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Smosquito Reviews 2022 : Legit Mosquito Killing Lantern

Summers create the perfect breeding ground for mosquitos, and these pesky little insects can potentially transfer diseases to humans. Mosquitos have been known to give people diseases like West Nile virus, dengue fever, and malaria, which can cause serious health problems or even be fatal if not treated.


Even though effective treatments are available, it’s best not to worry about getting sick in the first place. But how can you stop mosquitoes from entering your house or bothering you while trying to enjoy the outdoors?

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Mosquito sprays and repellents contain chemicals that can harm you in the long run. This is why today, we will tell you about a device that can protect you from mosquitos and the harm they cause.

It’s called Smosquito, an anti-mosquito lantern designed to help keep mosquitos at bay. It works by attracting mosquitoes with UV light and then zapping them. Furthermore, this device is safe to use; it comes with a protective grill around it.

Smosquito – What Is It?

Smosquito is a lantern-like bug zapper designed to attract and kill mosquitos with the help of UV light and high-voltage electricity. With this lantern, you can effectively keep mosquitos at bay.

You can keep this outside your house for better effect. Moreover, if you love going outdoors for camping trips or treks, or even a day hike, taking the Smosquito with you would be easy as it is lightweight and portable. It will help protect you from mosquitos, and with that, you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.

The materials used to make this device are all of the top-shelf quality, and even though the Smosquito is light and compact, it is exceptionally sturdy.

Smosquito Reviews

Furthermore, it comes with a battery that you can recharge, and the battery life itself is long; it will last you for several hours in one go. This way, you will not have to worry about mosquitoes bothering you during your outdoor trips.

Here are some great features of Smosquito:

SMOSQUITO has exceptional features, making it convenient and practical to eliminate mosquitoes. Some of its outstanding features include:

This device emits powerful UV light, which lures mosquitoes to come closer to it. The SMOSQUITO can attract mosquitoes from all angles, no matter which direction it is facing.

  • SMOSQUITO is 1PX7 waterproof: Meaning it can be used both outdoors and indoors. The waterproof capability prevents water and other liquids from penetrating it.
  • High voltage: The device’s high voltage helps in killing mosquitoes instantly. Whenever a mosquito comes close to it or perches on it, the mosquito will die immediately through shock.
  • Rechargeable battery: The device is powered by a rechargeable battery. You can use a USB cord to charge it, provided you have a laptop or access to a socket. When fully charged, it can operate for many hours.
  • Lightweight and compact-sized: The small size of SMOSQUITO guarantees that it fits even in small spaces. You can pack it in your backpack when traveling and can move it easily from one room to another while at home.
  • The brilliant and sleek design: The amazing, ergonomic, and sleek design makes it fit with any home decor. You can place it anywhere without it looking out of place.
  • Easy to use: SMOSQUITO is relatively easy to use. It doesn’t have complicated controls, meaning you don’t need to be tech-savvy. The device comes with an instruction manual that has all the details. It also has a handle that you can hang on a hook if you don’t want to place it on a flat table surface.
  • Light source: You can use SMOSQUITO as a lantern to complement other sources of light you have at home.

Smosquito – How Does It Work?

To make this device work, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • 1 Step: The very first thing you should do is charge the battery until its full
  • 2 Step: After that, all you have to do is turn the switch, and the LED lights will turn on; this is when you know the device is active.
  • 3 Step: Place the Smosquito anywhere you want and start enjoying your outside spaces.

Benefits of SMOSQUITO

The benefits you can derive from this device include:

  • Effective killing mechanism
  • It safeguards your health:
  • Strong battery capacity
  • Water-resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Minimal power consumption.
  • Completely silent while functioning.
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Safe and secure, guaranteed.
  • Portable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • It serves a variety of functions.
  • User-friendly
  • Budget-friendly

Smosquito – What Do Customers Have To Say About It?

We didn’t find any negative reviews for the Smosquito. This seems to be one of the simplest, most innovative, and practically effective devices you can lay your hands on. The Smosquito is safe to use, and most customers seem to be satisfied with their purchase.

If you are worried about the cost – stop, the Smosquito is reasonably priced, which is another thing that customers love.

Smosquito Review – Specifications

Below are the specifications compiled in this Smosquito zap review that make it unique according to many reviewers of the product on the official website.

  • Gives 40 meters of coverage
  • Features 360-degree fan
  • Wireless device
  • Dehydrator that dries up bugs
  • No poisonous or harmful chemicals
  • Powerful 360-degrees fan
  • 17×13 cm in size
  • Purple LED light that draws bugs
  • 5V voltage
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Battery-powered device

Here are the pricing packages as shown on their website:

For an additional $9, you can add a three-year extended warranty. Remember – the prices that you see are discounted prices, and this offer may not last long. So make sure you get your Smosquito today and protect yourself and your family from mosquitos.

How to buy the Smosquito?

You can buy this anti-mosquito lantern from their official website and nowhere else. They offer three different pricing packages.

Frequently Asked Questions About Smosquito?

How does it get the job done?

1st, charge up this system electrically until eventually the battery is thoroughly charged. Then to activate it, change the major rotary swap on major of the gadget. You will hear a click on when the purple ultraviolet LED turns on. Area this system where ever you want it placed or you can hang it on a hook or some thing alike given that it will come with a compact cope with and watch mosquitoes go down in a make a difference of few seconds. The product is also minimal upkeep and straightforward to thoroughly clean out. Simply just use the included brush to clean up coils as important.

How efficient is Smosquito Lantern?

The purple LED mild is extremely interesting to mosquitoes, so they will adhere to the light to just close up zapped by the electrical coil, all with no-problem for you.

How do you charge Smosquito Lantern?

You can charge it easily, each time you can, with a micro USB charger offered. Just one cost is adequate to past you by the whole working day, so you can take it easy understanding that mosquitoes will not mess about you.

Final Word

Ths Smosquito is a great anti-mosquito lantern that you should buy. This will help you be safe from the diseases that mosquitoes carry and pass on. This device is truly one of a kind, so ensure you get your Smosquito soon stock runs out!

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