ThermoRF Review 2020- Best Multi Function RF Beauty Device


Your skin goes through a lot. Pollution, stress, seasonal changes and what not. Therefore, a proper skin care routine is a must to protect the skin from these challenges. However, in today’s time it is very difficult to follow a skin care routine because of our busy schedule. In addition to that, it is very difficult to pick the right skin products for ourselves. So skin care routine’s feasibility is questionable for most of us. Other options include painful needles and procedures which keep us out of the sun for the results to stay around for some time.

Therefore, we bring to you this amazing product called ThermoRF, which is going to step up your skin routine game and will help you get that glowing and youthful skin. And you do not have to exercise that seemingly impossible daily skin routine using ‘n’ number of products. So we will be answering – What is Thermo RF? What are its benefits? Does it work? Where can you buy it from? So, hop on, let us find out that Thermo RF is worth it or not?

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What is ThermoRF?

Thermo RF is a product that uses the technique of radio frequency to reduce wrinkles and make your skin firm. The skin reaches a certain peak of maturity and hence the wrinkles loosen the skin. However, Thermo RF works to firm up that loosened skin and to increase the life of your youthful skin.

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The concept of Thermo RF relies on the idea of radio frequency skin tightening which uses the radio frequency energy to heat the skin with the purpose to activate the production of cutaneous collagen and elastin, reducing the fine lines and wrinkles on your skin.

Thermo Rf Reviews

Benefits of ThermoRF

  • Deep Thermal Penetration–The radio waves generated from the device helps the facial muscles by boosting collagen regeneration to ultimately firm up the skin and restore the glow.
  • Provides energy to skin via the electrodes– Shrinking pores and wrinkles are devoid of energy. Thermo RF provides energy via the device to balance the elasticity of skin.
  • It lifts and firms– It works around the bags under your eyes to lift them and subtly firm the lift your skin around the double chin area too.
  • Thermo RF is efficient– This product not only does away with the fine lines and wrinkles, but enhances the glow of your skin, providing all the benefit you will ever need. Therefore, it is said to be efficient.
  • Works on the dilated pores – The daily use of product firms up the skin, further treating the dilated pores on your skin, which helps in your skin to hold up the makeup for a longer time.

ThermoRF Features

  • Firm the Skin and Shrink Pores
  • Remove Wrinkles and Modify Facial Contours
  • Decrease the Under-eye/black Eye
  • Professional Device, Easy to Use at Home

Did THERMO RF work?

Enthusiastic about the hype and the desire to get a younger skin, I got the product. By the way, free shipping made the product even more attractive, after all, compared to the temporary and painful treatments at the clinics, the investment is very worthy.

After I decided to invest, I purchased the product and started using it as soon as I received it at home, a few weeks later, as expected. The product itself is very stylish and beautiful, the design was thought to favor daily use, making the application easier and the use more comfortable.

How is this massager made?

Thermo RF Handheld Multi-Function RF Beauty Device is the massager made using the latest technology. It is a lightweight and durable product. This Thermo RF electric face massager machine is designed by some of the best skin experts for women above 40 years. Apart from that, it is a clinically proven product and may not give skin allergies or infections.

Additionally, this product has received quality certificates. It is not tested on any animal. Using this massager on face or neck will not cause negative effects in the body such as migraine or headache.

Is ThermoRF safe?

ThermoRF comes with a number of ‘cannot be ignored benefits’ as listed above. However, we have to take an overall look at the product to ensure that you can take a decision at the end of this article. Now, Thermo RF uses the radio-frequency technique which is scientifically safer than a light wave (high frequency) treatment, as it penetrates into your skin at safer levels.

Another plus point of Thermo RF is that, it can be used for a variety of skin tones without the fear of discoloration. On the other hand, if we talk about laser treatment, it works till the surface of your skin, but Thermo RF goes beyond, and gets the desired result for you!


How to use Thermo RF facial massager?

First of all, you have to wash the face and remove bright makeup. You can also use a cotton ball and a few drops of lotion to make the skin softer. Then you have to click on the option of “MODE” and switch on the machine. The next step is to choose the energy level and test it by rolling on your hands. You have to stick the electrode surface on your skin. Apply some drops of lotions on the face. Finally, take a cotton ball and clean the face.

ThermoRF Price

You can order ThermoRF from its official site, which offers a reasonable purchase deal for the product. They currently offer a 50% discount on the product and you get a better price for each addition of the product in your cart. A single unit is priced at around $95. The shipping is free of cost and the delivery takes about few weeks/Days.

Where to buy?

When I bought Thermo RF I paid half the price because the site is offering 50% discount and free shipping. It took a while to arrive, about 10 days, but it was worth the wait because I really like Thermo RF. I bought it on the official website of the company that distributes it, so if you are going to buy it I recommend not to risk and buy from the official website to be sure the purchase is safe and delivery goes well.


In this article, we have listed down every aspect related to ThermoRF, to help you make your mind up whether you will be ordering this product or not. So, let us know in the comment section, what do think about ThermoRF!


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