Soul Insole Review 2024 – Best Shoe Insert That Relieves Pain

Soul Insole is proclaimed as a revolutionary shoe insert that relieves pain at the root cause. Created based on the principles of foot orthotics, these insoles are said to help support, immobilize, and potentially treat weaknesses in the muscles, joints, and even back. Besides Soul Insoles’ ability to heal, what makes them unique is that they can be worn in any shoe, by people of any age and for any occasion.

If you find it difficult to walk sometimes or experience discomfort with your feet and ankles, it can be due to biomechanical abnormalities in the feet. Biomechanical abnormalities are usually noticed when walking or when the body is in motion. According to the claims made, the major issue is that the body is incapable of properly reacting to internal and external forces. As a result, individuals may have to find ways to correct their posture. Otherwise, injuries will become more probable.

The purpose of this Soul Insole review is to shed light on Soul Insoles, which claim to help rectify any issues related to posture and movement.

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What is Soul Insole?

Soul Insole is a unique shoe insert with a gel arch form design. Meant to be placed in the middle of one’s heel, it allegedly works by redistributing weight in an even manner, supporting small bones (called tarsal), and alleviating pressure from the foot. Most importantly, it naturally trains the foot to strengthen its natural arch without one becoming reliant on external devices. Hence, in the long run, the muscles in the foot may become stronger and Soul Insoles might not even be necessary.

Soul Insole Benefits

The makers of Soul Insole advertise all of the following benefits:

  • Relieves Foot, Back, and Body Pain: Your feet have a significant impact on your whole body’s health and wellness. Wearing incorrect insoles or having improper posture can lead to pain in your back and body. Soul Insole claims to relieve foot, back, and body pain for this reason.
  • Boosts Energy: By absorbing shocks, Soul Insole can boost energy and relieve pain, helping you sustain high energy levels throughout the day.
  • Like Walking On Clouds: Soul Insole claims to be similar to walking on clouds. Instead of harshly striking the ground with every step, you can enjoy cushioned support everywhere you go.
  • Non-Porous, Medical Grade Gel: Soul Insole is made from a non-porous, medical-grade gel. The company claims this gel will last for years without needing to be replaced.
  • Odorless: Because Soul Insole is made from a non-porous, medical-grade gel, that insoles purportedly never stink.

Features of Soul Insole

  • Biomechanical design: Its biomechanical design ensures that it fits comfortably into your shoes and takes the shape of your feet, cushioning the impact of the ground on the various pressure points.
  • Cleaning features: One of the really helpful Soul Insole features is how simple it is to keep it clean after every use. The insoles come with their regenerative adhesive which means you can wash it at home without damaging it.
  • Endurance and massaging features: As mentioned earlier in the Soul Insole review, the insoles are inbuilt with an adhesive that provides a buffer to your arches so that you can be on your feet for long periods without any pain. It also massages your feet as you walk so that you feel comfortable.
  • Cares for the feet: Soul Insole supports defective foot conditions like high arches and flat feet, offloading pressure from the heel and forefoot, making your feet feel relaxed and cared for.

How to use Soul Insole?

According to the multiple Soul Insole reviews, we checked by people who had used it, one of the key highlights of the product is how easy it is to use. You just need to take it out of its packaging and fit it into your shoes. They can be formal shoes, heels, running shoes, hiking boots, or any kind of shoe and size that you wear, even flipflops!

Since Soul Insole comes in one universal fit, it will comfortably attach to the inside of your shoe without any hassles. You would hardly even notice there is anything in your shoes. The fit is so perfect that the insole won’t budge or loosen in any way. It is also designed keeping in mind the space for your toes and ensures there’s no heel slip either.

The other great thing is that it is reusable. You can remove them from one pair of shoes and use them in another according to your wish. People who are on their feet all day for professional reasons generally suffer from bad cases of Plantar Fasciitis, which using Soul Insole can remedy with its unique design and comfortable fit.

Where and how to buy Soul Insole?

The team that manufactures Soul Insole haven’t taken their product to the market as of now. Hence, you won’t find it on Amazon or your nearest Walmart unfortunately. You would need to visit their official website and choose the option you want to buy.

The insoles come in 3 packages as listed below in the Soul Insole review:

You just need to click on the option you prefer and your order will be placed. You will get an instant notification about when to expect your package in the mail. There is also a 60-day moneyback feature which allows you to claim a full refund of your money within 60 days if you aren’t satisfied with the product.

Frequently Asked Questions Soul Insole

What are the benefits of Soul Insole?

Several perks make Soul Insole appealing to the average consumer, some which might include, a possible:
Reduction in stress
Boost in energy due to its shock absorption
Better balance

What features do Soul Insoles have?

As for notable features, Soul Insoles are not only easy to apply but are also easy to clean and are deemed odorless. The latter holds true because of the use of non-porous medical-grade gel. Furthermore, each insole is reasoned as being highly-elastic, so its shape will always be maintained regardless of how frequently one uses them.

What sizes do Soul Insoles come in?

Soul Insoles can be purchased based on the following sizing details:
Small: Women (4.5 to 7.5) and Youth (3 to 6 or EU size from 34.5 to 38)
Medium: Women (8 to 11) and Men (7 to 10.5 or EU size from 39 to 43.5)
Large: Women (12+) and Men (11+ or EU size of 44+)
If individuals find themselves stuck choosing between two different sizes, it is ideal to go with the smaller size of the two.

Are Soul Insoles meant to bring relief to foot-related medical conditions?

Yes, as suggested on the official website, Soul Insoles have been designed by orthotic and biomechanics experts so that individuals facing the following issues can find relief:
Plantar Fasciitis and/or flat feet
Arthritis, fibromyalgia, neuroma or metatarsalgia-related foot pains
Bunions, hammertoes or heel spur
Achilles tendonitis
Posterior Tibial Tendonitis
Multiple Sclerosis
High Arches

How long do Soul Insoles last?

With proper care, Soul Insoles can last for years. This is because it was designed using a “high-performance memory gel” that doesn’t compress with time. In fact, its embedded adhesive is believed to regenerate, making it “brand new” with each use.

What is the best way to clean Soul Insoles?

Soul Insoles should be washed with warm water and left outside to dry. This process is what allows that adhesive to regenerate.

What footwear are Soul Insoles appropriate for?

Given each Soul Insole’s size, flexibility and stickiness, they can be worn in just about any footwear. In particular, individuals can choose to place them in sneakers, heels, dress shoes, and even boots.

Can Soul Insole help with a lower back issue?

Yes, because most lower back issues are due to poor posture, which starts at the feet, Soul Insole can come of significant help. Based on the claims made, wearing it can better one’s alignment and balance, while preventing the legs and lower back from being crooked. Otherwise, one might have to face discomfort or long-term pain.

Do Soul Insoles come with warranties?

A 60-day money-back guarantee has backed each Soul Insole. So, if these insoles fail to deliver at the suggested levels, customer service can be contacted at to initiate the refund process.

Final Thoughts

Based on the analysis above, Soul Insoles are well beyond insoles, as they have the potential to relieve individuals from a wide range of health issues associated with poor posture. To think that the root cause starts at the feet is quite mind-blowing, and the awareness that Soul Insoles brings makes them unique.

Priced at $29.99, each pair can last years as long as they are taken care of, which makes them worthwhile. Should, for whatever reason, Soul Insoles fail to improve existing health concerns, they can be returned for a complete refund, ultimately making them risk-free.

That said, for those who are considering Soul Insoles as orthotics, it might be best to consult a health practitioner or get some tests done before investing. However, there allegedly is no harm in wearing them to prevent future injuries. To learn more about Soul Insoles, click here.

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