa and there, we needed to see the local doctors (no thanks to the prevailing mosquitoes there). Being bitten merciless, the doctor recommended that we see the nurse who in turn needed to take our vital signs. Viola! We met the shock of our lives!!


We were asked to take a small, pen-like thermometer and place in our armpits to gauge up the temperature! We all looked at each other in complete amazement: this contact, privacy-invading tool in the 21st century?

Instantly, we knew that we needed to give Smart Fever infrared thermometer a careful consideration after we fly back to the States. We kept that promise and here we are reviewing the best non-contact thermometers available for the money in 2020. However, first things first: why do you even need an infrared thermometer in the first place?

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What is SmartFever Thermometer?

Smart Fever is a revolutionary infrared thermometer that can accurately measure the body temperature of everyone around you. It can even measure any temperature from a safe distance. Be it a surface or a person. SmartFever uses infrared waves to capture body heat and get results in just a second.

Smart Fever Thermometer

Point the thermometer and with just a squeeze of the handle it automatically works its magic. You can measure both internally (to detect fevers) or externally (to test objects). Anything up to 15 feet away. Here comes once the characteristics of the No-Touch thermometer, which the manufacturer promises:

  • Non-contact temperature measurement in measuring mode
  • Integrated alarm function with preset measured value and a reminder
  • Switches off automatically after 30 seconds without measurement
  • LCD screen with backlight for a clear measurement that is clearly visible at night
  • Quality goods made of high quality material, which is both non-toxic and safe
  • Good price-performance ratio

The manufacturer states that the Smart Fever can measure the temperature within 0.5 seconds and immediately displays the result on the screen. There is no need to wake up the child or the senior citizen because the infrared sensor technology records the temperature from a distance. Another problem associated with measuring fever is a lack of cleanliness.

With the Smart Fever, however, this is not a problem, as it takes a contactless temperature measurement, so it does not necessarily have to be disinfected afterwards. With other methods, germs and bacteria often come into play here, which can be used to re-infect. This is why more and more hospitals are moving towards the use of no-touch thermometers.

Why do you need a heat-sensor themometer?

Unfortunately, we know that not everyone is equally responsible when she/he feels sick, which in general makes it more difficult to fight the different viruses. This preventive measure is designed to detect people with high temperatures and stop them from passing on their potential threats to other people around them.

It turns out, that these laser-beam thermometers used by experts, helped dramatically in the decrease of the virus across the globe. They were prefered because of their accuracy, speed, touch-free capability and a lot of other remarkable benefits. And all these benefits have science to thank!

You see, these thermometers use the same kind of infrared light used in space mapping. It’s the same type of light, same wavelength, with slightly adjusted frequency for the stars… and the experts behind it have perfected it to the maximum.

Quick Note:

If you’ve landed here (by whatever means) and unfortunately, you’ve never heard of an infrared thermometer or do not understand what a non-contact thermometer is, Wikipedia brilliantly explains the the concept.

Follow this link to see what an infrared thermometer is. However, if you’re all good and in the clear, then, kindly scroll down let the show begin in earnest.

Smart Fever Reviews

Why do you need SmartFever Thermometer?

  • Non-contact temperature measurement – No-touch technology guarantees reliable readings without spreading germs! Test multiple family members at once without worry. With it’s infrared beam you just need to get it close to the other person’s forehead – no need to touch them at all – and SmartFever will read their temperature. No need to risk getting infected as well!
  • Fast, safe, and 100% accurateSmartFever can accurately analyze a person’s temperature in less than 1 second. No need to wait ten minutes before reading the temperature like you have to with other thermometers. Color alarm instantly alerts you if there is a normal body temperature, mild fever, or high fever! No more guesswork!
  • Extremely easy to use even for beginners -It’s got three physical buttons on the side. You can easily use them to control the device, and there’s nothing you can mess up. And because of the green-yellow-red display, you can tell straight away if your temperature (or someone else’s) is in the ranges of normal. That’s like having a doctor in your own pocket.
  • Keeps track of temperature changes – With these 3 buttons you can let SmartFever memorize the temperature of the person you’re checking. You can also use them to read the history of their body temperatures. That’s extremely helpful in case a doctor wants to know this. No need to write it down or memorize on your own (and risk giving false info to your doc!)
  • Ideal for the temperature measurement of kids – You’ll never have to wake your fussy child with an uncomfortable thermometer again! SmartFever lets you take their temperature while they sleep! Hold the device above your child’s head and the infrared sensor will automatically detect their temperature.
  • Measures the temperature of rooms and objectsSmartFever can be used to measure body temperature, but also the temperature of other things like liquids or electronic devices. Check the temperature of rooms and household objects! Test your baby’s bathwater, formula, or food to make sure it’s safe.

Why Choose Smart Fever infrared thermometer?

There are many reasons in the wide world why anyone (or you for that matter) would prefer a smart, infrared, non-contact thermometer against the old, invasive contact types.

Without much ado, here are the major ones:

  • Smart Fever infrared thermometer Reduces The Prospects Of Germ (Or Disease) Transmission – Hey, the purpose of going to the hospital or the grand essence of using a Smart Fever infrared thermometer in the first place is to remain in optimum health or at least, keep fit or recover from some medical challenge. Sadly, with the reality of the anal, armpit or mouth-type invasive thermometers, this is very far from reality. Things are even worse when an epidemic or communicable disease in lurking in the general population.In such an instance, the threat of spreading the disease is quite high especially for highly contagious diseases and infections like Ebola and Lassa Fever. At the very least, if you’re lucky to escape being infected outright by a sad disease, the likelihood of an infection (bacterial or otherwise) is still very great.In essence, you lose, all ways when you decide to go the way of contact thermometers.
  • Smart Fever infrared thermometer Reads, Instantly – Technology has improved, dramatically. In this age, time is everything and a second lost could mean several millions of Dollars – it is as simple as as straightforward as this. However, the old-school patterned contact thermometers do not understand this or the reality their slowness in the world of life and work.To get the simple temperature of a place takes them well more than you can ever begin to imagine, a time-frame that can last anywhere from 2 to 10 solid minutes. Fortunately, this is not the reality of the smart, non-contact infrared thermometers of today. Smart Fever infrared thermometer (as opposed to a contact unit) takes the intended temperature in under a second. This reality does not only save time, if also helps you get results quickly and ultimately, enables fast decision making. Remember, a life can be lost in the span of a millisecond if that millisecond is not handled smartly. Certainly, this is something nobody will love to risk. Or, would you?
  • Smart Fever infrared thermometer Have The Ability To Read Various Surfaces – Ordinarily, the regular, old-school (and now, quite archaic thermometer) is designed to read the temperature of the human body, primarily.This, it achieves by substantive contact with the said body – your body. The import of this is deadly simple: such a thermometer is limited to reading the temperature of the body and the body alone. This is not the case when it comes to Smart Fever infrared thermometers; these awesome little smart devices can read surface temperatures, room temperature and importantly, the temperature of a body; your body. To achieve this, all you need do is to ensure that you set the thermometer to the right setting and simply fire on. Simple, isn’t it? Believe us when we tell you that nothing is simpler than this.
  • Smart Fever infrared thermometer Is Smart. Simple. – To wrap this segment off, you need a Smart Fever infrared thermometer because it is smart, simple and short. Look at it this way: why bother with a feature phone when a smart iOS, Blackberry or Android device is close by or available? Will it be logical to forgo the plethora of smart apps all within range and the plethora of connections just because you want the Snake Zenza or you’re looking for a phone + flashlight? The answer, it does not take take genius to figure out: it is glaring and quite clear. Now, let’s proceed to business proper.

Smart Fever infrared thermometer Features

  • Versatile Infrared Technology that is handy in the kitchen, at the barbeque pit, around your vehicle, in your home, and many other tasks;
  • Temperature range from -58℉ to 1022℉ (-50℃ to 550℃);
  • Very accurate owing to its distance to spot ratio of 12: 1 so you get accurate measurements from farther distances than other infrared thermometers;
  • The built-in laser allows you to better target with precision to exactly where you want to measure;
  • Backlit LCD screen to allow for easier reading of the temperature;
  • Shuts off automatically so that your battery lasts longer. It also has a low battery indicator to prevent you running out of power.
Smart Fever Features

Smart Fever – Technical facts

As far as technical characteristics are concerned, the manufacturer hardly provides any information. Nevertheless, we would like to list below everything we know about the product:

  • Easy and uncomplicated handling thanks to its compact design
  • Precise and non-contact fever measurement thanks to infrared sensor
  • Integrated on/off switch, as well as automatic function that switches off the no-touch thermometer after 30 seconds
  • Measure fever in 0.5 seconds
  • Handy size

Unfortunately we could not find more technical properties. And yet, thanks to the information given, it is possible to get a full picture and conclude that the No-Touch thermometer has all the features needed to measure fever.

Why should this product help me?

Measuring fever is a process that is necessary from time to time to check your general state of health. Especially in children, a drop or rise in temperature can have devastating effects if it happens within a short period of time. But we all know that seniors and children sleep a lot during an illness. Waking them would be out of place here. The Smart Fever, being a no-touch thermometer, is ideal for such purposes, because you can take a temperature without even having to touch the person concerned.

That means you just sneak into their room, hold the No-Touch thermometer close to them and you can already read the temperature on the Smart Fever Display. There’s absolutely nothing more to it. In addition, the Smart Fever is particularly helpful when it comes to hygiene. Usually, the temperature is taken from the armpit or other parts of the body. However, this is where the thermometer comes into contact with germs and bacteria. This means that cleaning is necessary after each fever measurement.

However, this is not always as thorough as it should be. The Smart Fever, on the other hand, is only held close to the affected person and can then take the temperature without coming into contact with harmful germs or bacteria. In this way all hygiene is maintained and there is no need to worry.

What are the advantages Smart Fever?

Like all health products, Smart Fever has its own advantages, which we would like to list below. This will give you the opportunity to get a better idea of Smart Fever and then you can better decide if the No-Touch thermometer is suitable for your needs.

  • Easy handling for young and old
  • No-Touch thermometer for children and adults
  • Easy to read thanks to integrated and illuminated display
  • Precise fever measurement in half a second
  • No re-infection due to maintained hygiene

Who is the target group for Smart Fever?

Smart Fever should appeal to everyone who requires a reliable way of measuring temperature. Above all, people who have children at home or a senior citizen in need of care can benefit from it. But everyone can also benefit from measuring their partner or their own temperature. It is irrelevant whether it is young or old, a man or a woman. The No-Touch thermometer is equally suitable for everyone. Especially when a precise measurement without any physical contact is required, the Smart Fever is the right alternative for all other models.

It is easy to use, so that even older people can understand it very easily. Younger people can easily take a fever reading without disturbing children while they sleep. It is also the right choice for all those who demand more hygiene when measuring temperature and do not want to use older methods. All in all, the target group of Smart Fever is very broad and therefore difficult to narrow down.

So, is it worth all the hype?

Traditional contact thermometers can carry bacteria for weeks, which means you could accidentally give your family a bug while checking for one! SmartFever Thermometer never touches your body, so it’s 100% safe. Studies have been conducted across the world and the infrared thermometer is increasingly being seen as a better and safer way to measure your temperature and monitor your health.

In addition, traditional thermometers are prone to mistakes and take up to 5 minutes to work! SmartFever Thermometer is non-invasive and provides 100% accurate results in under a second!

Smart Fever reviews

In our search for information, we have also looked for reports in which users of Smart Fever tell about their experiences. We even found what we were looking for. The tone of these reports was mostly positive and most were very satisfied with the use of Smart Fever. The No-Touch thermometer met all the requirements of the users and was able to convince with its easy handling. Many praised the fact that it would have been good value for money and that you would get the benefits promised to you by the manufacturer just in case.

In addition to the many private users, there were also one or two reports from nurses. They wrote that even in hospitals, more and more people are turning to the use of no-touch thermometers because they guarantee much higher hygiene. Besides the simplicity of measuring Smart Fever of course.

Everyday life with children would be much easier with Smart Fever, as many parents were worried that they might hurt them with the thermometer. However, this is not the case with Smart Fever, as there is no contact whatsoever. The users were therefore very satisfied and would gladly recommend the No-Touch thermometer to other users.

How does Smart Fever work?

There are only a few small basics to consider. Once you have received the No-Touch thermometer, you can try it out right away. For this, you first have a look at the respective buttons that are integrated in the device. Apart from an on/off switch, there is a memory function that compares several values that one has recorded with the Smart Fever. Once you have turned it on, it is only held near your forehead.

Then you have to press the integrated lever and in the next moment you can read the temperature. By the way, you get the result within 0.5 seconds. Afterwards, it is not necessary to clean or disinfect the No-Touch thermometer, but it can be used again directly. The respective values are stored in the internal memory. If at any time the battery should run out, it can be easily replaced. For further questions, it is best to consult the Smart Fever operating instructions.

How much does it cost?

As, similar high-end models can only be found in high-end hospitals or in clinical studies you probably think that they cost a fortune. Fortunately, you are wrong!

Compared to all medical expenses and other alternatives, SmartFever Thermometer is very inexpensive. In fact, at this moment it’s available to the public at a HUGE discount!

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How can you order SmartFever?

At the moment you can buy SmartFever Thermometer 50% cheaper for a limited time only:

  • Order SmartFever Thermometer from the official website.
  • Start the contact-free temperature measurement now!


Smart Fever is a clinical thermometer that works without contact. The no-touch thermometer is easy to use by holding it in front of the person’s forehead and then taking the temperature in a short time. Especially for children, this method is always more recommendable than the traditional method, which is not always clinically safe. Smart Fever is much needed product for home.


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