TapNCharge Review 2020: Best Premium Wireless Charger


TapNCharge has arrived, do not upgrade your old phone due to a weak battery or slow data speeds. If you own an older model phone, whose battery drains or struggles to hold a charge, you’re going to want to read this.Up until recently, my trusty iPhone 5 was working just fine. Sure, it had a small crack in the screen, but otherwise I had no issues. Uber, Instagram, and all my messaging apps worked great, and I had no need or desire to upgrade to the “latest and greatest.” After all, it’s just a phone.

TapNCharge Wireless Charger

However, something strange started to happen about 3 months back. My once fast and reliable phone suddenly stopped charging as effectively. I would leave it charging all night, only to unplug it and have the battery drain in less than a few hours. There is nothing more stressful than being out and about and seeing that red battery icon glaring back at you. But everything changed when I found TapNCharge.

What is TapNCharge?

The TapNCharge™ is a special charging device, developed by lead engineers in Hong Kong, that comes with an adapter that attaches to the back of your phone. It’s super thin, so you can fit a case over it, and it instantly turns any phone (Apple, Samsung, Nokia, etc.) into a wireless-charging capable device. Once the adapter is attached, you can wirelessly charge your phone on the super sleek charging pad or car adapter that comes with it, and your phone will charge up in minutes.

What’s even more impressive is that by delivering the charge wirelessly, you put less strain on your charging port.

TapNCharge Features

TapNCharge Main Features

If you’re sick of experiencing that never-ending “dead battery” anxiety or simply got tired of all the wires around you, here’s another decent solution to put an end to it. TapNCharge is a wireless charging device created by MIT engineers who aimed to not only make the primary goal of charging your device faster and more convenient, but also managed to create something that triples its performance and actually extends battery life. The best thing about TapNCharge is that it works with older mobile devices, too, those that don’t even have wireless charging capability. How?

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TapNCharge comes with a free adapter which can be easily attached to the back of your device, allowing you to enjoy the advantages that come with it. It means that no matter how old your phone is, you would still be able to improve it by using this wireless charger. No worries though – the adapter itself is actually very thin and doesn’t create any inconvenience (you can even fit it under your phone cover). Another great thing about TapNCharge is its charging distance of 1 cm which means that you will be able to charge your device through any case!

Portability and Design

TapNCharge is less than 1 cm thin which makes this device very lightweight and easy to carry wherever you go. It will fit into a bigger pocket without a problem, not to mention any other bag you’re about to take with you. Its rounded shape and neutral color selection ensure TapNCharge will look elegant on any night table and will fit any interior without attracting too much attention.

Ease of Use

TapNCharge is very easy to use – it doesn’t require any installation nightmares or painful set ups. All you have to do is turn it on, attach the adapter onto the back of your device, put it on top of the charger and it will start charging instantly. That’s it!


Despite its charging speed that could definitely be slightly improved, TapNCharge is a decent choice price and quality-wise. If you’ve been thinking about buying a new phone because your old one doesn’t really meet your needs anymore – try TapNCharge, it might save you a lot of money.

TapNCharge Review

What’s worse, my apps and data streaming also began to slow to a crawl. It took me forever to get on to Facebook, and forget trying to watch anything on YouTube.

So I did what anyone would do in my situation: took my phone to the Genius Bar at Apple. After waiting for over 45 minutes, a hipster with multiple piercings greeted me and then proceeded to examined my phone.

No surprise, they couldn’t seem to find anything wrong with my phone, but tried to hard sell me on an upgrade to the $1,499 iPhone X, which they assured me was the “fastest and most reliable” device on the market. However, I wasn’t in the market for a pocket computer that costs more than my first car, so I politely declined.

I went home and did some research, and was amazed at what I read on various forums and blogs. It seems that it is actually well documented that major phone companies purposefully slow down old phones in an attempt to push consumers to upgrade to newer devices. This has been documented by major publications such as CNN, CNET, NBC, and even Apple themselves!

As I was reading through the countless complaints and angry posts related to this, I stumbled across a link to a charging product that claimed to be the solution to this very problem.

What’s even more impressive is that by delivering the charge wirelessly, you put less strain on your charging port. Given how new this technology was, I assumed this product would cost a few hundred dollars. After all, a wireless charging setup from Samsung costs well over $150. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that the complete package was selling for $49.99. That’s a much more reasonable investment then the new iPhone!


I decided to give it a try. I ordered the TapNCharge and it arrived in a little over 1 week. The packaging was very nice, and I opened up the box to find the adapter and charger, along with detailed instructions.

I attached the adapter to the back of my phone, plugged in the charging pad, and set my phone down with about 25% battery. It immediately displayed the charging icon! My old iPhone was wirelessly charging!

I left the phone on the charger and came back later to find it had completed the charge (even faster than my old plug). Now it was time for the real test:

Day 1: Took the phone out for the day, and returned home with 25% battery remaining!

Day 3: Was able to stream Netflix for almost 45 minutes on the train to work, and still had enough battery for the majority of the day (did need to recharge when I got home from work though)

Day 7: Noticed that all of my chat/message apps and social media apps I use throughout the day didn’t have me scrambling for a charger by lunchtime.

I am so fortunate I found out about TapNCharge and didn’t waste a ton of money upgrading to a phone I didn’t want or need. I’d encourage everyone else who’s in a similar situation to give it a try. The company has a satisfaction guarantee, so if it doesn’t work you can just send it back to them, no questions asked.


TapNCharge Review – Is it really worth it?

I am so fortunate I found out about TapNCharge and didn’t waste a ton of money upgrading to a phone I didn’t want or need. I’d encourage everyone else who’s in a similar situation to give it a try.


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