TVFix Caster Review 2021: Affordable HD Streaming Player

TV Fix Caster Review: Streaming services enable us to offer a wide range of content in today’s world. However, they cannot always be received on a television set. Most services require a smartphone or a tablet. Alternatively, most content can also be played on a computer monitor. But this is usually not the same if you have a large television at your disposal. Therefore we have taken a look at the TV Fix Caster today. A streaming media player that is very easy to use and has exactly the right features to stream streaming content on the big TV. Let’s explain all the details and see what’s behind it.

TV Fix Caster

TVFix Caster is a streaming player device that connects wirelessly with any television set to stream high-quality sports, movies, and music. Found only at, there is no monthly subscription required, and the website currently has a 50% discount for ordering today.

The following TVFix review will cover how the popular super HD video and audio streaming caster plays Netflix, HBO, or any movie or TV Show directly to the big screen as well as all of the advanced features and innovative functions the TV Fix device has to offer consumers looking to stream content and get only the broadcasts actually interested in watching at home.

What Exactly Is This TVFix Caster?

The basic description of TvFix Caster is that it is a portable device that is imbibed with the ability to turn any television set into a super smart TV. It is a cheap yet quality, simple and secure TV casting machine which is designed to be used on any modern television that features a HDMI cable.

TVFix caster is a simple little device, with internet connectivity, that plugs straight into your TV to enable you stream your videos on your television.

TVFix Caster

TV Fix caster gives you the chance to watch nearly anything by connecting with your existing account on platforms like Cinemax, HGTV, Showtime, Amazon Prime Video, MLB, Hulu, Starz, NFL, Curiosity Stream, NBA, PGA Tour, Netflix and HBO. Also, it allows for 1080p High Definition (HD) live streaming as well as access to all your favourite social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, and also allows for streaming of adult content without surveillance or spying.

TVFix is a wonderful product and it is absolutely compatible with both your Smartphone and your computer. You can also connect it to a tablet. All you have to do is just to switch the TV setting into HDMI after plugging in the TVFix Caster into the HDMI port. Then, use your phone to connect it to the internet. From there, your phone can be used to control the device, and the device will output everything on your phone onto the screen. Simple!!!

Special Features of TV Fix Caster

  • Works with any Wi-Fi capable Mac, PC, Apple iPhone/iPad, or Android device.
  • Super easy to set up and use.
  • launch the TVFix app on your device and start streaming to your TV.
  • Streams full-resolution video to your TV, including 4K content.
  • No remote required control content directly from your phone or computer.
  • Surf the internet on your big screen TV.
  • Great for Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts.
  • No monthly bills, just one payment, and TVFix is yours forever.
TVFix Caster Review

TV Fix Caster – Technical Data

At this point we will once again summarize all the features of the TV Fix Caster in a clear and concise way, so that you can get an even better picture of the device:

  • Full HD in 1.080 resolution
  • supports H.265 decoding
  • 50 percent higher processing speed
  • plug and play
  • for Android 4.4+, iOS 9.0 and MacOS 10
  • Radio frequency: 2.4 G
  • Video formats: AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, RM, TS, VOB
  • Audio formats: AAC, APE, FLAC, MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA
  • Photo formats: BMP, GIF, JPEG, JPG, PNG
  • no special drivers required

What can I watch using this device?

TV Fix Caster Streaming

It allows you to play any form of media that can be played on the phone or mobile devices on a Tv. From streaming, Netflix and Amazon Prime to watching all the favorite torrents and playing YouTube videos, whatever customers can do on their phone, they can do it on their TVFix Caster streaming device. With excellent quality and such a wide selection available for the viewing pleasure, many more people will probably cancel their cable subscription. With TVFix you can also view channels including:

  • Cinemax
  • Amazon prime videos
  • Show time
  • Starz
  • Pluto Tv
  • HGTV
  • NFL
  • MLB
  • NBA
  • PGA Tour
  • Pluto Tv
  • Curiosity stream

To mention only a few. You can also stream music on it from:

  • Spotify
  • Sound cloud
  • Google music
  • Iplayer radio
  • Radio

And so many more, you can list them.

Not only can you use it for just entertainment, but can also be used for official and educational purposes. It could be a great teaching tool for lectures, study groups, classroom, presentations and seminars. With your device as a remote control you can easily navigate through your prepared project or study. What a multipurpose device! I believe, once you get this device you won’t be needing those money draining cables anymore.

TvFix Caster: Does It Really Work?

Actually, I have read articles online circulating the idea that TVFix is a scam. However, I wonder why someone will be saying just that. They have an expression which goes like this – the TVFix Caster Scam. To my surprise, my research confirms it’s the big smart TV companies messing with people’s heads, worrying that their profits will drop as soon as people discover and vouch for this useful and cost-effective little product

TvFix Caster is such a super quality product that works greatly with its first-class technology. After it’s plugged in, dozens of apps will appear on the television screen and you just start watching one of them by clicking on it and voila!

How does the TV Fix Caster Work?

The TVFix Caster works via a single HDMI cable connecting it to the television. When you stream your favourite films, movies, images and content into the TVFix Caster, the data is transferred into the TV for display. This allows you to see the content you are streaming on your phone/computer/tablet/iPad/kiosk/other device on your television.

And it also works in another way – helping keep your wallet heavy! It’s incredibly cheap for the HD service it provides you with for a lifetime, thanks to its quality build and advanced methods of manufacture.

How Simple it Is to Install TVFix?

TvFix Caster is simple and fast to install.

All you have to do is just to switch the TV setting into HDMI after plugging in the TV Fix Caster into the HDMI port. Then, you use your phone or computer to connect it to the internet. From there, your phone or computer can be used to control the device, and the device will output everything on your phone onto the screen. Simple!!!

The device can be removed whenever to take it to another television set at home. It is so small, compact and portable that it can be taken about easily. To catch something special in the middle of the day while at work, just bring the TvFix and let the device do the hard work for you!

TV Fix Caster evaluation and recommendation

Once you are completely honest with yourself, you will quickly admit that watching series and movies on a large TV set is much better than on the small LCD display of a tablet or smartphone. That’s why the TV Fix Caster is just the right thing for this need. It can be easily connected and is ready for use within minutes. It does not require the purchase of an expensive receiver, which may need special skills, and plays all content without any problems. The streaming media player is highly recommended by us, as it is aimed at all those who want to enjoy a great television experience.

TV Fix Caster reviews

Of course we wanted to know it a little bit more exactly and looked around in the Internet during the research once for reports of experiences. Because we wanted to know to what extent people are satisfied with the streaming media player. The TV Fix Caster was well received by most people. Its easy handling was praised and therefore most people do not want to do without the Streaming-Media Player anymore. They not only equip their living room with it, but also their bedroom, so that they can play back pleasant content on their TV in the evening. On the other hand, we haven’t found any negative opinions, which is why we assume that most people were very satisfied with the streaming media player.

What are the advantages of the TV Fix Caster?

Each product usually has its own advantages and disadvantages, which you should be aware of before you buy it. We have therefore summarized all the pros and cons of the streaming media player so that it is easier for you to decide. You can also use these lists if you are not quite sure if the TV Fix Caster is right for you.

  • Easy handling
  • No delays or lags
  • Video and audio is perfectly reproduced in Full HD
  • Good sound
  • Supports many streaming services

As you can see, the TV Fix Caster actually only has advantages that you can benefit from. The streaming media player is easy to connect, broadcasts without delay and thus enables a perfect TV experience. Even the audio and picture quality is impressive, which the device broadcasts in full HD quality.

Why do I need this streaming media player?

The TV Fix Caster is mainly aimed at people who like to be on the Internet and enjoy video content. This can be someone from a younger age group, but also someone who is already a little older. Basically everyone watches movies or Netflix these days. So they can also benefit equally from TV Fix Caster. It doesn’t matter whether the user is male or female. Since the connection is very simple, it also appeals to those who normally have problems with technical devices. Because in most cases they have no problems connecting the streaming media player. The target group is therefore quite broad.

What Makes TvFix Caster special?

In my opinion the tvfix caster has some benefits to the end user that makes it a special device you should consider buying. Here they are;

  • The device is versatile, it syncs with most smartphones and laptops meaning you can enjoy using your Tvfix to stream your favorite shows from your android phone, iPhone or laptop straight to your tv screen.
  • It relatively easy to use, you don’t need to be super technical to enjoy the benefits of your TvFix.
  • You can control your Tvfix right from the convenience of your smartphone.

Where can I buy TV Fix Caster?

We clearly recommend buying directly from the provider. Because only here you can be sure to get the original. The ordering process is very easy and even offers one or the other offer you can make use of. If you go to the website, there is an order form that you have to fill in first. Here, one only enters the most important data. Afterwards, one simply chooses how one wants to pay the TV Fix Caster. There are possibilities as Paypal or credit card. They also give the buyer a good security. A few days after ordering the TV Fix Caster will be shipped, so you can expect it relatively quickly.

Something about the offers: The manufacturer publishes a few specific formats on its website, but these are available for a limited time. So if you want to use them, you should be fast and take them as long as you can. They usually consist of several devices and give you the option to equip not only the living room with the TV Fix Caster but also the bedroom. Alternatively, one can of course order with a friend, so that one can share the quantity as also the price.

Known FAQ about this Streaming-Media Player TV Fix Caster

In this section, we’ll clarify the final questions that may have come up during the article and explain further details about the TV Fix Caster.

How long do I have to wait for delivery?

Normally delivery takes up to 30 days at the most. This is also guaranteed by the supplier. However, it always depends a bit on where you order from.

Is there a right of return?

You can request a return within 60 days. Then you get your money back without any problems.

What if the delivery is lost in transit?

If the TV Fix Caster does not arrive within the specified time frame, you can contact the supplier within 60 days. The provider will either send a new device or search for the lost package by mail.

Who is the supplier of the TV Fix Caster?

The provider is a company called Best Deals Ltd. The full address is as follows: Best Deals Ltd., Beauty Avenue, 8 Argyle Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon, Mong Kok, Hong Kong. There is also an email address available which can be used at any time.

Do I need to spend any money on monthly fees?

NO, you do not need to subscribe or pay anything to get high-quality content.

Do I need to buy anything else?

TVFix comes with all the cables and connectors you need. It’s all included in the box. You can set it up as soon as you get it.

Does TVFix work with my older devices?

TVFix works with computers, laptops, phones, smart TV’s, and more! Any model, any generation— if it connects to Wi-Fi, it can connect to TVFix.

Will TVFix work with my home Wi-Fi connection?

TVFix is super-fast and will work with almost any home or office router.

Can I install multiple TVFix units to work with my other TV’s or devices?

Yes! You can use TVFix with multiple devices. There are no other fees or charges, no matter how much you watch!

Is the device secure?

YES! Unlike other popular casting devices which may “spy” on you and report your viewing habits, TVFix does not “phone home” or “snitch” on you. TVFix was designed with privacy in mind and is private and secure!

Final Thoughts (TV Fix Caster Reviews)

TVFix lets consumers stream absolutely anything from their phone without the need for additional services or monthly costs or memberships. While a Wi-Fi connection is required, and compatible TV models must have an HDMI input, the casting device should work with most models that are currently out. The cost is not nearly as expensive as having to invest in a whole new television, and users can watch other content on their phone that is not necessarily associated with a streaming service.

Get a TV Fix Caster streaming media player to broadcast content to a big screen television and stop wasting money on expensive cable bills, click here to claim an exclusive 50% off discount pricing for a limited time while supplies last.

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