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The Breather Reviews 2022: Does It Actually Work?

Breathing is an involuntary process, but it’s something we all do every day. It seems like breathing should be easy, right? But for many people, this basic function can become difficult to manage.

The Breather

As you get older your body naturally starts to lose muscle mass and flexibility which affects your ability to breathe deeply and fully. The result of this loss in strength is often a weaker immune system, less energy, and more stress on the heart. Even though you’re not aware of it most of the time, tight muscles are holding back your full potential for deep breathing that could improve overall health and well-being.

The Breather will help you strengthen your diaphragm so that you can take deeper breaths at any age. By doing simple exercises with this product, users have reported experiencing greater lung capacity by up to 40%. This product will make it easier for you to improve your overall health and live better. You’ll be able to enjoy better sleep, experience more energy and less stress throughout the day.

Below, you’ll find our in-depth review of The Breather along with the pros and cons of owning this device.

What is The Breather?

The Breather is a small, handheld device you can use to improve your breathing. You breathe in and out through The Breather, and the device exerts a force against your breathing. Your body naturally pushes harder to compensate, strengthening your breathing over time.

The Breather Review

Just like working out at the gym builds muscle, using The Breather builds your breathing muscles. The Breather is available to purchase through GetTheBreather.io. The company has sold over 1.5 million units worldwide, and The Breather is backed by 3,000+ 5-star reviews online. Plus, it’s recommended by doctors, scientists, and pulmonologists around the world.

How Does The Breather Work?

The Breather works using respiratory muscle training (RMT). When you breathe through the device, your body has to work harder to compensate for the added difficulty. The Breather resists your breathing at one of several difficulty levels. The longer you use The Breather, the stronger your breath will become.

Just place The Breather against your lips, adjust the difficulty setting, then breathe in and out through the device to strengthen your breathing over time.

The Breather has 6 resistance levels for inspiratory pressure (breathing in) and 5 resistance levels for expiratory pressure (breathing out).

The Breather Reviews

The breathing resistance created by The Breather applies a safe workload that strengthens your respiratory muscles. Just like lifting weights at the gym builds your other muscles, The Breather can build your respiratory muscles to give you stronger breathing – all with natural techniques instead of medication.

Some people use The Breather to target specific breathing problems, including asthma, atelectasis, bronchiectasis, emphysema, COPD, and bronchitis.

Others use The Breather to improve overall breathing. If you’ve found yourself short of breath lately, for example, or if you want to improve your endurance, then you might use The Breather.

According to the official website, you can start to experience the benefits of The Breather within weeks.

The Breather Features & Benefits

The Breather is a doctor and pulmonologist-recommended breath training system designed to help you take fuller breaths and enjoy an overall better quality of life.

How does The Breather work

Here are some of the benefits of The Breather, according to the official website:

  • Strengthen your breathing to help you breathe easier, take fuller breaths, and enjoy an overall better quality of life
  • Improve respiratory health, including the health of those with breathing-related issues (like asthma, atelectasis, bronchiectasis, emphysema, COPD, bronchitis, and others)
  • Enjoy clearer, fuller, deeper breathing within as little as two weeks
  • Naturally clear your lungs and strengthen your breathing
  • Medical-grade device recommended by doctors and pulmonologists around the world
  • Control the intensity to determine how strong the resistance is

How to Use The Breather?

The Breather is straightforward for anyone to use. It’s a non-electronic medical-grade device. Just place The Breather against your lips, set the intensity, and breathe in and out:

  • Step 1) Set the intensity on The Breather from 1 through 6. Start with the lowest intensity level (1) before gradually working your way up to the highest intensity level (6).
  • Step 2) Place your lips against the device and breathe in and out.
  • Step 3) Practice with The Breather for 5 to 10 minutes daily. For customized breathing lessons and training sessions, consider using The Breather’s Breathing Coach smartphone app.
  • Step 4) Enjoy stronger breathing within as little as two weeks.

You can also use The Breather’s Breathing Coach smartphone app to progress through training. The app provides a training plan based on your progress. You can watch your breathing improve over time using the app.

The Breather Technical Specifications

The Breather is also designed to be portable and convenient. The compact size makes it easy to fit The Breather into your bag or pocket, allowing you to bring it wherever you go.

Plus, with no batteries or refills needed (The Breather uses only the power of your breath), you can use The Breather as much as you like with no maintenance required.

The Breather Breathing Coach Smartphone App

The Breather comes with a free smartphone app.

That app includes unlimited access to on-demand training videos, demos, and downloads. You can build your confidence and success with The Breather, progressing through lessons to strengthen your breathing.

As you progress, The Breather app provides a training plan based on your needs.

You can start small with the lowest resistance levels, for example, before progressing to stronger and stronger resistance levels. You should notice your breathing strength improve over time with use.

How Does Respiratory Muscle Training Work?

The Breather is based on the idea of respiratory muscle training (RMT). Just like you train other muscles in your body, you can train your breathing muscles for stronger, better breathing.

Your body uses several muscles to inhale and exhale. When you breathe normally, you’re straining these muscles at a normal intensity. When you use a device like The Breather, however, you’re straining these muscles when breathing in and out.

The Breather Reviews

As Physiopedia explains, your body has muscles of inspiration (for breathing in) and muscles of expiration (for breathing out):

Muscles of Inspiration (for breathing in)

Your body uses several muscles to breathe in. By strengthening these muscles, you can enjoy better and easier breathing.

  • Sternocleidomastoid (to elevate the sternum)
  • Scalene group (to elevate the upper ribs)
  • Pectoralis minor (to assist with breathing)
  • External intercostals (elevates ribs)
  • Diaphragm (increases vertical dimension of thoracic cavity while elevating lower ribs)

Muscles of Expiration (for breathing out)

Expiration results from the passive, elastic recoil of the lungs, rib cage, and diaphragm, so it works in a different way than inspiration. However, muscles involved in inspiration include:

  • Internal intercostals (pull ribs down)
  • Abdominals (pull ribs down and compress abdominal contents to push the diaphragm up)
  • Quadratus lumborum (pulls ribs down)

There are multiple types of RMT training principles. The two main training methods, however, are resistance training and endurance training.

Resistance Training: Resistance training uses inspiratory pressure threshold loading (IPTL) to provide resistance while breathing – just like The Breather. Users breathe through a device like The Breather. This device features a pressure-loaded inspiratory valve and an unloaded expiratory flap valve. As you breathe through the device, it strengthens your muscles, helping you breathe stronger and more easily in the future.

Endurance Training: Endurance training uses a technique called voluntary isocapnic hyperventilation (VIH) or voluntary isocapnic hyperpnea. You maintain high levels of respiration for up to 40 minutes. The hyperventilation method uses a partial rebreathing circuit to prevent hypocapnia. It’s a more intense and difficult form of respiratory muscle training, which is why most people prefer general resistance training (as seen with The Breather).

Respiratory muscle training has been proven to work. In this 2013 study, for example, researchers analyzed dozens of trials involving respiratory muscle training and endurance. Researchers found 21 randomized controlled trials involving 426 participants that met their criteria. After analyzing these studies, researchers determined that RMT “can increase athletic performance and respiratory muscle strength and endurance.” Athletes who followed RMT strategies gained significant endurance compared to a placebo.

Hundreds of other studies back the effectiveness of respiratory muscle training for relieving symptoms of asthma, atelectasis, bronchiectasis, emphysema, COPD, bronchitis, and other conditions.

Ultimately, respiratory muscle training is a proven strategy backed by science and recommended by pulmonologists worldwide.

The Breather Reviews: What Do Users Have to Say?

The Breather is backed by hundreds of 5-star reviews online. Generally, customers agree The Breather works as advertised to improve breathing and relieve symptoms of certain breathing-related illnesses.

How does The Breather work

Here are some of the reviews from verified customers on the official website:

One former smoker claims she damaged her lungs over the years of smoking, reducing her lung capacity. Thanks to The Breather, she no longer gets breathless, and she gets more oxygen to her vital organs and brain. That woman even claims she stopped snoring and that it helped with her sleep apnea.

Another reviewer was diagnosed with COPD. Doctors told her to use inhalers twice a day. Instead, she decided to use The Breather three times daily (3 sets of 10 breaths). Now, she can stop using her inhalers.

One reviewer described The Breather as an “inexpensive way to lower blood pressure.” Studies show that you can control hypertension with breathing exercises. After the first use of The Breather, that reviewer lowered systolic blood pressure by about 5 points. After using it twice a day for 2 weeks, that reviewer lowered her blood pressure to a healthy range.

Others claim The Breather is “great for asthma” because of its customized resistance training feature. It can help decrease shortness of breath, for example, despite coming in a small and basic package.

Overall, most reviewers online agree that The Breather works as advertised to improve breathing, relieve symptoms of certain breathing conditions, and improve overall quality of life. The device has a 4.76 star rating out of 5 according to the official website.

The Breather Technical Specifications

The Breather was created by cardiopulmonary rehab therapist Peggy Nicholson, who designed the device with the following technical specifications:

  • Adjustable Dials: The dials let you indecently control the intensity of the breath training system.
  • Customized Inspiratory Pressure: 1 to 6 resistance levels.
  • Customized Expiratory Pressure: 1 to 5 resistance levels.
  • Detachable Mouthpiece: Original mouthpiece and 15mm to 22mm adaptor (removable and cleanable)
  • For All Ages: The Breather is designed for children to adults and works with people of all body types.
  • Ergonomic Design: The Breather has built-in grips to provide a comfortable, secure hold.

What’s Included with The Breather?

The Breather comes with all of the following in each independently packaged box:

  • 2 mouthpieces, including an original comfort mouthpiece and a 15mm to 22mm adaptor
  • The Breather with 6 inspiratory and 5 expiratory settings
  • Unlimited access to on-demand training videos, demos, and downloads via The Breather Breathing Coach smartphone app

The Breather Pricing

The Breather is priced at around $50 per unit, although the price drops significantly when ordering multiple units.

The Breather Price

Here’s how pricing breaks down when ordered through GetTheBreather.io:

  • 1 Breather: $49.99 + $4.99 Shipping
  • 3 Breathers: $119.98 + Free US Shipping
  • 5 Breathers: $179.97 + Free US Shipping

You can also buy a special case for The Breather at checkout. That case is made from a quality, velvet material and features a water-resistant, mesh accessory pouch. It helps you carry The Breather with you wherever you go. It’s priced at $10.

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The Breather Refund Policy

The Breather does not provide any refunds of working devices. However, you may be able to make a warranty claim for manufacturing defects.

Because The Breather is a single patient use device, the company does not offer refunds. If you are unsatisfied with The Breather, then you cannot obtain a refund.

Despite the lack of a refund policy, GetTheBreather.io specifically claims that “All Breather devices are covered by a 30-day money back guarantee.” If you read the fine print, however, then that refund policy does not seem to exist.

About The Breather

The Breather was scientifically engineered by doctors and scientists from around the world, according to the official website. It has an FDA-registered, medical-grade design that is 100% safe to use with no prescription required. The Breather is made by a Florida-based company.

The Breather was created by Peggy Nicholson, who started her career in cardiopulmonary rehab 40 years ago. She wanted to give her patients more than just basic exercise routines for breathing, so she started researching a better solution. Eventually, Peggy discovered respiratory muscle training (RMT), which gave life-changing results to her patients naturally. After extensive testing and several prototypes, Peggy released The Breather. Today, The Breather has helped over 1.5 million people improve their breathing.

The Breather is made by a Florida-based company named PN Medical, then sold online through GetTheBreather.io.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) About The Breather

How should The Breather be used?

First, The Breather must be adjusted based on intensity levels. Next, individuals are asked to practice with it for 5 to 10 minutes, namely, by following the included 4-week training plan. Lastly, these steps should be repeated, preferably by completing two sets of 10 breaths twice a day, six days a week.

Is The Breather therapeutic?

Yes, The Breather functions as a therapeutic unit with every breath blown in and out of it. The team at PN Medical made their case by insisting that resistance to inhalation intensifies the diaphragm (i.e., the major breathing muscle and support for our neck), while resistance to exhalation mimics “pursed lips breathing and keep the airways clear of mucus.”

Is The Breather clinically effective?

Based on existing resources, hundreds of studies have been conducted using The Breather only to discover that it helps both patients and non-patients. Meaningful results include significant increases in maximal inspiratory and expiratory pressure, peak inspiratory and expiratory flow, vital capacity, forced expiratory volume, heart rate, blood pressure, and hyperinflation.

Does using The Breather give rise to unwanted side effects?

As long as the included instructions are followed to the finest of details, the risk of unwanted side effects can be minimized. However, when used while feeling unwell or lightheaded can be dangerous, similar to the effects of overexercising on wellness! For people with existing medical conditions, it might be a good idea to consult a health practitioner prior to placing an order.

Will it take time to improve the lungs using The Breather?

Time is important here given that it is required for building resistance. Likewise, repetitions are equally important and can help to strengthen one’s ability to fight resistance. If individuals are asked to take some time off, it will be difficult to continue from where one might have left off, so starting low is highly recommended. This is especially the case for people who are prone to hyperventilation.

Will The Breather make me cough and induce light-headedness?

Yes, coughing is a consequence of the force working against resistance, whereas light-headedness stems from the sudden increase in exchange between oxygen and carbon dioxide. It may take up to two weeks for these symptoms to subside while training.

Is it safe to use The Breather lying down or reclined?

Although individuals can use The Breather either lying down or reclined, such positions are more likely to impair the respiratory muscle function. To limit this, sitting upright is highly recommended. In addition, it also supports proper training of the diaphragm.

Can children use The Breather?

Yes, The Breather can be used by practically anyone.

How should The Breather be maintained?

For optimal uses, The Breather must be regularly cleaned with mild, warm soapy water so that saliva build-up can be prevented during training. It is imperative that each unit be rinsed well, shaking off excess water and air drying on a clean paper towel. Once it has been completely dried, it can be stored in a plastic bag.

Does The Breather need to be replaced at some point?

Proper care limits the need for replacements. In fact, when maintained as suggested, individuals can use The Breather for over two years.

Is The Breather suitable for people who are accustomed to panic attacks?

Yes, since anxiety can lead to swallow, upper chest breathing and full-blown panic attacks, The Breather can help with learning diaphragmatic breathing, and reacting accordingly by using appropriate inhalation and exhalation processes.

Is The Breather an alternative to inhalers and bronchodilators?

No, The Breather does not replace inhalers, bronchodilators, or any medical devices/therapies for that matter.

Will The Breather improve exercise capacity and performance?

Yes, The Breather can improve exercise capacity and performance, whether individuals have respiratory problems or not.

Is The Breather protected by any money-back guarantees?

Yes, The Breather has been protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty. If individuals aren’t satisfied by this device, a request for a refund should be made out to the customer service team. Listed below are some means of doing so:

Final Word

The Breather is a resistance training system that provides resistance as you breathe in and out, strengthening the muscles that you use to breathe.

By using The Breather daily, you can strengthen your breathing muscles, boost endurance, and improve symptoms of certain breathing conditions – like asthma, emphysema, and COPD.

To learn more about The Breather and how the device works, or to buy The Breather online today, visit GetTheBreather.io.

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