Snappower Guidelight Review: Best Night Light Ever Invented

SnapPower GuideLight is a night light and outlet cover anyone can install in seconds to brighten their home.

SnapPower GuideLight

Just screw the outlet cover on top of an existing outlet to get an LED pathway light and automatic night light in your home. You can install GuideLight in hallways, child’s bedrooms, bathrooms, and anywhere else you need light at night.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Snap Power’s GuideLight and how it works today in our SnapPower Guidelight Review.

What is SnapPower GuideLight?

SnapPower GuideLight is a trendy night light available online through Made by Snap Power, the night light looks like an ordinary electrical outlet. Hidden at the bottom of the outlet, however, are a series of LED lights to brighten the floor beneath the night light.

SnapPower GuideLight Features

Each SnapPower GuideLight provides subtle illumination in your home, making it easy to light up hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms, and any other part of your home.

SnapPower GuideLight also has automatic motion detection. You can set it to stay dark when not in use, then light up when someone walks by.

The makers of SnapPower GuideLight have sold over 4 million units to date. The product also has 13,000+ reviews and an average rating of 5 stars. All purchases are backed by a one year warranty.

How Does SnapPower GuideLight Work?

SnapPower GuideLight uses a patented design to light up your home. You can install it into any electrical outlet with no batteries, bulbs, wires, or electricians required. Even if you have zero DIY skills or technical expertise, you can easily install GuideLight in your home.

How Does Snap Power GuideLight Works

Just unscrew an existing electrical outlet in your home, then screw in GuideLight over top.

There’s no need to rewrite the electrical outlet. SnapPower GuideLight draws electricity from the outlet, providing easy illumination with no batteries, charging, or electrical work required.

It takes just seconds to install SnapPower GuideLight, and each night light can last for up to 25 years.

The goal of SnapPower GuideLight is to make dark corners of your home safer and more beautiful. Some install SnapPower GuideLight at the top of staircases, for example, while others install GuideLight in bathrooms or bedrooms. You can set GuideLight to run all the time. Or, you can set it to detect motion automatically, helping you see the floor and avoid obstacles when walking around at night.

Overall, SnapPower GuideLight aims to be the most ingenious night light ever invented.

SnapPower GuideLight Features & Benefits

SnapPower GuideLight offers all of the following features and benefits:

SnapPower GuideLight Features

Elegant Design: GuideLight does not look out of place in any home. Unlike some night lights that protrude from your wall, GuideLight fits seamlessly into your wall without detracting from your décor. It has a neutral, white design that fits against all wall colors.

Install in Minutes: It takes just a few minutes to install SnapPower GuideLight. Just unscrew the existing electrical outlet using an ordinary screwdriver, then install the new SnapPower GuideLight over top. SnapPower GuideLight automatically connects to your wiring without any electrical work required.

Instantly Improve Nighttime Visibility & Safety: SnapPower GuideLight can improve nighttime visibility and safety, making it easier to see your way to the bathroom at night, light up a child’s bedroom, and spot hidden hazards throughout your home when walking in the dark.

4 Million Units Sold to Date: SnapPower GuideLight has sold over 4 million units to date, making it one of the internet’s best-selling nightlights.

Backed by 1 Year Warranty: If you find any manufacturing defects with your SnapPower GuideLight within the first year of use, then you can request a replacement under warranty.

Rated 5 Stars with 13,000+ Reviews: SnapPower GuideLight has a 5 star rating with 13,000+ reviews. Customers are generally happy with their GuideLight and how it works.

Avoid Bulky Traditional Nightlights: Ordinary nightlights take up a lot of space. Pets can bump against them. They’re easy to dislodge. And some just look out of place. SnapPower GuideLight is different because it replaces your existing electrical outlet cover, giving you the convenience of a nightlight without taking up any extra space. You already have electrical outlets throughout your home; GuideLight turns those outlets into valuable nightlights.

Lasts for Up to 25 Years: SnapPower GuideLight’s LEDs are designed to last for up to 25 years without replacement. There’s no need to replace batteries, replace lights, or charge the unit at any point. Instead, you just install it, then leave it in your wall for up to 25 years to enjoy long-term nightlight coverage.

Make Dark Corners of Your Home Safe & Beautiful: SnapPower GuideLight adds soft lighting to dark areas of your home. You can install SnapPower GuideLight at the tops of stairways, in bathrooms, in children’s bedrooms, and anywhere else you need to illuminate space at night.

SnapPower GuideLight Advantages

Automatic Motion Detection: Want SnapPower GuideLight to light up every time someone walks by? You can set it to automatic activation mode, which means the nightlight turns on every time it detects motion nearby.

Easy to Install with No DIY Skills or Electrical Work Required: Even if you have zero DIY skills or technical ability, you can install SnapPower GuideLight in minutes. If you can use a standard screwdriver, then you can install GuideLight easily. The outlet snaps into place in seconds, and there’s no need to hire an electrician.

The Right Level of Lighting Without Blinding: Some nightlights are too bright. They emit an excessive amount of light, and they blind you at night. SnapPower GuideLight, on the other hand, provides a soft glow, giving you the visibility you need without waking you up.

Costs Less than 10 Cents Per Year: Each SnapPower GuideLight can run all year while costing less than 10 cents in electricity.

Save Power with Automatic Shutoff: SnapPower GuideLight’s automatic shutoff function automatically saves power when not in use, reducing your electricity bill.

Automatic Light Detection: In addition to automatic motion detection, SnapPower GuideLight has automatic light detection. The nightlight will be at its lowest brightness when the room is completely dark, then slowly dim as the room gets darker, which means the light appears to stay at a consistent intensity, relative to the surroundings, at all times of day and night.

Free Up Your Outlets: An ordinary nightlight takes up space in an electrical outlet. SnapPower GuideLight does not. You can use the same two electrical outlets after installing SnapPower GuideLight, and GuideLight does not interfere with the electricity of those outlets in any way.

Step by Step Guide on How to Install SnapPower GuideLight

  1. Step one – Switch off the main power
  2. Step two – Unscrew the standard outlet cover
  3. Step three – Position the SnapPower GuideLight by snapping it into place
  4. Step four – Use the screw and tighten the GuideLight outlet cover

The SnapPower GuideLight has a built-in automatic sensor that turns the light on during dark hours and switches it off in the morning. Therefore, customers do not have to switch devices manually. Additionally, the lighting does not require bulb replacement or any maintenance.

How to Use SnapPower GuideLight

SnapPower GuideLight is easy for anyone to use. Here’s how to install the device with no electrical skills or DIY expertise:

SnapPower GuideLight Cost
  • Step 1) Turn off your power by flipping the switch of your electrical panel.
  • Step 2) Remove your outlet cover by unscrewing the screws.
  • Step 3) Snappower GuideLight into place, screwing it in to secure it to the wall.

SnapPower GuideLight has an easy snap and go installation system and patented technology. Installation is so easy, in fact, that the manufacturer hesitates to even call it an installation.

SnapPower GuideLight Pros

  1. It is easy to install and does not require any hectic maintenance
  2. SnapPower GuideLight uses a patented “Snap-and-Go” technology and works in 120V outlets and light switches
  3. The nightlight is purportedly energy efficient and prevents power wastage by automatically shutting off the light. The cost to use the nightlights is advertised at ten cents per year.
  4. The SnapPower GuideLight LED bulb is designed to offer service for 25 years
  5. The SnapPower GuideLight does not require an extra outlet to operate
  6. It is not bulky and uses minimal space
  7. SnapPower GuideLight is child and pet friendly
  8. The SnapPower GuideLight produces enough light to help you find your way in the dark without blinding the user.
  9. impact-resistant ABS plastic with a high fire safety rating
  10. Each SnapPower GuideLight comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a 24-month warranty.

SnapPower GuideLight Cons

  1. SnapPower GuideLight is not portable
  2. The LED night light is only available in neutral white
  3. SnapPower GuidLight cannot be used in non-standard outlets or switches controlled by a switch outlet with split circuits.
  4. Customers can only buy SnapPower GuideLight via the official website.

Should you replace your nightlights with SnapPower GuideLights?

If you’re still using plug-in nightlights, have small children running around, or have dark areas in your home… then the answer is simple: Yes!

SnapPower GuideLights can do the same job (or better) than nightlights, yet at a fraction of the cost — and with a MUCH improved look!

SnapPower GuideLight Features

Thanks to all these innovative features, SnapPower GuideLights have quickly gone viral since their release — as of press time, more than 4 million GuideLights are out there lighting up homes, and that number is fast increasing as more people discover them.

As we mentioned, each SnapPower GuideLight costs less than 10 cents per year to operate… and that’s not considering how much you’ll save by avoiding the need for rewiring your home. Equivalent solutions that look and function the exact same cost hundreds more.

Clearly, SnapPower GuideLights are a welcome innovation for anyone who relies on nightlights — or simply wants to brighten up their home in a sophisticated way!

SnapPower GuideLight Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

SnapPower GuideLight features a patented design, and the makers of GuideLight have sold over 4 million units to date. GuideLight also has 13,000+ reviews, an average rating of 5 stars, and plenty of positive testimonials online from customers who are satisfied with their purchase.

SnapPower GuideLight Cost

Here are some of the reviews shared by verified purchasers online:

One customer described GuideLight as “the greatest invention,” claiming she gets many compliments on the lights and people want to know where she bought them.

Another customer was “skeptical” the nightlight would work as advertised, but she found it was super easy to install and provided the “perfect” amount of lighting.

Many reviewers have installed SnapPower GuideLight in the homes or bedrooms of elderly parents to light up the space and reduce the risk of falls – all without being as intrusive as an ordinary nightlight.

Alternatively, parents install GuideLight in kid’s rooms, hallways, and bathrooms to make it safer to walk around – without stepping on toys or other obstructions.

Another customer had previously purchased 3 lighted wall plates from a different brand and found they had inconsistent quality, including different levels of brightness; with GuideLight, that’s not an issue, as the amount of light output is the same for both her GuideLights

SnapPower GuideLight Pricing

SnapPower GuideLight is priced at $24.99 per light, although the price drops as low as $15 per light when ordering multiple lights.

SnapPower GuideLight Pricing

Here’s how much you pay when ordering online today:

  • 1 x Light: $24.99 + Shipping
  • 3 x Lights: $59.98 + Free US Shipping
  • 5 x Lights: $89.97 + Free US Shipping
  • 8 x Lights: $119.96 + Free US Shipping

SnapPower GuideLight is available in two styles, including Duplex (featuring rounded edges around the electrical outlets) and Décor (featuring a rectangular shape). You can also mix and match different shapes if buying multiple lights.

FAQs About the SnapPower GuideLight

Who can use the SnapPower GuideLight?

SnapPower GuideLight is ideal for anyone that requires extra lighting to ease movement and visibility in the darkness. Similarly, adults and children unable to sleep in total darkness may benefit from smart lighting.

Do consumers need a professional to install the SnapPower GuideLight?

The SnapPower GuideLight is purportedly ETL listed in the US and Canada and is a straightforward gadget to install. It takes less than two minutes to install it to the outlet.

Is there a need to maintain the SnapPower GuideLight?

SnapPower GuideLight does not require maintenance and can give customers additional light for years.

How often should the SnapPower GuideLight bulb be changed?

The SnapPower GuideLight does not require a bulb replacement, ever.

SnapPower GuideLight Final Reviews

SnapPower GuideLight is an innovative nightlight sold online through

Featuring a hassle-free installation process, automatic lighting, and other advanced features, SnapPower GuideLight provides greater visibility throughout your home without taking up an electrical outlet.

SnapPower GuideLight Buy Now

To learn more about SnapPower GuideLight and how it works or to buy the nightlight online today, visit the official website.

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