SonicX PRO Review 2021: Is It the Best Sonic Toothbrush?

SonicX Pro – A Simple Solution To Many Of Your Dental Problems: Dental health experts say that improper brushing technique is more common than most people realize. And the result is that healthy teeth are not as common as they should be. Improper brushing can leave behind food and bacteria which can fester, causing bad breath and yellow teeth; eventually leading to gum rot, tooth decay, and a smile you’d rather keep to yourself. Or not even to yourself…

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The next time you brush your teeth with a standard toothbrush, ask yourself, “Why am I using the same thing they used in 3000 BC?” It’s clearly time to move on! For a cleaner mouth, a brighter smile, and a shorter dental invoice… Get SonicX Pro now! Because it’s the only solution for many of your dental problems.

Oral health is an integral part of overall well-being. Brushing is an important practice that would not only keep your teeth healthy and bright but it would also prevent a lot of other health risks related to poor oral hygiene such as bad breath, tooth cavity, tooth decay, mouth infection etc. The most unexpected consequence of poor dental hygiene is Alzheimer’s and heart disease! Many people are unaware of these facts and therefore become prone to such issues. You still have time to rethink and improve your habits to keep your teeth clean and maintain oral hygiene. Either use a manual brush or an electric brush like SonicX PRO twice every single day to keep your oral health game strong.

What Is SonicX PRO?

With the advanced Sonic technology, SonicX PRO electric toothbrush is 100 times more powerful than the traditional brushes. In recent times, we see people switching to electric toothbrushes, which is indeed a good practice. Also, it makes brushing more interesting as you begin to enjoy this change in your usual routine. As against other electric brushes in the market, only SonicX Pro offers four brushing modes for separate parts of the mouth. Read till the end to not miss out on this amazing product.

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SonicX Pro is an electric toothbrush that will completely change your whole teeth brushing routine! The thing is – cleaning manually is actually a lot of work! The very first time we tried SonicX Pro, the difference was shocking. You usually think you’re getting your mouth and teeth clean with your old toothbrush – but not even close! Just think about the strokes you make… Sonic technology is 100x more powerful than manual brushing and provides you with 45,000 brush strokes per minute, which makes meeting your clean teeth goals a lot easier!

SonicX Pro

SonicX PRO Electric Toothbrush Highlights

  • Made with Sonic Technology
  • 100X powerful than manual brushing
  • About 45,000 Brush Strokes Per Minute
  • 4 brushing modes- Soft, Cleaning, Whitening, and Massaging
  • Smart timer of 2 minutes with a 30-second interval to switch brushing areas
  • Use at home or carry on a trip
  • Available on 50% Discount

SonicX PRO Benefits

  • Easy-to-use with changeable batteries
  • Keeps your teeth and gums clean and healthy
  • Allows thorough and longer brushing
  • Durable, lightweight and easy-to-carry
  • Smart device with a smart timer

Perfect for all kinds of teeth

When you use a manual toothbrush, there is not much space to be creative – you basically use the same technique over and over again. And the worst thing about this is the possibility it’s not even working!

SonicX Pro meets multiple needs with 4 integrated brushing modes. Teeth sensitivity varies greatly, that’s why the creators of SonicX Pro gave us an opportunity to choose between clean, milder, white, or mascare modes.

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If you’re one of those people who have sensitive gums, don’t worry. Milder mode will gently reach under your gums and sweep away bacteria and tartar that common toothbrushes often miss. Not to mention well-designed, round brush head with Dupont Tynex Classic 0.152mm highest quality bristles that make sure you don’t hurt your teeth while diamond-shaped filaments enable deep clean and first-class comfort. So you still get the same effective cleaning without it feeling so harsh! Your gums will sure be happy after trying a massage mode, and whitening mode will help you to get rid of those stubborn stains. It brings you a lot closer to a beautiful, and most importantly, healthy smile!

Key Features of Sonic Pro Toothbrush

The most advanced electric toothbrush is coming your way! SonicX Pro Review, with its proven cleaning technology, is acknowledged to be effective with better ratings than the traditional toothbrush used manually.

And you will be able to get whiter, stronger, and healthier teeth. Discover the reasons why this toothbrush is the best in terms of oral care, with the key features of this trending product. Here’s what you can look forward to when you get this cool brush in your paws:

SonicX Pro Review

Use it anywhere, anytime

You might be thinking – everything sounds great, but what about the battery? What if I go on vacation and it suddenly dies? Is it even convenient to take an electric toothbrush on vacation? Well, forget all that and worry no more! SonicX Pro is very light and has a built-in rechargeable extra-long life battery that lasts up to 2 weeks when you brush regularly.

It also has a charging indicator so you will never be unpleasantly surprised about the empty battery. This toothbrush comes with intelligent wireless charging base so it’s completely durable to be used anywhere. Even while you shower because it’s waterproof!

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Replaceable heads

We all know that for the most efficient results it’s recommended to change your regular toothbrush every 3 months since the bristles become bent, discolored or begin falling out. Well, I’m not able to change an electronic toothbrush every 3 months, you might say… And you don’t have to! All you need to do is replace the head of your SonicX Pro and you’re good to go! You can even choose between two colors – pink and white – and keep using the same toothbrush you started with.

The next time you brush your teeth with a standard toothbrush, ask yourself, “Why am I using the same thing they used in 3000 BC?” It’s clearly time to move on! For a cleaner mouth, a brighter smile, and a shorter dental invoice… Get SonicX Pro now! Because it’s the only solution for many of your dental problems.

A Super Powerful Brush!

The sonic vibrations produced by this device are powerful. They produce a force that is strong and great at removing plaque in those areas that are very hard to reach inside your mouth. Talk about feeling clean.

Smart Brushing

The toothbrush includes a wide variety intelligent brushing method to clean, massage, and whiten your teeth. You can also select a soft brushing method if you desire a gentle cleansing method. Perfect for those days when you just want to feel clean but not be aggressive about it.

Timer Brushing

You no longer have to set a timer to get the right brush time in. You can just let the toothbrush take care of it for you! Instead of setting a boring timer, let the toothbrush take care of it and watch some cool videos on your phone instead or something like that. We guarantee it’s a lot more fun. It runs for two minutes and then switches for 30 seconds so you remember to go to other parts of your mouth.

What are the technical specifications of SonicX Pro?

There are so many technical aspects of it which given below.

  1. Forty-five thousand strokes each second that make 100X simpler and much stronger than direct cleaning.
  2. It contains four cleaning modes such as Cleaning, Whitening, Therapeutic Massage, and Softening.
  3. It has a timer.
  4. It has a high capacity battery for longer life that may survive seven days.
  5. It’s watertight and Long-lasting

Who Could Benefit From Using This Toothbrush?

The benefits of SonicX Pro toothbrush can be enjoyed by everyone. Maintaining good dental hygiene benefits everyone, and thus, this brush is suitable for any person who would like to upgrade from old-style brushes.

From fresher breath and reduced cavities to white teeth and fewer visits to the dentist, SonicX Pro will be a great addition to your hygiene package.

The simplicity of its design makes it ideal for every member of the family, including younger children. Also, the soft rubber head, easy to select modes, and DuPont bristles make it easy to use.

How Does the Sonic Pro Toothbrush Work?

Many people have been put off using an electric toothbrush in the past because of designs which can often be difficult to use. One of the common complaints people have with electric toothbrushes is their poor ability to retain charge for a long period of time. However, these issues are a thing of the past with the SonicX PRO toothbrush.

Unlike standard electric toothbrushes, the SonicX Pro Review will adapt to your own mouth using 4 intelligent brushing modes. Choose from either clean, whiten, polish or the soft gum care mode and you will benefit from a complete brushing experience that is designed for every area of your mouth.

In addition, the inbuilt 2-minute smart timer will warn you at 30-second intervals to switch to a new area of your mouth, which means you will never miss a spot again. Many users choose to begin with the ‘white’ option, which provides a powerful clean and is ideal for removing stains and plaque. However, for sensitive areas of the mouth the gentle options will also leave you feeling fresh and clean.

How To Use SonicX PRO?

If you think using an electric toothbrush is a task, you’re wrong! Once you start using this brush, you wouldn’t want to go back to your manual brushing. Here’s the step-by-step guide to making it easier for you:

  • Firstly, charge your brush as you won’t be able to use it if the battery is drained.
  • Wet the bristles and apply a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on it.
  • Put the switch on and start brushing your teeth in and out.
  • Once done, put the brush to off and clean it properly with water.

It might take a bit to get into this new habit, but once you get used to it, everything will automatically fall into place.

Why Should You Upgrade to Using An Electric Toothbrush?

Well, aside from reaching all areas of your mouth, here are more reasons to use electric toothbrush.

  • Studies show that electric toothbrushes are more effective and efficient at removing old stains and plaques from teeth than manual toothbrushes.
  • These brushes are also enjoyable to use, which encourages users to brush their teeth the right way and regularly. This is especially important to kids who have to be reminded to brush regularly.
  • They provide more rotations per minute than manual brushing and thus clean your teeth better and faster.

This explains why electric toothbrushes have been gaining popularity in the recent past. One of the electric brushes that has stolen the headlines is SonicX Pro, and today we will be discussing this interesting product. Read on our SonicX Pro review to learn more.

SonicX PRO Reviews

We’ve performed a search online to find out what users say about the efficiency and power of this revolutionary ultrasonic toothbrush. The SonicX PRO reviews written by customers from across the globe almost unanimously confirm its effectiveness, ease of use and rapid results.

Users are happy with the smart 2-minute timer, its 2-week battery life and its ability to adapt to their own dental needs. They love that its ultra-modern, smart technology makes it a lot easier for them to achieve a superior clean when compared to manual toothbrushes used in the past, making it the best value for the money.

Where To Buy SonicX PRO?

Your search for a smart and durable electric brush ends at Sonic X PROGet it now from its official website and avail a heavy discount of 50% on the actual price! Not just that, early birds would also get free delivery on their orders.

If you really need to try an electric toothbrush without splurging on money, SonicX Pro is it.

But it’s got to be expensive, right?

Wrong! Listen, the cost of poor oral hygiene can’t be overstated – degrading tooth and gum health isn’t good for anyone’s love life or bank account! So it’s totally worth to consider SonicX Pro as an investment into your future – and now you can get it for only $89!

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SonicX PRO Review: Final Verdict

On the whole, this looks like an amazing electric brush at an affordable price that you may not want to miss out on. The demand for electric brushes is increasing. Grab one for yourself or gift one to your loved ones to promote a healthy habit of regular and inside out brushing.

Frequently Asked Questions About SonicX PRO

Is It Suitable For Me?

This innovative Sonic X PRO toothbrush is proven to benefit everyone who uses it to improve their oral hygiene and dental care.

While most electric toothbrushes are capable of cleaning effectively, they can’t completely remove teeth discolorations, bacteria, and food residues. Therefore, your oral hygiene is not guaranteed. And, worst of all, you are still susceptible to mouth inflammations.

But with Sonic X PRO, your teeth are totally free from all kinds of bacteria. And, your gums are completely protected from developing inflammation. So, if you use it starting today, soon enough you will be able to show the kind of captivating white smile that anyone would admire.

How much does it cost?

This amazing SonicXPRO is incredibly affordable. Get it now for only $89.

If you order today, you can get up to 50% off and get free shipping worldwide. And you can choose between different packages – buying in bulk can give you huge savings! Buy SonicX PRO and experience optimum dental protection starting today.

Investing in a powerful electric toothbrush is important in order to keep your oral hygiene and dental health at its best. Besides, Sonic X PRO has a price that pretty much suits anyone’s budget. There’s all the more reason to get it if you are a person who believes having healthy teeth can reflect your overall health.

How often do I need to Replaceable Heads?

For the best results, you should replace your toothbrush after three months of use. Why? Because bristles often become bent, wear out, and become discolored after a long time.
But worry not: with SonicX PRO you only have to replace its existing brush head with a new one and not the entire toothbrush.

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