VAGO Review 2021: Affordable Premium Baggage Compressor

Does anyone else always wish they had just a tiny bit more space in their luggage? If this is you then I have a clever tool for you. Today I’d like to introduce you to the VAGO baggage compressor, a vacuum bag with a tiny, portable compressor that is ideal for travelling.

I’m a total geek when it comes to luggage, packing, storage solutions and nifty little tools to help you travel light and pack more, so I was really excited when this arrived.


What is VAGO Baggage Compressor?

Vago vacuum bags have been around for a long time. It’s basically a large plastic bag that you fill with soft items such as bedding or clothing and then you use something to suck the air out of the bag.

I’ve looked at used vacuum bags before for travelling but they often use a vacuum cleaner or a bulky pump to suck the air from the bag. They’d be great while you’re at home but awkward when you’re packing for your return journey because it’s unlikely you’ll have a vacuum cleaner handy!

The VAGO baggage compression device is great because it’s tiny. It’s lightweight and just 70mm long so takes up barely any space in your luggage.

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VAGO Baggage Compressor Features

We tried the device last night and we are pleased to report that IT IS SO EASY TO USE! Too many reasons why you should totally get hold of one of these, especially if you travel often:

Small & Compact

The device is only the size of my palm, so it’s easy to bring it along on your trips. You know how our luggage is always more packed and heavier on our return trip because clothes have been worn and we probably went crazy on our holiday shopping? Bringing this device along helps you to ‘shrink’ your clothes and stuffs into a tight vacuum bag so that you save space in your luggage! It weighs only 77g, by the way.

Super Easy To Use

All you need to do is to connect the device to your VAGO vacuum bag (via a duct), plug in any USB charger and switch it on with the press of a button. All the excess air gets sucked out, and your stuffs get compressed into a small pack. My kids figured out how to use it completely on their own – If my kids can do it, so can you.

Saves Space So That You Can Buy More

Shopping is one of the top reasons why we travel overseas, isn’t it? Vacuum-packing your stuffs in your luggage will save space so that you can squeeze in more shopping loots! Especially if you are going for a vacation in a cold country and you need to bring along thick jackets which are not heavy but just very bulky & takes up luggage space, this is totally the way to go.

Makes Your Luggage Neat

I am not an OCD, but even I like the idea of having a very neat and tidy luggage. Putting everything into vacuum bags will help you compartmentalize your items and packing becomes easier and neater. Win-win!

Vago Review

How does the VAGO Baggage Compressor work?

When you order the compressor, you also order a special vacuum bag(s) that connect to the compressor by screwing on it.

The VAGO compressor works with a simple USB cord and Android connector so there’s no batteries to worry about. (Note that it doesn’t come with a plug or an Android connector but, if you’re anything like me, you probably have about a billion of them at home anyway).I really like that you plug it in rather than use batteries as batteries add extra weight and there’s the cost and inconvenience of the batteries dying when you have no replacements. You just fill up the VAGO bag with your clothes and zip it shut, making sure there are no air gaps. You attach the little compressor, plug it in and let it do its thing and within about a minute it’s compressed the bag.

Even with the creases, is the VAGO compressor worth it?

If you’re travelling with just hand luggage then yes, I do think the VAGO baggage compressor is worth it. It’s such a simple way to get so much extra space and I was so impressed by how small it made my clothing. I think the crease issue is something only you can decide on. For some people it’s an issue and for others it just isn’t at all.

For Sam, my fiancé for example, he irons his outfit for the day each morning. He does this while we’re on holiday too, so the VAGO compressor would be great for him because he’d be ironing his clothes anyway.

For me, I avoid ironing at all costs (well if I’m really being honest – Sam does my ironing) so I would consider it an extra hassle and I probably wouldn’t use it unless I had to. If I was really struggling for space then I would 100% use the compressor but otherwise I’d just try and squeeze everything into my hand luggage and hope I folded everything neatly enough to avoid creases.

Another nifty use for the VAGO compressor

One thing I would definitely use the VAGO compressor and vacuum bags for is like a packing cube on departure but a compressed bag filled with dirty clothes on the way home.

You may already know that I love packing cubes and think they’re such an easy way to organise your luggage and save so much space in your case. And if you’re travelling as a family, they’re a great way to separate everyone’s clothing if you’ve got everything in one big case together.

You could use the bag just like a normal packing cube when you’re leaving for your holiday, but when it’s filled with dirty clothes when you come home, then you’d compress it because it will all be going straight in the washing machine when you get home. This would give you extra space for any souvenirs you’ve picked up during your holiday. Please tell me I’m not the only one who seems to come home with waaaay more than I left with!

How much does the VAGO compressor cost?

At the time of publishing this (May 2020) the VAGO compressor is on sale and available with 50% off. What do you think? Would you use the VAGO compressor and vacuum bag for travelling?

How To Buy VAGO?

You can order Vago directly from the manufacturer through their official website. The company is at present giving new customers discounts of up to 50% on this product, plus free shipping. Hurry and get your Vago compressor before this limited offer expires.

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