Tactical Flashlight Review: Brightest Flashlight on the Market


You’ve probably heard of tactical flashlights. They  are the new craze right now, they completely ousted normal flashlights and made owning one not only a cool thing to do but also the RIGHT thing to do. In this tactical flashlight review article, we take you from noob to expert in the world of tactical flashlights.

What makes a Flashlight Tactical? 

A tactical flashlight is a flashlight designed for tactical purposes and uses (e.g. police and military uses). They are usually smaller than traditional flashlights but emit much more light. They are made of military-grade aluminum for maximum durability.

Although they are designed for military and police use, they are also a really handy everyday use and personal defense tool for the average civilian

How Is Owning One The Right Thing To Do ?

Alright so now you know what a tactical flashlight is. But how its owning one the right thing to do? One answer…

PROTECTION of yourself and loved ones 

Tactical flashlights don’t require licenses to own one, they aren’t lethal but they are damn effective.

They produce a beam of light so bright that it can temporarily blind and stun an attacker giving you enough time to flee or attack!

They can be used in a wide variety of situations;

  • If you are walking in a dark parking lot or a dark street and you are approached by a hostile figure…. Stun the attacker
  • You are taking an evening jog and you suddenly get blocked by a hostile figure…. Stun the attacker
  • You are in your house and a burglar breaks in, your kids are asleep, you’ve called the police but you can’t just do nothing while you wait for them to show up, grab your tactical flashlight and your baseball bat, stun the burglar then attack. Don’t quote us on that one.

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The TacticalX Flashlight

tactical Flashlight
TacticalX Flashlight (Tactical Flashlight Review)

We reviewed numerous tactical flashlights, spent hours reviewing and testing different models and ranked them according to various criteria including;

  • Durability and materials used
  • Brightness of light beam
  • Extra features and functionalities
  • And of course price. No one wants to spend a fortune on these tactical flashlights so our winner was based on a blend of functionality and value.

Our winner after our extensive review process was the TacticalX Flashlight.

Why was this our winner?

  • It is built out of pure grade aluminum, this means it is ultra durable and will definitely pass the the test of time.
  • It has a brightness of 800 lumens. To put that into perspective, for a flashlight to be an effective self defense tool, it needs to be brighter than 120 lumens, that is the threshold needed to disorient attacks and temporarily stun them. This flashlight comes in at 800 lumens. Insane.
  • Zoom Functionality. This provides either a long-distance super-bright beam or a wide coverage flood light. So if you want to illuminate a distant object or you want to illuminate a wide area, this flashlight can do either.
  • Four Light Modes. High, Medium, Low and Glare modes. The manufacturers understood that we might not always want to use the full 800 lumen brightness all the time, so these modes allow you use different levels of brightness that is okay for your situation.
  • Waterproof. It has an IP68 waterproof rating. This means that you can completely submerge it in water for up to 10 minutes without worry of it getting damaged.
Zoom Functionality.  Above – Long distance super bright beam.
Below – Wide coverage flood light
(Tactical Flashlight Review)

In Summary 

The TacticalLightX flashlight is a premium and exclusive tactical flashlight. It hit off all the features we were looking for in our tactical flashlight review and will highly recommend it if you are interested in having a tactical flashlight.

This flashlight is ultra durable with its military grade aluminum build. It has a brightness of 800 lumen which the up to 3 times that of normal flashlights and can arguably be one of the brightest flashlights out there.

It also has a zoom functionality which allows you to alter the scope of the light beam as well as a handful of other features.

If you are interested in getting one of these for yourself, you can check it out at their official website.


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